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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Armed civilians (militia) are gearing up for the impending arrival of the migrant caravan.

Armed Civilians

This week Texas border residents have been warned of “Armed Civilians” along the border as the South American caravan approaches the border. The caravan is about 1,000 miles south of the border and has been reduced in number to about 4,000 as many of them either accepted Mexico’s offer of asylum or turned around. Fox News has reported that Mexico has commandeered buses and trucks to transport the caravan as quickly as possible to their next stop at the U.S. border as well. While President Trump has been vocal about not letting them into the U.S., they will be arriving right around the mid-term voting and I would expect whoever is funding them to withdraw support right about then.

The media will then have a heyday reporting on starving women and children. The armed militia showing up has reported that it intends to support the National Guard and Border Patrol to prevent the illegal migrants from crossing into the U.S. Thanks to DSV for the link.

Caravan Sponsor

Reader D.S. sent in this article that claims that leaked documents prove George Soros has been working with the UN supporting the illegal migrant crises. While the link to Soros is tenuous at best, I have no doubt that the UN has its hand in supporting the caravan. I also suspect that since branded aid bags have been spotted among the caravan that there are U.S. citizens involved as well. I do find the timing of the caravan highly suspicious. When the caravan fell behind schedule, the addition of trucks and buses in Mexico only adds to that suspicion. Given that the UN so readily works contrary to the National Sovereignty of the U.S., it’s past time to re-home them.

National ID

Reader T.Z. sent in this article that outlines the new national ID systems already in place throughout the U.S. The article is pretty long, but you only need to read the parts that pertain to your state (or states that you will be traveling through.) The various aspects of REAL ID along with the states level of participation in license plate readers and facial recognition are organized in an easy to read format.

Even in my own state, I’ve noticed over the last few years that the smallest towns suddenly have cameras mounted at intersections in the middle of town. These are not the cameras that control the street lights, but in addition to those and they are directed at the front of vehicles, not the rear (we have no front license plate). The state does however, participate in license reader programs. In addition, the article lets you know if your state participates in the FBI facial recognition database and to what extent.

Kids & Screens Followup

I wasn’t surprised a couple of months ago to read the NY Times article on how the parents in the Tech Giants of Silicon Valley tightly controlled the usage of electronic devices by their kids. I did the same thing. It wasn’t difficult for me to make the connection with online addiction and mobile devices. I was an early adopter of the “smart phone” when I made the move from my Palm Pilot to the Palm Treo and I saw the danger then. When WiFi and mobile data were included in these devices, I pulled the plug and went back to the dumb phone. I refused to buy my own children a phone no matter how much the bugged me.

We had a “family” mobile phone that was used for whomever was traveling. When I carried the Treo, I was considered a nerd and an outcast. Now that I don’t carry a smart phone with me all the time, I’m considered “old-fashioned” and still and outcast. Oh well. Reader DSV sent in this article that follows up on that original NY Times article: Screens are Poison: Tech Elites Keeping Devices Out of Their Children’s Schools.

IoT Brain Implants

Here is an interesting article on critical medical devices. Apparently, their are brain implants that are used to help those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease that can be hacked by cyber attackers and used to control people. Kapersky along with the Oxford Functional Neurosurgery Group have released a report that claims that the devices, once hacked, can be exploited. The implants could prevent the patients from speaking or moving, cause irreversible damage to their brain, or be life threatening.

Iranian Hit Squads

Reader G.P. sent in this article on the Wall Street Journal about Iranian hit squads operating on European soil. Apparently, Danish authorities have interrupted a plot to carry out assassinations of Iranian dissidents on Danish soil. Denmark has joined the U.S. in wanting the EU to impose new sanctions on Iran, but the E.U. continues to display a fundamental lack of seriousness about a country that promotes chaos worldwide. (Note: This article requires a login to read. The WSJ is one of the last remaining neutral news organizations left and one of the few that I subscribe to.)

Survival Realty

Survival Realty has a new listing for a home in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. This is a three bedroom, two and a half bath home with mature orchard fruit trees along with younger fruit trees as well. The property can be purchased with three, eight, or even thirteen acres depending on your budget. it also has an established garden plot with an automatic watering system. There is also a backup generator to the grid system.

