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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Political correctness strikes once again, this time attacking the heros of the Alamo.

Another Wrongful Death

In a nearly unbelievable story coming out of Dallas, a police officer shot and killed a man in his own apartment. The police officer entered her apartment only to find another man there. Alarmed, she drew her weapon and shot him. The problem is that she had entered the wrong apartment. The apartment actually belonged to the man she shot. The Dallas Police initially investigated it as just another officer involved in a shooting, but as the facts started appearing, they asked the Texas rangers to participate in the investigation to avoid any conflict of interest. The officer is being tested for drug/alcohol and a manslaughter warrant was being sought.

You Should Know the Difference

A Connecticut woman accidentally blew her hand off and was hospitalized. Apparently, there was a power outage and the family didn’t have any backup source of light. They even tried to visit the giant orange big box store, but it was already closed. That’s when the family realized that the prior owners of the house had left a couple of candles in their basement. Upon retrieving one of the “candles” and lighting it, the woman discovered that they weren’t candles the hard way. I’ve never seen a candle that resembled a stick of dynamite, but I guess there is a first time for everything. Thankfully no one else was hurt. There is another comment buried in this article that is also disturbing. “Surrounding homes in the area were also searched as a precaution.” Wait, you mean if my neighbor does something stupid, they have the right to search my home too? I think not!


Reader DSV sent in this article about an absurd proposal by a school advisory board. One of the most inspiring stories taught in schools in Texas is that of the Alamo. The story is deeply embedded in Texans fiercely independent nature. A small band of heroes holding out against all odds, fighting a much larger military force in a bid for an independent state. While ultimately losing the battle, the incident served as a call to arms and Texas eventually won their independence from Mexico. Now the advisory board wants teachers and schools to quit calling them heroes. The advisory board complains that the story is over simplified to the Mexicans being bad guys and the white guys are the good guys. In other words, they want to be politically correct. Thankfully, the independent spirit is still alive and kicking. The governor of Texas is fuming over the proposal.

Single Stack Pistols

Reader T.J. sent in another video from Reid Henrichs of Valor Ridge on carrying single stack pistols. The fear is that you will run out of ammo in a gun fight. That is an understandable fear, but he quotes Tom Givens in answer: “You will run out of time before you run out of ammo and misses take up the most time.” The issue isn’t one of running out of ammo, but rather one of marksmanship. For years, those who carried only carried six to eight rounds and they did fine. How many times have you heard of a police shooting where nearly a hundred rounds are expended, the perpetrator gets shot a couple of times and many bystanders are shot by the police? Most of the rounds fired a clear misses and who knows where they are going! This isn’t the military where laying down covering fire is an actual strategy to make the other guy keep his head down. Gun control equals a firm grim on your firearm and actually hitting what you are aiming at.


Reader D.S. sent in this article showing yet another reason why the educational system in America is morally bankrupt. This time a Harvard professor is attempting to prove that merit-based admissions policy reproduce inequality. The professor claims that white students reluctantly agree with affirmative action as long as it benefits them. She is also displeased that the students she interviewed for her research as motivated by “self-interest” rather than her particular brand of social justice. It’s worth noting that neither the professor nor the school responded to questions by Campus Reform.


Reader DSV sent in this excellent article that answers the question about the “well armed militia” clause in the Constitution. Who are they? As it turns out, the liberal/progressive claim that the states National Guard is not what the founding fathers had in mind. In fact, the National Guard is considered what the founding fathers would have called the “select militia” and they took a very dim view of the concept. They saw very little difference between a “select militia” and a standing army. This is an excellent read.

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  1. On the woman that thought she found candles, sounds like what she had was an M-80 type of fireworks. We used to shoot these when I was a teenage back in the 60’s and back then, we were very careful around them. If it had been dynamite, she would have been killed instead of just losing her hand. By the way, with the M-80’s, some of my high school friends used to fish with them too.

  2. RE: Well Armed Militia. The closest we come in America to a militia as our Founding Fathers knew it is the State Guard. Twenty-two US States or Territories have a State Guard organization in addition to their National Guard units. The State Guard acts as a core around which the Unorganized Militia can coalesce when called up by the Governor.

    Most are organized along Army lines, follow Army Regulations, wear Army uniforms with State Guard patches and name tapes, and report to the Governor thru the State Adjutant General.

    Most train for Disaster Relief missions, and are activated for hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and tornado clusters. For Hurricane Katrina, some nine States activated part or all of their State Guard. has more information.

  3. It was reported that the Dallas Apartment house used FOBS for their doors. Unless the victim and officer interacted in some way, the FOB would have prevented unauthorized entry…However, if the FOB was a managers masterkey, that would explain how she got in.

