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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Patriot Nurse needs your help today.

Patriot Nurse

YouTube strikes again! Patriot Nurse is yet the latest example of the liberal/progressive agenda on social media platforms. On April 11, she woke up and checked her channel and found that practically all of her videos had been demonitized including those that had nothing to do with firearms or patriotism. Even the video with medical training had been demonitized. Of course, there is no recourse for her as some libtard at YouTube has now decided that her work is worthless. Thankfully, she has her Patreon channel. If you enjoy her videos, please consider supporting her through Patreon.

Government and Guns

The government hates your guns. Bill Buppert over at has a blog post out that examines the history of the U.S. government and it’s views on the Second Amendment. The government doesn’t care about the Second Amendment and shows it’s contempt for it by passing things like the 1934 NFA, the 1938 NFA, 1968 GCA and so on. Those who run the government not only don’t believe in your right but feel that their discomfort over you having a gun merits the wholesale confiscation of property. I wonder how many of these gun control advocates have actually studied the outcomes in history that always follow such moves?

BOA Joins Anti-Gun Fray

While Wells Fargo has been resisting pressure to refuse to do business with entities like the NRA, other major banks are happy to fall in line with the anti-gun crowd. Bank of America has now decided that they will no longer make loans to companies that make “military-style” weapons. They publicly stated that they would drop current loan-customers like Vista Outdoors, Remington, and Sturm Ruger. They will also blackball any other manufacturer of “assault” weapons. Bank of America also did not rule out boycotting retailers who sell such weapons either. The list of acceptable banks is growing thinner and thinner as these financial institutions take sides on whether or not they should be regulating your private purchases. Thanks to DSV for the link.

New Cars in Colorado

A news story out of Colorado is reporting that the state will deploy roadside sensors to communicate with the onboard computers in new cars. The sensors will keep in constant communication to spy on drivers and determine when they used their windshield wipers, braked, crashed and any other data that the computer records from the vehicle. This is just one more reason to avoid buying new cars. Older cars cannot be tracked like this. There isn’t a list of which cars will communicate in this manner yet, but I’m sure it will be forthcoming as word gets out.


Reader H.L. sent in this link which has a fairly extensive list of various pests that affect your garden along with suggestions on how to handle them. The list covers everything from Ants to Deer to Voles. If you are considering starting a garden, this is an excellent place to get an idea of what pests may affect you. If you are currently having a pest problem, it provides a quick look up on what the most common methods of dealing with those pests are. As a bonus, the article also gives a list of the top 25 herbs and plants to cultivate to help you manage those pests. This is worth bookmarking or even printing out for your files.


Facebook may be in for a rude surprise over the coming weeks. CEO mark Zuckerberg has been appearing before two senate committees to testify over the last two days. It is with some humor that I note some of the testimony. Really, shouldn’t the senators (whose average age is 57) have a clue about using computers and social media before they are allowed to ask questions? Some of the questions asked are rather ludicrous. However, there have been some good ones too.

During the questioning, Zuckerberg basically announced that Facebook was no longer just a platform, but they are publisher responsible for content. This stance gives him the ability to freely censor content like they are continuing to do. But the upside is that it also makes them liable for that content. As Ben Shapiro notes: “How many copyrighted photos are illegally uploaded to Facebook every second?” He notes that the DCMA carries stiff penalties for each separate incident. Let the lawsuit feeding frenzy begin!

Big Brother in India

Reader H.L. sent in this article on how India has implemented polices that require bio-metric data scans to receive food and medicine. The unprecedented scope of the program requires that scans of fingerprints, eyes and faces are tied to everything from welfare benefits to mobile phones. The poor can scan their fingerprints at the ration shop to get their government allocations of rice. Retirees must do the same to get their pensions. Students cannot enter the annual water department painting contest without submitting their identification. The Modi government has even ordered the people to link their cellphone and bank accounts. This is a hackers dream. While the database appears to be largely secure for now, it’s just a matter of time before it is hacked and all of this personal data is exposed to the wild.

