Letter Re: Australian Gun Control Update

Hello again friends,

Because the Australian system of gun control is highlighted as “the model” of desired gun control/gun ownership, I thought it was time for another quick update.


Those that check the NRA website will see that some Australian Politicians are suggesting we have a category of firearms for semi – semi automatic firearms. This imagined category would cover firearms such as the Verney – Carron Speedline model rifle and manual repeating shotgun. It would also cover the Savage A22 which is a semi auto style rifle but has a manual operation to fire again rather than a true semi automatic function. This category would then be pushed wider to include the Adler lever action shotgun as the anti gun lobby used you tube style videos of Adler shotguns that had been slicked up to race gun style short throw and rapid fire functions to highlight the “danger” of these rapid fire shotguns.


Our government just voted on the right for citizens to access and carry mace, capsicum spray and tasers for self defense. In the majority of Australian states it is illegal to own, to carry or to use tasers, and capsicum sprays/mace. A vote was called to allow citizens access to these non lethal, defensive means of self defense after yet another rape and murder in the heart of Melbourne as well as increasing attacks, violent home invasions and robberies with violence. Our elected officials voted overwhelmingly 46 votes to 5, that Australians continue to be denied the right to use non lethal means of self protection.


As we don’t have Castle Doctrine in Australia, lawful licensed firearms owners, who have held trespassers (armed with knives, bats, 4 x 2 pieces of wood, bricks etc) at bay for the police to arrest with their lawful, registered unloaded firearms have then had those firearms confiscated. Many of these events have happened in rural settings 30 minutes or more from a police presence in the area. Many lawful, licensed owners have surrendered their firearms and licenses rather than face legal fees designed to crush any challenge to the system.

So if this is the style of utopia you are willing to accept, ignore those representatives and groups that point to the Australian model as the best model of gun ownership. Otherwise fight and vote for those willing to uphold your rights. – Cheers, Aussie Shooter.


  1. He said, “surrendered, confiscated, crushed, licenses, and system.” The “system” being the operative word here in the last paragraph. And it affects the former four words. Just sayin’.

  2. He said, “surrendered, confiscated, crushed, licenses, and system.” The “system” being the operative word here in the last paragraph. And it affects the former four words. Just sayin’.

  3. Thank you for sharing this.
    May God bless you and your family – and we pray that legislators will come to their senses, or be voted out and replaced by those who are not tyrants.

  4. Well, we know their kind of stupid can’t be fixed just like the principal here who wanted the teachers to carry small bats. They’re going to lose a whole lot of citizens, but then again, do they really care about their own? Seems more like they’re playing the NWO depopulation game instead of caring about their own.

  5. How many of these jack-ass politicians have their own personal armed guards?
    Kinda reminds me of the “actress” who showed up at an anti-NRA rally surrounded by armed bodyguards. SHEESH!

  6. Very sad to see that are friends in Australia have no rights to protect themselves. Sounds almost like what is happening in South Africa and Rhodesia, err, Zimboobaduba or whatever it is these days.

  7. The citizens of America remain armed, because they face a domestic house cleaning, and Camp of the Saints period, whereas those armaments will come in mighty handy. Anyone who calls themselves Christian and does not possess the material necessary to make that declaration stick, is just a waffle waiting for the butter and syrup. Sorry for your losses, Australia, I’d expect a sharp group of lads like yourselves have lots of alternate plans for when your civilizational crisis occurs.

  8. Another quick two updates,

    1. Unfortunately, we had a gutless coward who was facing a bitter custody battle and decided to take the life of his 2 teenaged children before killing himself. This coward was a licenced firearms holder and now gun control groups and some Politicians are suggesting we look to the “Canadian model” of licensing where your spouse/partner/family and anyone who has lived with you in the past 2 years is interviewed before you are given permission to obtain a firearm that you are licensed to purchase/own.

    2. The “Childcare Coalition”, nobody has heard of is again gaining support from these same Politicians to ban all toy guns and all toys that can be used as guns and promote violence from daycare/childcare/preschool centres. Meanwhile are “cousins” in New Zealand, are using these toys to teach gun safety.

    200+ years ago, the British sentenced thieves and undesirables to the penal colony of Australia. I am starting to wonder whether you guys have been doing the same for your crazy liberals from Kalifornia, NYC and DC, if so Please Stop!!!

    As soon as its financially viable, I’m moving to the Redoubt – please have a rich wife and hot apple pie waiting.

  9. Rich wives are overrated, Aussie. Hot apple pie, however, is not, as long as its a good one.

    What are you bringing to us when you come that deserves such hospitality? We have all the tired, poor and hungry folks we need. In addition, we have California, NY, and Illinois folks, among others, moving to better areas of this country already and changing it for the worse in many cases. What we need are people who will be a help to us in the fight that is coming. All these folks running away from tyranny without firing a shot are not inspiring a lot of confidence that they are the kind of folks we need. How are you different? Being aware of the tyranny is not enough. We need people whom are willing and able to fight it. Because it’s here, too. It just hasn’t taken over as much here. Yet.

  10. Old Gray Wolf,

    Maybe I was born several generations too late, but I strongly believe in serving community/country and have done so (from Cubs/Scouts, Ambulance Cadets, 6 years Infantry Soldier, 12 years Security Officer, and 6 years Fisheries Officer, Park Ranger and Natural Resources Officer). I believe in protecting resources for future generations from those that would destroy them now for 1 years improvement to their company’s earnings.

    I grew up shooting and have a genuine love of guns. I am sick of being attacked at every turn as some sort of deviant for enjoying firearms. In Australia, the voices of the anti gun campaigns get all the media time, use false statistics and rabid sentiment to make their case, and the same spokespeople that have been called out for false arguments are trotted out time and time again without any retraction in the media.

    I believe in Personal rights/responsibilities and unfortunately my Country no longer does. We don’t have the Right to defend ourselves, and gun ownership is a privilege (stated at the beginning of all our gun laws) and privileges can be removed at any time and have been in Australia.

    Finally, I want to be somewhere that people believe in personal freedoms, rights and responsibilities and will fight alongside me to protect the same, and to teach future generations the same message.

    A quote from one of my favourite movies (Kindom of Heaven) sums it up, in Latin: Nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat meliorem, in English: What man is a man who does not make the world better?

    So Yes Sir, you need a trigger puller and someone to fight at your side, “I’ll be your huckleberry.”

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