Preparing for the Inevitable American Gun Ban- Part 3, by Rector

I believe a full gun ban in the United States is inevitable. In the first two parts of this article series, I’ve explained why I expect this, through cultural, legal, and demographic trends. Part two discloses the first step for protecting your guns. Let’s move on to the second step in the plan.

Protecting Your Guns (continued)

Step 2: Prepare the Registered Gun Collection

Your Amazon browsing history (now up to 15 years old), your credit card records, your membership in the NRA, your concealed handgun permit, your GPS tracked trips to the gun range, et cetera will provide investigators with clear evidence that you (at one time) were a gun enthusiast. There is no way that you are going to successfully claim that you have “zero” guns to register. Claiming they were all stolen, shipwrecked, or other such nonsense is fun to laugh about, but it isn’t a real strategy. Remember, lying to a Federal Agent is a crime, so you don’t want to do it now or in the future. If they have traced gun purchases to you, it makes sense to still be in possession of the guns when asked. Unless you want to go down shooting right then, have a plan.

  1. Register several semi-automatic rifles and handguns matching your cached weapons. This provides justification and explanation for accessories, ammunition, and parts that may be in your possession. If you have a Glock 19 and an M4 cached, you should register a Glock 19 and an M4 with the government. It’s an immediate alibi and a believable explanation. It is possible that these “registered” firearms will continue to be usable and transferable in the new system and just like an NFA item now, they will remain usable in the new regime. If all you have is outlaw guns, you won’t want to dig them up to run to range on Saturday. Keep your options open.
  2. Have a decoy gun collection to turn in when the time comes: single shot .22LR, rusted .38 specials, et cetera. If you are having trouble visualizing what I am talking about, look at what is regularly turned in at “gun buybacks” that the idiots in Chicago routinely hold. I recently bought the remnants of a deceased gentleman’s collection from his feckless heirs; I got eight working guns for $500. Several of these are worth using and keeping; others are going into the decoy collection. If we bury the bureaucrats in rusted crap, they will consume resources and effort to catalog and manage the confiscated arms and may strike your name off the list as having “fully complied”. It’s worth a shot and will be good for a chuckle if nothing else.
  3. Take advantage of old technology and old guns. It is likely that lever action 30/30’s, single action revolvers, and double barrel shotguns may be regulated less stringently than modern semi-automatic firearms. While I wouldn’t want to go to war with a lever action 30/30, they are still a formidable weapon at close ranges of under 100 meters and can deliver a reasonable rate of fire. The same holds for SKS rifles, Mosin-Nagants, and M1 Carbines. All of these older technologies have a long history of successful use in military conflicts and when properly employed can be highly effective. If nothing else, they can be fun to shoot and won’t scare the pearl clutching liberals as much as black rifles. Don’t forget curio and relic guns, black powder, and modern archery equipment, as they can perform many of the tasks your now “banned” firearms used to perform.
  4. Consider transferring some of your firearms to a revocable trust or Limited Liability Company so that the legal entity owns the weapons, not you. In the future, it may be illegal to transfer weapons between individuals, even between you and your heirs. Holding the guns in trust may let you get around such limitations to transfer ownership. You can model the trust after an NFA trust widely available on the Internet or through specialty law firms. Once the trust is established and the guns are registered to the entity, it will never die, so the legal status of the firearms won’t change.

Step 3: Legally Acquire the Weapons – Off the Books

The best advice on purchasing firearms (legally) but without a paper trail can be found here, and doesn’t need another telling. In most states, residents who may legally possess a firearm can still purchase one from a private party (not a Federal Firearms Licensee) without any paperwork, background check, or government oversight. This is the famous “Gun Show Loophole” that ties the liberals in knots and its elimination the first order of business for the statists. In order for any registration scheme to work, transfers between individuals without government participation cannot be allowed. Once the ability to anonymously purchase a firearm is eliminated, their confiscation/registration scheme is viable.

I recommend that these paperless purchases be made legally, anonymously, personally, and in cash where allowed by law. I enjoy traveling to gun shows and estate auctions outside my hometown for this purpose. Maintain a digital blackout of your acquisitions; don’t use digital photos, Facebook posts, online accessory purchases, or blog posts about your new firearms. Don’t take them to the gun range (other than to test fire and sight the weapons) or to the gunsmith. (They may have to book it.) In short, avoid any public use or identification of the weapon as being yours. Don’t cerakote it, modify it, or do anything that would make it distinctive to you in any way. Plain Jane is the order of the day for your off-the-books collection. Keep it common and keep it simple.

Step 4: Off-Property Cache

Plenty of ink has been spilled on how to cache weapons and ammunition on these pages – here, here, and here. Some years back the Army issued me a copy of ST 31-205 U.S. Army Special Forces Caching Techniques (Dec 1982), which is now available on Amazon. In my opinion, it is the best and most comprehensive manual on how to cache weapons and equipment, though there are other sources. The key points that I would add, given the chosen scenario are:

  1. Make sure that you maintain OPSEC while planning and placing your cache. The idea is to tell no one. No one can be interrogated, tricked, or surveilled successfully, if they don’t know the location of the cache or even of its existence. Leave a sealed letter attached to your will with your attorney for your designated inheritor of the cache.
  2. Keep your fingerprints off the cached items, including ammunition and interior gun parts.
  3. Place the cache off of your property but in a place that you can monitor without criminally trespassing or jumping through hoops. I personally like to be able to drive by my cache locations and ensure that they remain unmolested without having to hike through the forest in the dark of night. Be creative.
  4. Distribute your cached material in several locations and never visit them sequentially if you can help it.
  5. Consider the trigger points that would cause you to pull the items out of the cache. Know the circumstances under which you would need them. You will ostensibly be operating in a non-permissive environment, so plan how the items will be uncovered and transported.

