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Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. This week the focus is on restoring hand saws. (See the Vlogs and Instructional Videos section.)


A new book by Dr. Mark Hyman was just released on February 27th: Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?  Since Hyman has long been an advocate of a nutritious low-sugar diet, I expect his new book to be full of good advice.

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The Survival Medicine Handbook: The essential guide for when medical help is NOT on the way


I found a documentary on economics that is definitely worth watching.  It is: Yalta’s Last Secret: Betrayal, Bravery, & Resistance at the End of WWII. (Available on DVD, also available free streaming to those with an Amazon Prime membership.)

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Star Trek.  (This is the first prequel movie, starring Chris Pine.  There are lots of inside jokes included for die-hard Trekkies.)


Vlogs and Instructional Videos:

Old Sneelock’s Workshop: NEW METHODS TO RESTORE HANDSAWS ~ PART 1 ~ DISASSEMBLE AND POLISH THE BLADE.  Note: Here, he uses three nylon wheels in 120, 240, and  400 grits Note: Don’t confuse the green Scotch 60 grit wheels with a green Scotch Brite 400 grit polishing wheel. Both have been made in green!  Also see Part 2 of his video, that shows cleaning up a saw tote.

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Garand Thumb: How to [Camouflage] Paint Your AR-15. JWR’s Comments: In most environments, brown and green work well. To slow the “wear” process on the paint, spray the entire camouflaged rifle with two coats of flat clear lacquer. (By the way, some paintballers seem to think that a worn camouflage finish looks tacticool. That is silly. If you use two coats of a clear lacquer sealer, a camo finish will hold up to more than a year of hard daily use. Attempting to accelerate that wear is like a pudgy fella dreaming of weight loss, without exercise.

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M-Lok Mounting Hack



In a recent chat with a consulting client, the topic of covert carry of long guns came up.  I mentioned that for carbines the size of an M4gery that my favorite is a padded trombone gig bag. These blend in quite well–at least in urban and suburban environments.  And for anyone living in an apartment or dormitory a slim under-bed footlocker  would be a good choice. But of course consult your State and local laws before using one of these for that purpose. (Generally: You’ll have no worries in Constitutional Carry States.)

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The safe way to store your Bitcoin or other crypto currencies: Trezor bitcoin hardware wallet. (These are safe  because they are: Not stored on your computer, so there is no risk from hacking. And, not stored in an exchange or cold storage server, so there is no third party risk. And, not connected to the Internet, so virtually no Grabby Government risk.)

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World’s Best Can Opener- Made in USA – Easy Turn – Carbon Steel Blade

OTC Pharmaceuticals & First Aid Supplies:

This headline caught my eye: Amazon has quietly launched an exclusive line of over-the-counter health products. Their prices are very competitive! And if you are an Amazon Prime member, their standard free shipping makes them even more affordable. I already buy a lot of vitamins, herbal supplements, and Castile soap (bars and liquid) from Amazon. Now, I’m likely to buy nearly all of the OTC meds for my family through Amazon, too.

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    1. They were probably available when the post was made, then they sold out.

      It’s like Wranglerstar recommending a whats-it for $20 on Amazon. So much traffic is driven to it, that it’s either sold-out, or Amazon has raised the price based on demand.

  1. RE: Food: What the heck should I eat?…..saw the intro on GMA today and it seems to have a lot of the aspects of the Paleo nutrition plans. My wife and I eased into Paleo over a 6-7 week period by eliminating all sugar, especially from processed foods, over this time. Withdrawal from sugar was a real thing! From Sept to current date I am almost 40 lbs lighter and have eliminated two of my diabetes meds and cut my BP meds in half. I should be able to get off another med by the end of May. My wife has lost 30 lbs and is off her BP meds all together.

    I have already placed and order for Dr. Hyman’s book. You can never have to much info.

  2. I ordered one of the can openers last week and it is a great tool. I was going to order another one today to keep with my camping gear, but of course it is out of stock. I will definitely check back to order another when available.

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