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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Now we know how the next pandemic will spread.

The Long Game

Recent news of Nike’s boneheaded decision to make Kaepernick the face of its ads along with Levi Strauss’ idiocy in forming a gun-gontrol group with Bloomberg seems like an episode straight out of The Twilight Zone. Why would these successful companies work so hard at alienating a significant portion of their consumer base – especially after watching the implosion of Dick’s Sporting Goods? Nike’s stock has lost nearly $5 billion and Levi Strauss faces a similar catastrophe. But then maybe it’s not that straight forward. This article links both companies to “made in China” contracts which then subcontracts the work out to North Korea. Taking a stand against Donald Trump and his tariff may be at the heart of the moves. While they may be American companies, their bottom line is closely tied to anti-American contracts. Thanks to readers D.S. and G.P. for the links.

Killer Kids

Reader T.J. sent in this video from The Patriot Nurse that gives a level headed argument on why our kids are becoming Killers. While the media wants to play up the fact that they use firearms most of the time to commit mass murders, the root of the problem isn’t easy access to firearms. It’s not even violent video games. The sole responsability is our society’s lack of parenting. Rather than spend time with our children, we plop them down in front of electronic devices. We don’t teach them socialized behavior anymore. These kids are basically growing up feral. Perhaps the media needs to read The Lord of the Flies again.

Criminalizing Childhood

Reader DSV sent in this interesting article on how our society is slowly criminalizing the normal things that kids do, making it even more dificult to grow up. Remember when you talked back to your teacher and ended up with extra homework for your efforts? or the time you played a prank on a friend and everyone laughed, especially when the friend returned the favor and played a prank on you? Now, those things are likely to end up with your child arrested and booked by the police. You can even be suspended for eating a pop-tart into the rudimentary shape of a gun. Welcome to compliance 101.


Wondering how the next pandemic will start? Look no further than the policies in place at our airports. A plane with 521 passengers on board flying from Dubai declared a medical emergency and landed at JFK. Seven passengers and three crew members had fallen ill enough to require hospitalization. The plane was de-boarded away from the terminal and passengers were met with medical teams that performed rudimentary triage to determine if they were sick enough to be sent to the hospital. If the passengers seemed well and declined medical treatment, they were allowed to leave and clear customs. Only the plane was apparently quarantined. Thanks to reader S.W. for the link.

No Lesson Learned

This month marks the tenth anniversary of the Wall Street/Fed/Treasury created financial disaster of 2008 Where trillions of your tax dollars were used to bail out the criminal actions of the banksters who perpetuated the largest fraud in world history. What should have happened was the liquidation of the banks who participated in the fraud along with the prosecution of those responsible. The assets should have been moved to institutions that did not participate. Instead, here we are 10 year later. You now pay record levels of negative interest on your money. Nobody has gone to jail. The guilty institutions still exists, bigger than ever and we are setting up for an even bigger fall. Thanks to H.L. for the link.

Levels of Disaster

Reader H.L. sent in this article on the four levels of Disasters and how to prepare for each one. The article breaks disasters down into four basic levels of emergency starting at a personal disaster and ending with a SHTF event. Each type of disaster often requires a different approach due to the varying resources that will be available during the disasters term. If you only prepare for one, you may be in trouble. A well rounded survival plan will take all of the types of possible disaster into account. While you may not be able to predict exactly what each type of disaster will be, knowing what resources are available can go a long way to getting you through.

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  1. “Killer Kids”

    “I am 61 years old. I grew up in a rural area of west-central New Jersey. When I was a boy, all the households around me had a gun or two. We boys used to stack up hay-bales and put targets on them (a charcoal briquette was a favorite choice) to shoot at with a .22. Schools and scout-troops often had rifle ranges; I myself got a marksmanship Merit Badge while at summer camp with the Boy Scouts. I don’t recall being aware of any gun laws at all; you could buy ammo at the general store. (Gun safety was a big deal, though, and kids were taught to handle firearms carefully and respectfully.)

    This was the state of normal (non-urban, middle-class, predominantly white) American culture half a century ago. Guns were an unexceptional part of that bygone world, and were easily accessible to all of us (you could order pretty much any gun you liked through the mail, by sending cash in an envelope!). Somehow, though, we hardly ever murdered each other, and mass shootings were very, very rare.

    Something has changed, obviously. And it isn’t access to guns.