As People Change So Will Laws

Our nation and our people have changed, and our laws will follow. Human nature will not change. It is my belief that our future will be defined by the heavy hand of government. Scripture teaches that a centralized, oppressive regime will rule mankind in the last days.

The armed American patriot is offensive to this worldview that elevates the state above all else. One day we will be declared enemies of the state and will be prosecuted and persecuted to the point of death. The only defense against this inevitability is an armed populous.

Think of Your Future and Your Heirs

Think about your needs and the needs of your heirs in this future world, and take action now to prepare yourself. As Winston Churchill once said:

Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong – these are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history.

Tempus fugit

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  1. If the government ever gains so much control that it thinks it can take weapons, then we must stand as a unified populace and resist by all means available. Others may have pointed this out but it is required to secure the future for our children and grandchildren.

    1. When you consider that based on the authors original figure of 3% of the populace are serious gun owners, that is 9,450,000 people. That alone is 4 to 5 times the current standing military strength. Add in the semi-serious gun-owners and the casual gun owners, along with the criminal element that ain’t giving up anything, you have a force too big for the government to deal with. Especially when you considered that law enforcement and the military will not blindly follow confiscation orders. Many will refuse to enforce such a law. Some Sheriff’s departments around the country have already stated that they would refuse such orders. Maybe it would work in some big metro areas, but even there I think if would be difficult at best.

      1. Like ruby ridge and Waco right. Those sworn to uphold the constitution sure did the right thing and killed women and children.

        Face it you don’t have a magical number of people who will fight. The mass majority will be a turn coat to save their family from prison. We already have given them far to much liberty.

  2. My opinion? When “they” come to collect, I and others will surely comply. Hot brass will be scattered though! Prepare to be a patriot. That is our duty. End of story.

    1. You said it right Ohio guy there’s no way Americans that have the guns will comply other than a small percentage of them we need to protect our freedoms and resist government intervention into our means of self-protection from our corrupt government. If that means going down in flames when the time comes so be it. They will get tired of The Killing when the time comes the powers-that-be that is.

  3. So we are supposed to buy two of every firearm? One with paperwork,one without? Ya I’m not convinced. If ya give them up you are in the same boat with cached weapons or without. At some point they will make law abiding gun owners criminals.

    1. Chris Parker:
      In the simplest of answers, YES.
      By the time the kommunist take delusional control of our beloved counrty and label The American Patriot and/or gun owners outlaws will be the time to fight back, hopefully sooner rather than later We The People will start the fight.
      A Republic If We Can Keep It, I SAY WE KEEP IT!
      Semper Fi!

    2. “decoy collections” are useless.
      If the fed suspects he can and will jail you.
      It is better for the republic if we draw the line and stand ready to fight for our God given rights than to sneak around like criminals with outlawed guns. That would only serve to show them that we believe they are right and we feel that owning guns is inherently wrong.

  4. Interesting Article… But it still boils down to if it is time to bury them, it is time to use them.. You can Patrick Henry the situation or lick boots…

    1. Exactly right Brother…These articles border on propaganda from the left and the author should be ashamed of himself…Way to demoralize the normies by telling them you have to meekly give up your property that you purchased but hey you can have some stashed away that you won’t use anyway since you gave some up exactly like those earlier…So my question is what are you going to do when they ask for things like your wife, your daughters, your son’s, or whatever else you don’t have carbon copies of hidden away…Do people not understand that when you give up the means to protect yourself you are giving up your life and those you love lives…Your saying you don’t matter and your life has no worth…Oh man I could go on but will let this do for now…

  5. The only reason to cashe weapons is if you have way more then you need. Back up is always good for contingencies. But when confiscation comes that is the time to stand and fight not turn in firearms You only need to defeat the politicals.
    Read the book” unintended consequences “.

    1. “Unintended Consequences” is a great read, a work of fiction with history blended in for context. While it’s John Ross’ version of history, it’s great nonetheless. I’d urge you to read up on the historic portions, as there’s lots I hadn’t known about.

      Some of the things that Henry Bowman (the protagonist) did were ruthless in nature, but if it comes to it, it’s that level of ruthlessness that will be required. Keep that in mind when you’re saying you’ll fight to the death.

      Maybe you will, but are you ready to chop up other humans and feel them to pigs. Smash the teeth from dismembered headband run them over with your car. That’s what it will take, so consider that.

      It MAY be better to try to fix it now, with a keen eye on what you may have to do later.

      Unintended Consequences indeed. All actions have them.

    2. I’m honestly tired of reading that response to everything. The time to cache was yesterday. THis isn’t hiding all your firearms, its hiding the backup. There is a huge difference.

      And the idea of having a shoot out in your front yard, while your family is in the cross fire is ridiculous. Any decent man or woman is not going to get their family killed to keep that old .38 revolver. If you are willing to roll those dice, then you are a weak man, not a strong man.

      Read up on Ruby Ridge if it is still unclear the extent to which they will go to get that shotgun. They have immunity for their actions. You on the other hand, will not.