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Please send your news tips to HJL. (Either via e-mail of via our Contact form.) These are often especially relevant, because they come from folks who watch news that is important to them. Due to their diligence and focus, we benefit from fresh “on target” news. We often “get the scoop” on news that is most likely ignored (or reported late) by mainstream American news outlets. Thanks!


  1. re:
    Garden burrowing pests (gophers)

    Did you watch the video of the propane injector with remote igniter? One manufacturer is RODENATOR in Idaho.

    Plug the wand into a gopher hole, pump it full of gas, stand back and ignite.

    A screaming good time!

  2. I predict that it will only be a very short time before A group of investors either start a new Bank or buy a small existing Bank to expand that is firearms friendly. There is big money out there if they do. I can see a great investment opportunity as well a chance to vote with our money. I would immediately transfer my accounts as well as credit cards to them as well other banking needs. I will be looking for a home loan in the near future. It is obvious that there is a lot of large business that will need their services.

    1. Joe,
      I was thinking the same thing, and I hope that someone in the firearms industry (manufacturer, retailer) reads this.
      Yank ALL their money from ALL the already established banks, and start their own pro-2A bank. I’m sure there’s enough money already out there to accomplish this.
      If this is initially kept to a “small” (yeah….right) closed group (gunz), would it be considered a private bank vs a public (shares, stocks) bank?
      What kind of FedGov/state/local regulations hoops would they need to jump through to start a bank………if any at all?
      AND………WHERE DO I SIGN UP? I would buy shares and transfer all my plastic there in a New Yawk minute.

      Two words: DO IT!!!

    2. Wasn’t / isn’t there a bank in Colorado Springs that used to give away a Browning A-Bolt to new checking / savings accounts?
      I know this went on for many, many years. Even Michael ‘lard-arse’ Moore (sorry to utter blaspheme on this site with that name.) got one during his filming of the ‘bowling for columbine’ fake-u-mentry. (I never saw the movie but I did see shorts of it on 60 minutes or some other ‘accomplice’ network when it first came out.)
      Maybe that bank would be a start…

  3. just outta curiousity I stopped into a gun store and asked what would happen if Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed the AR-15 assualt weapon ban into law, the gun store clerk assured me that wouldn’t happen because the bill was so poorly written it would immediately make outlaws out of every legally registered gun owner with anything more than a revolver or a single shot bolt action gun, but the clerk winked broadly when saying “legally”. Guess that tells us what we need to know..

    1. If you are referring to the possible ballot measure that would outlaw most semi-automatics then it is a totally different situation. If passed, no matter how badly written it becomes law and now governors signature is required. It could be ruled unconstitutional by the courts, but, how likely is that. So in the case of the possible ballot measure it IS armageddon for gun owners.

  4. Patriot Nurse and all other preppers and gun enthusiasts need to move their sites to I refuse to go to google any longer. I also encourage like minded people to use instead of google for internet searches. They don’t track your searches.

    1. Re: Silencing Patriot Nurse

      There are two distinct issues here (Two. Yea…Lord that it were that simple.)

      First, whose show is it anyway? The Yin and Yang of Creative Content.

      YouTube’s origins MAY have been, as their narrative states, with PayPal employees Chad and Steve filling the need for video files to be displayed as efficiently and easily as still pictures, when they launched their beta test in May, 2005.

      Great idea. Diverse points of view expatiated through videos, everybody has their say, First Amendment made manifest world wide, Bubba plowing snow with his antique tractor. Lots of cats unrolling toilet paper. Yadda yadda yadda.

      Or it may have been smoke and mirrors deployed to cover the establishment of another social engineering engine. Camel’s nose a little deeper into the tent.

      Not important at this juncture. YouTube’s concept and availability have become indispensable and unavoidable and the camel, now comfortably lounging on satin pillows, will never go away.

