Preparing for the Inevitable American Gun Ban- Part 2, by Rector

A full gun ban in the United States is inevitable. In part one of this three-part series, I begin to outline the cultural, legal, and demographic reasons I believe this is the case. Let’s continue looking into the changing demographics of the United States and its subsequent affect on the political landscape.

The Enemy Has A Vote

In my former life as an Infantry officer in the U.S. Army, we were fond of saying that “the enemy has a vote”, meaning that our best laid plans were likely to be undone by enemy action. Rest assured, the statists and gun control activists are planning and influencing government, just like we are. The American left is openly discussing how gun registration and confiscation “solved” the gun violence “problem” identified after the mass shooting in Port Arthur Australia in 1996.

I personally cannot stand reading leftist ramblings, but you should maintain awareness of the seriousness with which confiscation is being proposed. Read for yourself here, here, and here. Remember that just 3% of Americans own 50% of all firearms. It’s a big deal to you and me but not so much for the 70% of Americans who don’t own guns of any type. Are 1-2% of us (called “super enthusiasts”) really going to keep the rest of the country at bay indefinitely? We are outnumbered, and it is getting worse.

Bureaucracy – Not Midnight Raids

While an abrupt confiscation scheme is a “statist fantasy”, as summarized here on these very pages by our Editor Mr. Rawles, the left recognizes this fact and will plan accordingly. Rather than shocking the national psyche, they will accomplish confiscation via registration through incremental legislation over time. As we have seen after every major shooting spree, whether real or fabricated, the push for more gun laws is their first instinct. Once the left has solid majorities in government, you can expect Federal law to look a lot like California, and eventually the United Kingdom.

While I agree with the sentiment that many, many Americans will refuse to turn in or register weapons, we can look at our experience with “machine gun” registration for insight into the future. The National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA) requires the registration of fully-automatic firearms, suppressors, short barreled rifles, and short barreled shotguns. The Gun Control Act of 1968 placed “destructive devices” under the NFA and prohibited the importation of fully-automatic firearms for private purposes. The Hughes Amendment in 1986 prohibited the domestic manufacture of fully-automatic weapons for private ownership.

Violations of the these laws are a felony offense, which can carry a ten year prison sentence, a $10,000 fine, and the loss of the right to own firearms in the future. I would propose that the vast majority of gun owners would not risk the penalty to possess an unregistered NFA item, and for good reason; the rewards aren’t worth the risk. Accordingly, most NFA items were dutifully registered in the various amnesty periods that were offered by the Federal government.

Your Personal Response

Consider your personal response if Congress placed all semi-automatic firearms under the NFA and required immediate registration of these items. You could keep them as long as they were registered and taxed as a Class III item. Would you register them all? What would you do with any unregistered guns? Are you going to risk an armed standoff in the absence of a “revolution”? Are you going to “go down fighting” over this incremental step? Did you know that lying to a Federal Agent is itself a crime punishable by prison time? What will you say when they ask about your neighbor’s firearms? Will he say something about your collection? What would a peek at your browsing history reveal about your interest in firearms? How would you explain a long ago purchase of 1,000 rounds of 7.62X51 without a “registered rifle” on your list?

Once the registration has been accomplished, refusniks will become a law enforcement problem. Do you shed a tear now when some idiot converts an AR into select-fire weapon and gets arrested for doing so? I propose that most “responsible gun owners” will register their weapons, just like their grandfathers did in 1934 and 1968. You will, too.

Take Action Now

Demographics is destiny, and destiny requires action now. The future has already been determined. You may disagree with some or all of my conclusions, but it is my belief that reasonable and fully legal action now is a wise course of action, given the strong possibility that a dramatic change to gun regulation is inevitable. The next section will provide guidance on how to protect your gun collection from future registration and confiscation.

Protecting Your Guns


Here’s the reality (in my view) regarding turning in your guns: you will do it. The government knows what we know; a total and abrupt attempt to confiscate firearms will be a national bloodbath. If only .005% of gun owners get ugly about it, there will be something on the order of 500,000 incidents of active shootings. Some of us (I am a former Army Ranger) will undoubtedly levy an enormous cost upon the forces of confiscation, if such a ham-handed approach is attempted. A meaningful proportion of the police and military forces will align with the citizenry and things will fall apart. Liberals are stupid, but they won’t try this technique. Instead, they play the long game, and so should we. Here’s what to do about it.

Step 1: Determine What Will Be Needed in the Unregistered Collection

Your decision as to what types of firearms will be needed in this dystopian future is dependent on your pet scenario, but it is clear that future gun bans will start with semi-automatic rifles and handguns.