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      1. Covenants, conditions & restrictions. Think of them as zoning rules passed by a homeowners association or put in place by the developer instead of the county or municipality. They govern what you can and can’t do with your land. Ideally, they protect your property values so that no one leaves junk cars up on blocks in the front yard, but in reality you often have small-minded busybodies on the committee and they can fine you or even sue you for things that are legal but break their rules, like displaying the flag, having Christmas decorations, installing too large a mail box, using the “wrong” color hose, etc. In many suburban developments you have to get permission from them to build a fence, paint your house a new color, install a shed or a swing set, etc.

        Limited general restrictions might be OK — like no houses smaller than X number of square feet (which is usually intended to prohibit mobile homes), all building must be X feet back from the road, you have to be quiet after 10 p.m., etc. But some might crimp your style by saying you can’t park your RV on the property unless it is in a garage, or that you can have horses, but not goats.

        Before you let your realtor rush you into signing when you have found the “perfect” place, take some time to read the CC&Rs. Not only do you have to be able to live with them, but it will tell you something about the community where you are planning to move.

  1. caravan, Hah, it’s just the shriek of the week, what will happen is they will all turn themselves in at the proper crossing point and be dna swabbed, fingerprinted, photographed, separated from their kids, and allowed to melt into society. And things will get slightly worse.

  2. Contracts, Covenants and Restrictions

    In other words, you can’t do squat to YOUR PROPERTY unless it passes muster of the Home Owners Association first.

    1. Such as:

      Article II. Residential Covenants
      2) … No fence, walls or shrubbery shall be commenced, erected, placed, altered, or planted on any tract without approval of the Arcitectural Control Committee

      Caveat emptor.

  3. A lot of cameras at intersections are used to sense vehicles to operate the traffic lights. They don’t record anything. They replace the old detection loops that used to be in the pavement.

    1. @Don,

      Yep. I’m aware of those. The streets were recently redone in a community beautification project and all of the traffic lights were replaced during that project. The traffic systems were changed to more modern ones where a camera trips the light function. There are at least four cameras at every intersection, each one pointing in one particular direction of the intersection. Those cameras are mounted on the highest point of the traffic light, either on a vertical pole in the middle of the extension arm or on the vertical member of the support pole.
      These new cameras are of a completely different design. While the traffic cameras rely on height to gain a complete field of view of the intersection and the body of the traffic camera is longer than it is wide or tall (typical security camera type weather package), the newer cameras are wider than they are long or high. While the body is odd shaped, the lens is still in the center of the package (leading me to believe that there is a whole lot more in there than just a camera. It’s obvious that this new camera is not part of the traffic system. It’s mounted right on the cross pole, looking right through the front windshield of your car. It’s hard to avoid it. If you lower your sunshade and raise your head to the point where it can’t see your face, you have a hard time seeing very far down the road. There is a limited number of those cameras and they are only on two intersections. The original traffic cams are still there as well.

  4. What the Cato article does not include: whether or not you can opt out of the biometric photo at the DMV. I have found 5 states — out of about half I’ve checked so far — DO allow you to opt out.

    The best is New Hampshire, where you can request that your info also be removed from the database. Wisconsin has a form for religious waiver (you have to request it from the local DMV clerk, who will call Madison to confirm — I talked to Madison on this one). Washington has a form, Oregon has a photo opt out, and so does Pennsylvania, however you must request the opt out form from your recognized church leader and the state will determine whether or not they will grant the waiver. I recommend highly relocating to a state that allows the photo opt out, because that is the ONLY grass coming up through the concrete called global ID (yes, that’s no exaggeration — go look online for “global ID”).

  5. I see a situation on the border to where if only one illegal to be immigrant pulls out a gun and fires a shot ,that it will turn into a shoot “at your own will” heyday! But we all have to remember that this is an invasion by people who may not be friendly towards us, as they want what we have and will do whatever they have to to get it.some of thesefolks might end up dead because of their actions.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  6. Facial recognition archives from driver’s license photos in New York may not be exactly what you think. Many, many people have driver’s license photos that are twenty years old, or even more.

    Some people look just like they did twenty years ago. Most don’t.

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