      Patriot Nurse, Wranglerstar, Pure Life For Living, April Wilkerson and countless greater and lesser fish have quarried the promise of “monetization” from YouTube: “Creators” produce content at their own expense, “market” it via likes and subscribers and, if they develop a style and message that racks up numbers, can give up “real world” employment entirely and starting making a living from their “channels.”

      It’s an alluring and intoxicating seduction.

      The caveat is it’s YouTube’s platform and they can control the content they’ll accept based on completely arbitrary, totally subjective and infinitely variable perimeters. In the free and capitalistic marketplace we preppers believe in, why would YouTube owe their “creators” any notification, explanation or recourse for their business decisions. They provide a product the business wants on the business’ terms. Period.

      Patriot Nurse makes a valid point, echoed by Wranglerstar and others, that their content does not come free. But the years of education, experience, sacrifice, tens of thousands of dollars of equipment and boundless invested time still has no intrinsic value. Its’ only significance is what it generates in terms of “hits” which can then be translated into worth to YouTube’s advertisers.

      And without the YouTube platform, their “network” providing an audience, creators are generating some nice digital doodles they can show off to the family and send as the yearly Christmas newsletter to relatives.

      It’s like the olden days of TV, when there were three national networks who dictated to producers not only what stories they could tell, but how much they could spend per episode, who could work on them, what “numbers they had to pull” to be considered successful (based on outside rating services like Nielson and Arbitron) and, most importantly, how much the networks could charge advertisers to reach their audience.

      Actual content was almost an afterthought. All that mattered was the bucks. And so started the degeneration of “Playhouse 90” into “Highway Patrol” and FCC director Newt Minow’s lamentation in 1961 that television had become a “vast wasteland.”

      Bottom line, the only difference is today’s incredible technology. Anybody with a cell phone can have their 15 minutes. Video producers are nothing but taggers and YouTube is an alley wall where anyone can post their bills. The wall’s owner can come by and scrape it or paint it at will.

      Legal or Moral.

      The legitimate status of something as ubiquitous and entrenched as YouTube as a forum open to all or a business with a right to control from whom it accepts product and what it does with that product after its owned is going to be a question for the legal eagles for a long time to come.

      Legislation always lags behind technology as we find more and more ways of doing more and more things and finding the unintended consequences.

      Is it moral and in the spirit of our American Way to silence those who disagree with us? Well, consider the ongoing hearings concerning Zuckerberg’s Facebook and HR 1865, “FOSTA” passed just days ago as another “protection” and actually another step down the road to tyranny.

      Make no mistake; these technologies are amazing, but not the friend of free and independent people. They are lotus-eaters, calling you to some appealing but very destructive fruit.

      For now, there are alternatives like the ones Sgt. Bill notes, and Paetron which will require viewers and creators alike to put their money where their “likes” are and pay for content. That is until “they” come up with something else to silence them, too.

      1. Very well written comments. But (you knew there was a “but”), Youtube does this with obvious bias/discrimination towards certain individuals and subject matter from the right. Youtube and other computer/internet age “services” are more like “public accommodations” than they are autonomous companies. They have accepted all comers up until they became biased against a political/cultural group who they do not agree with. I can’t predict the future for them or how the courts and politicians will help decide this, BUT IMHO Youtube needs to just “bake the cake”. If they don’t, then I suspect the decisions that follow will more likely go against them.

  5. So if it is illegal for a Christian baker to deny making a cake for a gay couple why isn’t it illegal for Fakebook to discriminate based on political affiliation ? If political affiliation is not a protected “class” then perhaps Christians Conservatives can deny baking cakes for liberals. Is it time to fight fire with fire. This will show once again the hipocracy of the left.

    1. “Baking the cake” ….I was just needing the parallels in comparing the two. If BB (Big Brother) can rule from on high ( and trampling our Freedom of Religion in the process) that we MUST “bake the cake”, ENSURING that everyone can demand anything from anyone or face being run out of business and losing our life savings and being forced into bankruptcy, why does it not apply in reverse?