    To those on the Left, shrieking for the government to make the pain stop by exerting more control — you celebrities, politicians, editors, and yes, you goodthinkful liberals that I know personally here in New York, many of whom I have called friends — I’ll say this:

    While you were, over the last half-century, systematically destroying, displacing, denouncing, and dismantling the historic American nation and its civil society — all moral norms, every basis of public commonality, all respect for our history and heritage, public expression of religion, the nuclear family, sexual restraint, and every natural structure and category and hierarchy that held civilization together and gave young people a framework within which to learn dignity and duty and gratitude and belonging and meaning and self-control — while you were doing all that, what did you think was going to happen? And now you want to “fix” the moral and social wreckage you’ve created by disarming us against your future predations upon our rights, our culture, and upon the society we still hope, against hope, to restore and preserve?” – Malcom, Reaping the Whirlwind

  2. Re: Nike and other companies. I find my self wondering how the stock holders put up with the rape of their wallets. It appears that virtue statements are clearly a financial death knell for a company. Alienating a large part of your customer base must have been ignored at the colleges their management attended. While I have a created a black list of companies that I will not do business with as far as buying their products, the list has been passed on to my financial advisor with the express order to get me out of any mutual fund that they are listed in. I do this for two reasons, I will not support any company that violates my moral code, and I am going to cover my financial butt by not investing in them. I have lost some money due to their virtue signaling and am going to pay a lot closer attention in the future.

    There are too many examples of liberals destroying wealth by their virtue signaling. Enron on Obama’s watch, $550 million of taxpayers money gone in 6 months. About 15 years ago the Ca. State Retirement Fund [CalPers] decided to make a statement by putting 5% of the fund into green energy. Presto, that money evaporated. Here’s a burning question: How many of these fools that make these decisions are ever fired? I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I need a larger part of my investments in precious metals as well as a lot more of the 3B’s. If this trend continues we can only look forward to an accelerated financial collapse as the liberals destroy the wealth of our country. Their actions on our finances is akin to sharing you home with termites.

    1. Another example is the Raiders return to Oakland (what 17, 18 years ago already?) and now they’re moving to Vegas, The tax payers of Alameda county will be paying for that debacle for years AFTER the Coliseum is torn down (where the A’s and Raiders play now). All the members of the county commissioners who unanimously voted yes are now living on a tax payer pension and have probably become lobbyist in Sacramento or DC. Glad I’m out of there now.

    2. Joe, have you tried shorting these PC companies stocks(short term negative correlation ETF/Mutual funds) ? You could do quite well watching the stock fall,get out with limited risk,on a short time frame(days or weeks to the bottom).
      Just so you know, Jeffrey Skilling from the Enron collapse just got out of jail. One of the very few to be prosecuted for the massive financial crimes of the last couple decades.

  3. As a responsible citizen of America, I demand something be done immediately. I propose we enact legislation creating a government agency to prevent a pandemic that will certainly occur at any moment. This agency, Safe Legal Anti-Virus Enforcement (SLAVE) will have complete control over all means and modes of travel of the American public. Biometric retinal scanners shall be installed in every possible location. Rectal exams and throat swabs will be conducted upon every citizen before entering an airport, train station, or Walmart parking lot. Before being allowed to fly, every passenger will be subject to an intrusive body X-ray and pat down…oh wait…Blood samples and DNA sequencing will be required via sampling kiosks located at every shopping center, polling station, and Dunkin Donuts. We will call this the Patriot Act…or the Protect Americans from Evil Act…or something…you get the picture…Something must be done!!! Call your Congressman today and demand the immediate repeal of the 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution or we’re all gonna’ die!!!!

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”-Mencken

  4. Correction: The company that went bust in the renewable energy field was SOLINDRA, Not Emron, Emron was another debacle of poor management. One should look at SOLINDRA from the point that they were major campaign fund contributors of Obama and were amply awarded with public money for their efforts. They were a failed company long before they went under.

  5. Biological warfare on the cheap? Easy enough to infect those who would be a martyr, have them visit a large city like NY, and spread an infectious virus. Inject your “hosts” too early and they’re sick before they get here. I kind of doubt it was fish for lunch, but I’ll wait for the “official” report before revising my first impression.

    1. No matter what it is whether mosquito borne, “Captain tripps/virus, Ebola, yellow fever, etc, the Georgia Guide stones lays it all out IN SPADES. And LOL depending on a nuke attack. Right now we have a new infestation of ticks(Longhorn) (from China) that has been found from Virginia to just below the Canadian border. These ticks swarm and can suck the blood and cripple live stock through loss of blood. So far they have been found in VA, MD. NC. NY Penn, and other states along the east coast. So far they haven’t shown to carry Lyme [disease] at this time. Stay tuned you deer hunters. (I am one). They do not need a male tick to breed to to create young, /They just need to become ingorged upon a host and then they can lay eggs to bring about young. Some of my spelling lacks but you get the drift.

