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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on the trike flying videos made in the Redoubt region by SurvivalBlog reader TTABS. He is an amazingly skilled pilot who often flies his Experimental class trike–imagine a powered hang glider–at nap-of-the-Earth profiles. (See the Idaho section.)


Idaho (Trike Flying Videos)

A recent video from trike flyer TTABs: A Flight Through History to Salmon Idaho. “This is a X-Country trip from Stevensville, Montana to Salmon, Idaho. Come along as we explore new country, chit chat about things, and touch on a few historical topics on our way to Salmon.”  And for some even more scenic beauty, see this, also from TTABS: Flying the Knife Edges along The Bitterroot Mountains. JWR’s Comment: Simply gorgeous scenery. He also has great taste in choosing accompanying music.

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Here is some more of his nap-of-the-Earth flying on the eastern fringe of the Palouse Hills: Floating Population – Trike Flying

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And here is a flight down in the Clearwater River area: Flying Elk River to Deary to Juliaetta to Craigmont, Idaho (and back)Note: The dam seen near the end is Dworshak Dam, near Orofino.

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Also from TTABs, here is much-viewed 2011 route fly-over of the key Redoubt locales in my first novel: Patriots – Surviving the Coming Collapse – Trike Flying

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Idaho boo-hooing: Not enough refugee workers arriving (Thanks to TZ for the link.)



Grizzly Bear Killed in Train Collision Near West Glacier.  “Thirty-three grizzly bear mortalities have been identified in the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem this year.”

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Arsenic and lead testing begins in Anaconda, ‘not the end’ of federal health agency’s engagement

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Carving Out a New Event in Libby. Libby Chainsaw Event to run from Sept. 20-23 and feature art in progress and seminars

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Montana Photographer Sues Netflix Over Copyright Law


Eastern Oregon

Video: Bend PD drone, K-9 help catch teen suspect

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Man accused of abandoning baby in woods near Bend enters plea

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Williams versus Williams: Mona Williams and Wes Williams vie for judgeship


Eastern Washington

Walla Walla Police are searching for suspect on the loose

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Man arrested in Downtown Spokane after stealing car with passenger inside



Hiker severely injured in Beartooth Mountains bear attack

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Check out the Wild West in the Cowboy Capital of the World: Cheyenne


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  1. The link mentioned by TZ about Idahos boohooing is an excellent source of information about the untenable situations of the horrors being foisted on citizens of various nations across the world. “Refugee Resettlement Watch” is a resource of sometimes (hidden by media and one world- no borders organizations) governmental activities. I think it is worthy of mention to the community of this Blog for reporting of factual developing news in this dangerous area of politicized action foisted upon us and others throughout the civilized nations . The home link is
    Check and learn from this resource.

  2. Re: ultralight trikes… they’re not all beauty. One reason for the music in the videos is because these things are LOUD, especially when they’re flying low in the countryside. They sound like a freight train coming across the pasture. Whomever flies east of Moscow/Pullman comes over the tree line very low. The day he spooks the cattle through an electric fence is going to be a bad day. There is no such thing as privacy anymore. Of course, a small complaint considering all the other affronts going on nowadays.

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