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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”.

The High Cost of Socialism

Reader H.L. sent in this article showing that under the guidance of Maduro’s socialism, over 40% of Venezuelan business have closed. Maduro imposed a mandatory wage increase of nearly 60 fold, making it almost impossible for these businesses to survive. Adding insult to injury, Maduro has also imposed price controls so that the business cannot increase their prices to accomodate the wage increases or account for runaway inflation. This is minimum wage on steroids.

Mosquito-Borne Illness

Eastern equine encephalitis is rearing its ugly head again. A Michigan resident has been infected with this deadly mosquito-borne disease. the CDC reports that nearly a third of those who are infected with the diseas end up dying. it is primarily tranmitted by mosquitos near swamps and wetlands, though it has been found in other places over the years. This is the first case in Michigan since 2016. While named after horses who are vulnerable, the disease is actually most often carried by birds. Human infections are pretty rare wiith only about 7 cases reported every year. Thankts to G.P. for the article.

Night Vision Sale

Ready Made Resources is having a sale on their Photonis White Phosphor PVS-14. The white phosphor allows a more natural looking image than the green phosphor units and the PVS-14 form factor allows the unit to be hand-held, helmet mounted or even mounted on your weapon behind your normal sights. You can also get either a 5 year or a 10 year warranty on the unit.

Mental Health Checks for Ammo Purchases?

Pat Cascio sent in this article on Detroit’s attempt to one-up California in the race for gun control. Why bother with those pesky background checks when you can require a full on mental health check to to allow the purchase of a few rounds of ammo? Wayne County Commissioner Reggie Davis, who represents the 6th district, is announcing a new proposed bill that would limit the sale of ammunition and increase checks for people buying ammunition in Wayne County. In addition, the ammo would have to be purchased directly from a law enforcement agency (like they don’t have enough to do in Detroit already).

Tokyo Underground

Reader D.C. sent in this interesting video about Tokyo underground. There is a significant underground infrastructure since the city has virtually no more room to expand above ground. The infrastructure is based around the subway system, but contains complete shopping districts. It’s an interesting concewpt that has far reaching implications for public safety.

Smart Pills

Medical technology has made remarkable progress in the last few years. One of those areas is in the realm of “smart pills”. these are pills that the person swallows, then they traverse the digestive tract of the person, recording as they go. This gives the doctor the ability to replace several other more intrusive methods of inspection (such as a colonoscopy) and the ability to view the entire tract. But what about patient privacy? this is an are that needs further patient privacy development. Thanks to DSV for the link.

Survival Realty

Survival Realty has a new interesting listing near Bonners Ferry, Idaho. This is an unfisnished off-grid home on four acres that borders national forest land. The home is nearly finished and is listed for only $178,900.

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  1. My dad told me a story about smart pills.

    This guy was selling bottles of Smart Pills, and this other guy bought a bottle and took them home. About a week later he came back and said, “I’ve been taking those pills for a week now, but you know, they kinda look like rabbit pellets.” “Now you’re getting smart,” was the reply.

  2. Detroit Ammo Sales: The saving grace in this may be the Pro-Concealed Carry, Chief of Police James Craig. He has stated several times, on local TV that he supports CCW since his officers can not be everywhere all the time, so he may have a much different idea regarding his department becoming a retail ammo outlet. (but a sad caveat is, a Police Chief serves at the discretion of a Mayor, where as, a County Sheriff is elected by the people)

  3. Ammo and Gun Control…..
    I saw taxing ammo as a gun control method a couple of decades ago. I guess they don’t think the police have enough to do, so you go see them to buy the ammo?

    I have not been to Tokyo, but Singapore is like that. They have 2-3 levels underneath the skyscrapers, with their subway connecting on one of the lower levels. I thought that was strange to build underground levels on an island they expanded.

  4. “under the guidance of Maduro’s socialism, over 40% of Venezuelan business have closed”

    the ones that closed are the ones not part of the “in” tribe and thus not subsidized. socialism is just tribal cronyism, always was.

  5. “mental health checks for ammo”

    “I want to buy some ammo, I’m an enforcer for the mayor.” “obviously you’re mentally healthy, here’s some ammo.”

    “I want to buy some ammo so I can defend myself from criminal attack.” “obviously you’re mentally deranged, no ammo for you. step this way please ….”

  6. My dad, who started to teach us kids about reloading at a young age, always stress why we should have a large amount of ammo for our guns. Said for get about “gun control” it is ammo control we have to worry about since with out ammo a gun is just a club.

  7. The ammo info is probably going to end up in lawsuits as the retail outlets. Will not want to lose their lively hood. This is just more guncontrolcrap from the commucrats. Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.

  8. Chicago has multiple underground systems;undergound Pedways to move without dealing with weather(has shopping too),also has a abandoned underground freight railway system that could reach almost any building in the downtown and shopping districts. Elon Musk now thinks he can”Boring”(his tunneling project) from downtown to the airport and ignore all current infrastructure

  9. I remember years ago they were driving some pilings along the waterfront in Chicago.1 pierced the tunnel and flooded the whole area.
    Most building had the electrical and mechanical systems in the basement,they were shut down for quite a while.

  10. Tokyo Underground:

    Very interesting video, thanks for sending…

    Underground cellar to protect valuables from fire…

    I wonder what Musk is up to with The Boring Company, is it a business opportunity, a military sheltering opportunity, a transportation solution, or an urban overcrowding solution.

    Will the technology will ever be economical enough for homesteaders, for storage and shelter?

    Remember all those sci fi films about the high speed intercontinental underground jet or rocket powered shuttles set in the future after a societal collapse.

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