The End of “Free Will” to Lovers of Truth and Freedom, by FW

Many of us have lived our lives and used our free will to determine the course of our lives. And during that time, we easily recognize that many have benefited greatly from their choices while others have made choices that have not benefited their lives at all. Why have some failed while others have succeeded?

The Concept of Free Will

I don’t know about you, but I find that I am troubled by the concept of free will, because I wonder if it still exists. In order to use our free will, we must have alternatives from which to choose. Is it possible to make a choice if we are only presented with one side of an argument, position, or direction and there is no other? If there is only one apple on a tree, what choice do you have if you need an apple?

We have been told that we have free will by prophets that have spoken to us since Biblical times. However, if we are to exercise this gift of free will to choose, it means that we must have the ability to choose among different alternatives. Without choice, there is absolutely no opportunity to use free will.

Media’s Efforts To Control What We Know

At this time, this coming election is bringing the concept of free will to mind because of the media’s efforts to control what we know. For the most part, the mass media that is readily available to us through news reports is attempting to indoctrinate us into their way of thinking.

Isn’t something really wrong when we have only “one choice”? That is not a choice in its truest meaning. If our free will and decisions are limited by guided misconceptions through propaganda, we no longer have a choice but have become robots programmed by those who feed us information. Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening in today’s world of political intrigue. Our world, our thoughts, and our opinions are being formed for us by those in the media that have the ability to control what we know, think, and believe. They have become politicized and charged with destroying our country’s faith in our national leaders by holding them up to unwarranted contempt and disgrace using not only ridicule but falsehoods.

During Obama’s Presidency

During Obama’s presidency, the IRS was used as another tool to silence opposing viewpoints. Likewise, and perhaps even before Trump’s administration, Google, Facebook, and other social media sources have been using their computer algorithms to silence opposing viewpoints to further their own political beliefs while denying others their opportunity to speak and decide. In this day and age, we need reliable alternative sources of information so that we can use our free will to make the right choice.

Massive Amounts of Data Collected

Massive amounts of data are collected on us every day for purposes that are for the benefit of those that want to program us. Google and social media sources want to know what we purchase, what we like, what we do, and what we think. But it does not end there. They also want to know who our friends are and whether or not we are falling in line with their thoughts and opinions. The public that is not following along with mainstream media thinking is being encouraged, pressured or intimidated by friends, relatives, news reports, polls, and by violent street mobs into thinking only one way.

Prominent Individuals Not Able To Speak, Confronted By Violent Mobs

Currently, there is a large body of documentation to show that prominent individuals who have been asked to speak on university campuses with opposing views are not allowed to speak to their audiences. They can’t speak because they have been confronted by violent mobs that create disturbances by shouting and yelling obscenities to silence them. What has happened to the free exchange of ideas on our educational campuses? What has happened to civility? Intimidation by mobs has become a violent behavior used by the left to silence the free exchange of ideas so as to present only one viewpoint.

Online Information Used to Program Us

If we are attempting to look for information online, that search is controlled by an algorithm that lists what we are to see first. They expect us to accept what is presented on that first page since research has shown that individuals rarely go beyond the first page of hits from which to base their opinions. We are being programmed.

Hitler used not only his brown shirt brigade in the streets but his SS troops to intimidate non-believers, as well as persecuting those that he used as the scapegoats for Germany’s many problems. During this time, Joseph Goebbels was chosen to support Hitler’s movement and used the German media as his propaganda machine to deny people any opposing information that would not support the Nazi point of view.

Tools of Intimidation and Propaganda Used by Hitler and Goebbels

The tools of intimidation and propaganda were powerful tools used by Hitler and Goebbels that were later strengthened by including their national education system to indoctrinate children in the ways of the Nazi’s regime. Using these tools allowed Hitler to gain overwhelming support from the German people, and he saw the rise of the Hitler Youth Program. He gained control. He programmed his people into believing the Nazi way was the only way.

Freedom of Choice Taken From Us

In much the same way, our freedom of choice in modern times has been taken from us by those that believe they have the right to tell us what we are to believe, what we can say, what we are to eat, where we should vacation, and what we are to purchase. They see us as pawns to be used for their benefit, as well as the best means for achieving their elaborate goals. In the past, we have had choices before us from which to choose. However, what happens when there is a massive movement to control what we know and what we believe through propaganda, algorithms, and societal engineering? We no longer have free will but have become programmed pawns.