      The answer is simple…….the shoe is on the other foot! I understand and fully support the right of the service provider to refuse service….but when a Christian conservative does it, the whole situation gets blown out of proportion…and if this were the 17th century, they would be tarred, feathered, and sent packing via the closest city gate. Flip that around, and the Liberal (Socialist….Progressive…insert favorite term to continue) Sodomites scream “HATE….MAH RITES IS BEING SMASHED BY DA EVIL, CLOSED MINDED BIBLE CLUTCHERZ!!! AND DAY BE DEPLORABLE TOO!!”

      I hate a lot of things. I know “hate” is a viscerally strong word. There have been more than a few books written on the subject. When I say that I hate something, I hate it with every fiber of my being. If I could borrow someone else’s fiber so I could hate more, I would! That said, I am very careful and selective on who/ what makes that extremely short list. In the top 10 is Hypocrisy.

      The people and organizations who seek to FORCE their lifestyle choice(s) upon those who do not agree with them or show some kind of support for their ” pink hat wearing, guns kill people, spoons make me fat, and I deserve to be just as rich as Bill Gates for keeping my parent’s couch warm” are all Hypocrites. They make up roughly 3 % of the population of our great country ( I may be a bit off on the percentage), but look what they have FORCED upon the other 97% of us. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

      I have learned a whole slew of colorful euphemisms in the short 47 years that I have been blessed with. If my father were still alive, one of the things he would have said is that “Son, you have to learn to turn the other cheek”. Well, I have. Each time I turn my cheek, it gets slapped. My cheeks are more red than my backside was when I was caught raiding the neighbors apple trees when I was 8. I’m sick and tired of being slapped.

      “You can load up a mule until it sits down “……this mule is sitting. We have missed many opportunities to turn and fight, and when we did turn to fight, we have left the fighters unsupported like the Spartans at Thermopylae. Our foes have engaged and drawn blood. Their front line troops have entered the Red Haze and are striking everything in front of them….and “everything” is us.

      To defeat our foes, we must understand them. I understand that they are UNITED in voice and purpose. I understand that we are not. I understand that they are masking their own HATE and BIAS by false claims that it is we who are doing so. Oh….did I mention that they are UNITED? WE ARE NOT UNITED. WE coalesce I unity behind a solid figure and send them out without support. THAT IS NOT UNITY. That is fighting a delaying action. The anvil needs a hammer! We have permitted our foes to force us into the defensive. They now have the initiative.

  6. The government does not hate your guns. Those laws were passed by Congress. The laws passed by Congress were then enforced by the executive branch. If the laws said to give every family in the US a gun that is what the executive branch would do. If you don’t like the laws talk to Congress.

    1. BATFE hates you and your guns,FBI hates you and your guns,EPA hates you and your guns,legions of bureaucrats hate you and your guns. What else is goverment?

  7. The most important post in this section was the one on biometrics in India because unlike credit cards or passwords you can NEVER get your biological marker back once it’s compromised and copied. So while we complain about the other stuff, the PTB continues to push biometrics, which will be in worldwide databases, and those databases will be used to determine buying and selling for everyone (not just the poor) on the entire planet — and your guns will be worthless. There’s your one world government.

  8. Concerning Patriot Nurse, I dont understand why we expect fair unbiased treatment from Youtube…The phony outrage, the, jee-whiz-what- just- happened -to my channel, reaction is ridiculous. Are we who are constantly targeted really that naive?

    So she is back up and running, great,.. who is so naive as to say whew!, that was close.

  9. I posted a rather long reply to 3ADscout a few moments ago. I apologize if it was a bit long winded and rambling, but “my dander was up”!

    That said, I stand by every word. I spent almost 25 years in the Army. I didn’t stay for the pay. If I were interested in fake money, I would have been something other than Infantry.

    At this time, my AO is Western Washington, which is deep in sector. My wife asked why I have stayed here….the answer is simple. This is where the fight is.

