Preventing the Statists’ Planned Coup de Maître

For more than a decade I’ve been saying that we are living in the age of deception and betrayal. Recent events here in the United States have now proven that, without any doubt.

In July of this year, I warned that a new wave of overt Internet censorship was developing. I did so in an article titled: The Internet Gulag: Demonetization, Demonization, and Deletion.

à La Nancy Kerrigan

On Monday August 6, 2018, at least a dozen social[ist] media web services launched a coordinated deletion attack on Four more followed suit, within a few days. This was no coincidence. For so many sites to blacklist InfoWars all on the same day must have taken planning and agreement between many corporate executives. (Ironically, they had accused Alex Jones of promotting “conspiracy theories” and then those same executives conspired together, to ban him.) And this was not just some politely orchestrated shaming event. This was a similitude of a full-on Nancy Kerrigan-style baton stroke to the kneecap. Thousands of hours of videos archives were removed. It is noteworthy that before the ban, Alex Jones had more than 2 million YouTube subscribers. His show is is still carried on dozens of AM talk radio stations across the country. And it can still be heard at But don’t look for any video or audio of the show in social media. It is gone. Poof! Down the Memory Hole.

More Censorship Ahead

The Statists are far from finished. Their censorship war on anyone to the right of them is just beginning. I expect to see it reach a crescendo in the weeks before the November 2018 mid-term election. This evaluation was confirmed by two recent news stories. On August 23rd, this headline ran at Buzzfeed: Tech Companies Are Gathering For A Secret Meeting To Prepare A 2018 Election Strategy.  Then on August 28th, we read this headline: Trump threatens Google over alleged biased search results.

In the weeks and months to come I believe that we will witness a crescendo of censoriousness. Be ready for it, speak out against it, and find alternative news sources.


The Planned Coup de Maître

The Statists are eyeing the November, 2018 midterm elections as their opportunity for a Coup de Maître.  In a masterstroke, they want to sweep away Republican control of both the U.S. House and Senate. Their key tools in swaying voters appear to be:

    • Skewed search engine results,
    • Shadow banning and overt banning of alternative media outlets, bloggers, and vloggers, and
    • A complicit mass media.

By gaining majorities in Congress in a “Blue Wave” they hope to turn President Donald J. Trump (DJT) into a Lame Duck president. With a Democrat majority, they can stall or stop DJT’s proposed legislation and many of his judicial appointments. Next, they plan to either force DJT from office or simply wait him out, hoping for another Democrat presidency.

The key points of their agenda, once they’ve secured congress and taken the White House:

    • Higher Taxation
    • A Fully Entrenched Welfare State
    • Movement Monitoring (Vehicular transponders, facial recognition networks, etc.)
    • Currency Controls
    • Passport Controls, starting with those who owe back taxes
    • Ubiquitous Surveillance
    • Selective Prosecution of Political Opponents
    • Civilian Disarmament (The leftists call it “sensible gun control.”)
    • Banning Private Vehicles With Traditional Engines
    • A Federal (or Global) Digital Currency that will replace cash and allow the government almost 100% monitoring of transactions.
Take Action!

We need to take action to  counter the statists. First and foremostr: Don’t feed the beast! The tech megacorporations feed on us. Take action by not using their evil social media sites. (Such as: Google/Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Vimeo, Pinterest, SnapChat, and YouTube.) Instead, use alternative platforms. These include:,, BitChute, and  For your web searches avoid using Google, since they keep semi-permanent lists of your search phrases. Instead, use the StartPage search engine.  They claim to not keep any search histories.

Next, sign up for a VPN service. Use it whenever visiting controversial web sites, or when using controversial search phrases.

Be politically active. Remember that with “throw-away” e-mail addresses and VPN, you can anonymously post things or submit letters to newspaper editors.

And, for sheer pragmatism, as a prepper I also recommend these additional steps:

  1. Get a Bitcoin wallet.
  2. Arm your family well. If it is legal in your state, then buy guns anonymously from private parties, with cash. It may not come to guerilla warfare in our generation, but it probably will in your children’s generation.
  3. With cash, buy a couple of “burner” flip-phones (from a company like TracFone.)  Buy some extra airtime “minutes” cards, also with cash.
  4. Diversify your investments into precious metals and barterable tangibles–especially  guns, ammo, and full capacity magazines.
  5. And especially for any of you who are fellow bloggers, vloggers, or otherwise in the public eye:  Keep your passport updated.  You know… “just in case.”


Wake People Up!

To win, we need to make a concerted effort. There is strength in numbers. Do your best to wake up your friends, relatives, co-workers, and fellow church congregants. In simple terms, make it clear to them what is going on, and that our freedom is at stake. Please stress how important it is to vote in the upcoming midterm election.