  4. The article on the poor unfortunate woman blowing her hand off is a good example of the uninformed press passing along bogus information. This tragic accident is what happens when the ignorant abound. Being familiar with dynamite from years of managing a mine, I can assure what she had was not dynamite. I am betting on the m-80 theory. Evan if it was dynamite a 1/4 stick it would have removed a lot more of her body than her hand. Liberals will always tell you that education is the answer to all our problems. How come they do such a poor job of it. School is not the only place for education to take place and the media appears to be awash in ignorance and the lack of actual factual reporting isn’t helping the uninformed. Journalism is certainly going down hill rapidly. Might be the education system?

  5. What stood out to me in Jacob G. Hornberger’s article was not so much the “well armed militia” opinion, but that the the God-given rights are are why the liberals/globalists/elitists etc., are trying to take God out of everything. If TPTB convince people there is no God, then in their way of thinking, there are no God-given rights. Since the American Constitution upholds these God-given rights to all people, TPTB cannot take them away unless they can remove God from all things.

  6. Another Wrongful Death
    “…they asked the Texas rangers to participate in the investigation to avoid any conflict of interest.”
    While I’m skeptical that this does separate this potential conflict of interest, it remains dot guv investigating itself, I’m shocked, seriously very shocked that a PD in this day and age would even do this. Good for them. Maybe, just maybe, there really are good cops left.

    This is straight out of the commie manifesto, as is all of the statue removal and degradation of our patriarch forebearers. If you remove a peoples History they won’t know who they are.

    Single Stack Pistols
    “You will run out of time before you run out of ammo and misses take up the most time.” – Tom Givens
    John Correia, has said that after analyzing 5000 or more self defense videos he has only seen somebody HAVE TO reload once. I don’t want to misquote, it might 2 or three but statistically it’s several places to the right of the decimal.
    He also states, pay attention this is critical!, first shot landed wins the gunfight every time, regardless of caliber. This means that, Time to Muzzle On Target and Accurate Fire are the MOST IMPORTANT things in a gunfight. Givens’ is correct. While the caliber wars sure are funny, that time spent arguing online about stopping power would be better spent practicing Drawing your weapon and hitting a paper plate 3 times right-quick at 7 yards, than blathering with your webz ‘friends’.
    Having said all that, I carry more than 2 dozen rounds, always. Living in the day of this invasion by 7th century barbarian hordes, er, invited guest refugees; I think multiple simultaneous shooters is on the event horizon for us.

    Uh, no, this isn’t a sign of moral bankruptcy, well in a sense it’s morally bankrupt but only because it’s Idolatry. This too is straight out of the commie manifesto. Remember, Communism is a religion at this point, a false Idol.

    See all those cops running around with MRAPs? There is your standing army.

    Wow, I have an opinion about everything today. Hmmm? Oh, the part about Time to Muzzle On Target and hitting a paper plate at 7 yards is not opinion.

  7. RE: Another Wrongful Death

    The lock not opening might be the first clue something was wrong. This strikes me as a case of shoot first and ask questions later by another police officer. If anyone else on this board did something like that, we would be arrested on the spot and charged with breaking and entering and murder. The Rangers are withholding charges until they can get her side of the story. Again, do you think if you were in the same circumstances they would wait to issue charges so you could tell your story?

  8. The phrase is a ‘well-regulated militia’, meaning a group of people trained in the use of firearms and accustomed to working together. ‘Militia’ refers to the whole body of the people EXCEPT government officials, typically men 15-60 years of age. In practice they carried muskets equivalent to those issued to the standing army, but there were no restrictions against private ownership of heavier weapons, e.g., cannon.

  9. O lived in Connecticut prior to fleeing to a much more free state. The searching of surrounding homes does not surprise me a bit, police there seem to have a storm trooper mentality, and not only hold the 2nd Amendment in low disregard, they also do not ho!d the 4th Amendment in high regard.

    The political culture there has allowed this.

  10. The cop who shot her neighbor in his own house will walk away Scott free. The fact that she was in the wrong house is simply a mistake on her part so no crime there. The fact that she used deadly force will not go against her because she will just simply say “I couldn’t see his hands and I felt that my life was in danger.” A jury who has been brain washed into believing that all cops are heroes and here to protect us and are all model citizens will quickly vote to exonerate her. Why even bother to go to trial on this one?

  11. We should have women in women’s roles and men in mens roles. There’s too many mistakes. Look at those women pilots crack up Navy fighting jets the woman astronaut loosing the bag of tools on a space walk and this female officer being scared and discharging her weapon Then Woman damaging corporate jobs. There’s too man lawsuits abortions divorces male terminations and male incarcerations placing women in a man’s role. We need more women filling the woman role in society.

  12. Methinks there may have been some misplaced romantic inclinations. Otherwise how did she get the key to his door. These keys are supposed to be usable only in the issued lockset.

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