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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Apparently, a UK judge believes that knives are too sharp now.

Prepping in America

Reader H.J. sent in this article on what preppers are prepping for in America. Interestingly enough, unlike what Doomsday Preppers would have you believe, evidence of paranoia is pretty slim. Most folks are motivated by the media’s non-stop coverage of natural disasters and well as a government that encourages people to prep.

I could have helped the author out here. In our case, it’s not about TEOTWAWKI, EMP, earthquakes or anything else. It’s simply following through on the promise I made to my wife and family that I would take care of them no matter what. When any hardship comes, I will still feed and clothe my family and make sure that they have a safe place to lie down. I don’t care whether it’s a terrorist attack or simply losing my job. I will take care of my family. That’s pretty much what responsible people have been doing for thousands of years.

Knives are Too Sharp

Reader T.P. sent in this article on a judge in the U.K. who has proposed filing down the points of kitchen knives as a solution to the country’s soaring knife crime epidemic. In his words:

“It might even be that the police could organise a programme whereby the owners of kitchen knives, which have been properly and lawfully bought for culinary purposes, could be taken somewhere to be modified, with the points being ground down into rounded ends,”

I suppose the next step will be to mandate that all car batteries are sealed AGM batteries so the average person can’t access the acid in them too? I wonder what will happen when they realize that a knife used in nefarious ways is far more damaging when used in a slash than a poke?

Spam Recall

Oops! Hormel has recalled more than 228,000 pounds of canned pork and chicken products because of small metal particles that have been found inside the product. There have been some minor injuries reported. If you recently bought either of these products, you should check your cans:

  • 12-oz metal cans of SPAM Classic (expire date of Feb 2021) with these production codes: F020881, F020882, F020883, F020884, F020885, F020886, F020887, F020888 and F020889. These were shipped throughout the U.S.
  • 12-oz metal cans of Hormel Foods Black-Label Luncheon Loaf (expire date of Feb 2021) with these production codes: F02098 and F02108. These were shipped to Guam only.

Thanks to reader M.D. for the link.

Active Shooter Response

Oklahoma City recently had an example of an active shooter that showed the ridiculousness of the gun control mind set. “Louie’s On The Lake” has the legal signage to block open carry firearms from the restaurant, but of course the bad guy apparently didn’t read that sign. The deranged shooter entered the restaurant and began randomly shooting the patrons. Two of them had to run to their vehicles to retrieve their firearms and then open fire on the gunman who was killed in the exchange. Thankfully, the only death was the gunman, but several patrons were shot and injured. I guess deranged gunmen can’t read. Thanks to DSV for the link.


The European Union has now implemented their General Data Protection Regulations and it would appear that some of America’s biggest newspapers and online services are finding that it is easier to just block half a billion people from accessing their site than it is to comply with the new regulations. The Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and The New York Daily are just telling people that their services are unavailable to most European countries. SurvivalBlog would like to take this moment to remind people that we do not collect personal information from our readership, nor is there any membership required to read our site. We don’t even maintain a mailing list or e-mail list.

Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson was recently arrested, taken directly to court, arraigned, re-sentenced, then taken directly to prison–all in less than four hours–for covering the U.K. government’s actions in the culture war (rape and torture perpetrated by the Muslim immigrants). The press can’t even cover the incident because the government has issued a “D Notice” which effectively mutes any public press coverage. All because Tommy exercised his First Amendment right – Oh, wait.… that’s right. The U.K. has no such protections on free speech and free press. The citizens of the U.K. are living in Orwell’s 1984. This apparently marks the first time that a journalist has been silenced and then all journalism about that journalist has been silenced.

JWR Interview on QAnon and the Deep State

Don’t forget to catch JWR’s latest interview on the Critical Disclosure podcast. They cover the Deep State, the Inspector General Report, Saudi Arabia, QAnon, the Mass Media agenda and more. It’s worth a listen!

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  1. My first thought when Tommy Robinson was arrested and jailed was that surely Brits would revolt to take back their country. But then I thought of New Year’s Eve 2011 when the Republicans’ NDAA destroyed our Bill of Rights. With the stroke of a pen, We the People became mere subjects. And not one shot was fired.

    Men who refuse to fight for liberty don’t deserve it.

  2. Obama was President in 2011. [ ‘With the stroke of a pen’ = held by Obama?] Laying the NDAA~2011 solely on the Republicans, seems to be a partisan view of culpability.

