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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Did you know that pistols can kill you? And I’m not talking about the bullets either.

Never Trust a Politician

The Democrat candidate who won New York’s 23rd Congressional District primary election supported a national gun registry during the campaign. Of course, you would expect that. The left is fully on board with the Marxist, socialist policies that include major gun control. There is no surprise there. However, now that the primaries are over and the campaign is shifting towards the main election, this candidate has suddenly dropped support for the national gun registry, claiming that it was not her “official” position. Uh, yeah. Right. I’d like to talk to you about a bridge in Manhattan that you might be interested in buying too. I have to wonder sometimes just how stupid these politicians think we are?

Stolen NBC Equipment

According to this article sent in by G.P., the Army Criminal Investigation Command is reporting that it is investigating a serious equipment and ammunition theft from the U.S. Army’s Fort Hood base. Apparently, a significant quantity of ammunition along with Chemical, Biological, Radological and Nuclear equipment has been taken. Note that NBC equipment is personal protection and detection gear, not weapons. The overall cost is relatively small with 61 M50 masks ($150 each) and three AN-UDR-13 radiation detectors ($700 ea), but it’s obvious the military is struggling with the same loss of moral compass that the general population is.

Pistols Can Kill You

Everyone knows that a pistol can kill you, but apparently, California hasn’t figured out what the business end of a pistol is. The latest proposition 65 revision is attempting to make certain firearms manufactures engrave a warning on their pistols that the pistols contain chemicals known to cause cancer. Bond Arms Inc., a Texas based firearms distributor, has announced that they will no longer serve California if the legislature insists on the company engraving the warning on the pistols. I think proposition 65 has become a national joke. They may have intended it to make sure people were aware of certain toxic chemicals, but this is just going to far. California thinks everything causes cancer. Sure, a pistol can kill you, just not that way. Thanks to DSV for the link.

Too Big to Pay

Speaking of California, reader H.L. sent in this article showing that the state and the power companies are sticking it to the citizens yet again. The state has long had fire suppression policies that allow dense undergrowth to become a sever fire hazard which then threatens homeowners. The power companies have had policies in place that keep them from properly maintaining the right-of-way for the major power lines by cutting back and clearing fire hazards around their lines. Now, after a brutal fire season in which many of the most significant fires were caused by these two factors, the California legislature has voted to allow power companies to raise their electric rates to cover the cost of last year’s deadly wildfires. Yep, just claim you are too big to fail and the government will step in to save you. Too bad about your electric bill.

America is no Longer a Sanctuary

Air Force General Terrence O’Shaughnessy addressed the 140th National Guard Association conference in New Orleans this year and ended his speech with a rather ominous point. He believes that the time of America’s uncontested world dominance is coming to an end. In his words, the U.S. “homeland is no longer a sanctuary”. Peer level adversaries are constantly probing U.S. defenses in multiple domains and the oceans that have protected the mainland for long are not real boundaries in these new domains. Yeah, America can still hold it’s own in an armed conflict, but much of the conflict is occuring in venues where that military strength doesn’t come into play. Thanks to W.W. for the link.

The Big Freeze

The sun is apparently headed into it’s solar minimum early. The cycle was expected in 2020, but the sun has had 133 days of no sunspots.. With just over 241 days having already passed in this year, that means the sun has been sunspot free for the majority of the year. Records indicate that you have to go back to 2009, when the sun had the deepest solar minimum in a century to find a year with fewer sunspots. Traditionally, the earths weather goes through cooling cycle corresponding to the solar minimum and this one is expected to follow the same path. Thanks to D.S. for the link.


Words mean things. We all know that the old adage of “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is not true. Words can be devastating. The progressive left recognizes this and that is the reason they have targeted the public schools. Over the years, many words such as “gay” have changed meanings due to this push by the left and it continues today. Recently, Virgina’s Fairfax County public school system stripped the phrase “biological gender” from its family life curriculum and replaced it with “sex assigned at birth”. Get your kids out while you still can! Thanks to D.S. for the link.

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  1. The politicians think we are totally stupid. They have been abusing us for at least a hundred years, and I would argue it is much longer than that, yet we continue to vote them back into office, in spite of their treasonous behavior. I would be surprised if they didn’t think we were stupid! The sad part is, in the case of many of their subjects, they are correct in this assumption!