For routine personal protection, nothing beats a handgun for utility and concealment. Your ability to carry in a non-permissive environment will require a handgun that is highly concealable along with the accessories that complete the package:

  1. A handgun small enough to accomplish “deep concealment”. In a total ban environment, imprinting or accidental exposure of your handgun will result in a prison sentence or a really tough decision at the moment your gun is identified. I recommend a handgun that is very concealable; a single stack magazine, a short barrel that’s 3-3.5” max, and a shorter grip would fit the bill. It could be something like a Glock 43, Springfield Armory XDs, Walther PPS, Ruger LC9s, Kahr CM9, Sig Sauer P290RS, or the S&W M&P Shield. Gallons of ink have been spilled in the gun press about this topic. Just remember to keep the gun small.
  2. A handgun caliber effective enough to do the job. Even more ink has been spilled in the defense of one caliber over another; however, I will propose that 9mm is the best choice given this scenario. Modern 9mm ammunition at higher velocities carries enough punch to stop an assailant but is small enough to keep the magazine size and gun size concealable. It is common, inexpensive, and is likely to be available in the future as new 9mm weapons are being fielded this year.
  3. Ammunition that will do the job and last. My recommendation is no less than 200 rounds of self-defense ammunition (hollow point) with sufficient terminal ballistics to be effective against a human. Nickel plated brass will provide longevity during the storage period and reduced friction in the action. It is imperative that you cycle at least 20 rounds of this specific ammunition in the particular firearm you have selected to ensure the two work well together. There will be limited opportunity to test fire handguns in a non-permissive environment, and you cannot assume that all self-defense loads will cycle well in all handguns. Pay cash for this ammunition, and don’t handle it more than necessary. Keep your fingerprints off the rounds and boxes. (I have more on this later, too.)
  4. Multiple magazines for the concealment handgun, at least three total. Stainless or polymer magazines are preferable, due to their resistance to corrosion.
  5. A good quality concealment holster that you have already worn for at least 30 days. TEOTWAWKI is not the time to be breaking in a new IWB holster or other carry rig. You must carry your particular rig now, as you intend to in the future, to work out the kinks. Ensure the effectiveness of your carry technique and your weapon’s concealability now. Ensure that you have a belt that works with the rig and spare parts for the holster system. In a future gun ban, it may be difficult or impossible to buy a concealment holster on without attracting the attention of the Matrix. Buy all your needed accessories now, while there is some measure of anonymity. Test it extensively so you aren’t experimenting when the authorities are rounding up “weapons traffickers” in the future.

My personal approach was to simply duplicate my everyday carry system in its entirety and cache the whole system. (I have more on this later, too.) As a concealed handgun instructor, I carry everyday regardless of my situation or clothing. Though I own many handguns, I have settled on a stainless Springfield Armory XDs in 9mm in an Alien Gear IWB holster. After years carrying this rig, I opted to duplicate it (sans paperwork) in its entirety and set it aside for the future.

Battle Rifles

The most likely candidate for registration and confiscation is the semi-automatic rifle with military characteristics– the “assault rifle” or battle rifle. As such you should purchase one or more in a legal private sale, from an unknown third party, with cash. This rifle should be chambered in a common military caliber– 5.56 NATO, 7.62X51 NATO, or 7.62X39 (to improve your access to ammunition), and be accompanied by a substantial supply of magazines, accessories, and ammunition. Just as with the handgun, you should ensure that your rig is tested, sighted in, and you are capable with the weapon. Don’t forget spare parts, 6-12 magazines, a sling, cleaning kit, lubricants, and an instruction manual. (It might not be you opening the cache.)

This weapon’s cache is a worst case scenario contingency. If you have to dig up a battle rifle, the situation is probably well advanced and has gone pear shaped. Plan accordingly. The cache should consist of the items needed in a full scale military engagement. At least six high quality magazines, 1000 rounds of ammunition, a sling, an optic, and a cleaning kit would be minimum equipment needed under these conditions. If you have to dig it up, you will be doing so under wartime conditions. Plan accordingly.

Other Weapons

In addition to the primary weapons systems above, I have included a scoped, bolt action rifle chambered in 7.62X51 (.308) for hunting and long range shooting, a 12 gauge pump action shotgun, and a .22LR semi-automatic rifle. In my specific case I went with a mildly used Remington 700, a Remington 870, and a Ruger 10/22. These are very common firearms in common calibers. Parts and ammunition for these firearms may be easier to come by under a future gun ban.

