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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Two more planes are quarantined this week as we continue flying the sick skies.


As the world gets ready to head into the solar minimum, we would do well to pay attention to historical evidence. Reader H.L. sent in this article on how the weather created by the a Volcanic winter in 1815 which lined up with another solar minimum. It is important to remember that correlation does not mean causation, but Napoleon was stymied by the weather events that were occurring during that solar minimum. many born after 1980 here in America don’t remember the predictions of the mini-ice age that were the rage in the late 70’s. So much for man-caused climate change. Of course it’s cyclic, but we should prepare for the things that have traditionally occurred during these cycles.

Flying the Sick Skies

According to this article sent in by W.W., the CDC is investigating after passengers fell ill on more than one flight coming into Philadelphia International Airport. The origination of the flights were from areas as varied as Paris and Munich. All 250 passengers and crew on the flights were held for medical review. In all 12 passengers who felt sick were tested for the flu and were then released. It is unknown at this time why they felt sick.

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Reader DSV sent in this article on getting through airport security. You know those little bins that you have to put your stuff in so they can send it through the scanners? Apparently, those bins test positive for more viruses than the toilets do at the airport. Of course, if you have any inkling on how these things are treated, you won’t be surprised. The next time you go through a security checkpoint at an airport, watch the bins. People put their stuff in them, they are scanned and then people pull their stuff out of them. Some person then simply picks them up and walks them back to the other side of the line. Very seldom are they cleaned. The bathrooms, on the other hand, are regularly sanitized. It’s a gross thought.

Who’s Coming to America

An Arizona rancher has documented the steam of illegal aliens streaming across his property on the U.S./Mexican border. The surveillance videos are part of the ranchers attempt to convince the government that leaving large stretches of the boarder guarded by nothing more than a barbed wire fence is a mistake. The hours of video shared with The Daily Caller show an unrelenting stream of alleged cartel scouts, drug mules and human smugglers using secret trails to work their way into America.

Half of the U.S. is in a Drought

The worst drought in years has impacted the western half of the United States and has resulted in hundreds of wildfires. Farms are crippled and we may be entering the worst water crises in modern American history. Most on the east coast don’t understand the severity of the problem and probably don’t even realize there is a problem. To make matters worse, the large cities in the southwest are demanding more and more water placing a stranglehold on farmers and ranchers. Of course, most Americans don’t care as long as they can turn on their tap and water flows out.


We tend to forget the hard lessons of history when times are good. Reader P. sent in this article from the Wall Street Journal that reminds the readers that it was the U.S. involvement in the world that changed things after World War II. Prior to this, the world suffered great wars, but when the dust settled from the combat, things had a tendency to fall back to the way they were before. Dictatorships, Oligarchies and Monarchies were the status quo and the common man had little hope. It wasn’t until the U.S. decided to get involved in the world scene and export its particular brand of freedom that the middle class truly began. Many complain about the U.S.’s involvement, but really, what better system was there?

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The flip side of America’s world involvement is also often forgotten. Reader H.L. submitted this article that reminds us of the horrors of communism that still exist everywhere you look in Eastern Europe and Russia. The American media is so in love with the tin-pot dictators around the world that they gloss over the things that matter. The Bolsheviks, loved by the New York Times, were responsible for the killing of tens of thousands of innocent people. Stalin ordered the execution of over a million people and starved multiple millions out by refusing aid during a famine. Mao envisioned killing nearly 50,000,000 peasants to facilitate his reforms, though the actual number killed was lower than that. We would do well to remember these deaths before we support political groups that enshrine them.

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Please send your news tips to HJL. (Either via e-mail of via our Contact form.) These are often especially relevant, because they come from folks who watch news that is important to them. Due to their diligence and focus, we benefit from fresh “on target” news. We often “get the scoop” on news that is most likely ignored (or reported late) by mainstream American news outlets. Thanks!


  1. In regards to the stream of illegal aliens streaming across the border videos; one of the first and glaring things is that the rapidly moving young men in camos are most likely drug mules bring their poison into our country. These are not the typical illegals coming here for work. I have personally witnessed illegals crossing the border from Mexico along the Arizona border, there are literally freeways around Arravaca and in Cochise County. They can be readily identified by the trails of trash. These young men moving rapidly do not need the typical coyotes to guide them, they are part of a highly trained cartel arm. Build the damn wall, replace politicians that condone these felons. Speak out against them, they are aiding and abetting felons and as such should be subject to arrest and prosecution under our conspiracy laws. We have legal immigration processes and any one not adhering to these should at the minimum be deported, and if caring drugs, jailed or preferably executed as they are contributory to thousands of deaths of US citizens.

