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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Current fear is that the deadly pig disease, African swine fever, will make it to U.S. shores.

Deadly Pig Disease

Reader H.L. sent in this article on the current outbreak of African swine fever. While there isn’t a current case in the United States, experts are warning that its not a case of “if” but “when”. Similarly to the outbreak of avian flu that created fowl and egg shortages, the only real way to deal with outbreaks is the destruction of the whole sounder of swine. In many countries, even the appearance of the disease in a single pig dooms the entire farm. In Spain, they are finding that ticks that feed on the pigs are also carriers and are destroying entire [old] farm buildings, replacing them with modern facilities in an effort to contain the disease. So far, cases have been reported in Africa, Europe, and Asia. The concern for the U.S. is the same one Germany is facing. With a large population of wild boar, there is virtually no way to contain the disease.

Socialism at Work

The proponents of Socialism in America often point to certain European countries as examples of socialism that they want to emulate. Leave aside the fact that all of those countries exist because of America (and the fact that many of them are only recently socialist – they created their wealth under capitalism). If Americans had to pay the 50% or higher tax rates that these countries pay, they would revolt. In Sweden, they have single payer (universal) health care. But examples abound of why this isn’t good. Asia Nader was diagnosed with a hole in her heart at age 21. She was nearly 23 before she could have the surgery to fix it. Sure the law states that patients wait no more than 90 days for care, but one in three end up waiting much, much longer. Most complain about waits longer than six months and the inability to see the same practitioner for continuity of care.

Encrypt Your Life

Reader P. sent in this article on how to encrypt your life in less than an hour. Andy Grove (the CEO of Intel while it led the personal computer revolution) famously said “Only the paranoid survive.” When one of the most powerful people in the world encourages us to be paranoid, we should listen. Even the FBI, who routinely violates the privacy of people, is encouraging every one to cover their webcams. This article gives some solutions that you can implement in under an hour that will give you a much higher level of security.

Privacy Invasion

Reader S.W. sent in this article on a new device that is being sold that will allow anyone to invade your privacy. The device attaches to a smartphone and lets users scan a person for concealed firearms from up to 40 feet away. Royal Holdings has named the device SWORD. The device is intended to be used at airports and other areas of high congestion, but what is to stop your local grocery store from using them? Perhaps the next time you enter your neighborhood Walmart, the greeter will walk up to you and politely ask you to leave because you are carrying concealed? The device also uses facial recognition.

Why Pay Cash?

Because of a deal between Google and Master Card, Google is able to track up to 70% of retail purchases. A significant portion of Master Card’s two billion users weren’t even aware that the data sharing agreement had been reached between the two giants. The deal is lucrative because it gave Google an unprecedented asset for measuring retail spending, something which retailers are generally on board with. With this technology agreement, a user can search Google for a product, but not buy it. Later, when that person enters a store and buys that product with their Master Card, Google is fed that information which is then given as a report to advertisers. Remember that when you aren’t paying for the service, you are the product. Words to live by. Thanks to G.G. for the link.

Goodbye Facebook

Facebook may have finally shot itself in the foot. After allegations of allowing fake news made public waves, Facebook implemented policies that changed their public news feed to feature more content from friends and family and less public content. This also includes content from those who purchase advertising. This means that many, including those who work sales jobs from home, have seen their revenues drop by up to 60%. I know many who make a little side cash by selling essential oils, hair products, vitamins and other stuff by reposting articles on those products. Now, those same people have to generate their own content rather than reposting content. As a result, many are simply leaving Facebook and moving to another platform like Twitter. Thanks to DSV for the link.

Survival Realty

Wow! Survival Realty just listed a 1,086 sqft cabin in Montana with a well capable of producing 100 gallons per minute. The property is currently set up as an off-grid retreat, but power is available at the nearby road so you can go with a grid-tie system if you want to. It would also be possible to develop the nearby spring into a large stocked pond. This place could easily be set up for self-sufficiency.

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  1. “If Americans had to pay the 50% or higher tax rates that these countries pay, they would revolt.”

    Mr. Latimer, this is already the total effective tax rate in America. Nobody is going anything about it either. Cowed, one and all.

    Dear Royal Holdings, I have a gun, always, 24/7/365. I don’t hide it and don’t care who knows. It’s big and it’s fat and nobody needs your scanner to see it. I am not ashamed of my Duty to a Holy Righteous God to protect myself and those less able around me. Good Day to you.

    1. @Fred,
      I know that is about the effective tax rate on paper, but with the way our system works (tax breaks, exemptions, tax credits) I’m not aware of any one who actually pays that amount.

      1. Hugh, I’m with Fred on this one. I started with my percentage I actually paid in federal taxes from my gross income, then add on WY state sales tax, vehicle license fees, gas taxes paid at the pump, then the mandatory health insurance deducted from my paycheck every two weeks, professional license “fees”, property taxes, the taxes on my phone and utility bills that are slipped in, and a few others I can’t recall right offhand. When the total hit 45% of my gross income I nearly puked on my spreadsheet and quit looking for more. Even though the federal gubmint “only” openly steals 11% the true total is much, much higher. I am surprised that anyone actually still lives in states with state income taxes and also 7-11% sales tax rates!

  2. Here is Royal Holdings contact:

    Here is the note I just sent them using my real name with the subject; I have a gun.