Enough Remnants of Our Free Will To Change Destiny of the World

Please remember, at this point in time, we have enough remnants of our free will left to change the destiny of the world by our vote…if our electoral process remains honest. Do we want to destroy what the people of the world have looked up to in favor of a shadowy, leftist, progressive, socialist, one-world movement that is slowly changing our culture, our government, our beliefs and our future into just another third-world country? Is that what people truly want?

The Destruction of the United States

Thousands of people are flooding across our borders in search of the freedom that our founding documents have given us, not realizing that they are being used as pawns to destroy that which they are seeking. That is what this November election is about, the destruction of the United States. Will we have a government that is controlled by the people or a supreme government that controls? Will this be the headline after the November election: “United States Citizens Throw in the Towel”?

Founding Fathers and Constitution Discredited To Aid Left in Destruction

Our Founding Fathers are being discredited, and our Constitution is said to be out of date. Why? It is to aid the left in their destruction of the United States. Will the left and their propagandists succeed? Our Founding Fathers had free will and used their knowledge of events to change the destiny of the world. Where do you stand in this battle to take over the United States? Will you use your free will for good or to aid those that want to destroy our Constitution, our sovereignty, as well as your freedom?

Intimidation By Personal and Physical Attacks

Will the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters take center stage and continue to plot our future enslavement? Can Obama rise again? Will our senators and congressmen continue to be intimidated by both personal and physical attacks? It’s up to each of us to decide.

Destabilized Belief in Our Political System

Over many years, there has been a movement in our country to destabilize our belief in our political system. With great sadness, we can also add to all of the above, both the actions and non-actions taken by our Department of Justice and the FBI, which have caused us to lose faith in our law enforcement institutions, intelligence agencies, and our courts. Not only that, but we find it both aggravating and frightening that our Supreme Court has been used to promote political views rather than evaluating the law as outlined in our Constitution. This has led us to question the political motivation behind rulings in cases before the Supreme Court, including Supreme Court Justice Roberts, who apparently went out of his way to help Obama pass what some have referred to as “Obamacare”.

Your Vote Could Possibly Decide If Founding Documents Survive

During this midterm election, are we going to use our free will to decide or are we going to do what many have been programmed to do by a powerful leftist propaganda machine? Your vote this November could possibly be the deciding vote to see if our founding documents actually survive the leftist propaganda assault to destroy the United States.

Commentator Dennis Prager believes that the Democratic Party was liberal but has become extremely leftist. There is little doubt that it currently leans in favor of letting non-citizens vote and taking down our borders. In addition, the party is continually attempting to negate our Constitution, (our 1st and 2nd amendment in particular), our right to due process, free speech, and freedom of the press. All of this leads to the destruction of our Constitution, thereby, destroying the United States as it was conceived.

If you are still unconvinced, I urge you to read this article online, Red October in Washington in 2017, by Tyler Durden, September 4th 2017, that was originally published on

Four Stages of Planned Takeover

Please remember the four stages below and look them up on your own. The four phases of the planned takeover as revealed by Yuri Bezmenov are: 1) Demoralization, 2) Destabilization, 3) Crisis (insurrection), and 4) Normalization.

Deeply Plunged Into Third Stage– the Crisis Stage

Can anyone deny that we have been deeply plunged into the third stage, the Crisis Stage? Is the crescendo almost upon us that will usher in the final stage?

Normalization Leader Waiting in the Wings

Normalization is the final stage of the takeover. It is when a strong leader is accepted by all to pull a deeply divided country back together. He or she will be sanctioned as an all-powerful ruler who brings about a martialed peace and then goes on to use his/her tyrannical power to unite our country with others in a global, one-world government. Hopefully, if they succeed, you won’t forget this was a well-planned takeover that was before your eyes and yet denied. (Could the well-spoken Obama be waiting in the wings to guide us?)

If You Vote Left…

Be assured, if you vote left, you have been victimized by the propaganda machine. You have become one of them, a controlled robot, and you are casting your vote for the destruction of not only the United States but its laws, Constitution, and sovereignty. Where will you go when you finally wake up to what has really happened? You may realize that you have helped destroy the only possibility of real freedom that exists in the world. Our shining light goes out.

