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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on the Boise Gun Company Store Closing Auctions.


First off, gun-owning SurvivalBlog readers in Southwestern Idaho and Eastern Oregon should plan to attend the Boise Gun Company Nampa Store Liquidation Live Auction on Friday, April 20th. This will be the first of a series of live auctions and Internet auctions. The auction goods all come from a well-stocked business with two retail stores that sadly recently closed their doors. As with all other inventory auctions, it is wise to do plenty of research on prices. At the very minimum, bring a few mail order ammo, reloading component, and gun parts catalogs with you–so that you will be a well-informed bidder. They will be auctioning: “1,000’s of Rounds of Factory Ammunition from .50 BMG on Down, Scopes, Reloading Supplies/Powder, Leather Belts, Gun Cases, + Store Fixtures/Cases/Racks.” (You can click to expand any of the photos.) It appears that the store’s gun and magazine inventory will be sold in other auctions–most likely online.

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Many folks have never heard of the little town of Atlanta, Idaho. I recently found a nice drone video showing the town, in late summer. Atlanta is a little former mining town at just over 5,000 foot elevation. It is a 40 miles drive in on winding gravel roads to get there. The population is around 300, but I suspect that figure is lower in the winter. There are still lots of patented mining claim parcels in and around the town. Atlanta town is situated in in Elmore County, Idaho, which has more than 22,000 residents. But right next door is Camas County, measuring 1,079 square miles.(A little more than half the size of Delaware.) That mostly-remote county has only 1,100 residents, 416 of whom live in the county seat of Fairfield!

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Idaho Falls, in southeastern Idaho was recently hit with a damaging hail storm that prompted hundreds of insurance claims for dented cars and house roofs. The hail stones ranged from .75 inches to 1.75 inches!  I found a video clip from a part of that city where the hail was much smaller. Skip forward to the 1:30 minute mark, for the dramatic portion…


Here is a review of a blatant piece of propaganda, disguised as a video game: All Games Are Illusions, But Far Cry 5 Is Nothing More. This game set in a mythical version of Montana that could only be spawned by the fevered brain of an ultra-liberal.

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Bear emerging from hibernation is a viral star (video)


Eastern Oregon

UAS officials talk about the future of drones

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Help is on the way’: The life of a rural Oregon dispatcher

Eastern Washington

Recently on the Adventure Sports Podcast: Episode 362: Kayaking 1,200 Miles for 80 Days on the Columbia River – Marvin Owen. Two different times, Owen has paddled all the way from the source of the source of the Columbia to the Pacific Ocean. (Well, with a few portaging stops at dams, of course.)

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Getting There: How an old Spokane wrecking truck ended up in England



Gun rights supporters rally in downtown Cheyenne

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Wyoming loses water case to Montana

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  1. Went to high school for a while in Fairfield. When I checked into the 9th grade I made student number 89. Loved it there. Would live somewhere near there probably if it was not for family considerations.

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