In each case, I opted for a composite stock and stainless steel (where possible) to prolong the life of the weapon while cached. It took me more than a year to find these specific items from a legal, private party, cash sale. Start trolling the gun shows and classifieds now, because it is less common than you might imagine to find someone who wants to part with an 870 or 10/22!

Tomorrow, we will conclude with part three.

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  1. “Start trolling the gun shows and classifieds now, because it is less common than you might imagine to find someone who wants to part with an 870 or 10/22!”
    These guns are boringly common at gunshows in this area, as are ar15’s and all of the plastic pistol models.
    As I said yesterday Bring it on baby!

  2. I completely agree with the idea that not only will Billy Bob, or his wife, register their own weapons, but they will tell the authorities, “I saw Billy Joe’s guns last week, and he has an arsenal and thousands of rounds.” I believe this could easily happen if a “reward” was offered to tell what they knew. COMSEC is a good thing.

    1. Exactly right, I believe there will be a healthy incentive for snitching on “Bitter Clingers”, that may reward with either cash, or food. Imagine a father of 4 starving kids, who knows his friend who is single, with no kids, is holding out an arsenal that would payout a lot of food. I would imagine the choice for him to snitch would not be very hard.

    2. 14 school shootings so far in 2018. Most guns used in these shootings come from the home. If we don’t start to educate gun owners to keep guns and ammo secure, your hypothetical binomial snitch is the least of our worries.

      1. What good is a secured gun for home defense? I raised 4 kids with loaded guns all over the place. I taught them all about guns, everybody got to handle them and shoot them. They were told if they ever wanted to shoot just let me know and we shoot. Taking the mystery out of guns is the key, my kids could care less if there were loaded guns in the house in plain sight. There was no fascination there for them. They were always taught that all guns must be treated as if they are loaded. Of course these were Midwestern country kids, not citified knuckle heads.
        Probably didn’t hurt that I have been a custom gunstocker and competitive shooter all my life and dozens of rifles leaning in every corner and handguns laying on the counter tops and tables of the house was/is common and there for no big deal…
        I have bought and sold I don’t know how many guns in my life time. If they go back and dig up the paper work on all my purchases chances are I might not even remember ever owning the gun. I don’t have a clue who I sold them to or when I sold them. Looks like the Gulag for sure for me.
        I’m old, I have had a great life. If the Gov. wants to take me out over guns then that’s just the way it goes, I’m not giving them up. I was given a M1906 Winchester when I was 9 and was given unsupervised use of it anytime I wanted. Guns are a main part of my life, I’m a part of the “gun culture”, I’ll not be conforming to stupid rules.

    3. East Germany would reward people with extra food stamps for informing on their neighbors. It was so widespread that when reunification happened, they burned the records. They were terrified that there would be a bloodletting if the information became public.

      1. …the United States then hired East German Stasi leader Markus Wolfe to help create and setup the Department of Homeland Security… nothing to see here folks, move along…

        1. They should of burned Markus Wolfe instead of the records, then put the records on display for the whole world to see.
          Hey wait a minute, we should burn Markus Wolf and all is traitoris tyrannical wanna be’s here in the U.S.

  3. The snitch factor will be a major problem. Especially if the information was given to the police “anonymously” or if the information could be used to settle grudges or if the snitch is a true believer in leftist claptrap about banning guns.


  4. The best way to prevent confiscation and to increase the number of people with firearms is to teach others how to shoot.

    Non-shooters think guns work like they do in the movies. They see some 007 movie and think anyone can shoot someone running on a rooftop while they are running on the street. They think silencers are silent, all guns are machine guns, and it’s easy to hit a man at 50 yards with a handgun.

    Teach them to shoot. If they are young family members, and their parents start to freak out, explain that knowing how they work will teach them how to avoid getting shot if some nutcase starts pulling the trigger in a mall. When they realize how hard it can be, they will start to understand why “zig-zag” is their friend.

    With my niece, I start with a 22lr, I show them a m1a and a ar15. I had her hold them hold boh at shoulder level, and asked: which one is more ergonomically female friendly? I explained that almost all firearms on someone’s band list are designed for female ergonomics and strength levels. I show them an example of the 21ft rule, and I try to avoid political points. Oh, who am I kidding, I try and not go overboard with the political stuff.

    You might not be able to get them to stay up late reading “Boston’s Gun Bible” but at least they will be voting from an educated point.

  5. During the sad dark days of King Barry I ordered and picked up a double barrel shotgun. Other customers looked at it and asked “why, a pump has more rounds, some even have magazines?”. My answer is that they are going after magazines, claiming standard capacity is high capacity, the tube on a pump is basically a magazine, etc, this gun doesn’t have a magazine and in the future when magazine guns are banned this gun will be much more expensive and harder to buy.