  6. Levi backs Gun Control, Great move idiot, I don’t see a lot of jeans being worn at Harvard or Yale but I do see a lot at Gun Shows shooting ranges and places fly over state Americans hang out. I personally will NOT buy another pair of Levi’s and I’ve been wearing them for 50 years! VOTE constitutional conservative Republican in November, MAGA, TRUMP 2020

  7. Both the “Killer Kids” and “Criminalizing Childhood” pieces made me think of the ‘Captain Fantastic’ movie I recently watched.

    If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend it. While I don’t agree with good portions of the movie, it certainly shows the struggle of a man and his children trying to live in a way outside of the norm in America.

    The PC culture and safety police are taking over the country. Anyone who dares stray from what they deem to be acceptable have to be concerned about the future of their freedom.

  8. Re: Killer Kids & Freds comment on something has changed, as well as other ill’s that have fallen upon us in recent years. I believe the biggest contributing factor to all is the single word – “Responsibility”. To expand on that I am referring to; “I and I alone, am Responsible for my actions and thoughts”. It applies to all aspects of life.
    The further we remove ourselves from God and His teachings, the closer we approach the sewer of Lucifers hole with ever increasing speed.

  9. I hesitate to say anything, since I know this is so controversial, but here I go. Perhaps not all communicable diseases can be prevented this way, but a LOT of them could be prevented by keeping one’s immune system in optimal health. But with our government run health care system of allopathic medicine, most people are so very sick, and vulnerable to disease, that someone can introduce it and everyone dies from a simple bacteria. This is criminal, as criminal as the slaughtering of our constitutional rights and the communist agenda that is being enacted instead. It makes me so sad. Most don’t even understand what’s really going on. Most people are so sick, their brain is starved for nutrition and they can’t even see that they are sick.

      1. The brain has to be fed too. Cholesterol is brain food. You must eat cholesterol to feed the brain. That’s why people who take cholesterol drugs usually always get dementia. You also need saturated fats. And guess what? Saturated fats are also demonized in popular culture.

    1. You are absoulutely correct about Levi’s be Anti-gun for a longtime. Surprised more people didn’t know this. I haven’t bought or worn any Levi’s for over 30 years. Wrangler are just fine. Wrote a letter to Levi’s and told them I would never buy another pair and they they will be happy to know that I would be using the pairs I did own to clean my guns. That was years ago. We need to STOP supporting companies that use Our own many against us. I haven’t bought a pair Nike’s since they started to pay outrageous sponsor fees to Jordan and others that jacked the price of a pair to over $100. No thanks.

  10. Large companies like Nike, etc. employ swarms of lawyers, affirmative action scam artists, human resources drones, media adviser weasels and advertising “professionals.”

    None of these people actually produce anything. Their jobs consist of meetings, pencil pushing, lint gathering, coffee drinking, BS’ing, shmoozing, attending parties and wasting time on social media. They are nearly 100% liberal/socialist in their views, and that’s how they influence the company.

    The owners of these companies can very easily afford to lose multiple millions of dollars and still maintain lives of insanely indulgent luxury. At a certain point, they lose contact with reality and their priorities change. It becomes far more satisfying to rub elbows with politicians and movie stars or better yet, impress that little 17 year old “anti-NRA activist” girl while they’re snorting coke at Epstien’s Pedophile Island. Once you have more money than God, and you have satisfied your base pleasures, what gets you off is control of other people… the more the better. If they can slap you “bitter clingers” in the face while you eagerly hand them your money, it just doesn’t get better than that. And if you pay to wear their logo, like branded livestock, well, you get what you deserve.

    Just like Dick’s, if Levis alienates a major portion of their customers, they don’t really care. They just don’t care. They only care about the 14 year old “socialists” that will berate them on Facebook, or the self described “nasty women” at the next champagne and brie party. These are the people they see every day. They don’t associate with the “unwashed masses.” They probably don’t even know anyone who owns a gun or voted republican. They live on another planet, folks.

    Should it surprise you that these people would support the latest liberal causes?
    Stop sending your money to them. Stop letting your kids send your money to them. Stop paying for your own slo-mo destruction.

  11. I Really Don’t Feel Like Submitting To Socialist Tyranny. Do You?
    Kurt Schlichter
    Posted: Sep 06, 2018 12:01 AM

    Militant Normals: How Regular Americans Are Rebelling Against the Elite to Reclaim Our Democracy Kindle Edition
    by Kurt Schlichter (Author)
    Pre-order, release date October 2, 2018.

    I was wondering if anyone had been following this person?

    There seems to be a lot of these kind of books out these days.

    I read Claire’s new one a few months ago, everyone should out of caution, but it left me lacking in future vision.

    Basics of Resistance: The Practical Freedomista, Book I
    by Claire Wolfe

  12. “Why would these successful companies work so hard at alienating a significant portion of their consumer base”

    because they are no longer businesses, but subsidized political operations.

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