    People are all excited, thinking Trump is gonna kill that big bad deep state. You oughta see the looks on their faces when I ask, “Then what?”. They look confused, until I ask them how he is going to fix the population. Then they look depressed…

  2. Speaking of gender politics ~
    For those of us (mature enough) who recently received their Medicare card upgrade.
    Note, there’s no gender??? I am NOT confused.
    There is No Social Security #. Who needs one to get assistance???
    And lastly, the one (1) sentence letter explaining what to do with the “Old” card…
    is printed in sixteen (16) languages ~ English first, Arabic second!-/
    Are we there yet?

  3. re:
    Bigshot O’Shaughnessy and his ‘rather ominous point’

    We have militias.

    Why have military?

    This guy says his military cannot protect anybody.

    Americans own several million firearms.
    Americans own billions of cartridges for our firearms.
    Americans hunt.

    Why military?

  4. Gramma, you ask “Why Military?” Well, some of our enemies are pretty well organized, well equipped, and looking for a fight.

    The Armed Forces are not able to prevent the entry of individual terrorists, and aren’t responsible for the detection and deportation of those terrorists before they can commit their acts. But they are capable and prepared to respond to those attacks, either within the US or in the staging and training areas overseas.

    Without a military, you would be subject to attack by every small nation able to lease a ship to export their ideology.

    1. Oh you mean the US military that hasn’t won a war since 1945? And the US military will protect us from “attack by every small nation”? Oh you mean like North Vietnam (15 year war) and Afghanistan (18 year war and counting)?

      The military you speak of has become our Founders’ greatest fear: a standing army.

  5. The pistols DO NOT contain cancer causing chemicals, the ammo does, firearms are shipped unloaded so no chemicals unless they are talking about gun oil. lets see them try and print the same warning found on packs of cigarettes on every box of 22 short cartridges or better yet on every cartridge. Since cigs are sold on street corners in ones and twos shouldn’t the warning be printed on every cigarette??

  6. As an ex-pat 4th generation Kalifornian (w/ family roots dating to 1860), I now live in the Northern Great lakes and I have to admit… yes, I voted for prop 65 back then, but as stated, “They may have intended it to make sure people were aware of certain toxic chemicals”, but it has turned into a (inter)national joke!
    I worked at Tractor Supply for a couple of years and every product with an internal combustion engine had a ‘prop 65’ sticker on it, every case of spray paint or garage chemicals had a ‘prop 65′ sticker on it. I bought a roll of chicken wire (poultry wire) earlier this season and sure’nuff, it had the ambiguous ‘prop 65 sticker’ attached to the paperboard wrapper.
    Here’s a new sticker that should be mandated (which is what governments do best)… “LIVING IN CALIFORNIA MAY CAUSE CANCER.”

    (as much as I miss living in kalifornia, I’m so glad NOT to be a tax payer there any longer and am very happy where I am now.)

  7. America is no Longer a Sanctuary
    “Yeah, America can still hold it’s own in an armed conflict…”
    There is no evidence of this in the last 70 plus years. America can’t even beat a some rice farmers or a bunch of 7th century goat herders with AKs. Conclusion; False.

    “sex assigned at birth”
    Assigned by whom? Why at birth? Can one not see a penis or the absence thereof by Ultrasound?
    I remember the term; “Sexed at conception” and I don’t care for that one either since He knew me before the foundation of the earth.

  8. Re. General Terrence O;
    I’m hoping something was lost in translation here, otherwise the General seems a few years behind! Russia/Old Soviet Union has had ICBM’s for a little while now, and most people have believed China to be a potential military threat for a few years at least. Sure better on board radar might be worth wile but somehow I don’t think and incoming wing of hostile Chinese aircraft is what we need to worry about most! I would have felt a little more secure if he had acknowledged that a direct military attack on mainland U. S. would probably be preceded by an extreme political/economic/social crisis of some type that weaken our ability to respond. Also I would feel better if I thought our military leaders considered the possibility that the delivery system for a first nuclear strike might be a chartered airliner filled with Chinese tourist, or a truck load of “undocumented” immigrants crossing the Mexican Boarder, or the Emir’s yacht as it comes into New York Harbor! I am doubtful that WW III would be a conventional war, and if it is I doubt it would begin in the old conventional ways!