      1. Finally a sane reply – Thank You!

        Would I risk my loved ones for a few throw downs or die for a piece of paper that brought us same sex marriage and endless rights for every conceivable pervert and criminal – Hell No. AT

        1. You give up the means to protect yourself and your not risking their lives you have just signed their death warrant…Let me ask you a question why do you even have them in the first place if that is your attitude…And don’t tell me to protect yourself because you have already stated that you would just hand them over?

      2. I agree that it would be stupid to risk my family for an old 38. But what about my ar15s? What about my daughters everyday carry gun? What about my granddaughters favorite 22 rifle? What about my everyday carry pistol (yes,I carry everyday and everywhere that I legally can)? Where do you draw the line? My line is pretty clear. I will NOT give up my 2nd Amendment rights. I will not face whoever they send on my property. But, you can bet that someone will find where they live and correct the problem. I do not and have never advocated violence yet, the 2nd Amendment was written for just this kind of government overreach. If you doubt this statement, read the original writings of the enlightened men who wrote our great Constitution. A little study can open a world of possibilities!

        1. Jerry, I’m not sure what to think when I see the comment that you carry everywhere you “legally” can, but then speak of your 2nd Amendment rights. Haven’t you (we) at least rolled over a little right there?

          I don’t mean that as judgment in any way, I do the same. It just goes to show how many will act when confiscation does come. It will be slow… a matter of fact, I think the water is already at a simmer.

      3. Oh boy I’m not going to change your mind but maybe I will be able to help those who are unsure what to do and have just been demoralized by your comment…Once again I will state that is cowards talk and if you give up anything they have no right too then you will give up everything including your family…Your using your family as an excuse for your cowardice when if you actually were concerned about them you would fight for them… Think about it if you aren’t going to fight when you have the means to then your not going to fight when you don’t have them…You might as well go down and turn them all in now…Your not keeping them to defend yourself so why have them and they must not have any value to you if you would just give them up when ask to… Shaking my head at what men have become these days…

        1. I’m curious here. My mind keeps going back to the Boston bomber and watching the LiveLeak uploads of the SWAT going door-to-door and forcing occupants out at gun point to stand in the street while they searched the home. Yes, people complained about the treatment, but every one obeyed.
          What would have happened if just one patriot had stood his ground with an AR or AK and refused to comply because there was no search warrant? I’m pretty sure that patriot would have died, but probably along with several jack-booted thugs. I’m also pretty sure that would have stopped the illegal searches cold.
          I think it’s kind of like training children. When you have a spoiled child (because you have allowed them to get away with bad behavior without consequences) and you finally put your foot down, you have quite a fight on your hand as you retrain them. Eventually, if you are consistent, they understand and no longer push that boundary.
          We have those illegal searches because we have allowed them to happen. They won’t just go away by themselves.

          1. Yea they have conditioned those people and I think it would of been a different matter if they would of tried that somewhere where people still have fortitude…Which is why I stress over and over the need for Community where they aren’t going to be facing just the homeowners but the whole Community which will have their Sheriff on their side along with everyone else who the Sheriff just made deputies…It’s so simple even a caveman could do it but people are just to comfortable I guess…

          2. Boston, unfortunately, is an unarmed wuss city. Massachusetts is right up there with New Yawk, Kalifornication, and Kommiecutt for intrusive anti-gun laws and “regulations”. Hence the surrender to the threatening po-po.

          3. Swat wouldn’t of died… the sure force of room clearing is enough to make the room defender stunned. While they pump rounds into you and clear to the next room

      4. Guess you have not read Solzhenitsyn,it is not coming for the guns you should be scared of but what they will do if they get them. I believe that one reason the world has not fallen into total totalitarianism is the private ownership of guns in the US.

  6. Something to consider. Some credit card company’s are banning purchasing crypto currency with there credit cards. This could be a factor in government gun gun control.

      1. Attila, i think you are over-classifying things. Whether its gun control or money control, it is CONTROL. The screws will continue to get twisted, until you are directed (ordered) to line up for your micro chip.

        1. BobW:
          ‘over-classify’……MMmmm….yea o.k. I can see how one would come to such a conclusion, thing is I did not classify anything. You did that’s your problem you deal with it. If anything I over-simplified on my comment. I also note that you think that dying in front of ones children in ones own doorway is a bad thing…MMmmm….yea o.k. I can see how one would come to this conclusion as well. However, bluster or not, it would depend on the circumstances. I was lucky I had all of my children, all 6, in my early twenties and now they ALL proudly serve in our nations military so if something like …oh I don’t know….say… an insurrection or rebellion or hey a new revolution should happen to fire up I’m pretty sure I got backup, ya know my own fire team. As far as your whole ‘delusions of grandeur’ theory well that’s were it will end as a theory. You know your just a downer, a pessimist, a destroyer of moral, that’s a key component to losing a battle weather it be gorilla warfare or as front line heavy battle troops, bad moral will do more damage than a enemy bullet. For those of us who have been down range you know what I mean. Oh..and as far as the micro chip thing, yea good luck I will be executed before I’am forced to carry one or have one inserted into my body. I WILL NOT BE LOW JACKED. I’AM NOT A LOST PUPPY OR HORSE TO BE TRACKED AFTER THEFT OR A CHEAP PIECE OF OVER PRICED CLOTHING AT SOME MALL’boutique’!!!!
          We The People are in charge not the politicians and it is our Civic Duty to make sure they do the job they were hired to do in accordance with our orders and not sell off our freedom, liberty, or independence! We can make it happen ladies and gentlemen it has been done before and it can be done again. And here’s the great thing if we do it right, no blood shed. Yea, yea, yea, I know all it takes is hard work, we all know hard work, we’ve all done it, so let’s get to work America. And BobW you can be positive I’ve seen it in some of the things you’ve written on the Blog.
          All Y’all stay frosty. Semper FI!

