JWR’s Recommendations of the Week

Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. This week the focus is on RTIC Coolers.


With my prematurely aging eyes, this has become my preferred printing size: Holy Bible: KJV Large Print Thumb Index Edition: Tan

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Black Sheep One: The Life of Gregory “Pappy” Boyington



A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995. Available on DVD. Also available for free download for Amazon Prime members.

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The Chronicles of Melanie. Available on DVD. Also available for free download for Amazon Prime members.

Vlogs and Instructional Videos:

Important Note: I am continuing to shift the emphasis of my video links away from YouTube, since they have recently announced a strongly anti-gun policy. Please bookmark Full30.com and visit there often!

.50 Cal Debrief: Give away soon

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I’m including this primarily for the behind-the-scenes of the AR parts maker, in Oregon: How to Customize an AR-15. (By the way, if that gal wants full style points, she needs matching nail color!)

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AK47 / 74 in USA – State of the Union April ’18



Nationwide Anti-Gun Mobs — The Gun Collective Podcast, Episode 14

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Organic Gardener Podcast


Gear (RTIC Coolers):

Ice chest maker Yeti just got a bad case of political correctitude and publicly committed jumonji giri by loudly  announcing they are refusing to do any more business with the NRA Foundation. So I started doing some research: I found that RTIC Coolers are just as well made, free of politics, and cost much less than Yetis. Yeti doesn’t deserve your business. Buy an RTIC, instead!  They are also made in semi-tactical tan.

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Zippo brand lighters. The original, the best, and still made in the USA!

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Bread Loaf Bags Reclosable 2 Mil Zip Top Heavy Plastic Reusable–Pack of 13. These are so heavy duty that they are truly washable and reusable. Made in USA.

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Multiple, ahem, uses: Leupold Lto-Quest Thermal Imager, Camera And Flashlight


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  1. re:
    Eye health

    Two points:

    Lutein. Although abundant in eggs, most health coaches recommend supplementing with 20mg daily.

    Epigenetic. A lot of folks are eating to turn on certain genes… and turn off others.

    The way I see it, a family history of heart disease or cancers can be eliminated by avoiding dietary triggers. For us, this means eating organic, avoiding GM organisms, avoiding pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers, and sticking to the Japanese trait of ‘hari hachi bu’… finish eating at eighty-percent full.

    I wish you well.

    On a metaphysical level, you might ask:
    “Is there something I don’t want to see?”

  2. Don’t destroy your YETI coolers. Sell them cheap on ebay. They already made their money selling you yours; cut their market out from under them.

  3. +1 on Grizzly Coolers. The inside is notched for a divider. Grizzly sells dividers as an inexpensive accessory – which doubles as a cutting board. A difference maker for me.

    Yeti coolers are like Sony – overpriced, as they get a premium for their name.

  4. Cabela’s also sell a ‘Yeti style’ cooler for much less $$$, the website says made in the USA. Just make sure you get one physically bigger than you think you need because they have very thick insulation that cuts down the usable internal volume.

  5. The video A NOBLE LIE only begins to tell all the under handed happenings concerning the OKC bombing. I was born and raised in OKC and heard and felt the bomb go off. As the weeks and months went by afterwards I begin having conversations with people who were there at the sight post explosion and also people who were there prior to the explosion. One acquaintance was in the building when the bomb went off. Without going into the longest post on Survival Blog history I can just sum it up by saying this. Our government had prior knowledge and not only failed to stop it but I know for certain that they had pre-planted explosive material around concrete supports in order to cause the destruction of the building. And it turned out to be a winner for Clinton and his anti-gun buddies in Washington. Perhaps some of you remember the ridiculous gun laws that were enacted after that. But those actors responsible for the event will surely stand before God someday. That is inescapable.

  6. I too was born and raised in OKC and was there within an hour and know many many people that were there before I was. You see, I was a Major on the OKC Fire Dept and went through it all until we finished the searching.. these acuzations and conspiracies were always around but none ever were proved. I never did

  7. Regarding the comment about the style points and nail color of the gal in the AR-15 video. What you missed was the class ring on the left hand. (07:12) It appears to be a Texas A&M class ring. It is a distinctive design that has carried over from the days when the school was all military, and is instantly recognizable by all Aggie alumni. If it is indeed an A&M ring, it puts her in with a special group of people.

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