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Sent in by JMC: Putin Warns Russian Students Living In Britain: “Come Home Immediately”

Following in London’s footsteps: Knife Control Movement Crosses Atlantic – DSV

CDC, in Surveys It Never Bothered Making Public, Provides More Evidence that Plenty of Americans Innocently Defend Themselves with Guns – G.G.

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An interesting take on Newsweek’s article on South Africa: Newsweek Says White South Africans Should Just “Stop Panicking”. Thanks to S.M. for the link.

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The U.S. Army Is Actually Punishing Military Chaplains For Their Religious Beliefs Now – G.P.

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“Worse Than You Think” – 8 Reality-Checks From Last Week’s CBO Report – H.L.

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Facebook’s Use of Data May Annoy You, But IRS Handling of Your Sensitive Information Is Truly Chilling H.L. had this to say: “When it comes to mishandling the details of your life, social media has nothing on the tax man. (As usual, it is an all powerful government agency that is the most dangerous! Of course, that is true in probably every nation on the planet! Seems slime usually rises to the top!”

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The Regulated States of America: Occupational Licensing Gone Wild

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  1. During my lifetime (72) of being self-employed the “laws” were changed and my current work at that particular time now required a license to work. Since I am an obstinate cuss and do not believe government has any right to tell me how I can or can not make a living without “their” permission I would just change my line of work. The upshot ended with me being very diversified. Yeah, licensing is all in the name of “consumer protection”. Baloney, a license does not make a good contractor (or anything else), the civil court system will do that. Another pet peeve…government tells me what color of clothes I must wear while “hunting” yet if I leave my pea shooter at home then go for a hike in the woods during hunting season I am not required to wear it. Huh? It is all about control, not our safety.

  2. The govt and corp america really only have as much power as americans allow them to have, we could bring any industry to heel in a month by simply refusing to use or purchase their products, for instance, don’t like being strip-tickled before boarding your flight, simply all of us refuse to fly anywhere until rules are changed. If congress can give itself a raise in 15 minutes with only a quorum of politicians, they can fix any problem IF THEY WANTED TO. Another example, needing permits to build an addition or separate structure on your site, go ahead without the permit, nothing will happen except if you go to sell it its listed as an unpermitted addition or structure and the new owner won’t be able to get fire insurance. The only problem is most groups are lazy and fearful or unmotivated enough to do anything like this..

  3. In San Jose, California I have to pay for a business license to rent out property I own. They just started last year requiring owners of residential property to obtain a business license. They’ve been requiring that of commercial property for years. They know where the money is.

  4. I am self employed as a painting contractor ( 25 years ) I am regulated to death by the EPA…Last year I made the mistake of painting a lead house. ( pre 1978) and was fined $2,000 for not properly containing my paint chips, then told me how lucky i I should feel because they could have fined me $37,500. It seems that the EPA Nazi’s came on my job while I was at lunch and took pictures of a few paint chips that were left in the driveway… But the disposal?… toss your mess in a big black plastic contractors trash bag, wrap duck tape around the opening, and throw it in the trash…
    The consolation prize was to spend $200.00, on a class in Seattle and present your certificate at your violation hearing.. then they drop $500.00 off your fine.

    Mark 12:17 says to give to Caesar what is Caesars. But in todays world, Caesar aint waiting around for his share, He just takes it…. So in typical human fashion, I tend to resist him every opportunity I get, and i dont feel one bit guilty about it..

  5. On my property here in Oklahoma I built my house and did everything myself including my HVAC, plumbing, electric work and installed my septic system. And I also built my shop and did all the work myself as well as my barn. Later I moved my elderly mother in law onto the property in a mobile home and did all the hookups myself. Then I moved my daughter and granddaughter onto the property in a mobile home and once again did all the hookups. Through all of this I never got one single permit. No one cared. It’s rural Oklahoma. I can’t imagine living in a state where the local governments is breathing over my shoulder telling me what I can and cannot do. Living here is as close to being free than anywhere I know of. Are there these types of freedoms in the Redoubt?

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