Preparedness Notes for Sunday – September 09, 2018

On September 9, 1492, Columbus’ fleet set sail west. The rest, you know as history, or is that revisionist history?

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SurvivalBlog contributor R2 is currently on vacation for a couple of weeks so his regular column on gunsmithing will not appear this week or next.


    1. I’m aware of three historical lines on this one (very briefly):

      1. The one I was taught as a child – That Columbus sailed in order to find new trade routes and He was an honorable man.
      2. The one that I learned in college (and is more likely). In addition to finding new trade routes, he was also fleeing persecution and many of his sailors and crew were Jews.
      3. The revisionist one taught in the local schools here now. That he was an oppressive, evil man who subjugated the native peoples.

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