          1. Atilla, I’m pretty sure you missed the intent of my post, but thats OK.

            WHy on earth would you throw down with a dozen nervous LEO types? What is the point? Martyrdom? They will be geeked up as s**t when they send one guy to your door. They will have sharpshooters in position before you get the door open. You were a Marine. You know what your teams did before you set up to conduct a deliberate clearing mission on a compound. Difference is they won’t all rush in. They will have one knocker, presumably with a local deputy or policeman. The guys behind them will presumably have safeties off. They will assume that you know why they are there. They might even have brought their MRAP along for the ride. Fire superiority will have been achieved before they knock.

            Is it your intent To fight to the death (because that sharpshooter isn’t going to miss) over that 1911 you purchased last year? You might call this noble, but I cannot.

            The time to fight is not when they are upon your door. When they start? Maybe. When its in full effect? Absolutely. Don’t conflate restraint with cowardliness, or lack of patriotism. When and where to fight are critical aspects up guerilla warfare.

  7. Tom Lowe has the best comment. I mean what is the Second Amendment for… for us to hide our cache in a time of crisis or to remove the crisis. Amen Brother!

  8. A well-thought, and useful article for sure, but…
    I agree with many of the previous commentors: In reading the Bill of Rights, The Federalist Papers, The Anti-Federalist Papers (which led to the pre-ratification promise of the Bill of Rights), as well as other correspondence from our Founders, it seems clear the the very purpose of the Second Amendment was to protect the right to own the tools necessary to push back against tyranny on that unfortunate day when our Constitutionally-secured Rights are finally trampled en masse, and in broad daylight. IF CONFISCATION OF THE TOOLS OF RESISTANCE IS NOT THE TIME TO USE THE TOOLS….THEN WHEN??? I would suggest everyone search the internet for a brief essay entitled, “Walter Mitty’s Second Amendment” by Jeff Snyder. If you have already read it, read it again! Sadly, while organization is best undertaken BEFORE the crisis, one is most motivated toward it AFTER the crisis has begun.

  9. Good article. Thanks Rector. I have two points to add to this discussion.

    1). Network with patriots. Share cache space with a few you can trust. In many cases, it won’t be family.

    2). We are already in Low Intensity Conflict. It isn’t just gun prohibition, which by the way originates with elected lawyers rather than the uniforms so reorient your efforts onto the root cause. Instead study your local statistics and address them for arrests and lack of criminal prosecution.

    A policeman explained to me that jails are so full that they have to release guys with multiple felonies back onto the street. When he arrests a felon and has them in his car, he has to call in to see if there’s space in jail.

    If not he has to get the cuffs off and turn them loose. For real. This is a family member telling me the truth. The other frustration is prosecutors denying that the police have sufficient evidence to go to trial, despite witnesses, material evidence, and police statements.

    We’re not talking about transom arrests from you or I driving along and getting randomly stopped for our safely managed weapons. These crimes are for drug dealing, possession of stolen property, breaking into our homes and businesses, assault, theft , stolen cars in crashes. That’s the level of felons getting kicked back on our streets.

    So we need some hard focus on serious and effective non-firearm practices and equipment for security, prevention, and intervention. The lack of enforcement or punishment are fomenting exponential growth of criminal action and populace. Even in the Redoubt.

    1. No one with a law degree should be allowed to hold any public office. The way they twist and distort the language goes against what the commonly accepted understanding of what the language means.

  10. I agree with the author, I think this is inevitable. I plan to fight when the time comes, cold dead fingers and all that stuff. How many of us really will go full Ruby Ridge or Waco? For the government moles reading this, my guns are located at oo1oo Kissmya** Dr., Rotinhell FU,4191775

    1. “How many of us really will go full Ruby Ridge or Waco?” My guess is not many. I base that on the fact that only about four hundred or so showed up at the Bundy ranch when they were being over run by the Feds. I would expect there to be four thousand patriots at least. I guess those four thousand felt that they were standing up for liberty by setting home and watching it on TV and feeling really sorry for the Bundy family.

      1. Don’t let your heart be discouraged Mray there was a lot going on that nobody saw behind the scene…The media will never be honest so don’t accept their propaganda…

      2. Bundy wasn’t my line in the sand moment. It was a strictly state issue and state militias only needed to show up. However because the avg militia is a keyboard warriors with 3 percent bumper stickers who consider training to be bump firing at a target 25 yards. You won’t find any good ones left.

  11. The statists know how many firearms are out there. They are many things, but they aren’t stupid. What is the most potent weapon they have in their arsenal? FOOD! Watch how fast those with patriotic intentions fold like a cheap suit when the supermarket shelves are empty. Observe how many will rat out friends and relatives for a loaf of bread or a few gallons of heating oil for those in northern climes.

    1. I’ve heard local LEO’s talking about how they will never go along with the government.

      It’s depressing. I could design a plan to out-maneuver them myself, and I have no training whatsoever.

      Step 1: Government issues food ration cards, about 200 calories a day less than required.

      Step 2: Government offers one month food ration card for each weapon (own or others) turned in.

      Step 3: LEO’s listen to children crying with hunger.

      Step 4: LEO’s turn in guns.

