Preparedness Notes for Tuesday – May 29, 2018

On this day in 1780, the treatment of Patriot prisoners by British Colonel Banastre Tarleton and his Loyalist troops lead to the coining of a phrase that defined British brutality for the rest of the War for Independence: “Tarleton’s Quarter.

Tarleton and his Torries proceeded to shoot any an all Patriots that had surrendered after the fall of Charleston. The Patriots lost 113 men. The slaughter of the surrendered troops became a propaganda victory for the Continentals and Carolina civilians who had been terrified of Tarleton and their loyalist neighbors now rallied to the Patriot cause.

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We have a new acronym today: GPDR. Nope, it doesn’t stand for General Data Protection Regulation. Rather, it means: Globalist Pukes Disrupting Readers.

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