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  1. I briefed a town mayor and staff, including the police chief, on the potential threat from EMP. Later, I asked the chief what he would do with prisoners in his jail if the electricity went down for an unknown period. He thought about it for a minute and replied “I’d turn them over to the Sheriff”. When I asked what he thought the Sheriff would do with them, he shrugged.

  2. What a shame to see the Hi-Power dropped from production. Though I don’t own one, I always liked the Hi-Power. I gained a much deeper appreciation for them, however, from the late Stephen Camp, whose Hi Powers and Handguns website (http://www.hipowersandhandguns.com/) is a must-see for Hi-Power fans and gun enthusiasts in general. There is a lot of good information to be found there.

  3. When I was in the British army, the Browning was THE pistol available to us.
    There is no doubt it was a fine design in it’s day, but it is a bit long in the tooth now. R.I.P.

  4. A retired firefighter is not in command of any scene. He has no place in the ICS structure, and he is not in command of the scene. Does it occur to anyone that the vehicle needed to be moved in order to prevent another serious crash, because it was blocking the roadway? No, it doesn’t occur to anyone that this officer may have been right, because folks that don’t know jack about public safety still have uneducated opinions. I’ve had it with the continual anti-law enforcement sentiment in Survivalblog. Good men behind the badge are dying almost daily, yet you insist on stoning the keepers at the gate. This long time reader(and past essay contest winner) is gone!

    1. @Deputy W,
      Like I said, I don’t know what Georgia law is, but trained personnel, volunteer or paid, fall under the ICS structure here in my state. A cop arresting a trained professional because that professional has already begun life saving measures when anyone can move the vehicle because the keys are in it is nothing but a power play. Too many in uniform push their “authority” forgetting that they are public servants. It gives all of the other “good men” in uniform a black eye. Until the “thin blue line” disappears and this kind of power play garbage no longer happens, all in uniform will struggle in their relationships to the general population. Law enforcement personnel are civilians too.
      I’m curious how you can claim that a call for behavioral accountability is “stoning the keepers at the gate”? Would you prefer that those in uniform act with impunity, regardless of the lives around them? Do you not believe that those in authority should be held to a higher standard?

    2. It’s not about cop bashing unless you think all those who wear a badge are infallible…Its about using some common sense and realizing by me arresting this man am I making this situation worse or better…To many times the Respect My Authority get in the way of handling a situation without using force…

      1. too many cops act and think their above accountability. I see the macho “I wear my sun glasses no matter what ” types who refuse to talk to a person nicely nearly every day, always their trigger fingers vibrate with anticipated glee.

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