It is time to have faith, pray, become involved, and think seriously about providing for your family and friends.

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  1. Excellent, concise and clearly truthful article. Believing in the principles that made us a great nation and not the ever changing wind from DC’s behind can make a difference. Thank you for stating why Hope always lives and is capable of growing from the darkest of places.

  2. One big problem I see is our two party system. You could be voting republican and still be voting left nowadays.

    It still baffles me that we continue to vote for and elect people who never represent our interests.

    Here in New Mexico, the ratio of smear campaign ads to positive ones is about 20 to 1. It seems tearing each other down has become the status quo.

    My brother and I used to get into some pretty rough scraps with each other. Arguments would escalate to fisticuffs most of the time. The only time i remember us quitting our fights was when we got too tired to swing at and grapple with each other any more. I think our country is heading for fisticuffs soon.

  3. The concept of Free Will is a contentious one indeed. People do not have free will in the truest sense of the word.

    We cannot choose to jump 100 feet into the air or choose who our parents are etc etc.

    God alone has free will.

    God has however given us free choice inasmuch as we are able to make decisions in our day to day lives.

    Decisions to follow Him or to deny Him to prep and be ready to help ourselves and others or to choose to be lazy.

    And to the authors point, decisions to actually get out and participate in the democratic process.

    Pray for our country!

    Our children’s lives and grand children’s lives depend on it.

  4. This past week while reading the comments on a well known conservative website it was mentioned that the posting of the name of a very prominent left-wing adversary was not allowed. What is this? Are they making things up, or did they hit the wrong key? So I made a similar post and was told because I had written that name my comment would not be allowed. The comment section is not operated by that conservative website but by a left wing operation. Since the comments are filtered and restricted, I no longer read them.

    My brother writes: “When the communists took over Russia, all they did was take over the capital, the train station, and communication center – then they declared victory, and the country fell apart and into their lap.”

  5. The problem is more that people are in their own little prisons watching twitter and facebook, eating the processed addictive food, and generally living a pampered living death. There are no cell doors, much less any locks and they could leave at any time.

    They have free will. But they refuse to use it.

    Worse, when someone like those here comes in and tries to free them from their stupor, they attack us, call us names like racist or bigot or white supremacist and insist we leave them in the prison.

    The economic migrants in the caravan are seeking welfare, not freedom. They don’t care about our values. And need I discuss college campuses? We are bringing in Muslim refugees that are chanting “Death to Israel, Death to Jews”.

    Our liberty and the Declaration and Constitution are products of our Christianity and seeking the truth in the Bible and Natural Law (nature and reason).

    What is being removed from culture is Christianity itself.

    The question is not if a strong man will arise, but which or whom. Will it be a Ron or Rand Paul that wants to return to Liberty and Justice for all, or someone who wishes to provide order without law, and welfare? We are deciding that in a small way each election. For now the sides cannot coexist, and either we will return to Liberty (even if the socialists don’t want it), or we will become another secular, socialist irrelevant country.

  6. Free Will, ah its a b*&ch ain’t it. I choose for the most part to ignore government, stay away from crowds, do what I want either on my own property or out in the country after the overseers have gone home for the day. Because of county budget cuts there aren’t enough “watchers” so I collect rainwater, add woodstove without permit or telling insurance co, stack rice, pasta, tp etc, target practice on my own property, plant unpermitted things, if detected, I simply agree with the detector and promise to do better, then as soon as they depart it’s back to whatever because they only want validation that they have perceived power over you. When watching TV, I listen to what they are not telling me, or I turn the sound off and watch the body language. I want steak but am given skittles. However I don’t have to accept skittles. I utilize reading books (before they were rewritten or banned), watch dvd’s, think for myself, take the contrarian view of things. Wave to the beggars but it’s their choice. We all get to make decisions every hour of every day on how we live our lives and we can all turn around, walk down a different street at any time, it just takes will power, good luck with that begging, and write when you find work. But they are “disinclined to labor”.

  7. Voting is a fraud. The fraud starts with the controlled choices we are given: communists or corporatists, a fancy name for fascists. Different cafeterias, same food. Both destroy liberty. We never get a choice to change the system to zero theft and zero initiated aggression.
    Take war for example. Americans have been conditioned to accept perpetual state as normal. Soon two generations will know of anything different.

