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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Big brother is watching you through your friendly spy. Guess who?

The Outdoors Are Not Safe

Penn State University administration has ruled that the outdoors are just too dangerous for their student body. Three clubs, the Outing Club (A wilderness camping club), the Nittany Grotto Caving Club and the Nittany Divers SCUBA Club have been determined to have too high a risk to allow students to participate in any planned outings. The administration did not meet with the clubs, making the decision without any input from the clubs themselves. Apparently, the part that bothered the administration is that the clubs routinely took students to areas where there was no cell phone coverage and they were unable to communicate with others. Hmmm, I think that’s kind of the point of wilderness camping. Thanks to A.N. for the link.

Holocaust? What’s That?

The Washington post ran an article showing that two thirds of American millennials surveyed in a recent poll cannot identify what Auschwitz is. Twenty-two percent of those surveyed said they had never of the Holocaust (or weren’t sure they’d heard of it). Of course eleven percent of American adults say the same thing. With nearly 1.3 million people having been deported to Auschwitz for extermination during World War II, it makes you wonder what kind of history is being taught in our public schools. I guess the cry “Never Again” is becoming “never mind”. Without teaching about these horrendous acts of man, we are doomed to repeat them. Thanks to G.P. for the link.

Preparing for Civil War: South Africa

Lauren Southern’s series on South Africa is fascinating. Her March 8th episode talks about the white farmers who are preparing for civil war that is almost certainly to break out as the government continues its march towards racism. Of particular note in this episode is the food growing and preparation equipment that is being set up for mobile use. A hydroponic system that can be loaded into a trailer/truck in short order and food drying racks make up some of the interesting equipment that farmers are moving too. They are planning for the inevitable refugee status that will claim them when the government sanctions the stealing of their homes. Thanks to S.M. for the link.

Your Friendly Spy

It’s well known that the FBI and DHS has paid informants or actual undercover agents in virtually every significant mosque in the country, but did you know that they are actively working towards the same end in Christian churches? If not overtly through their tattletale program (See something – Say something), they are subversively working to pervert the traditional sanctity of your relationship with your pastor and deacons to turn them into informants. How well do you know that person that you are confiding in? Do you trust them with your life? You need to remember that all alphabet agencies work along the same principle. They get a person in a compromising situation, then they tease them with leniency if that person will inform on others.

That is something to think about when you are having your next discussion with your church members whom you believe are similar to you. Also realize that most churches have already sold out to the state through the 501c3 trap. Never let anyone convince you to act in anyway contrary to what you know to be right. Play your cards close to your vest. Thanks to L.G. for the link.

North Korea

Are you wondering why North Korea has suddenly started playing nice? It might be because they really don’t have any other choice. According to this article sent in by reader D.S., North Korea’s nuclear test site has collapsed. We’ve been hearing rumors about the weakened state of this test site for several years now. This sort of failure is not uncommon in nuclear test sites and is often the reason they were retired in the U.S. and U.S.S.R when those nations were doing active nuclear testing. With the ability to test his nukes, Kim Jong Un can’t rattle his saber very effectively. How better to disguise this fact than to pretend you voluntarily stopped the testing so you could negotiate peace. I think we’ve been here before with him. This will last right up till he has another test site ready.

Hats and Cakes

A judge has ruled that a New York bar does not have to serve a customer and can discriminate against him just because he was wearing a MAGA hat when he ordered the drink. I’m all for allowing business owners to choose whom they will serve and whom they will not, but it chaps my hide to know that you can be ejected over wearing a hat supporting Trump, but you must bake a cake, or host a wedding ceremony for a couple that wants you to participate in an ceremony that violates your convictions. Grrrr. Thanks to F.M. for the link.

Illegal Detainment

Kyle Kashuv, the pro-Second Amendment Parkland student was illegally detained by school security. Apparently, Kyle had the opportunity to attend a shooting range for the first time with his father and a shooting instructor. He posted pictures on social media of the event which earned him a trip to the school security office for a grilling by three security officers (including a deputy from the same sheriff’s department whose deputies cowered outside while students were being killed). Kyle has given more details of this absurd abuse of authority in this article. Thanks to D.S. for the link.

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  1. Back when King Barry was running for President the first time, he pandered for the Jewish vote by saying his uncle served in the Army and liberated Auschwitz. Not one of our elite reporters stood up when he said this and asked what his uncle was doing in the Russian Army. When a few weeks later it was finally brought up he just brushed it off as he mis-spoke and you know how family history stories get changed over the years. He probably also thought it was the right thing to do.

  2. Re: Kyle Kashuv.
    It is a mistake to post on the social networks. The news is that Josh Allen who is expecting to be drafted as a quarterback in the NFL apologized for a tweet he made in 2012 when he was 16. The left literally has hit squads that will take down anyone who disagrees with them. They will destroy your life, get you fired, entangle you in expensive legal battles, whatever it takes to remove you from the opposition. Be the gray man.

    1. You can not be the grey man/woman anymore. We are losing our country and human freedoms by hiding our Founding Fathers’ Christianity which founded the country in the first place.

      No longer are we silent as a conservative family. We write letters to congress almost weekly and anonymously and be sure not to put finger prints not he letter.

