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    1. They were probably available when the post was made, then they sold out.

      It’s like Wranglerstar recommending a whats-it for $20 on Amazon. So much traffic is driven to it, that it’s either sold-out, or Amazon has raised the price based on demand.

  1. RE: Food: What the heck should I eat?…..saw the intro on GMA today and it seems to have a lot of the aspects of the Paleo nutrition plans. My wife and I eased into Paleo over a 6-7 week period by eliminating all sugar, especially from processed foods, over this time. Withdrawal from sugar was a real thing! From Sept to current date I am almost 40 lbs lighter and have eliminated two of my diabetes meds and cut my BP meds in half. I should be able to get off another med by the end of May. My wife has lost 30 lbs and is off her BP meds all together.

    I have already placed and order for Dr. Hyman’s book. You can never have to much info.

  2. I ordered one of the can openers last week and it is a great tool. I was going to order another one today to keep with my camping gear, but of course it is out of stock. I will definitely check back to order another when available.

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