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Second Amendment

The Oklahoma House just passed a “Constitutional Carry” gun bill. Senate Bill 1212 still needs to pass, but they are well on the way. Considering that the fees for obtaining a permit range upwards of $300, it has been suggested that the revenue rather than the safety of citizens is important to the state. Here is to hoping that they end up with Constitutional Carry. Thanks to H.L. for the link.

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While not actually about the Second Amendment, we’re still placing it here since it’s about personal protection. In England, where obtaining a firearm is very difficult and self-defense is not considered a reason for owning one, one grandmother shot her would be, machete wielding attacker in the gut with a crossbow. My favorite quote from her is: “The bolt I shot him with was dirty because I had been using it. It was six inches long and disappeared into him.” With only an estimated 12 foot-pounds of energy, it’s not exactly a killing blow, but maybe he’ll get an infection. Unlike Australia, crossbows are still legal in England. Sadly, hers has been taken as evidence so she’s down to carrying a knife in her pocket. Hey, you use what you’ve got. Thanks to DSV for the link.

Deer Hunting Trouble

Reader G.P. sent in this article on Chronic Wasting Disease in a Wisconsin hot zone consisting of four counties. The map contains the zip codes of every hunter who harvested a deer from this area where a high percentage of deer are infected. Apparently, most of these kills were not tested for the disease meaning that a significant number of possibly infected deer carcasses were transported back to the hunters home states. If you look at the map, you’ll notice that only the state of Delaware is not represented in the map. it should be noted that the transportation of live animals is the number one vector of this disease with the number two vector being the transportation of animal parts. That spells trouble for the rest of the United States.

Basic Income

Finland is ending their grand experiment on paying a basic income to citizens. The payments are scheduled to be stopped at the end of next year and the government will explore other alternative welfare schemes instead. The hope was that the payments would lessen anxiety in those seeking jobs. While official data is not given, it’s a pretty good bet that the program had the exact opposite effect. Why bother looking for a job when you have a guaranteed income. While Finland is held up by the left as an ideal society, remember that their economy is driven by huge oil reserves that the state owns as well as a 60% income tax.

Risk of Revolution

Mile Williamson, SurvivalBlog’s Editor at large, sent in this article on the solid mathematics on the risk of revolution. The article uses mathematics to show why the prepper may not actually be wearing the tin foil hat he is commonly accused of. This is definitely worth a read and the mathematics are laid out in an easy to understand formula. Think of it as risk assessment the same way an insurance company would do it.

Protecting Your Data

Reader P sent in this article on a seven step guide to protecting your online data. While targeted at Canadians, you probably need to read this article. It really doesn’t tell you anything that you don’t already know, but it lays it out in a concise fashion and makes it easy for you to organize your thoughts and actions as you move to protect that sensitive data that is coveted by advertisers and governments alike. The concepts are generic enough to apply to everyone and they are good ideas. If nothing else, you get a good starting point.

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Please send your news tips to HJL. (Either via e-mail of via our Contact form.) These are often especially relevant, because they come from folks who watch news that is important to them. Due to their diligence and focus, we benefit from fresh “on target” news. We often “get the scoop” on news that is most likely ignored (or reported late) by mainstream American news outlets. Thanks!


  1. Basic Income

    Because most People want more to do with their life than BI allows, social security in OLD Europe covers a BI when a Person is out of work.

  2. Deer Hunting Trouble:
    CWD has been found in Montana as well. It is spreading. One point that bears mentioning is the fact that some people think they are helping deer and elk by feeding them in winter. This concentrates the animals and vastly increases the potential for disease spread. Feeding big game (and wild turkeys) in Montana is illegal for good reason. Another significant problem is Hydatid Disease (Echinococcus granulosus) spread to ungulates via the wolf. I have personally seen the Hydatid (tapeworm) cysts in lung tissue of whitetail deer. When a deer, elk, etc is harvested it is important to be aware and take precautions. Humans can and have been infected by this disease. If in doubt, read “Wolves in Russia” by Will Graves.

  3. Living just across the river from Wisconsin, Minnesota whitetail hunters have only recently had to deal with CWD, which is suspected by many of being a symptom of overpopulation. The Wisconsin hot zones have some serious population density (whitetails). Dunno about WI, but MN DNR offers free testing of CNS tissue.
    Maybe a deliberate kill-off in WI is in order.

  4. The Shocking Results of Gun Control Studies–It’s Not What You Think
    (YouTube Video)
    Reid Henrichs
    Published on Apr 26, 2018
    Duration – 5:28

    1996-1998 CDC study HERE:
    CDC Buried Data Supporting Defensive Use of Firearms
    Tuesday, 24 April 2018
    Written by Bob Adelmann

    2013 CDC study HERE:

    “When facts are presented, gun control arguments melt away. The truth is that firearms have provided people security, empowerment, and safety from violent criminals from the inception of this country. They are used in far more defensive uses that criminal uses. Recent research shows that firearms are used 3.6 times more often defensively than criminally.

  5. Death Panel Medicine–A Tale of Two Babies: Royal Baby vs. Alfie Evans
    Published on Apr 26, 2018
    Duration – 9:06

    Alfie Evans and the Lying, Murderous NHS
    April 24, ARSH 2018
    by Ann Barnhardt

    Watch and Learn: The NHS is the False, Neo-Pagan Religion that Replaced Christianity in the U.K.
    April 24, ARSH 2018
    by Ann Barnhardt

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