    2. The “statists” have no clue as to how many firearms are in this country much less ow many rounds of ammo exist. oming out

      If you believe anything coming out of the Imperial Capitol or any of its Madarins or Propaganda Outlets, you should consider a frontal lobotomy.

      1. They have a idea of a the amount. The arm chair Prepper and militia types are always posting “check my gun’s” photos..

        We already sold our rights and the cell phones are spying on you as you speak. they track what you say and offer you ADS for items.. What else is it tracking as you brag about illegal guns.

  12. Doc Raydio:
    Which is why we should be prepping NOW, not when the SHTF, but before IT HAPPENS! Because after it starts is no time to start if you do not have it by then you are SOL and/or you do not need it.
    When the confiscation starts it is time to head down range and I will shoot any Kommunist who comes to my front door (or ant part of my house) in the face!!!!
    I just pray to God Almighty to forgive me and that I have Good American Patriots on my left and on my right.
    Mr. ski and hike, sir, I like your school of thought, stay frosty.
    Semper Fi!

  13. Rector:
    I want to thank you for an outstanding article. You gave me allot to think about and plan. And I will not just plan but execute my plans. Thanx again. Stay frosty. Semper Fi!

      1. Incremental progress?
        Ok, so let me get this straight…

        We let them stop us and take our cash using civil asset forfeiture when we’re going to buy a truck off of eBay, we let them teach our children about anal sex and masturbation when they’re in pre-school, we let them take the house we’ve paid off after 30 years when we don’t pay property taxes, we let them allow transgender bathrooms so some deranged pedophile can go into those bathrooms with our sons and daughters, we allow the IRS to confiscate everything we own to pay off debts that we had no hand in accumulating, we allow unlimited surveillance of our phone calls, emails, and every other digital transaction, but when they come for our guns, THAT’S the final straw, so we go out in a hail of gunfire, becoming a martyr just like the ones we’ve spent $6.5 trillion and thousands of U.S soldiers’ lives fighting in two God-forsaken hellholes for the last 16 years…

        “The enlightened rulers of this great land did not seek to deprive the people of their right to bear arms. Unlike tyrants of the past, they had learned that it was not necessary to disarm the masses. The people proved time and time again that they were willing accomplices to the ever-expanding authority of the government, enslaved by their own desire for safety, security and welfare.
        The people could have their guns. What did the rulers care? They already possessed the complete obedience that they required”-Jeff Snyder.

        1. I appreciate your observations. Thank you.

          By incremental progress I was referring to each of us implementing our preparations in a consistent and ongoing manner – so we get it done rather than talk about it.

    In conclusion be strong—not in yourselves but in the Lord, in the power of his boundless resource. Put on God’s complete armour so that you can successfully resist all the devil’s methods of attack. For our fight is not against any physical enemy: it is against organisations and powers that are spiritual. We are up against the unseen power that controls this dark world, and spiritual agents from the very headquarters of evil. Therefore you must wear the whole armour of God that you may be able to resist evil in its day of power, and that even when you have fought to a standstill you may still stand your ground. Take your stand then with truth as your belt, righteousness your breastplate, the Gospel of peace firmly on your feet, salvation as your helmet and in your hand the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. Above all be sure you take faith as your shield, for it can quench every burning missile the enemy hurls at you. Pray at all times with every kind of spiritual prayer, keeping alert and persistent as you pray for all Christ’s men and women.

  15. I am honestly blown away by all the “shoot them in the doorway” comments. I understand internet bluster, but this is just plain scary.

    Since folks here like to reference founding fathers, consider how they fought a numerically superior, much better trained, battle-hardened opponent. Did they have a 1 vs 12 shootout in front of their children? I’m going to go with no. The idea of dying in front of your kids for a firearm means you failed your primary mission, provide for, and protect your family.

    Sneak attacks on Christmas morning. Ambushes in favorable terrain. These were the methods that won the revolutionary war.

    If you prefer a more modern reference, look at how the Taliban defeated the USSR and its ally in Afghanistan, or the NVA [stalled the US to the point of withdrawal] in Viet Nam.

    We won all the battles, and lost the war. In each case, numerically smaller, technically inferior forces won through ingenuity, and a superior will to win. At. Any. Cost. And the cost was extreme. Just like the Taliban only attacked when they had dramatically superior numbers (read: 200 to 30), the NVA only directly attacked the US forces when they had substantially more manpower, and usually with aid of armored vehicles. THe US inflicted terrible casualties on both forces, but in the end, the will to win was inferior to that of their opponent.

    If you think your sacrifice is going to be the rallying call for a new revolutionary war, you are misguided. With the proliferation of mass media, you will be the next crazy who shot at law enforcement, your family shamed (if not killed), etc etc.

    Think seriously about how you should, and will act before that time comes. Think long and hard about the consequences of your actions BEFORE you take those actions. How will your family be better off after you kill yourself in a fire fight against law enforcement? How will they be “just the same?” They will not.

    1. So if MS13 shows up at your doorstep your going to give them everything they want no matter what it is because that’s in essence what you are saying because if they (law enforcement)are coming to get your guns then they are nothing more than criminals…Your saying if someone has more firepower then lay down and lick their boots and give them everything they want…How do you live with yourself…

        1. Yea I know Brother…Sad That our society has gotten so bad that if someone demands your property that you have Rightfully Acquired that your just supposed to give it to them…Sad That…

          1. Lineman:
            …Sad That there is a real and very unfortunate possibility that in order to keep what is rightfully ours one will have to result to physical violence, you know armed combat. My Liberty, Freedom, Independence, and all known property ARE NOT FOR SALE AT ANY PRICE! No more compromises. Since the mid 1930’s we have compromised and compromised until eventually we will be compromised to death. NO MORE! No more Brother.

