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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on the capitol city of Helena, Montana.


The crucial upcoming Idaho primary election is in the headlines. The Idaho primary will be held on Tuesday, May 15th. Among other issues, the Scotchman Peaks Wilderness Area designation is coming up for a vote.  The folks at Redoubt News have published their candidate recommendations. My only point of disagreement is in their choice of the Republican candidate for Idaho’s District 1 congressional seat. (Meanwhile MIke Simpson is running unopposed in District 2.) Redoubt News picked Ross Fulcher. I prefer Michael Snyder, who is a Redoubter, a prepper, outspokenly Christian, pro-gun, pro-life, liberty-minded, and favors small government. Please vote!  The Oregon primary will also be held on May 15th. (See the Oregon section.) The Montana primary will be held on June 5th.The Washington primary will be held on August 7th. And the Wyoming primary will be held on August 21st.

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Idaho school can’t find small bit of weapons-grade plutonium

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10 wolves killed in northern Idaho to boost elk numbers

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Idaho has Top 10 fastest-growing U.S. cities from north to south

Montana (Helena, Montana)

Holy Moly, what a mess: Cleanup work continues on moly spill on Highway 43

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Helena, Montana Demographic Data. Since it is Montana’s capitol city, it has a high number of public employees, and the attitude that comes with that. And it not America’s most diverse city. But the Anglos get along well with the few Latinos and Native Americans. And a huge majority from all ethnicities hunt and own guns. In fact, I’m surprised that the Native Americans there haven’t started naming their daughters “Glockajawea,”

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The Helena Gun Show. (Note: JWR plans to be visiting the state and will have three tables at this show on Friday, June 1st and Saturday, June 2nd, 2018.)

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Colleges in or near Helena, Montana


Eastern Oregon

The Oregon gubernatorial primary election will be held on Tuesday, May 15th. Here is key quote:  “Democrats currently hold a 35-25-seat edge in the House — one vote shy of a supermajority that would allow them to pass financial bills, including taxes, without Republican help.” Ditto for gun laws, so please vote!

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Military Appreciation Day: Ready For Landing


Eastern Washington

“51st State” rallies coming to Zillah, Benton City and Wenatchee
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The Seattle PI reports: Connelly: ‘Liberty: The 51st State’ — Republicans to hear plan to split Washington

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Spokane’s housing market is on fire, home prices rising


The race for the Wyoming Governor primary is warming up. There, Taylor Haynes seems to be the most conservative of the Republican candidates.

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Man dead, police officer critically injured in east Casper shootout


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  1. Living in a “fastest-growing city” isn’t that great. I used to live on the edge of one one. Things change very quickly. Stop signs and stop lights proliferate as traffic increases and more and more strip malls and shopping opportunities appear. Sell and move while the demand is high.

  2. Seems like the “fastest growing cities” info might hold either good or bad news for the redoubt. As several states can attest, the folks moving out of California, New York, Illinois, etc, are usually urban dwellers seeking urban homes and employment. We’ve seen it in Texas. The already liberal cities are becoming more liberal and few “immigrants” are found in the rural areas. The good news could be that the increase in population might mean more hands and feet in case of civil distress.

  3. The Balkanization of America continues. A people with nothing in common are constantly at war with each-other. And we see multiple states trying to break pieces off (Washington, California). We have the sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants and now Illinois has sanctuary counties to protect the 2nd Amendment. Meanwhile, in DC we have an organized crime syndicate (the Democrat Party and it’s Deep State sympathizers) engaged in covering up their crimes and attempting to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States. While the (increasingly obvious) Propaganda media is used to misinform the populace about it all.

    It won’t be long now.

  4. Just received a campaign support text for Russ Fulcher ,representative for Congress 1st district. From none other than the Humane Society Legislative Fund! If they are endorsing him it means he at least has a sympathetic relationship toward them, one would guess. They are anti hunting which means anti gun/2ndA, etc. So I’m going with Michael Snyder as otherwise suggested .

  5. “Idaho has Top 10 fastest-growing U.S. cities from north to south”
    Now that can be a good thing or it and be a bad thing. It depends a lot on where the population increase is coming from and what their mind set is.
    While the local chamber of commerce are delighted they unfortunately forget about the quality of life in favor of higher numbers. (If there is any question about this I have a very telling story about Moab Ut. circa 1980.)
    If the new comers are self sufficient ,hard working , God loving and fearing and, that’s great and welcome.
    If on the other hand they are from a “nanny state” and are relocating because they want to live closer to ‘Bambie” and want to feed and protect the wild life (wolf and bear, coyote etc) or because they are trying to escape the higher taxes of the dependency state which they helped create, a little discouragement might be in order.
    You can usually tell which group a newcomer is in by listening. If you hear;
    1) this is great that my dog will be able to run loose. (Until a coyote gets em)
    2) I think we need to pave all these dirt roads because thy cause so much dust and are hard on my car.
    3) I think we need to have street lights and sidewalks. ( lets pass a bond issue.)
    4) A volunteer fire department is too inefficient, lets raise the mill levy and have a paid department. (note, this person did not offer to join the volunteer fire department)
    If you here these sort of things redirection and education might be in order, and if that doesn’t work, gentle subliminal suggestions extolling the virtues of life in Connecticut or Massachusetts.
    Remember these people can vote

  6. I would highly recommend Natalie Fuerstine for State Senate in District 14.
    She is a true libertarian, Christian, and States Rights Patriot.
    I have been to two candidates debates and can tell you that while Todd Hatfield is a nice guy, I feel he is too closely aligned with the establishment Republicans and will give on areas where Natalie will stand and fight.

  7. Agreed James! Russ Fulcher is an establishment crony. He’s no patriot. Alex Jones just had Michael Snyder in studio again this week and he told all of his listeners to get out and vote for Michael!

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