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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Front and center today is devastating news on the Browning Hi-Power.

Browning Hi-Power Fades Away

We received very sad news today from reader S.M. that Browning has decided to end Hi-Power production. One of John Moses Browning’s finest co-designs has long been a standard and no other handgun has come close to it’s popularity and production. It actually served on both sides of the war in WWII and has seen service duty in more countries than any other handgun. It is still my favorite firearm today and I consider it one of the most beautiful and refined designs ever made. I hope that Browning brings it back due to public outcry. You can still obtain them as there are many in current dealer inventories, but they are now technically out of production.

Water Generator

Waterotor Energy Technologies has a rotor designed to extract energy from slow moving water sources. The rotor is reportedly able to extract half of the available energy and does supposedly does not impact wildlife because of the slow moving design. If you have a retreat that has a body of slow moving water on it, this may be an interesting energy option for you. Combined with modern inverter technology, this could potentially power an off-grid retreat with ease. Thanks to B.H. for the link.

Faith Map

Reader KMD sent in this article that contains a map that graphs how important faith is to the people in regions across the U.S. The map only looks at how important “faith” is and does not distinguish different faiths, so take that into a consideration. For example, Utah is a bastion of faith based people, but you know that is mostly LDS. Having a strong faith of your own does not mean that you will fit in or be accepted by the local population if you are considerably different in your beliefs than the local population.

The map also obviously contains some inaccuracies as many people consider their faith private and would not answer such questions. [JWR Adds: And Redoubters are famous for their tight-lipped independence.] There are also some strange boundaries that follow State lines leading one to wonder about the methodology used. But it is another tool for those wishing to relocate. Interestingly, you can see severe faith depressions concentrated in Urban areas.

Bad Cop

Reader D.S. sent in this article on a retired firefighter who was arrested by a Georgia State Trooper. The retired Battalion Chief was a witness to an auto accident and was the first on scene. During the rescue attempt, The fireman performed lifesaving actions on the accident victim, but had left his vehicle on the highway with the keys in the ignition. When the trooper arrived (dispatched by the fireman’s multiple 911 calls), he demanded that the fireman move the vehicle. Rickerson refused to leave the hurt accident victim until the ambulance arrived and was arrested by the trooper.

A police dashcam also caught the officers mocking the fireman. I don’t know what the law is in Georgia, but where I live, the first responder on the scene has ICS command of the situation and that cannot be forcibly taken unless life is in danger. A fireman also has priority in an accident scene over a trooper or police. Perhaps Georgia needs to consider some further training of their troopers before the taxpayers have to fund more public lawsuit payouts.

Shadow Banning on Google

Reader D.B. sent us proof that Google is shadow banning. The Charles Carroll Society has started a new podcast. When D.B. posted a comment that contained the hashtag #ObamaGate, the comment shows up in his own Google feed, but no one else’s. D.B.’s screenshot from his own computer shows both comments, but when I viewed the podcast, the comment containing #ObamaGate is clearly not there. In any case, you should take a look at the podcast as it deals with the FISA warrant that Hillary paid for on Trump.

Mad Max Style Violence

More information from Reuters on the Mad Max style of violence that is occurring in Venezuela. The country is quickly moving from the crises to collapse. The government continues to suppress the people and the economy continues to fall. The people are becoming desperate to survive. A truck driver transporting food is now one of the most dangerous jobs there is. At some point, we expect the violence to turn against the government, but that probably won’t happen until the military decides to turn on Maduro.

Prisons in TEOTWAWKI

In 2017 Fresh Out – Life After the Penitentiary collaborated with the Canadian Prepper on a series of questions about Prison and Prisoners in a SHTF scenario. This seven minute video is one of the interviews that came out from that collaboration. This is Big Herc’s take on what would happen in Prison if a natural disaster occurred. It’s interesting because a former prisoner’s response is not what most people think it would be. The comments are also interesting to read. Thanks to reader M.S. for the link. Warning: offensive language content.

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  1. I briefed a town mayor and staff, including the police chief, on the potential threat from EMP. Later, I asked the chief what he would do with prisoners in his jail if the electricity went down for an unknown period. He thought about it for a minute and replied “I’d turn them over to the Sheriff”. When I asked what he thought the Sheriff would do with them, he shrugged.

  2. What a shame to see the Hi-Power dropped from production. Though I don’t own one, I always liked the Hi-Power. I gained a much deeper appreciation for them, however, from the late Stephen Camp, whose Hi Powers and Handguns website ( is a must-see for Hi-Power fans and gun enthusiasts in general. There is a lot of good information to be found there.

  3. When I was in the British army, the Browning was THE pistol available to us.
    There is no doubt it was a fine design in it’s day, but it is a bit long in the tooth now. R.I.P.

  4. A retired firefighter is not in command of any scene. He has no place in the ICS structure, and he is not in command of the scene. Does it occur to anyone that the vehicle needed to be moved in order to prevent another serious crash, because it was blocking the roadway? No, it doesn’t occur to anyone that this officer may have been right, because folks that don’t know jack about public safety still have uneducated opinions. I’ve had it with the continual anti-law enforcement sentiment in Survivalblog. Good men behind the badge are dying almost daily, yet you insist on stoning the keepers at the gate. This long time reader(and past essay contest winner) is gone!

    1. @Deputy W,
      Like I said, I don’t know what Georgia law is, but trained personnel, volunteer or paid, fall under the ICS structure here in my state. A cop arresting a trained professional because that professional has already begun life saving measures when anyone can move the vehicle because the keys are in it is nothing but a power play. Too many in uniform push their “authority” forgetting that they are public servants. It gives all of the other “good men” in uniform a black eye. Until the “thin blue line” disappears and this kind of power play garbage no longer happens, all in uniform will struggle in their relationships to the general population. Law enforcement personnel are civilians too.
      I’m curious how you can claim that a call for behavioral accountability is “stoning the keepers at the gate”? Would you prefer that those in uniform act with impunity, regardless of the lives around them? Do you not believe that those in authority should be held to a higher standard?

    2. It’s not about cop bashing unless you think all those who wear a badge are infallible…Its about using some common sense and realizing by me arresting this man am I making this situation worse or better…To many times the Respect My Authority get in the way of handling a situation without using force…

      1. too many cops act and think their above accountability. I see the macho “I wear my sun glasses no matter what ” types who refuse to talk to a person nicely nearly every day, always their trigger fingers vibrate with anticipated glee.

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