    There has been numerous National Defense Acts. What is particularly wrong about the 2011~NDAA? [Wikipedia has a list of the NDAAs]

    We’re still a democracy in the USA. We still have the right to vote. The NDAA of 2011 was seven years ago. Let’s try to Make America Great Again ~today.

    We need your help Roger D; informed voters are good voters.

    1. We are a Republic not a Democracy. IMHO the “right” is slowly working towards oligarchy with all that implies and the “left” towards True Democracy that we really don’t want. I wish we could put the Djinn back in the bottle and return to the original Constitutional Republic of the Founding Fathers.

    2. This is in response to people replying to my comment, saying the USA is a Republic and NOT a Democracy.

      This is information from the Federal Government given to people trying to pass the US Citizenship test. = [uscis(dot)gov]
      “Democracy in the United States
      The United States is a representative democracy.
      This means that our government is elected by citizens.
      Here, citizens vote for their government officials.
      These officials represent the citizens’ ideas and concerns in government.
      Voting is one way to participate in our democracy.
      Citizens can also contact their officials when they want to support or change a law.
      Voting in an election and contacting our elected officials are two ways that
      Americans can participate in their democracy. ”

      This statement corresponds to what is taught in a High School Civics Class.
      Abraham Lincoln could say, in his Gettysburg Address:
      “and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” ~ Because we are a democracy. We have the right to vote. We should vote and work to ensure our Constitutional Rights.

      1. The USA is NOT a Direct Democracy, where all the voters get to vote on every issue.
      2. The USA is a Representative Democracy, where the voters vote for their Representatives. [As a note: I live in a state that has a. the initiative b. referendum c. recall ~ more direct democracy.]

      The USA was a new idea when it was created. The term ‘Republic’ was used to describe our country. The USA was NOT like the ancient ‘republic in Rome’ where the aristocrats ruled over the commoners and slaves. The USA was NOT like England, where the Magna Carta gave power to a ‘Class of Nobles’ in conjunction with the King.

      The USA was founded as a representative democracy, where the common voters held political power. [The class of voters has been expanding since the beginning.]

      People need to know their rights; people need to vote in all elections. The USA is a Democracy. = “and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Abraham Lincoln

  3. GGHD ….

    We were founded as a Repulic. The reason everything has gone to crap is because we treat it as a democracy. If you do some reading you will find that the original framers of the constitution feared a true democracy, where people could vote themselves everything they wanted. This is how my home state of Kommie-fornia has descended into its current 3rd world iteration inclusive of socialist programs and ever multiplying debt.

  4. How YOU can survive SHTF – COOHMP!
    (YouTube Video)
    Published on May 15, 2018
    Duration 11:08

    Revelation 18:4 King James Version (KJV)
    4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

    It’s not too late to COOHMP!
    (YouTube Video)
    Published on May 25, 2018
    Duration 5:08

    Already covered here, but maybe someone would like to watch a video…

    A Dark Day for America, by HJL
    Hugh James Latimer June 27, 2015

  5. Trump should try to free Tommy Robinson on his next visit to the UK, on the grounds that he is a political prisoner. He should offer assylum to him. The he should reform US trade policy favoring those countries that respect our Bill of Rights, and sanction those that don’t.

  6. Mr. Rawles, Is it possible to get a transcript of your interview on Critical Disclosure site? We have satellite internet and such a long video eats up our data limits. Thanks.

  7. The QCX Transceiver – from
    (YouTube Video)
    QRP School
    Published on May 28, 2018
    Duration 17:56

    “In this video, I build the 40m version of the QCX transceiver from QRP Labs. What a fantastic little CW radio – for only $49!”

    “I build the radio, show you how to align it, show you the basics of how to use the rig, and then make a contact while you watch.”

    Low cost, portable, Low Power Communication, CW-only QRP set, long range under the right atmospheric conditions.

  8. Why I “prep”? The natural disasters are always a possibility, though relatively remote. And the economic disaster, or man made disaster is also a remote possibility. But the main reason I live like this is because I enjoy it and I am working to improve my health. And it is working. If you want quality food, the mainstream American supermarket is not the place to shop. You need to grow it yourself. I mean, what is better than a cold glass of milk from your own cow?

  9. I live in the UK and unfortunately our government is totally against freedom of speech and doesn’t guarantee freedom of speech outside the home. In your own home the right to self defense is now enshrined in law but once you walk out your house you can be arrested for possession of a butter knife with no point or cutting edge… It’s unbelievable but this is the hell I unfortunately live in!

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