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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. The water shortage in South Africa continues to get worse.

Lost Domesticated Plants

Archaeologists have discovered several seed caches throughout the Americas that indicate certain plants had been domesticated that are now just growing wild and considered wild edibles. This is an interesting development and brings up several concepts for food production that you have to wonder about. In today’s world of GMO crops, can they be domesticated again? How hardy are they compared to modern seed? This might be something to think about. Thanks to F.M. for the link.


Reader J.C. sent in this article on an increase in parasites that children have picked up on the playground. No, we’re not talking about politics here. This is roundworms and the eggs are shed in feces by stray dogs (and cats) and get ingested by children playing in the dirt. The parasite can interfere with breathing, liver function, eyesight and even intelligence. Since the parasite infection has not been much of an issue in the past, little research has been done on it and most doctors are unaware of it. Yet another reason to get out of the city. While the parasite lives everywhere in North America, it is especially prevalent in conditions where there is congestion of both humans and animals. Obviously, poorer communities are hit harder with it.

No Body Cameras

Reader T.P. sent in this article on a disturbing, but unsurprising move by the FBI in the LaVoy murder in 2016. The FBI apparently requested the Oregon State Police SWAT team to not wear body cameras. These are normally required by SWAT team members to be worn during operations. As a result, there is serious question as to the testimony of FBI agent W. Joseph Astarita because he claims he did not fire at the truck, yet forensic evidence claims that he did. In another “anomaly”, the State Troopers normally record the interviews of police officers that are involved in shootings, but they did not do so on this occasion.

German Arms Ownership is Up

While the government of Germany continues to play games and import immigrants into communities, the population is beginning to say “enough!” Small arms ownership is up nearly 85% in two years as over one million undocumented immigrants have flooded the country. Gun crime is relatively rare in this country, but the population is beginning to arm themselves claiming self defense. The number of crime suspects classed as immigrants is up over 52.7% in just one year. While the population continues to feel uneasy (we believe rightly so), the government is claiming that the problem is overblown by the media and social media. One official is quoted as “No one should be afraid of these people.”

Water Shortage

Cape Town, South Africa has officially tightened the water limits to 50 liters per person. This city that was once on the front of Africa’s green movement implemented the restrictions this week. This is after the city implemented an 87 liter restriction just a month ago. Officials are predicting that if the drought continues and the water levels continue to fall, South Africa’s second most populous city will be out of water by April 16th. It’s estimated that only 55% of residents are adhering to the water restrictions exacerbating the conditions. The city is looking to upgrade their water system, but it can’t be done in time. In a rather unerving statement, one official expressed the opinion that the city can no longer ask residents to stop wasting water. They must be forced. Thanks to H.L. for the link.

Gated Communities

Speaking of South Africa, Lauren Southern continues her series on the African state with a four minute video blog entry on the gated communities. Here in America, gated communities are often used to isolate unwanted people from homes, giving an exclusive feel, but there, they are a matter of survival. People no longer rely on the police because they are incapable of keep up with the violence. Even your average middle-class home is replete with 8 foot brick fences topped with high voltage and/or razor wire and plastered with armed security response signs. This is probably a pretty good example of a state that is further along the slippery slope that the U.S. is currently on with it’s gang and race related violence in the cities. Thanks to T.J. for the link.

Puerto Rico

Reader H.L sent in this article on the worsening conditions in Puerto Rico. January was one of the deadliest months in recent years with 78 killings reported. Victims have been the result of the usual gang/territory violence but also very disturbing incidents like the 20 year old woman found kneeling and burned to death. The homicide rate is currently 20 killings per 100,000, compared to the U.S. mainland at 3.7 per 100,000. Police have issued warrants for only a handful of suspects in these violent killings. In typical government fashion, the official statement is that there seems to be no rhyme or reason for the killings.


We don’t normally give out non-recommendations, but reader D.B. wrote in to warn other readers from Netflix’s new show “Altered Carbon”.

“Avoid this Netflix Original garbage raunchy scifi. One step away from X rated porno. Definitely not for kids.”

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  1. We are having elections this year and our excellent Sherriff is coming up for reelection against a very capable opponent . I am going to put the question of would you comply to a federal request that no body cameras be worn by your department? This will be done at a public Q&A meeting. Votes will hinge on the answers.

  2. German gun ownership is up. Sounds good, but how many of these Muslim Immigrants are among the new gun owners? Muslim immigrants, sounds like a government repeat of a bad idea, Typical unchecked left leaning leadership. There is no hope, they are doomed.

  3. Water shortage in Cape Town. If this article doesn’t make you move out of a city nothing will. With Los Angeles and Surrounding area receiving almost all of their water from Northern Ca, and the Colorado River from thinly lined concrete canals, a not so large earthquake could easily damage them beyond repair in time to save 20+ million people. Good luck FEMA

  4. One correction. Those parasites are from family dogs/pets. It’s kinda nice to say “stray dogs” but it’s “our” dogs and your neighbors dogs and the people who aren’t even your neighbors who bring their dogs to the playground and parks. This is not a new problem and the cause is still the same; pets.

    1. Learn what are the most common type of parasites and stock pile the necessary meds to combat them, I consider this to be as important as antibiotics as hygiene will decrease in times of trouble. In college I took an invertebrate zoology class and we spent quite some time studying parasites, if they do not kill you slowly, looking at them will, Look up the Fiery Serpent worm, Chinese liver fluke, and tricanosis which was the parasite that gave pork a bad name. I would like to see some of medical members of this blog address these issues.

  5. Edible weeds grow in our garden as well as or better than the domesticated plants we plant there. We’ve been learning about and eating our “weeds” for probably 6 years or so now.

    1. Weeds are anything growing where you don’t want it. Roses are weeds in a vegetable garden,tomatoes are weeds in a flower garden. Hybrids don’t reproduce predictably like a traditional variety will(to make seed collection sustainable).

  6. I don’t know enough about this but have seen photos of the crime scenes and read a few articles. SA farmers are being systematically exterminated and we need more farmers here on the US. Is it possible to somehow start an emigration movement to bring them here where they will be appreciated and safe?

  7. South African Gated Communities;
    For all you scifi readers out there, time to re-read and refresh on Robert Heinlein’s “Friday”. Besides the usual top-notch story and character development, read closely into the background and the society: a Balkanized America (and Canada?); Kalifornia Krazyness (art imitates life?); an overbearing police force (and what to do about it/them); gated houses and communities (with not only deadly security, but also body disposal, and the tough minded attitude that needs to go with it).

    The biggest part of this story that I wish was real, is the “beanstalk” to space (sigh).

  8. Regarding “parasites that children have picked up on the playground…roundworms and the eggs are shed in feces by stray dogs.” It’s not stray dogs. It’s dog owners deliberately using parks and playgrounds as doggie toilets. Every morning on my way to work, I see the dog owners bringing their mutts into the park, taking off the leashes and letting them run loose and befoul the grass where kids play. Dog owners think that parks and playgrounds are dog toilets.

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