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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Barter wins again today in Socialist ravaged Venezuela. As the economy has tanked the cost of a haircut has radically changed.

Aircraft Incidents

China is reportedly increasing their lazing of American military flights near a U.S. Military base in Africa. High power lasers are being aimed at U.S. aircraft flying over the east African country of Djibouti, aimed from the Chinese base in Doraleh resulting in eye injuries for two American pilots. The U.S. has lodged a formal complaint with the Chinese government, but China has not officially responded. China has complained about U.S. flights over it’s Djibouti outpost in the past though. Thanks to H.L. for the link.

Eleven Farm Attacks in 100 Hours

According to this article sent in by M.S., the situation in South Africa continues to escalate with 11 attacks against White-owned farms in 100 hours. In those 11 attacks, there were three murders committed. With an estimated 30,000 farmers, being a white farmer is now one of the most dangerous occupations in South Africa. The included video brings to light the escalated violence showing looting, burning, destruction and chaos during the riots in the North West province. It should also be noted that while the violence is escalating, the media coverage is headed in the opposite direction.

Head Tax

Seattle has made promises to the homeless population that they don’t have the funds to keep. A recent proposal by the government was the “head tax”. If you are a large employer, Seattle will charge you 26 cents per hour for each employee that you have to fund these socialist initiatives. Amazon, who would end up paying about $20 million of the estimated $75 million raised each year, responded by shutting down a massive construction project in protest. This prompted the city to hold an open news conference which was protested by construction workers shouting “No head tax!” each time the city council member tried to speak. This came on the heels of a heated town hall meeting the night before. Construction workers said that Amazon has provided over a million man-hours at a workable living wage in the last year alone allowing them to provide for their families. The cities response was to claim that Amazon could easily afford the tax so whats the big deal? Thanks to P.L. for the link.

Cost of a Haircut

Things have gotten so bad in the socialist utopia of Venezuela that barter has taken hold. The author of this article sent in by reader S.R. states that his parking was paid for by a bagel. The cost of a hair cut is five bananas and two eggs. You can get corn meal if you have rice to barter and sugar if you have flour. A taxi will drive you where you need to go if you give him a carton of cigarettes. The Bolivar is pretty much useless and you can’t eat it anyway. In a country where the average citizen has already lost 20 pounds due to lack of food, you can get what you need if you simply have some food to barter with. Hmmmm, Revelation 6:6 does come to mind at times like this.

Yea Hornady!

Hornady has taken a stand against the state of New York. The state despicably asked New York banks, financial institutions and insurance companies to stop doing business with the gun and ammo industry. In response, Hornady accused New York of blatant and disgusting abuse of office and has decided that they won’t be associated with a government that acts like that. They have stated that they will not knowingly allow their ammunition to be sold to the State of New York or any New York agencies. I think I’m going to go out this weekend and purchase some Hornady ammunition just to show support.

JWR’s Comments: Hornady just moved up to the top of my purchasing list. Their new Critical Defense line of bonded JHP pistol ammunition is quite reasonably priced. I hope that they have plenty of it on hand, since they will probably get deluged with orders from the other 49 States. I encourage other ammunition, firearms, and firearms accessory manufacturers follow Hornady’s example!

Public School Failure

Coming soon to your state! Reader M.B. sent in this article about the Illinois senate passing a bill that requires LGBT history to be tought in their public schools. Specifically, the bill requires all elementary and high schools to teach a unit on the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the history of this country and the state of Illinois. The bill does leave the amount of time spent on the subject up to the school districts. Note how the socialist bent of public schools is becoming more brazen with each passing moment. The schools are failing miserably to teach the basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills required by society and are spending more time of worthless socialist pursuits all the while demanding more money to ruin your kids futures. Tell me again why you think that public schools are a good idea. Get your kids out while you still have a chance to save them!

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  1. Although LGBT is a choice, it is not mine. It should neither be glorified or vilified. Should we just put footnotes on ALL persons of historical note as to sexual persuasion? We are going too far with this. I’m often shocked by what my 10 year old grandchild knows. Way more than I or my peers knew 60 years ago. In my county the average age of loss of virginity is 12. This emphasis on early sexual education is not a good thing.

  2. I am a teacher in Michigan. Many of the teachers I work with are liberal and actively work to indoctrinate students in their belief system. My wife and I actually pulled our daughter out of public school and home school her. Public education is a failure. Most high school graduates can’t perform to grade level in math and English, yet they find time to push the liberal, left wing agenda.

  3. Two most vulnerable minorities in the world:
    1. White South African farmers
    2. Middle Eastern Christians.

    Yet, silence from the main stream media.