    During the Clinton Charade they ran a poll with various military units and the LAPD. Innocent enough at first asking questions about serving with UN troops, would you follow orders from a UN officer, etc. Till the last question that asked “if guns were outlawed would you obey the order to disarm American citizens?”. The results were the same from military and police, rookies (under 6 years of service) said yes, veterans (over 6 years of service) said no. That was 20 years ago, Clinton started clearing out the military of the veterans and Obama went in to overdrive with SJW promotions to authority positions were some have even openly said they would disobey Trump. The military and law enforcement right now is hard to judge which way they would turn if ordered to attack American citizens, percentage of who would and who wouldn’t is unknown right now. But think about this, under Obama all these government agencies bought billions hollow point ammunition which is illegal to use in warfare but not on their own citizens.

    1. ender:
      The questionnaire you speak of was given to the U.S Navy and U.S. Marines because they are not covered in the Posse Comitatus Act–not the military as whole. The answers were that to be checked off were;
      1) yes
      2) no
      3) unsure
      If you were smart you marked unsure. I did.

  6. The Republican’s NDAA signed New Year’s Eve 2011 (although Bush’s Patriot Act laid the foundation on October 26, 2001) was America’s death knell. American citizens became mere subjects. That event was our generation’s Declaration of Independence but patriots never showed up, even here in The Redoubt. Truthfully, I was shocked.

    My point: Aren’t years of ‘defensive strategies’ and rejection of ‘offensive actions’ simply shifting the shedding of blood for liberty to our children?

  7. “Remember that just 3% of Americans own 50% of all firearms. It’s a big deal to you and me but not so much for the 70% of Americans who don’t own guns of any type.”
    Those statistics are not valid. Remember, there are 3 types of lies; lies, damn lies, and statistics.
    1. Not every gun or gun owner is accounted for in those stats.
    2. There is little agreement on just how many gun owners there actually are, especially when you consider that BOBS increased gun sales and ownership tremendously during his reign of terror.
    3. Based on 325 million people, with an estimated gun ownership of 55 million is approximately 17% not 3%.
    4. Gun ownership, depending on whose stats you use varies from 40 to 75 million. I tend to lean to the high side because there are many out there that have made private buys that are not accounted of in the stats. So the stats are really somewhere between 14% to 25%.
    5. The stats do not include the illegal gun ownership which is probably a minimum of 5%. That is 16,250,000 people. You think they’ll turn in their guns without a fight…I don’t think so.
    6. There are a lot of people out there that own guns that they inherited and have not bought any guns. They are mainly hunters and sportsmen, and they have to be at least 2 to 3%. There folks are also not accounted for.
    7. Be careful whose statistics you buy into, as anything from the government or Leftist sources will down play the reality of those statistics.
    8. The reason we have not had a hostile invasion of the USA is because the general population is so well armed. If it wasn’t we would have been overrun a long time ago.

    Just some food for thought.

    1. No need to imply dishonestly when you cannot provide statistical evidence that contradicts my statement.

      My original article submission cited the sources for these statistics – I didn’t just make them up. These data came from NORC at the University of Chicago’s 2015 General Social Survey, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2011 survey, the Congressional Research Service, the Federal Reserve, research by Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck, and a survey conducted in 2015 by Harvard and Northeastern University researchers.

      The point you may be missing is that a small percentage of gun owners – 3% is my claim – own the majority of firearms. Most gun owners own 3-4 firearms, a small group of 8 million adults own on average 17 guns. These are the superenthusiasts as we have been described. People who own a lot of guns and shoot regularly feel much more strongly about this topic than casual gun owners or shooters. I’m not sure they will be burying their cache in the backyard!


      1. You only have to have 17 to be a “super enthusiast”? HA! I sold 120 before I moved 8 years ago and still had to move a pick up truck full.
        When I worked for Rock Island Auction a collection of just under 1000 shotguns came in from one client. I suppose many clients that were auctioning off part or all of their collections were selling on the average 50 to 300 guns at a time.
        I don’t think anybody has any real grasp on how many people have how many guns, especially your sources.
        BTW, I noticed all of your stats come from either very liberal/leftist sources or the government. I don’t put much stock in anything either of those types of sources put out, it’s all propaganda.