    City/ county…..State , and Federal. What has the most immediate impact on someone? It is the laws and policies at the city and county level. Looking at your pay stub, it might not seem so, but this is where the fight truly is. City and county laws impact our daily lives. One example is the thing we all call a “house”. Houses are built to the minimum IBC standard( International Building Code). The state weighs by ruling that all the engineering be done by trained and licensed people so Bubba does not use speaker wire to run 220-240 current to his dryer, burning down his abode. That makes perfect sense.

    The COUNTY has final say in how Bubba builds Bubba’s house. The City weighs in, but cannot supersede the county. FYI….each COUNTY in our great country has a different building code! Some say you need a permit (read this as “pay us lots of money”) for a fence/ wall around your yard that exceeds 4 feet. Some say 6 feet, others 8 feet. I would love to have a 15 foot wall with towers, but that takes special permits and an….wait for it….ENGINEER! That is a fancy word that describes a person who has an educated piece of paper who is working his/her tail off to pay off their unsubsidized student debt.

    My point is that the fight is at the local level. If we fill the local (city and county) offices with Constitional Conservatives ( hopefully with a Libertarian bent), that will, in theory, allow the adults to reign in the enemy who is behaving like the spoiled, petulant children that they are, at least at the local level. That is the 50 meter target.

    The 100 meter target is at the State level. Once the 50 meter target has been successfully engaged, the 100 meter target doesn’t seem so hard, but it is. That is where the spoiled, petulant neighbor kids have gone to play, and now they are Devious to boot. They embrace the fringe elements of our society that have been and are now still dominating our national news. Black lives matter, the Pink Hat March, etc. all are prime examples of this. They are hard to fight because our our society has allowed the neighbor kids to run amok.

    Our great nation is at a tipping point, more so than ever before. It reminds me of Germany in the 1920’s, except the focus is inwards and not out. Looking at it through this lens, we are headed to real, horrifying internal conflict not witnessed since the Civil War.

    The neighbor kids have an extremely strong position; they are occupying a prepared position and are actively patrolling their sector. They are unified in intent and effort. They are actively patrolling for the enemy, and that enemy is us.

    Flip it around. In my assessment, we are unified as well….in small pockets and when it benefits those small pockets. The neighbors are fighting on a higher level; their strategy is dictating our tactics. We are rapidly being forced from our own prepared position into hit and run guerrilla tactics….and those rarely succeed.

    The oath I took did not have an expiration date, and I will gladly bleed again fulfilling that oath, once that point is reached. We are not there yet. That is the last resort.

    We need to reign in the neighbor kids before it gets to this point, which is why I say the fight is here, at the local level.

    1. RockMG , I am in rural area of a state where rural areas are out voted by the city-dwellers . I too am staying and fighting and agree that the fight starts locally . Unfortunately too many like minded people are voting with their feet and leaving the fight to us . Thank you and keep up the good work.

  10. New Cars in Colorado:

    Turn off the Bluetooth, turn off the WiFi. It should be in your car’s touchscreen accessories menu. I know it works for Ford and their system. Even a 2010 Sport Trac without the touchscreen has the menu to turn off both Bluetooth and WiFi.

    Government and Guns:
    “I wonder how many of these gun control advocates have actually studied the outcomes in history that always follow such moves?”

    Of course they have. They just don’t give a tinker’s damn. After all, history is what they say it is. He who controls the printing press, controls history. That is the reason they don’t want true history taught in the government schools. They believe that the results of the ignorance of true history can be changed by not teaching it. Does that make sense? It does to the elitists in our society.


    It’s time for a new platform to come online. Dump Facebook, dump Twitter, dump Google as much as possible. I still use Google maps, but that’s it. I concur with using DuckDuckGo.

  11. Government and Guns:
    “I wonder how many of these gun control advocates have actually studied the outcomes in history that always follow such moves?”

    Please remember: That which you and I consider a “bug”, to others, is a “feature”.

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