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I Am the Majority

Mark Robinson gave an unprepared speech to the Greensboro, North Carolina city council meeting on representing the majority. Mark tells it like it is. Every time there is a shooting, the media and politicians do not blame the shooter, but blame the law abiding gun owner and try to whip the politicians into bringing in gun control. It’s a passionate speech and well worth the five minutes it will take you to listen to it.

Firearms Parts Ban

California gun owners are getting pressure again. A firearm parts bill (A.B. 2382) is being introduced in California. The bill refers to the parts as “Precursor Parts” like barrels, ammunition, feeding devices, speed loaders, molded or shaped polymer frames, unfinished receivers, metallic castings, metallic forgings and much, much more. If you live in California and are not fleeing the state, you need to contact your legislatures and urge them to reject this assault on your second amendment rights.

Fact Checking Police

Speaking of the California legislature, another bill introduced into the assembly would force any person who operates a social media Internet web site and who has a physical presence in California to have a plan in place to verify and fact check news stories. Any item on their social media page that contains “fake news” would be required to carry a warning that the news story contains false information. Media that qualifies include videos, photographs, blogs, podcasts, text messages, email, online services and profiles. Of course, the state is the final arbitrator in what constitutes “fake news” so even if you believe something is true, if the state disagrees with you guess who wins. 1984, here we come! Thanks to H.L. for the link.

We Like this County!

The Sheriff of Harris County, Georgia has placed signs up warning visitors to the county that “If you kill someone, we might kill you back. We have ONE jail and 356 cemeteries. Enjoy your stay!” The sheriff encourages the residents to obtain their concealed carry permits and arm themselves. About the only way you could improve on that would be to have the entire county with open carry and every citizen having a firearm strapped on their hips. Thanks to DSV for the link.


Reader W.W. sent in this article where even the politicians are declaring their Second Amendment rights. A South Caroline GOP representative pulled out his pistol and laid it on the desk in front of him during a meeting with his constituents on Friday to make a point about gun safety. He was arguing that the presence of the gun made everyone safer and they he would refuse to be a victim. Of course, the progressive/leftists had a proverbial cow with one being quoted that she felt threatened by the mere presence of the firearm. In the words of Representative Norman “Guns are not the problem”. Perhaps the liberals are the problem.

Broken Masculinity

Reader T.P. wrote in to tell us about this open letter to the boys and young men of America. The bodies of the recent mass shootings are hardly cold and already, in addition to the guns, young men are being blamed for the atrocities. “Toxic Masculinity” is the phrase being bantered about. You would think that after 50 years of single moms raising young boys that we would have figured out that the presence of a father in the home is critically important, but the progressive/leftists and the feminists just can’t admit that they’ve destroyed the American family and the strengths and benefits that are derived from it. We need to stop looking at the symptoms and deal with the problem.

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  1. On hoplophobia, why is everything based on FEELINGS? The woman quoted said she FELT threatened by the mere presence of an inanimate object.

    What happened to logic and reason? Flushed down the toilet, thrown out the window, or otherwise disposed of.


    1. Feelings are meaningless. Their influence and validity end at the feeler. They effect the real world not at all. They can’t be measured, evaluated or tested on any meaningful scale.

      They can however be manipulated and used to manipulate anyone to do anything. Their influence by malignant people is the source of a great deal of what is testably, quantifiably, unequivocally evil.

      My responsibility for or in regard to your feelings is zero. Their origin, effect and motivations to you are absolutely yours to own and your responses to them are absolutely yours to own.

      Talk facts. Argue actualities. Keep your emotions. I don’t care about them.

  2. WATCH THE “I AM THE MAJORITY SPEECH” ! It looks like pro totalitarian anti gun groups are shifting their approach a little. Oh they still trash talk the NRA but they’ve found them difficult to oppose “head on”, especially for big national legislation. So they decide to go small in the City Hall, County Seat, and State Legislature. It’s a “death by a thousand cuts” or a “eat the Elephant one bite at a time” strategy. Maybe they think the NRA will concentrate on the big fights ignoring the small ones; the NRA can’t be everywhere at once! Maybe they are right. What to do? FILL THE MEETING ROOMS WITH “MAJORITY MEN”!

  3. Thanks so much for posting the link to Mark Robinson. His speech in Greensboro, NC where he smacked down the gun show haters was awesome. Mr. Robinson and Dana Loesch should go on an NRA sponsored tour to show folks how to counter the people that don’t respect our rights at city hall. His comment about, “we are the majority, the law abiding citizens, and we are the first ones taxed, and the last ones considered, and the first ones punished when something like this happens.” (referring to the anti-gun pile on).
    I had looked for the full clip, I saw some of it on Fox and Friends. Again, thank you, I should have know Survival Blog will always come through on the info out there about our rights.
    Mark Robinson, as an American and a veteran, I salute you,sir!

    And then there were two…

    Kirk W. Boland

  4. California citizens should start a proposition for the voters to demand that everything out of Sacramento be required to carry a warning that it contains false information.

    Toxic masculinity! Will there be a similar effort to fight toxic femininity after the shooting at Youtube?

  5. Regarding “Toxic Masculinity”. I was a single Mom. I contacted Big Brothers and my son had two good male mentors growing up. My son eventually became a sponsor for another boy enrolled in that program decades later. It is not a family, but, a way to cope that does seem to benefit. The assumption implied that single mothers are the problem needs rethinking. It is far better to admit failure and divorce than to adhere to what the generations before did which created just as much familial disasters. Mankind is never going to solve this through only thinking in extremist terms.

    1. Thank you! I don’t think single moms are to blame. I think the root causes of not having strong male presence in a boy’s or girl’s is not because of being raised by a single mom, but because of role models that aren’t strong independent thinkers. My father died when I was young, my mom raised me and my sister on her own. I think all people should be raised to be strong and be clear headed thinkers with good role models. Big brothers / big sisters is a great program, also individuals in your church can be great for providing that.

  6. Mr Robinson , I would be proud to call you neighbor and friend. Survivalblog, Thank you for including this story, almost five minutes that spoke volumes.

  7. in Australia, it’s promoted now that teen boys can wear girls skirts to school in solidarity, with gender affiliation, the boys now are so indoctrinated and brain washed by the women teachers ( most teachers are women ) that no one notices the subtle shift going on, the teachers federation is of course a extremely militant left wing union, so, there is no surprises there, boys are no longer boys, allowed to play with toy guns, play as cowboys and indians, or as soldiers fighting a mock battle of a forgotten war, in this country now, boys and teen’s are routinely lobotomised by the public school system.

  8. Careful!
    If Mr. Robinson keeps telling the truth to people on the council who don’t want to hear it, he won’t be let in again!
    Nevertheless, well done!

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