To quote Benjamin Franklin:  “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

Remember: The truth is our weapon. (Along with the four boxes.) – JWR




  1. I confess, I had (have) no great love for Alex Jones. I believe him to be a sham-artist blowhard spouting half-truths and lies to a gullible audience lapping it up while he takes their money and laughs all the way to the bank. That said, the man has a right to his free speech the same way you or I do, and what I honestly see here (with infowars) was a test run on conservative muzzling that is planned in the future. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google etc chose an easy target (most people, I honestly believe, have a firm dislike of Mr. Jones), to see what the reaction to silencing him would be. Truthfully, very few people who claim to represent the right deserve to be told to shut up more than he. But for their purposes, it worked. Next time, it won’t be someone so polarizing. Recent developments have honestly got me considering alternative communication sources (shortwave, HAM, CB) more than I ever have.

    1. There is nothing wrong with Alex, he was around in the late 1990’s on shortwave and he has probably opened more eyes than anyone else and like Trump has rubbed many people the wrong way. So if you don’t like it don’t listen at least that is your choice, I don’t like itwhen someone else makes the choice for me.

  2. I would like to know who to complain to besides our congressional representatives and senators. For example, the FCC; who or what office should receive our emails? Would contacting the big shots or complain office be appropriate? What other agencies or companies should be on the list?

    1. Considering net neutrality as an example, you can complain all you want to the FCC and your elected politicians – it won’t make one bit of difference. All that campaigning against these big corporations and alphabet agency intrusions will do is get you noticed in a bad way. Sadly, the America I expected to see after my childhood no longer exists. I think James has offered the best advice for getting through this situation.

    1. Laws or executive orders could be enacted that would further limit the Dollar value of currency (or cash equivalents) that travelers could carry out of the country without a tax declaration. Or, in extremis, an outright ban on removing currency over “X” Dollars.

      1. So how, exactly, do high net worth people move the large sums of money out of the US to buy their estates overseas? Whenever I have considered liquidating various assets to buy a second refuge somewhere else I run smack dab into banking reporting laws and cash carry limits that would tax my money out of existence.

        1. Gems are one way. You will take a 15% to 35% haircut unless you buy and hold for a LONG time; appreciation is usually only around 1.5%
          Nevertheless, you can sneak out say, a dozen 1Ct IFs (internally flawless) diamonds and copies of their certs in encrypted PDFs on a thumbdrive and that can at least get you a grubstake elsewhere. My uncle escaped the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 thru Czeckslovakia and arrived in MOntreal, PQ with a softball-sized bag of Russian diamonds. His parents had begun selling their art collection and hiding the diamonds in the roof tar. Even though the Bernie-Bro’s of the day burned the house, they didn’t find them.
          Colored stones are even dicier – but again, gems are not detectable by metal detectors and can look like almost anything in x-ray when smuggled inside small electronics or cosmetics, and objects no larger than 8mm dia can represent values of $15K – $25K each. Is it illegal? … maybe.

          1. Thanks. Diamonds are something I had not considered, partially out of disgust for the DeBeers monopoly and price-fixing games. As for the legality, well, I don’t believe that a government has any claim to the product of my labor so whatever I preserve from their grasping paws remains rightfully mine.

  3. JWR, thank you for this & previous such articles. You’ve obviously thought about these things & have an eye on what’s happening in our society. Please keep up the good work!

  4. JWR, re digital currency

    I have been a victim of identify theft. Besides the obvious problems it almost landed me in jail! I am just barely comfortable with a credit card and a monthly paper statement. The idea of waving my cell phone over a sensor and having an e-mailed accounting is a bridge too far! I just do not believe the security is adequate. Then there is the possibility that in some future the Fed might decide to “re-value” our digital currency. Also the IRS or police, without any due process that I am informed of, might impound my funds. Those of us who do not want to use digital transfers might some day have to go back to daily use of silver and gold. Some states have passed laws making it legal tender. Do you know how many states have done this? For those who have how does the process work, or how do you think it might be set up?

  5. “It may not come to guerilla warfare in our generation, but it probably will in your children’s generation.”

    I disagree.

    Most of the members of “your children’s generation” care not one whit about liberty as they have never been taught what it is. Most only care about themselves and the next electronic gadget/toy that will continue their enslavement.

    If guerilla warfare doesn’t happen in OUR generation, it never will.

    In my humble opinion.

    1. Agreed, right on the money, the brainwashing campaign will be fully completed when our generation dies out, it only takes 3 generations for fundamental change, and the third is already in high school now, and some older.