    2. Thank you, Often people are so chest thumping blowhards. This topic was posted on a prepper site and like you stated… the Arm Chair people calling everyone sheep and cowards. All
      claiming they will go down in a hail of bullets. Most couldn’t make it up a flight of stairs without getting winded.

  16. I am with you brothers. If you are ever in my AO, look me up and I’ll put you up for the night and feed you, and read some scripture and talk about how we can help each other when the hard times come. After watching the lib’s the other night when the President was speaking, I fear we are not far from the turmoil. Everyone saw those evil anti-american “leaders” sitting, and snarling at just good things of America. We all know that the republicans get walked on by them. I pray that the brotherhood is prepared. May our Great GOD continue to shine up all of us!

  17. ” Men should not petition for their rights , but take them ” . – Thomas Paine .

    Here’s my take on this subject matter . Rector , good writing . However , how is it , in the good ol ‘u.s.a. , land of the former free & alleged brave that this is even an issue ? { sarc on }

    Firearm’s are the essential tools of liberty , handle them , admire them , clean them , even if it’s not needed . I’m not so sure that ” gun confiscation ” is going to happen how ” we ” think it’s going to happen.

    I’ve heard our host ,JWR , in a past interview being a skeptic as well . Atleast in our lifetime .

    I think those of us on here should focus our attention on how to defend & protect you ,your family ,friends , neighborhood & America during a disaster or crisis . A failure of civility -lawson & garand , which is a book i highly recommend reading .

    ” Steel & Gunpowder cannot be un-invented ” . – Matt Bracken .

    Rector , ” they’ll ” never get them all . Relax , enjoy your life ,friends & family . don’t worry about this . In the end , it ‘ll work out .

    Liberty ALWAYS wins .

    S .J.

  18. Btw , doe’s anybody KNOW how to prepare pinto beans that have been milled ? Jwr , our host , mentioned in a previous interview , consuming them after milling . However , he didn’t elaborate on how to prepare them .

    This would be in a pinch , if water was scarce .


  19. I remember an article a long time ago about Oath Keepers. I do not know if it exist but the tactics the author of the article was brilliant.
    When it seems people in DC decides to move against the people, certain powerful men in government will simply disappear. And it is not just politicians but media elitist that simply disappear.

    What would happen to a future congress if 1/3 just could not be found?

    Anyway, I do not believe in the original premise. I heard that doom for 8 years under Obama’s when he had a super majority in both Houses in which they could have passed legislation to take away Americans weapons.
    They did not, why not?

    However President Obama’s was the gun salesman of the year, and Americans just got stronger.

    1. Skip , spot on comment ! Obama the heinous , sold more firearms & ammunition as his rein of emperor ,than any other u.s. president in this country’s history .

      We the people , must stand together as a collective of like minds , IF we are to defeat the deep state . Bobw’s comment is spot on as well .

      When ” the man ” comes to your front door , you’ve lost the battle . Guerrilla warfare , win’s the battle ‘s . When the vc & nva engaged the marines , the marines called them ” brawles ” . Very intimate & in your face warfare , very personal .

      Why ? The hatred for u.s. forces , also the enemy got in close so u.s. forces could not call in artillery & airstrikes .

      Frankly , i could careless that local , state & the feds allegedly know “we’ possibly own firearm’s . Pffft , so what ! Wha’d ” they ” gonna do ? Send us to vietnam ?

      here’s some recommended reading ,

      1. A failure of civility – Mike Garand & Jack Lawson . First edition prints can be found on ebay

      2. Citizen soldier – By robert bradley .

      3 . watch reid henrichs video on youtube , “sunshine patriots & middle ground gun control ” .

      Study up on guerrilla warfare , that’s your reading assingment !

      S .J .

  20. This website is fantastic. This article however is nothing but paranoia. Sorry, it’s not going to happen unless… we have a Red Dawn situation because the infrastructure has been wiped out, and the Chinese occupy all the real estate and businesses they already own. Then…well…..WOLVERINES.

  21. All the boisterous talk or armed resistance is just that. Nor do I believe door to door confiscation is any part of the plan.

    It would be easier to control powder, caps, and ammo, than tracing down millions of weapons.

    Adding laws that makes gun owners criminals and picking them off one by one, would work better and keeps them disorganized. Surely they will never get every weapon, but then they don’t need to.

    If you think it is not possible, consider the things you can’t buy now and the places you can’t carry! AT

  22. Consider the old west as unlimited immigration by people who refused ti integrate with the locals lead the immigrants to form communities who keep their own customs and traditions refusing to adapt to the locals. the locals finally tried too late to stop the immigrants by force of arms and failed they ended up on reservations in their own land, History is repeating its self again Where is your reservation or gated community

  23. ender:
    Thanx for the link. Mr. r3druger gets it huge time!
    To Mr. r3druger, Well done sir. Outstanding article and I agree with Mr. Jerry A Moulton, ‘Everyone should read it’.

  24. First: The US Government will never pass a Law requiring either [i]”registration, confiscation or both.”[/i]

    The Union would not hold together long enough for that to happen. Politicaly, whole States or parts of States or parts of two or more States would unilaterally depart from the Empire. The Imperial Government and its Mandarins will not have the resources to stop what is occurring.

