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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Homeschooling is under attack in Kalifornia as authorities ignore clear signs of mental sickness and blame the excuse.

Grenade Launcher

Goodwill is apparently the place to obtain your hardware. Reader T.J. sent in this article showing that someone donated a grenade launcher to Goodwill along with several other items. The only problem is that it was loaded – with a live grenade. The launcher was received from another store. Employees said they forwarded it because they didn’t know what it was.

Kalifornia Homeschool

Kalifornia is seeking to treat homeschool families as presumptive child abusers. Despite the clear unconstitutionality of the proposed measure, lawmakers have plans to require invasive procedures. These include home visits, interviews and other government oversight, to force parents to prove that they are not child abusers. The measure comes after a horrifying case where parents chained 13 children who were malnourished and clearly abused claimed they were homeschooling the children. Despite the clear indications that homeschooling had nothing to do with the abuses inflicted on these children, authorities never want a good emergency to go to waste. Indoctrinating your children in their progressive/liberal concepts is priority number one. Thanks to H.L. for the link.

Premeditated Murder Planned Parenthood

According to this article sent in by reader D.S., The outgoing CEO of Planned Parenthood has declared that “Christians should be forced to perform abortions because morality is a form of discrimination.” This absurd statement is obviously targeted at president Trump as his administration has made an effort to protect religious liberties from secular coercion under the Obamacare rules. Once again, it becomes apparent that this has nothing to do with “discrimination” and everything to do with using government force to impose morals on a population.

New York Gun Control

New York’s SAFE Act gun owner database has hit the January 31st deadline with thousands refusing to renew licenses making them instant felons. Law enforcement officials have been told not to enforce the recertification provision because of a major bureaucratic backlog according to the Yates County sherriff. The decision means that Law enforcement will assist owners who they find in the recertification process rather than arresting them. Non-compliance as high as 50% is expected with the new law that attempts to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Note that this is not a “new” database of gun owners. The old database did not require recertification every five years. Once you had your license (and became part of the registration database) it was for life. Thanks to G.P. for the link.

Reality of Barter and Trade

Reader H.L. sent in this article on how quickly barter became the defacto method of commerce when Bosnia was blockaded along with these comments:

Even a natural disaster can cause long term problems. Or when the EBT cards do not work as happened briefly a couple years ago in one locality in the Deep South – people were not happy to say the least. Look at Puerto Rico after the hurricane! There is a huge increase in violent crime, and murders. Being prepared means many things: knowledge of how to do without and how to do essential things another way. Having long dated food, knowing methods of protecting the home and yourselves, knowing who you can trust and who (and where they might come from) you cannot are important. Having a few essentials to barter with, and being very careful who you barter with are equally as important.

There are several books by people in other countries that actually lived through an economic collapse in the cities and towns. Those without will want what those who have within 72 hours of doing without food and water, and they will leave where they are and go to areas they “think” people might have what they want. The longer you have to live, the more chance that the “Schumer will hit the fan”!

A fundraiser for Angel

JWR requested that SurvivalBlog readers look at this Fundraiser for Angel.

Second Las Vegas Arrest

Oddly enough, there has been another arrest in the Las Vegas shooting. The man who sold some of the ammo to the gunman has been charged with manufacturing armor piercing ammunition without the proper license. The unfired ammo was found in the hotel room and had the man’s fingerprints on them (all two cartridges). It will be interesting to see where this goes, but it really sounds to me like authorities are reaching here. Link sent in by G.T.

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  1. The way I hear it, the grenade launcher proved to be a toy and not the real thing. Scared employees and uneducated cops panic, as usual, when confronted with something they didn’t recognize or understand.

  2. regarding new york state. 70% of new york counties elected President Trump. commenters often suggest we vote with our feet to avoid ridiculous gun laws and taxes. too many people have worked for the state and municipalities and upon retirement leave for greener pastures. I do not have this option and would encourage people to stay and work to regain our rights. Buffalo is the original old west. without the erie canal and great lakes ,this country would have developed much slower. New York state has beautiful rural and agricultural areas filled with down to earth, hardworking individuals. Unfortunately our governor panders to urban voters in a handful of large cities where they believe the government is responsible for them. out here in the rural areas , we recognize that we and we alone are responsible to defend our families,friends and our way of life. i would encourage people to stay and help make new york great again. i would encourage anyone who infringes on my rights to vote with their feet and leave our state immediately. starting with andrew cuomo and his forced through under cover of darkness safe act.

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