  9. Prop 65 is nothing more than the attorney’s lobby finding ways to get CA to provide them a constant income stream. This newest refresh of the Prop 65 warning did nothing to substantially change the warning. All it did was create another reason for attorneys to sue manufacturers whose retail packaging isn’t updated. There is a whole infrastructure of CA attorneys that do nothing more than scour retailers in CA looking for products that aren’t labeled correctly. This newest Prop 65 language “refreshes” the entire product pool from which those attorneys can find manufacturers to sue. The manufacturer I work for has been sued several times even though our packaging is compliant. It’s easier to settle than go to court. The attorneys know this and pursue manufacturers anyhow.

  10. Re: California

    California was lost years ago. When the State is bankrupt and the remaining residents destitute will they be able to determine what happened and why? Will they make the connection between cause and effect? Will they suffer enough to change their political philosophy and make California safe, free, and productive again? Or, before that might happen will the Federal Government or the States act like a drug addicts enabler and bail them out financially so they never face the consequences and never learn?

  11. The solar minimum means for radio operations that you should start setting up beam antennae for transmitting at lower angles towards receiving stations, and directly towards them.

    Learn to bounce signals off mountains and tall buildings to direct your transmissions, and depend less on vertical, omnidirectional antenna, for more than 6 to 10 mile range.

    Solar minimum means loss of those High Frequency long range bounces that skip signal around the world. And generally results in being unable to hear Short Wave radio broadcasts, ham radio or other stations, from around the world, unless you get access by participating in the network of direct beam transmission and receipt.

    Get connected with some ham radio clubs, even if only on line. Learn to use Echolink and attend meetings that way. They can help you get technical capability to access voice and data networks independent of US Govt and big telecom companies.

    Those independent ham operators and the hardware they personally pay for and maintain for us to use, are vital to message traffic both by voice and data stream, as well as intelligence collection and analysis.

    God Bless.

  12. I am glad we don’t have gun control hungry politicians down here in Mississippi, oh there are some but they are Demorats, and we have a majority Conservative State Congress, which means that most politicians know that they wouldn’t last long if they were to act like those Yankee politicians. Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.

  13. How come John McCain is called a hero? What did he do outside of sit on his ass in a cell in Vietnam for five years and then sit on his ass in congress the rest of his life? When he was a candidate for president my wife and I both agreed that he didn’t want the job. He let the **** ***** illegal alien dominate the discussions and then later he blamed His running mate, Sarah Palin for his loss. She was the only reason I voted for him. Go figure.

    1. I too only voted for McCain because of Sarah Palin. In fact the only reason John “Insane” McCain got the votes he did was because of Sarah. I figured that lunatic McCain would go off his rocker and he’d get 25th amendment sanctions and get thrown out of office. Then Sarah would take over and start the changes Trump has started. But, of course, Obummer got the nod and the rest is our unfortunate history. To say the least I have no respect for McCain. I’m glad this sad chapter in American history has finally come to a close.

      As for Kommiefornia, we need to start our own lobbying efforts with our congress critters to deny any bailout for any state that can’t manage their own affairs. That includes Illinois, New Jersey, Kentucky (unfortunately), and any other state in the same leaky boat.

  14. Strange article in the link posted about Bond arms.Didn’t mention what chemical,and why engraved istead of just a sticker,and why no other companies.

    Hate to put on the tinfoil hat,but why just bond arms?

  15. Re: Never Trust a Politician.

    Election after elections we fall for ‘Good Cop – Bad Cop’, both choices always controlled and provided by globalists. If a true conservative like Ron Paul comes along, it is the Republicans that take him down. They shouted him down when Dr. Paul suggested that America’s foreign policy follow the ‘Golden Rule’ (Matthew 7:12). Why? Because perpetual war in the Middle East is demanded by globalists and Neo-cons. And today’s so-called Christians are so blood-thirsty they demand it. Ask them the question, ‘Which of America’s wars would Jesus support?’ They refuse to answer.

    Today’s ‘conservatives’ are Fake Conservatives. Today’s ‘Christians’ are Fake Christians.

  16. WIHunter
    LOL you are right – cain’t fix stupid, but hope springs eternal! I guess what I really hope is that no one bails out the dumb masses in California!

    1. Old John,

      Hope and faith are some of the founding tenants of America, so I hear ya on that. Ditto that we don’t bail out dumb masses, lack of personal/state and federal fiscal accountability will be the single most likely SHTF event we deal with. Sadly, we can all see it coming and it could be avoidable. Again sadly, it we won’t avoid it.

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