      They, the LEFT, will come in all around you with policy and procedure and in the end their goal is what Europe experienced – to disarm, terminate your employment, call you names, and exterminate you. They will kill us folks!

      No more grey anything !

      1. Resisting the creeping Marxist/socialist left and remaining anonymous and private are not mutually exclusive. The left has a policy to taking down those who successfully disagree with them. You might be a little fish but they go after the little fish too.

  3. A lot of people have heard of the Jewish Holocaust.
    Almost none have heard of the Holodomor. This was Stalin’s 1932/33 genocide against the Ukrainians. He starved 8 to 12 million, yet because of Soviet security, it was never widely known.
    Now, it is proven, the Soviets are long gone yet this reprehensible chapter in our history is still ignored.

  4. Speaking of HISTORY, I believe Adolf Hitler did the same thing to innocent Jewish folk, …. you know Earth, Hitler, 1938.
    As a history teacher it is very apparent that these offenses in our past is not being taught in today’s Peoples Socialist Propaganda Academy’s ( public schools ).
    “To conquer a country you must disarm the country” Adolf Hitler.
    “If we do not study and/or learn from History we are Doomed to repeat it” ? (Forgot authors name. Anyone?)
    I believe this ‘so called’ History Teacher should have his/hers teaching credentials revoked permanently!
    Mr. Kyle Kashuv had several of his civil liberties blatantly violated. I truly hope these violations do not go unanswered!!!!
    God Bless Mr. Kashuv, do not give up!!!!

  5. Where’s the ACLU when you need them….
    Seriously, any aspiring lawyer should be salivating at the discriminatory actions perpetrated in these stories above. Easy money….

  6. About the bar who wouldn’t serve the MAGA hat … when SCOTUS hands down the decision on Masterpiece Bakery in a few weeks (the gay wedding cake case), things will change, because it’s going to go for the baker. Nobody will care about the reasons — it will be because the justices will be ruling that the Colorado Civil Right Commission acted unfairly by specifically targeting this Christian baker; not free speech per se — but it should have a domino affect and scare the Lefties who think they run the world.

  7. Building Blocks of Intelligence: SALUTE and SALT Reporting
    Forward Observer Daily
    By Samuel Culper
    On Apr 25, 2018

    ACE stand for:
    Analysis &

    SALUTE is an acronym that stands for:

    SALT stands for:

    FO: SALUTE & SALT Reports: Explained, With Training Exercises
    Posted on April 26, 2018
    Western Rifle Shooters Association

    Memory fades over time, great reminder…

  8. How Mossad carries out assassinations
    by Ali Younes
    22 Apr 2018

    If Targeted Assassinations Are Useful Tactics For Nation-States Trying To Retain Their Power…
    Posted on April 26, 2018 | Leave a comment
    Western Rifle Shooters Association

    I’m more worried about Red Guards type paramilitary social movement groups using these tactics against conservatives, constitutionalists, and 2nd Amendment activists here in CONUS.

  9. There are certainly aspects of one’s life that a prudent person should refrain from making generally known to the wide world: passwords, location of emergency stashes, combinations to locks and safes. But if it has already become necessary to conceal one’s social standards, and political convictions, then the battle to preserve Liberty as conceived in the Declaration and Constitution has already been lost, and we are foolishly identifying ourselves as the enemies of the Tyranny now consolidating its power, simply by reading this site. If that is true, none of us can manage to be “grey” enough to escape by being mistaken for mice. By simply trying to learn how to survive, we’ve already been painted with enough “glow-in-the-dark” to show Big Brother who (and where) we are.

    If, however, we decide that, “the battle ain’t over ‘til it’s over,” hiding our moral and political ideas, and ideals, only helps our opposition. If that be treason, make the most of it!

  10. The comment about millinneals don’t know about history and world geography is something I experienced 26 yrs ago. My son stationed in Germany wanted a car loan from my local cridet union and he got it even through he was outside the conus. when a young lady called to double check information ( 3 mo later ), when she finished checking the infor, she then asked where in the U.S/ was Germany located. When I asked her about Hitler, WW2 and other related items, her answer was “Oh s— ” and hung up. She lost her job there. And that kid that posted his trip to the shooting range with his father screwed up by posting his trip to the shooting range. No video, no problem ( hopefully )

  11. I don’t believe that Kim Jun Un is seeking peace just because his nuclear testing site has collapsed. Although that may have happened, credit should go to President Trump and his team, and both presidents of Korea. I believe that Almighty God selected Donald J.Trump to lead our country at this time because of the many prayers that Americans have directed to Him. The sudden announcement that the Korean War is over without a shot, after 68 years, is nothing short of a miracle. Appeasement by former administrations did not do it. Tough talk, logic and diplomacy from Trump, Pence and Pompeo and others did the trick. All credit must go to Almighty God for answering our prayers and choosing Donald Trump to lead us.

    1. Trump is being lead like a lamb to the slaughter,he has obviously never read “The Art of War”the tactics being used against him will leave Kim intact with US forces forced from Korea and maybe the region,open trade for the North and Kim looking like a world statesman. The war won without a shot fired.

  12. The summer of 2001 I taught summer school and the theme of the reading was the Holocaust. The students were well familiar with it. In less than 20 years we’re at the point that my remedial students from that summer were better informed and in better command of English composition than most college students are now.

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