    2. I agree also , in Australia, no one gives a s$%t about freedom, here 99 point 9 percent are too busy watching Masterchef or the kardashian bottom feeders than using their brains and ousting the bloodsuckers we have called Politicians !, just more freedoms going here, if you Yanks have your passports ready DON’T come here whatever you do !.

  6. Hi Jim,
    I am in full agreement with you
    Your article is a timely one. The Gateway Pundit published an article today detailing how Facebook attacked all the Major Conservative websites after the last election, by preventing the websites from being published on their platform.
    If you examine the graphics provided, it is clear that this an offensive measure just like any coordinated Military operation. Hit the big sites first and hit them hard.
    Thanks for your excellent article,
    Clint Ekert

  7. Cutting Enemy Communications Is Always A Early Step In Wartime
    Posted on September 4, 2018

    Finally One Graphic Shows How Facebook Has Eliminated Conservative Content Since November 2016 Election
    by Jim Hoft
    September 4, 2018

  8. I love this site and the opinions herein. I have a question concerning the use of social media sites. The fact is many people only get their information from those sites. If we abandon them completely they will only be subject to confirmation bias. How do we attempt to reach those people if we ignore the medium they use to get information?

  9. Don’t forget MeWe for social. I’ve PERSONALLY emailed and chatted online with the co-founder and can assert that MeWe is completely private. Yes, you can block annoying things and people and report spam or porn. But other than that, you completely control what you see because you create and join groups of your choice (no one else sees your posts on a particular group, for example, unlike FB). Sure, it isn’t Facebook, but remember, FB was purposefully developed in a way that would create an addiction. MeWe was not, so it isn’t as sexy. The biggest complaint is that not enough of your FB friends are on MeWe, but those who spend some time on it, it works. There are no media companies on MeWe, unfortunately, yet. FYI, MeWe makes it’s money through a separate product made for the business sector so NO ADS and creepy cacheing your posts.

    1. Yes, I started using MeWe when facebook banned gun buying/selling, & a number of people made the switch then. In case junie’s post isn’t clear to you, MeWe is a social network that does not monitor or track or sell your personal data & thus is private. I hesitate to call it “completely private” b/c I suspect that the NSA can still monitor & if desired, store one’s MeWe posts on their NSA computers. It’s also possible to find MeWe groups on prepping, survivalism, gardening, homesteading, guns (look for a gun group in your area), etc. MeWe has a feature that one can invite your facebook friends to join MeWe. I did that. Then some months later, decided to change my MeWe name to a nickname, for OPSEC. About a year later, one of my facebook friends somehow followed me to MeWe or found me on MeWe. So if you want to try to be anonymous on MeWe, do not invite your facebook friends to join you, but you could privately tell them face-to-face (to avoid NSA) about MeWe’s benefits & if you desire, to request to be your friend on MeWe.

  10. I love your blog and agreed with the spirit of this post, however I think “vote Republican” lulls us to sleep. Freedoms are being lost rapidly even with the Republicans in power. (Remember the Patriot act?)

    Here’s what you proposed the Democratic agenda to be, with my comments added:
    Higher Taxation (yes, mostly Dems)
    A Fully Entrenched Welfare State (largest entitlement programs SS/Medicare mostly going to GOP voters!)
    Movement Monitoring – Vehicular transponders, facial recognition networks, etc. (GOP is all about this stuff with their military-industrial and police state leanings)
    Currency Controls (both parties moving this direction)
    Passport Controls, starting with those who owe back taxes (I see both parties moving this direction)
    Ubiquitous Surveillance (GOP is even worse than Dems)
    Selective Prosecution of Political Opponents (true “opponents” aren’t the GOP OR Dem they’re the freedom advocates! Alex Jones for example isn’t mainstream right. Caitlin Johnstone isn’t mainstream left. They’re the targets)
    Civilian Disarmament (yep – Dems take this one, thanks NRA for holding GOP honest)
    Banning Private Vehicles With Traditional Engines (agree, mostly a Dem thing but soon all millennials/Z’s will support it anyway)
    A Federal (or Global) Digital Currency that will replace cash and allow the government almost 100% monitoring of transactions (both parties will move this direction)

    Anyway, of course don’t vote Democratic but that isn’t enough. Not even close. We also need to hold the GOP accountable to decrease the power of the unelected bureaucracy/deep state.

  11. Where to begin… The Left owns Academia, the Legal profession, the Media, the Government (The Swamp), and now, Big Business. And there are multiple web-like connections between all of these areas. One thing these professions have in common is that they produce no tangible product, yet they are extremely lucrative. Its good to be King.