    Let’s talk money. The aforementioned political crisis will cause world wide monetary and financial crisisis.

    Now before that happens the Empire will collapse under the weight of all its debt. Not only the District of Corruption but also many Sovereign States and Municipalities. Illinois, Chicago, LA and CA come to mind.

    Both Government, State, County, City, Town and Union Pensions are in deep doo doo. The brown, stinky poo poo has aready hit the oscillating rotor.

    Whatever and whenever it befalls ‘We the people”, all hell is going to break loose.

    Just a few thoughts efore the game

  25. BobW:
    Well, you obviously don’t have a firm understanding of a marine who was trained in front line battle tactics and guerrilla warfare.
    So enjoy.
    Oh, and I hope who ever is dumb enough to come to house enjoso my hospitality on a large scale.
    God Bless country.

  26. After reading the responses here I am left wondering. Wondering why we don’t collectively stand against the crimes of the federal government? I think of how the founders stood up to an entire Army, with little to no commo capabilities, they were able to defeat a standing Army. We, with unlimited ability to communicate and organize, sit on our butts and watch the Super Bowl while our rights are slowly abused and taken away by those who are supposed to represent us. I pray some day we will put frivolous things behind us and start to actually be involved in fixing things for our children and grandchildren. For it is our children and grandchildren that make us do what we do to prepare for survival, if we fail to secure freedom from tyranny for them, why do it?

  27. Fieldmarshelattilhuan critisising BobW I think is unwarranted. BobW is correct and I do not know where the Marine front line battle tactics are that he refers to. As an old US Marine we are taught rules of engagement and common sense, which BobW has related. By not capitilising Marine I assume he was not a Marine.

  28. Dan:
    Thanx for your input.
    As far as criticism goes I’m pretty sure we (BobW and myself) criticized each other pretty dog gone good which I’m O.K. with, considering that is one of the many things this Blog is here for, which is actually helpful. Now, if you were not a 03-hump-alot, or a corresponding MOS number, I have to take a wild guess and say you were a office pogue, of course I could be wrong, been wrong before, I’ll be wrong again. We were taught basic ROE in boot camp, other wise it changed depending on the combat zone we were in and/or the political climate, and a host of misc. items that would crop up as time went by. Common sense was taught to me when I was young and by my Daddy and Mama.
    As far as me not capitalizing MARINE…well dam I guess I’m human and did not hit the shift button, ooopppss, and if you don like it, to bad, that’s your problem, you deal with it. You and I have earned the right and privilege to spell or miss-spell MARINE anyway we want, THAT’S EVERY U.S. MARINES RIGHT AND PRIVILEGE!!!! We have know way of proving or dis-proving who is or is not a bonafide member of our U.S. Military while on this Blog and I’m good with accepting someone at there word, but, it is a sad day indeed when we out and out right trash each others military service.
    I do not dis-like BobW or you, Dan, we do not know each other well enough to do something that …..foolish. I come here to debate, learn, and ask questions, which are more reasons why this outstanding Blog is here. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion, thank the Lord, cause if they did I would feel like I logged into a kommunist leftest socialist facist sheeple sight, and I will not sit still for that. Enjoy.
    God Bless this blog and the boys and girls that run it, read it and join in on the debate.
    God Bless our great nation and her patriots.
    God Bless BobW and Dan.
    Stay Frosty America, Semper Fi!

  29. Dan:
    Oh, by the way you miss-spelled my call sign.
    It’s F-I-E-L-D-M-A-R-S-H-E-l-A-T-T-I-L-A-H-U-N, in case you care, but hey were human, besides what’s in a name, right?
    God Bless Y’all.

  30. I find it refreshing to see a logical and pragmatic line of thought. My only concern is mine and that is these of the metrics system for anything other then gun bores.
    Yes I know this makes me a crack pot but I believe that the metrics system was the camels nose under the tent. We must first do like everyone else and then think the same and then live the same. This makes it easy to move laws though when added to your changing demographics.
    Freedom will return it is all part of the cycle of life what we have today be comes the myths and legins of those that come after us.

    1. Not as much of a crack pot as you think. The metric system is worthless, and its claims of being more accurate really aren’t true. If they could figure out what measurement system was used to build the pyramids, maybe that would be the one to switch to if we are going to replace our current standards.

  31. Just who is it that will be confiscating all these weapons?
    a good 25 to 50% of Law Enforcement in most areas of the country will not carry out such orders. In some cases, it will be 100% of Law Enforcement will not carry out those orders.
    Admittedly, there are certain areas like NYC and other areas where they will try to carry out those orders with 100% participation. Yet, the population is far greater than the size of law enforcement. The legally armed populace is greater than Law Enforcement, and the illegally armed populace is greater than Law Enforcement.
    The military is weakened and at the smallest it has been since prior to WWII, and is scattered all over the globe. So, where is the “enforcement” going to come from to get these weapons?
    I know first hand from Sheriffs deputies I know, that no one will following such orders in my area.
    What you propose could happen in large metro areas but even then I think they would meet with strong resistance from the criminal elements, not to mention the legally armed elements.
    The only way I can see what you are proposing to happen and be successful is with foreign troops brought in that would brutally enforce such a law. That in itself could start a prolonged Civil War with the results being uncertain.

  32. “I believe a full gun ban in the United States is inevitable.”
    Well then, you are just are.
    They will try, but folks will get hurt.
    This is why they haven’t just banned everything yet.
    They ban the things they fear most, first.

