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  1. The way I hear it, the grenade launcher proved to be a toy and not the real thing. Scared employees and uneducated cops panic, as usual, when confronted with something they didn’t recognize or understand.

  2. regarding new york state. 70% of new york counties elected President Trump. commenters often suggest we vote with our feet to avoid ridiculous gun laws and taxes. too many people have worked for the state and municipalities and upon retirement leave for greener pastures. I do not have this option and would encourage people to stay and work to regain our rights. Buffalo is the original old west. without the erie canal and great lakes ,this country would have developed much slower. New York state has beautiful rural and agricultural areas filled with down to earth, hardworking individuals. Unfortunately our governor panders to urban voters in a handful of large cities where they believe the government is responsible for them. out here in the rural areas , we recognize that we and we alone are responsible to defend our families,friends and our way of life. i would encourage people to stay and help make new york great again. i would encourage anyone who infringes on my rights to vote with their feet and leave our state immediately. starting with andrew cuomo and his forced through under cover of darkness safe act.

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