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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. You need to read the article today on pests and crops. The practice of monoculture crops is standard in the agriculture industry and it is hazardous.

Nightmare Bugs

According to this article sent in by reader G.P., the CDC has collected almost 6,000 different varieties of microbes that are highly resistant to antibiotics from all 50 states. Of those that they collected, over 200 had evolved to carry a rare and formidable resistance gene. These are bugs that are very difficult to treat or can’t be treated at all. Of note is that these “super bugs” generally appear in hospital settings so containment is usually easier than if they were in the wild. Since the CDC is tasked with managing such possible outbreaks, they are trying to be aggressive in their approach. This usually means that the potential infection response will be escalated far earlier than it normally would. To you, this means that as easy as bacteria have been to treat in the past, there may not always be a treatment available.

Funding Child Homicide

H.L. sent in this article showing where the government in the UK is actually funding textbooks that teach and glorify children as martyrs. One textbook teaches “Giving one’s life, sacrifice, fight, jihad and struggle are the most important meanings of life.” While the government of Britain, like it’s counterparts in the U.S., fails to teach the basics in literacy and numeracy, the U.K also has no qualms about pumping millions into the Palestinian Authority to make sure that Palestinian children think that a career in violence and martyrdom is a career worth pursuing.


Facebook continues is left-wing drama by determining the conservative group “Diamond and Silk” as “unsafe for our community”. Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, who make up the duo, have been fighting Facebook since September of 2017 when Facebook started censoring their posts. Facebook refuses to tell them exactly how they have violated their terms of service and has stated that their decision is final and not appeal-able in any way. We can tell them why Facebook has taken the action though. They are influential in the black community and they are pro-Trump as well as generally conservative. That is apparently a crime to Facebook censors, though they won’t admit it.

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Speaking of the backlash against Facebook’s abhorrent censorship policies while pretending to be a neutral publishing platform, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says he has removed his Facebook presence over the data collection policies of the platform. Of course he took this opportunity to praise Apple’s policies on user privacy and their data, but he was clear that Apple makes it’s money by selling software and products rather than you and your data. Thanks to DSV for the link.

Wells Fargo Gets it Right

We’ve grown accustomed to hammering large banks on SurvivalBlog due to their tendency to roll over the average person and not safeguard your assets, but it would appear that Wells Fargo deserves praise this time around. According to this article submitted by DSV, Wells Fargo is resisting pressure from various liberal groups to withdraw banking services to the NRA and gun makers. Wells Fargo, through their CEO issued the statement that “I do not believe that the American public wants banks to decide which legal products consumers can and cannot buy.”

Second Amendment Rallies

Oathkeepers has a post describing the Second Amendment rallies that are being held in all state capitals on April 14th. If you want to publicly support the Second Amendment and feel that a rally is the way, you may want to check this site for your state to find out more information about where and when your rally is occurring. Note that most of the information pages are on Facebook so You’ll either need to have Facebook access or know someone who does.

Pests and Crops

Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large sent in this article on the practice of monoculture crops and the pests that are the scourge of them. If you are not familiar with monoculture crops, it’s the practice of using what is believed to be the best producing variety of a plant as the major (and sometimes only) source for that crop. While it can maximize the production and profits of a particular crop, it also makes it susceptible to wiping out the entire crop when a pest or disease appears and runs rampant through the industry. If you remember bananas tasting better when you were a kid, you’ve sees the results of this policy. This article shows how pests have a variety of hybridizations that make them more resistant to any kind of chemical response while the monoculture crops do not have the same advantage.

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  1. Irony: All the 2nd Amendment rallies that OathKeepers point to above use Facebook to discuss them. Remember Facebook still tracks you even if you’ve never subscribed.

  2. I would not be to quick to forgive Wells Fargo Bank for their evil practices. They are only trying to improve their image of deceit, Plus they need the money after closing 600 branches. Beware of wolves—–.

  3. Regarding the Second Amendment rallies, there is another important day that goes unnoticed each year. April 19th is the date in 1775 neighbors in Lexington and Concord risked their lives by stepping onto the Lexington village green or mustering at the Concord bridge, armed to fight tyranny and gain liberty. Every American should celebrate this first stand for freedom. The fight continues today, for the very same reason.

  4. Funding Child Homicide
    I have a feeling that, in a few years, this teachings in GB will come back to haunt TPTB.
    TPTB have promoted Islam so much, and denigrated Christianity.
    And a people that have their backs to the wall, with no way out, and nothing to defend themselves with (no police, no lawmakers, no guns and now no knives), will adopt their enemies tactics, and (God forbid!) start using their own children to fight back.

    I feel sick to my stomach realizing this. I take no joy, and pray that this never comes to pass.

  5. Protests and rallies are not a good idea, especially in our current political environment.
    The press always misconstrue the reasons for the gathering and overblow any incident to make us look like the bad guys.

    A better way to get our message across would be to start a “National Gun Day” where every citizen pledges to go out and purchase a new firearm!
    Or “National Range Day”, “National Ammo Day” etc.

    And get new people into the gun culture, teach your kids how to shoot and hunt.

  6. As someone who had their house illegally foreclosed on while deployed as a Soldier, and was part of the class action lawsuit against them which we won, the hell with Wells Fargo. Coming home from a deployment only to find out they made us leave our house, well I am still pounding on the keyboard in anger while typing this and it happened over 10 years ago. My wife and kids were uprooted and there was nothing I could do. We ended up living for a while in a basement at my mother in laws. All because of their misreading of a law that has been around for a long time, The Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act. There were about 2000 of us they did this to that year.

    OK I agree with their statement above but I will never, ever give them business again. And I certainly will never forgive them either. Luckily, we found a small regional bank that is not owned by a larger firm, and we do most of our business there now. Our dealings with large banks are limited to mostly petty cash like purchases.

    This is what caused me to start looking at how do I take care of my family when all goes wrong.

  7. Citigroup bank took a different approach. They have told their customer businesses that they will no longer be able to do business with Citibank if they sell guns to anyone 18-21 and other limits on retailer’s ability to sell guns. This article describes the backlash they are getting from some republicans (note the article is biased– as usual– by the propaganda media)

    1. I wonder if Citigroup would ban Planned Parenthood and abortion providers, that provide abortion services to anyone that is under 21, of the ability to do business with Citibank?

  8. Are we going to be providing updates on Syria here?

    This time it looks like it’s going to be real.

    We’ve got maniacs in DC, some of whom have already contributed to the non-stop bloodbath in Syria (supporting so-called “moderate rebels,” etc.) for years now, who are willing to push Russia like it was never pushed during the Cold War.

    Russia knows all too well what over 20 million dead look like. If they feel they have to, they won’t have any problem introducing us to that.

  9. Re: Facebook
    While people SHOULD be able to choose, anyone who chooses to use Farcebook deserves what they get.
    Anti-social networking is corrosive…
    Don’t do it!

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