  2. There is a place in Southern Quebec called Roxham Road that goes from Vermont into Canada. Illegal immigrants, mainly Haitian and Nigerians whose US visas are expiring cross the border into Canada daily. They are put in hotels given meals and in several years will be given an immigration hearing.
    So far 30,000 of these welfare shoppers or gimmegrants are sponging off the Canadian taxpayer with lots more coming.

  3. Is there a contradiction between the Napoleon article and half of the US is in a drought? If it’s an oncoming ice age I want to go south but with climate change I want to be ready to go north.

    1. The West is most assuredly in a “drought”. I happen to be out camping in the West right now and keep noticing how green it is. An odd thing is happening. Enough rain every day (not in the same place everyday) to keep the wild plants growing and green but not the heavier rain during the expected rainy season to fill the resevoirs. Also everywhere we go we see those huge 500 acre irrigation rings of alfalfa and the irrigation runs 24/7 and it is literally a river of water. The water is there and the “drought” is there too. I think in addition to the actual “drought”/lack of heavy rain when expected the problem is excessive and increasing irrigation sucking up the water from traditional sources.

      The simple fact is that the water rights laws of the West (everything West of the Mississippi) are old, impractical, counter productive and prone to misuse. It is time we have a national policy on water rights, the sooner the better.

  4. If you watch the border rancher videos, several things become very evident.
    1. These groups are well organized, with scouts and point men plus a rear guard. The point men and rearguard are armed, and the scouts have binoculars and in at least one video, night vision.
    2. The mules (cargo carriers) are all military age men in good physical condition, with short haircuts and working in cooperation as a team.
    3. Almost everyone, mules and immigrants, men and women, are wearing similar pattern camo gear.
    4. In the videos where you see the horses and rifle armed men at a gate/fence corner, the leader appears to be a tall Hispanic male wearing a light colored shirt and black load bearing gear and has a star shaped badge on his belt. He is also wearing a ball cap with a similar star badge logo.

    These videos should be enough to declare an emergency and place armed American troops securing the border until the wall is up.
    I recommend each of you contact your congressional representatives and discuss it with them. It being an election year they might listen….nah!

  5. Re: National Water Policy Anon, water = property values. The last thing we need is a national water policy that allows Federal politicians to auction off the nations water to the highest bidder (read campaign contributor). A policy that siphons water from historical farming communities to build more suburbs in Los Angeles will make the Developers richer and fill the secret bank accounts of hundreds of politicians and bureaucrats! That is most likely what would happen. Should we grow more food, or more lush green residential lawns and golf courses? Should we put Senator Diann Finestein in charge of this new wealth redistribution program?

  6. I grew up in the midwest, love to travel in the west, but live on the east coast because of my career. Please know that the water shortages of the west make the news regularly and those that don’t know about it don’t know about alot more than the drought. A couple decades ago my brother told me about a book he read on coming water shortages, so its nothing new. The lack of water in the west is a major puzzler to me as to how the preppers in the west will survive if we have an end of the world as we know it event.

    1. It’ll be “trickle down” economics applied to water, Greg. We’ll get ours but we’ll have to reduce what we allow to continue to continue on downstream. That will affect agriculture, which will impact prices at grocery stores. But I don’t think getting a “national water regulatory agency” involved is going to solve anything – that’s ultimately part of the UN’s Agenda(s).

  7. Pivot irrigation is pumped from somewhere, usually groundwater. Those farmers have water rights, but maybe not the sense to consider how they’re going to grow alfalfa when they’ve pumped the aquifer down. Look at the 30′ subsidence of the San Fernando Valley to see what happens when the groundwater is all pumped to surface irrigate crops.
    Pumping the aquifers, and conversely, fracking for oil and gas, are having an effect on the frequency and intensity of earthquakes everywhere.
    Living at the northern end of the great water supplies for places like Las Vegas I’m wondering when their desire for an hedonistic oasis in the middle of a desert overrules my need to produce something useful – like food.

  8. Quit trying to farm in the desert. That might help solve the water problems. The mid-west can feed the country. It fed us for 100’s of years. Also quit trying to grow Bermuda lawns, and keep swimming pools and fountains full in the desert. That would be a tremendous help as well. SMH…

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