    1. Amusing, to say the least.

      Caveat Emptor. Don’t build a house among dense and overloaded understory fuel environments and expect to defend it with a garden hose. Or expect Cal Fire to show up (with its numerous prisoner crews and private contractors in tow) to do structure defense with no depth.

      Best Advise – get low cost training in S-130, S-190 (Wildland Firefighting and Basic Wildland Fire Behavior) & I-100 (Basic Incident Command) [basic Red Card Certification] or acquire an IRPG (Incident Response Pocket Guide [}) if you live in the Wildland/Urban Interface to guide your building of defensive depth & protecting your home.

  4. I already run Hornady for self defense. I like them even more now. Yep, time to pick up another box or two.

    Public School Failure? I don’t think that they have failed at all. On the contrary, I think they have been wildly successful in continuing to accomplish the leftists generational program.

    Head Tax? I think that the Seattle City Council could easily live in one bedroom apartments. Likely a billion people already do it. What’s the big deal? Their houses could be opened to the homeless. See, it’s not about economics or even helping people, it’s about force.

  5. The section “Cost of a Haircut”
    Are you talking about South Africa or Seattle?
    It can be difficult to tell these third-world dictatorships apart….

  6. The section “Cost of a Haircut”
    Are you talking about Venezuela, South Africa or Seattle?
    It can be difficult to tell these third-world dictatorships apart….

    (The previous comment was a typo – mea culpa!)

  7. As a long time member of REI,I am giving serious consideration to cancelling my membership and writing a letter to the board. Their recent stance on gun violence has caused me to reevaluate any desire to support them any longer. As for Hornady, right on. I reload and use their projectiles often. The more we vote with our dollars, with an explanation to the Boards of Directors, CEO’s etc. the more likely they will realize gun owners are a huge and powerful segment of the purchasing public.

    1. Remember that you are an REI shareholder. You can vote in their corporate stockholders meetings. Stay in, and vote the ones doing this out. That is what I plan to do. No more giving my proxy to even someone I think will vote my way. They just might not.

      Just my opinion.

      Jerry D Young

      1. WOW! If this is jerry d young the author very glad to see you are alive and well, and that you follow SB. Since you went the Amazon route really miss all the free books you wrote. Very enjoyable reading, and I learned a ton much of which stays with me to this day. Have tried to follow your blog ( but it seems to have died a slow death. Real shame. Hang in there my friend. You are a real asset to the prepping world.

      2. The problem with ‘voting for directors’ whether it be REI or the NRA, et al, is ‘who are these people?’ just because they have a nice bio tells you very little about the person. How many people on an REI ballot say ‘I’m a life long hunter, shooter, NRA or GOA member? None that I’ve ever seen.
        After 40+ years, I’m canceling my REI membership.

        Hornady! Good for you. I just bought 10 boxes of Critical Defense .30 Carbine last month, plan on buying 10-20 more boxes. At almost $1 a round it’s definitely not ‘plinking ammo’, but more so what the name implies.

        1. I understand. Each to his/her own.

          I simply chose to do my research, the way I do with all candidates for any election in which I can participate. From local to federal. I found out a great deal about the current CEO of REI, as well as several other members of the board and the executives.

          Just my opinion.

  8. After reading about Hornady’s stand against New York this morning, I bought two boxes of their ammunition this afternoon. When I buy ammo or reloading components in the future, Hornady will be my first choice !

  9. I hope the poster D.D. reads about Venezula,he could make a fortune selling gold and silver for bolivars as paper trumps real money.
    The actions of NewYork should open them to lawsuits for interference with interstate trade (should be easy win and profitable). Do they still expect to be able to purchase arms and ammo for police or have warrantys honored or parts available? Cut them off completely and demand guns be returned to manufacturer without compensation.

  10. Propagation Prediction with
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    QRP School
    Published on May 5, 2018
    Duration 10:36

    “The website is an amazing tool. Use it to find out who should be able to hear you right now. Want to know the best band and time of day to contact a certain location (or DXpedition)?”

  11. re the Head Tax item:
    “The cities response was to claim that Amazon could easily afford the tax so whats the big deal?”

    Looks like someone needs to read Atlas Shrugged again.

  12. Excellent decision Hornady! I will be buying more of your fine ammo this weekend, although I had no plans to prior to this decision as I have lots but we all know you can never have too much. I will use some to shoot in the new Springfield pistol I intend to purchase this weekend after their recent decision to stop selling anything to Dick’s Sporting goods / Field and Stream stores after Dick’s capitulated to the Quislings and stopped the sell of MSR’s, destroyed them and refused lawful sales to anyone 18-20 you. Well played Hornady and Springfield. You just shot to the top of my “disposable income” choices.

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