    1. But remember arms of any kind are off limits to government and bans are flat out illegal. That includes the fed, states and all local/County/municipal etc.
      The right of the people shall NOT be infringed.

  33. old sourdough
    The outcome of a future government bringing in the UN for gun confiscation would not be in doubt.
    After patriots dispatched these invaders, the next set of traitors would be dealt with firmly and probably little compassion.
    The purginging of traitors would be across many areas from politicians to media elites.

    The speed of this cleaning would stun the world.
    Just a fun fact of one State, Wisconsin has over 500,000 hunters with high quality weapons, clothing and vehicles purposed for one thing, “The Hunt”!

    1. If all they bring in is UN troops, it’ll be a turkey shoot considering the past performance of UN troops elsewhere in the world. They would be better off bringing in Girl Scouts from around the world as they would at least accomplish selling us all cookies. They may not get our guns, but they’ll sell lots of cookies! LOL.

  34. “Lying to a federal agent is a crime. If/when it comes to that point you kill said agent or be killed yourself. When any government agent violates your constitutional rights you have the GOD given right to defend yourself. This will not happen until after the 2020 election. We have 3+ years to prepare. Plan accordingly.

  35. A possible scenario that could allow for Rector’s proposal to be implemented and accomplished, would require a devastating and demoralizing attack on the USA, which is a possibility.
    If provocateurs were able to get a suitcase nuke into NYC or Los Angeles and detonated it at the peak of the morning commute, it could easily kill upwards of 100,000 people and injure 10s of thousands of more people.
    Such an attack could have a destabilizing and demoralizing affect on the country, and allow for the government to call for gun confiscation for the protection against any further attacks.
    The problem I see with this scenario and all others, is that there are far too many people in this country that believe in the Freedoms we have under the Constitution and will never give those Rights up. Many of our ancestors may have come from Europe where they had been considered only serfs but finding freedom in the USA change all of that and those serfs became free individuals who could choose their own path in life.
    Whatever country tries to invade the USA and take our freedoms away from us is facing an enormous fight. That includes any internal enemies looking to do the same thing.

  36. I think confiscation would only work briefly. They would kick down the door of a few houses and succeed, but then a day would come where the first cop thru the door gets a face full of #00. The rest will retreat, and, depending how tight the neighborhood is, turn around to see the rest of the neighborhood pointing guns at them. If that time comes, hopefully enough of us won’t be too consumed by American Idol or Dancing With the Stars.

  37. I’ve just found this article and have not had an opportunity to read the comments – so forgive me if the following has previously been asked and answered.
    First – of what use are weapons cached away from a primary residence when trouble shows itself at your primary doorstep?
    Second – under what conditions would one use cached weapons, if not when needed at a primary residence? Doesn’t caching offsite simply move a potential conflict from one place to another?
    Maybe I have missed the point. My thanks to any who reply.

  38. “3. Take advantage of old technology and old guns…”

    If you think you might have to depend on your ability to make your own black powder (God help us), you had better be prepared to hang that AR-15 over the fireplace and start acquiring muscle powered weapons, i.e. lever actions, bolt actions, revolvers, etc. …meaning non-gas operated.

    And go for stainless steel if possible. …oh, and buy a few bullet molds and some lead.

  39. As far as Barney Fife and all the other little Fife’s, coming to kick down your door and haul you away in chains, it might happen one or two times. After his kids and his wife get whacked he’ll have other things to do.

    When the night letters go out, the other folks in the stick will have other things to do.

    It will make the “troubles” in Ireland seem tame.

  40. Great topic and we are in for a world of hurt. This is something I had brought up before with other pepper’s. The chest thumping blowhards do not understand this. They can’t think outside of a red dawn movie box. Its easy to claim you won’t turn in anything and go to war. when the threat of life, family and property isn’t existing right now. This is the same statement I always say to those 3 percenters. You can claim patriotic things but what have you done that the original 3 percenters did.

  41. I saw a news article this week about a bill being introduced into congress to limit a individuals ammo purchases to no more than twice the magazine capacity once every few months (look it up I do not have it in front of me ) but they don’t have to confiscate your fire arms if there is no ammo to be fired , just a thought provided congress goes through with the bill

    1. Bigguy:
      I read your post and went hunting for the ‘supposed’ new Congressional Bill To Limit The Purchase Of Ammunition.
      The only News Articles I could find were on, the old and tired beat like a dead horse, laws that ARE being implemented in Kommunist Korruptifornia AND a new one that is being brought to the floor by the New Socialist York State Legislature, which was reported in the Washington Post news paper.
      No Go on The U.S. Congress doing any such animal, sorry. (not really, LMAO)

  42. Skip:
    I’m not sure what the total is. What ever it is I’m sure the figure is up there.
    I just want my fare share!
    I do know that on March 11, 2013, reported that Homeland Security had purchased 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition.
    Stand by for what happens next!

  43. @Rector

    In Australia, the next push is LA shotguns, LA rifles such as Win30-30, Marlin,etc, these are being legislated to highly restrict from Cat A/B to C/D , Cat A/B covers 22 LR through to 300Win Magnum and a few above, the majority of (90 percent) Australias 3.7 million gun owners fall in the A/B category, relatively easy to obtain, the C/D cat is only allowed for collectors or heavily restricted occupations such as farmers and some rural licensed pest shooters, so don’t count on LA arms being more overlooked, the rewritten legislation is slated for late 2018, with bipartisan agreement by all parties and all Police ministers.

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