    NOT ONCE IN 63 YEARS since this song was written have We-the-People been given the choice of voting to ‘Stop the War’. November 6 will be no different.

    Where have all the soldiers gone, long time passing?
    Where have all the soldiers gone, long time ago?
    Where have all the soldiers gone?
    Gone to graveyards, everyone.
    Oh, when will they ever learn?
    Oh, when will they ever learn?

    Good questions. Meanwhile soldiers just keep dying for bankers and the industrial/military complex.

    Thank you for voting. Here is your little ‘I Voted!’ flag sticker. Come back y’all in 2 years.

    MAGA! Bombs Away!

  8. The US is about to receive 7,000 “refugees” from the South. The laws are written so you cannot refuse them, they must be heard out whether they are claiming refugee or asylum status.
    In Canada since 2015, over 35,000 “gimmegrants” or welfare shoppers have illegally entered seeking refuge. They are charged, then released, most never to be seen again. These are Haitians and Nigerians with failed US visas.
    You are going to get them back at some point.

  9. The fact is, most people like their own private fur lined rut, and if you threaten that, by ideas that are new or at odds with their view of the world, they will lash out. It doesn’t matter if you are friend or family. It doesn’t matter if you are right, they won’t forgive or forget that you caused them the pain of thinking. Best summed up by “Don’t confuse the issue with facts, my mind is made up.”

  10. I hope people here do not get their information from the alphabet news agencies or any social media. What a stupid and lazy thing to do.
    And why anyone is on Facebook or other leftist sites is beyond me.

    I disagree with the author since I do have free will. No one tells me where to live, what to eat or what not to buy. That idea is absolutely foreign to me.

    As to the upcoming elections, I pray first and pray often. However, if the results are like when Obama was elected, I still maintained free will and freedom. One just had to be wise in daily living.

    But the most important thing to me is ask God for his mercy and grace on an individual basis and all other things will work out according to His Will.

  11. Free Will has to major resources which cannot be taken away.
    Knowing history.
    When the Bolsheviks took over Russia creating the Soviet Union, they tried very hard to eliminate all dissidents and/or refuse-niks. No matter how hard they tried they could not eliminate them all.
    The same in China, and even in North Korea.
    When you know better Free Will always exists…

  12. Please take time to read the link to Tyler Durden’s article in the post as I did.

    The information that it contains will open your eyes to the many events that we are currently seeing in our country to destroy what so many have died to protect. Our United States is and has been under assault for many years. Hopefully, we will survive if more people actually become informed as to the true nature of this attack on our sovereignty.

    Please read Tyler Durden’s article…..Tyranny may be in our future if we don’t survive the crisis stage.

  13. We do have free will. As understood by most people, the term ‘free will’ means the ability to choose one’s own destiny. Even when the news is filtered, censored, and one-sided, we are still free to believe the propaganda or not to when it goes against our natural instincts to be free, to act in our own interests, and to protect our the lives and property of ourselves, our families, and our fellow honorable citizens. By ‘honorable citizens’, I mean those who prosper by means of their own work and not the money taken by force from others against their will or consent.
    Aside from one-sided ‘news’, the left has been steadily dumbing down students since at least the 1960s, with great success. What percent of high school and college students understand the principles on which our nation was founded- the principles of rugged individualism, self-reliance, and the idea of free markets and free commerce between consenting citizens. That percentage has been declining since the 1930s or 1940s when socialists began infiltrating our government, news media, and the entertainment industry. Don’t believe it ? Try listening to the NBC radio program Words At War, a program dramatizing popular and some unknown books written during World War II, and broadcast for audiences during the war. Words At War is available on the Internet Archive.
    After the election of Franklin Roosevelt, leftists began telling Americans that our country was a “democracy”, rather than the Constitutional Republic that it was founded as. Left-wing ‘truths’ were inserted into nearly all entertainment continuing up to this day.
    During the 1950s or early 1960s, my parents, who were as patriotic as anyone, brought home a record album entitled “Our Living Constitution”. I don’t know what they thought of this album, but they probably did not appreciate the subtle propaganda that it contained- I certainly did not-, as they bought it for me, to inspire learning in me because I hated school. In school, I felt like a prisoner.
    Getting back to free will, the full court press by the left started under Obama, when the mainstream news media did not allow a single word of criticism of Obama and the left, and Obama’s Department of Justice heads, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch both knew that their jobs started and ended with protecting Obama’s whole administration from harm and from the rule of law. Political correctness ruled the day, and any incorrect talk or behavior was disallowed or penalized by teachers, professors, reporters, and government spokesmen. Er spokeswomen…Er spokespersons.
    After dumbing down our whole country, and disallowing opposing opinions for so many years, Hillary was supposed to finish off the opposition- the right, the middle, and the slightly left of center.
    Proof of free will !