    Its important to remember that this Elite class looks at the rest of us as “deplorables” that need to be controlled. You are a “resource” to be managed like a herd of cattle. Cattle need to be fed and kept content, and fenced in for their own good. A steer is castrated in order to make it useful to the rancher. It not only grows fat, but it reduces aggression. An animal that is dangerous or uncooperative is usually put down.

    The Roman Elite kept control of the rabble with a policy of “bread and circuses.” Keep their stomachs full, and keep them occupied with entertainment, and your citizens don’t complain, conspire or riot. In our time, some might call it “sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll” meets the “welfare state.” The internet now provides 24/7 access to video games, movies, sports, porn and social media and we also have our Soma, …anti-depressants, adderall, ritalin, meth, hillbilly heroin, etc.

    The thing is, why would you expect the “eLite” to allow you to share information on THEIR social media that disturbs THEIR social order? Why would you expect the Elite to allow you to be armed? Or allow you to control your children’s education, or choose your own doctor, or God forbid, allow stupid “deplorables” to actually elect the President of the United States?

    In the past, when the oppression became intolerable, people would sail to new lands and rebuild their own society. When there was no where else to go, the answer either became civil war, or a rejection of the outside world, like the Amish. Either choice is a hard one.

  12. And… Get an Ad Blocker. Google tracks you everywhere and makes money when you visit any site. Not as google but as doubleclick or one of their other properties. Or when you view any of the YouTube videos.

    Google makes little money on search THEY MAKE MONEY SERVING ADVERTISEMENTS including YouTube. How many YouTubes where recommended from this site? Google says “Cha-Ching!”. You are cattle going into the Goo(co)rral to be sold.

    Look up the Ghostery extension for your browser (I think also available as a stand-alone browser on Android) which can identify and block tracking sites.

    Google doesn’t care if you never go to google, only if you SEE – not even have to click on – the ads on nearly every page. Facebook also tracks you if you see the share on facebook (maybe even if you don’t have an account – I block javascript from facebook and most google properties including analyitics).

  13. “Remember that with “throw-away” e-mail addresses and VPN, you can anonymously post things or submit letters”

    (laugh) you’re going to use their systems to do something anonymously?

  14. This is true and I can attest to it personally. After the Pompous Ass David Hogg committed one of his stunts, I sent him the following Tweet- (actually, it was only about the second or third tweet that I ever sent) – “Hey RETARD ! There are approximately 50 million AR-style rifles LEGALLY OWNED in this country. Before you come to get them, make sure that you are wearing your bullet-proof jockey strap !”. Tweet name Brick Stonehead
    Tweeter them froze my account (big deal !) LOL- they not only prevented me from sending any more tweets, they stopped me from reading anyone elses tweets. The joke- I don’t care.
    I also comment on various You Tube videos. I don’t post any videos. I just comment on other peoples’ videos under the name Nathan Hail. Well, yesterday, my comments started not being posted. COMMENTS ON VIDEOS BANNED FROM BEING POSTED. Over the past few days, I have occupied my time with sending a few hundred responses to videos on You Tube.
    Granted, some of my comments were NOT SUITABLE FOR SNOWFLAKES, like my one to Robert DeNiro where I told him its not too late to stage a comeback after the disasterous film Little Fockers. I told him that he should start with small parts, and work his way back up to starring roles, IF HE PROVED HIMSELF to the producers. Or the one that I sent to Rob Reiner where I told him that he can’t just live off of All In the Family residuals and the money his Dad gives him. I told him he should get a job and save his money so he doesn’t end in a crappy retirement home without even enough money to walk down the hall to the candy machine.
    Some of my comments were more serious, like when I snuck in the files for 3D printers to make guns into comments on anti-gun videos.
    Anyway, since I can no longer do this- PLEASE AVENGE ME ! – by taking up where I left off. Thanks

  15. My wife is a sex offender registration agent for Los Angeles County. One of the interesting aspects of her job is to update herself on all the different manners in which monitoring registered sex offenders have been modernized. In addition, many of the laws that are in place for residency restrictions, employment restrictions, and even travel restrictions have been noted not just by local law enforcement agencies around the country, but by the federal agencies that are in charge of such movements. For instance, International Megan’s Law requires registered sex offenders to go through a very meticulous process of notification, travel registration, and even special travel documents for them to be able to travel out of country. Virtually every one of these processes are noted and copied, and will most probably be used as the blueprint for how the Deep state is going to control the population of the United States once Democrats are in complete control. In my discussions with Infowars correspondent David night, I will be documenting as many of these processes as possible and trying to prevent their implementation on an overall basis if the SHTF.

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