    Dear Royal Holdings,
    I have a gun, always, 24/7/365. I don’t hide it and don’t care who knows. It’s big and it’s fat and nobody needs your scanner to see it. I am not ashamed of my Duty to a Holy Righteous God to protect myself and those less able around me.
    Good Day to you,

    1. Here is the reply:

      Thank you very much for your concern. However, SWORD will only be used at events such as concerts, sport matches, casinos, airports etc and not be used by private individuals so your right to bear arms are protected.
      Thank you for your email
      Royal Holdings Technologies Corp”

      Uh huh. So I can keep my 2A just not in these places and I’m so sure that if other customers want to purchase their goods and services they’ll decline the sale right? Who exactly will ‘etc’ include? Pfft. Oh and, I give it a good 20 minutes before someone hacks or replicates this and it starts spreading everywhere. I learned the hard way some years back not to go where I ain’t wanted. This will actually help with that in the long run. I guess we’ll find out who our friends really are.

  3. The only thing I don’t like about that property listing is the registered number tag on the water well. That means the government knows where it is and can come and put a water meter on it anytime.

  4. I live in Canada where we do have free medical care. I retired in 2011. In 2012 I had a triple bypass and a mitral valve repaire. In 2016 I had a mitral valve replacement. without this help I would have lost my house, savings, vehicles and been on the street. I thank God for state medical insurance.

    1. Without government interference, private insurance would be less expensive, faster, and better all the way around. You would have still gotten care but most likely at a better level.

      1. The reason insurance would be less is because all of the exponential explosion in costs is caused by the guaranteed Rates of Return (payments) from Federal programs. If reimbursement is guaranteed I will charge whatever I want and so do healthcare providers. All prices are driven by the welfare of Medicare and Medicaid. Free means everybody pays, always has.

  5. Is capitalism working for us in the middle class?? I dont think so…. Capitalism is the reason for the wealth inequality and why corporations outsource and CEO’s make crazy salaries.

    1. It is working. Consider that even if you are at poverty level in the US, you are in the top 1% of the world. Income inequality is a “talking point” of the left. It’s just another name for income redistribution.

      1. The “income inequality” is actually caused by the corporatism (not capitalism) preferred by both the Democrats and, unfortunately, the Republicans. Wealth inequality is a red herring. Of course there is going to be unequal wealth. Without it what would be the incentive to improve your life by your own efforts. If it is given to you, what then is the value of free? The answer is “nothing”.

        In the old Soviet Union there was wealth inequality, the same in communist China, communist Cuba, and the same in every socialist country on the planet. Corporatism in the USA is the government creating roadblocks to individual wealth creation. If you want a socialist America, open you eyes, it’s already here. Corporatism is socialism. Socialism for us, but not for the elites.

        Blame the Neo-liberal, Neo-conservative cabal that runs the swamp.

  6. HJL,
    Looks like you’re “over target”, you’re attracting trolls (the two above) to comment on your site. Consider it a badge of honor. Congratulations. Well done.

  7. RE: “Privacy Invasion”
    I wonder how this device works? Magnetic metal mass detector? If so, could it be foiled by carrying an equivalent weight/mass of metal that is not a gun? Some lump of steel in a pouch at your hip?
    Sow confusion wherever and whenever you can. hehehehehe

  8. Re. concealed weapon scanner

    “Imagine walking into a store to see someone scanning you from 30 feet away with their phone, only to tell you that you’ll have to leave because firearms aren’t allowed at that particular location.”

    In my state the state determines the laws re firearms, superseding any conflicting city or county ordinances. The state constitution mirrors that of the US re firearms and the state licenses concealed carry. So, if a restaurant, shop, etc. can’t prohibit entry due to race or sexual preference etc. then wouldn’t someone legally carrying a weapon have the same constitutional protection? This is a serious question, would appreciate input from any legal scholars out there!

  9. Kurt,
    “Capitalism is the reason for the wealth inequality”, you say that as if it is a bad thing. Don’t you think those more productive than you and people who change the world making life better for others should be rewarded and deserve more wealth than you? If not most would say you have an extremely exaggerated since of your own importance – one that few would share with you!

  10. This device will end up being regulated to LEO only! Consider what happens if a criminal organization gets ahold of this and uses it to bust some undercover officer. This is a device that could very easily get people killed. I would consider it a massive lawsuit waiting to happen.

  11. Re: swine fever. Like eggs, when it comes, the price of hogs will go sky high. So make arrangements to purchase a whole hog, get it butchered and in the freezer. Probably will be next summer or so when the hype hits.

    Re: Canadian healthcare. I used to work at the mall in a small city about 90 minutes south of the border. I talked to MANY Canadians who were in the town for surgeries like the one mentioned above because it was going to be YEARS before they could get it done. So they drove to the U.S. and checked into a hospital known for its heart care, rather than literally die waiting.

  12. Our current healthcare system is unaffordable for many. I wasn’t a fan of Obamacare either. (Gov. forced healthcare)We are slowly getting back to an insurance company ran system. Great for those who can actually afford it. A healthcare system for the wealthy? I have often wondered if the Canadian system is the answer.
    I have met many Canadians who thought it was ok. Some told me of getting major surgeries in normal sounding amounts of time. I did meet a guy who told me of a relative dying because they wouldn’t do some expensive scan on his head after a major skiing accident. Change is really needed with our healthcare system.

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