    1. I agree with you, Nathan.

      “We do have free will. As understood by most people, the term ‘free will’ means the ability to choose one’s own destiny. Even when the news is filtered, censored, and one-sided, we are still free to believe the propaganda or not to when it goes against our natural instincts to be free, to act in our own interests, and to protect our the lives and property of ourselves, our families, and our fellow honorable citizens. By ‘honorable citizens’, I mean those who prosper by means of their own work and not the money taken by force from others against their will or consent.”

      Well reasoned.

      Carry on.

  14. Free will? I suppose we do but it seems many are making the wrong choice. In the scriptures people were given a choice and in all reality we are to.

    Deut. 30:19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

    Now if the prophets in the OT were promoting free will I’d sure like for someone to point it out to me. As I recall what brought God’s judgment was every man doing what was right in his own eyes. Kinda reminds me of what the famous satanist Aleister Crowley said…..Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

    This country was founded on biblical law. Check out the constitutions of most of the early colonies. They took their laws straight from scripture. And the crime rate was negligible. So when did that change? It was when the men that wrote the law we now go by wrote the Constitution. Very, very, little of what they wrote was based on the scripture, regardless of what we have been taught. They were enlightened Masons and evidently must have thought they were more benevolent that the God of the Bible. How can I say that? Let me give you one example. If we had the first commandment as law rather than the first amendment we wouldn’t have a Muslim problem at present.

    Exodus 20: 2 I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
    3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

    Hey, what if we had Leviticus 18:22 as a law?

    Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

    How many bakers do you suppose there would be being harassed and sued by sodomites?

    Abortion? What if we had this as law instead of Roe vs Wade?

    Exodus 21:22 If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.
    23 And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life,

    Know what? If that was the law almost 60 million babies wouldn’t have been murdered in their mothers wombs.

    I could go on but I hope people reading this get the point. If we are going to solve the problems of this country we have to get to the root of them. I know I’m stepping on toes here and blaspheming many peoples sacred cow but things are only going to get worse instead of better when we continue to put a man made, humanistic, document above the scriptures. The Constitution worked when it was first written only because the majority in this country were not Laodicean Christians. Sure can’t say that now.

    Here’a a quote by John Adams.

    But should the People of America, once become capable of that deep simulation towards one another and towards foreign nations, which assumes the Language of Justice and moderation while it is practicing Iniquity and Extravagance; and displays in the most captivating manner the charming Pictures of Candour frankness & sincerity while it is rioting in rapine and Insolence: this Country will be the most miserable Habitation in the World. Because We have no Government armed with Power capable of contending with human Passions unbridled by morality and Religion. Avarice, Ambition Revenge or Galantry, would break the strongest Cords of our Constitution as a Whale goes through a Net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other

    Things aren’t going so well in this country but I have my doubts that it’s because free will is being stifled. Quite the contrary.

  15. This is a disturbing article, but it confirms many of my thoughts and suspicions, I am not alone in my thinking. And, I appreciate the comments made here. Many points to be made, but bottom line is the media is being used as a tool to deceive the masses. And the masses eagerly consume whatever is presented to them via their “smart” devices, never a thought for what is really happening. I believe there is something in the Bible regarding information during the end times, perhaps this “information” is now being used to manipulate the thoughtless? What will be the consequences? I sleep well, but remain aware of the incredibly perilous times we live in. My future is secure.

  16. HAVING read most all the articles on SB for many many years, this article ranks near the top in my opinion. Not only is it timely, it’s accurate and quite complete.

    Spread it deep and wide folks. It nails it.

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