        1. All stats are what you want them to be; that is why there are the 3 types of lies; lies, damned lies, and statistics.
          Unfortunately, the usual case is that the outcome of a statistical analysis is done prior to the start of the analysis. That was discussed a lot in my statistics class when I was working on a Masters degree.
          It is much like accounting/book-keeping, the boss as the accountant/book-keeper what the bottom line is, and their response is, “what do you want it to be.”
          When you are playing with numbers, the results tend be be very subjective, not objective. In this day and age is it quite normal for someone’s personal views to corrupt any statistics they are working on.

      2. Statistics are whatever you want them to be, regardless of the source. Stating sources doesn’t make your case either, especially any government stats, which are very subjective and far too politically influenced. I took statistics during my Masters program and came out realize how statistics only do what you want them to do, and telling the truth is rarely the case.

        1. Yes, statistics can be manipulated – this is a truism. I am not resting my case on any single statistic from any particular source. I have a BA from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Arizona State University and have taken advanced statistics courses too. I get your point. Here is my point:

          A big chunk of the guns in America are owned by a smaller group of collectors and enthusiasts. Gun culture is a big deal to us but not as big a deal to the typical gun owner. If the law changes – the typical gun owner may not be willing to go down fighting, but will instead register their weapons.


        2. Good question. I believe the noncompliance in CT is because 1) the state hasn’t tried that hard to collect any firearms or enforce the ban 2) the pressure is reduced by the ability to transfer the guns out of state.

          If the ban is Federal it will be like the NFA.


        3. My step-dad works for the Cencus Bureau and is a died in the wool kommunist liberal and eve he constantly complains about how bad the governments accounting is.

    2. I’m a boomer and my father as well as I bought many firearms before we had to get permission from ATF. These are unrecorded and their are millions of these firearms out there that are being handed down in families.

  8. Possible good hiding place for caching whatever that involves ANY metal: A shed filled with junk: broken lawnmowers, parts of tin roofs, broken concrete blocks, pallets, etc. Make sure that metal covers some of the dirt floor AFTER you dig it up to cache whatever! Toss in some old bottles, some broken, an old dirty mattress. Do NOT make the shed inside or outside look nice. Put a small hole in one of the panes of glass. Satellite cannot look through the roof while you are digging and caching, and METAL DETECTORS will only alert to the JUNK you tossed over the floor. Just make it look like it was 50 years old, and if you have just an acre or two, and no near neighbors, plant some climbing thorny bushes such as Multiflora Rose (that stuff could take over the world, so you can use a chain saw to cut and shape it into a great hedge to keep intruders OUT – even pigs will not go through a bramble patch of Multiflora Rose. My Dad planted it back on our CT farm in the 1950’s). In fact, if you do NOT live in a subdivision, and have no CLOSE neighbor, a nice hedge around your property with opening into the driveway works well. Just make sure to plant it at least 5 feet INSIDE property line so that you can walk on the back side with chain saw or electric or gas operated hedge clippers to keep it from spreading. Do the same INSIDE the property. Has pretty flowers and red berries in the winter. Birds love them. It WILL come up in your lawn, but mowing takes care of it. Such a hedge can be 8 to 10 feet high in no time, keeping all but intruders with hedge clippers and determination from coming onto property. Keeps nosey neighbors from looking out their windows to see what is going on in your yard. PRIVACY. They would have to come down the driveway which could have motion sensors, lights, cameras, alarms in the house.

  9. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (Commie-NY [BUT i REPEAT MYSELF…]) proclaimed during the Klinton regime that Congress could not simply remove the 2nd Amendment. It does, however, have the power to tax.

    A 1000% tax on ammunition would render the remaining firearms held by the people moot.

    The beauty of the proposal is that Congress wouldn’t even have to pass a separate law since the IRS or the Left’s prized VAT tax could be used to arbitrarily and simply impose high rates of taxation necessary.

    How many people buy a firearm and a couple of boxes of ammunition and think themselves “ready”?

    1. Reloaders are everywhere. First rule of a Free Market ,known to gubmits everywhere as Black markets…..If there is a demand, someone will supply that demand. See the drug market in your county or town.

    2. Woody:
      Let me see…. 1776 taxation without representation, Revolutionary War, nice, not bad, not bad at all.
      Now let’s see….20?? over-taxation with corruption? Ya , I keep coming up with the same answer Revolutionary War.
      I like my answer, anyone else?

    3. Instead of buying lots of guns or collecting lots of guns, stockpile ammo. Precious metals include gold, silver, brass/lead. After the basics of survival and a few years of food are secured, and there is money left over, stashing some metals might be a good investment. Saving in digits or paper money seems like a plan for failure during a crisis.

  10. check out the news media release on YT on gun confiscation that took place in High River Alberta Canada , just for argument sakes and see how it was implemented on us up here …trust me you want the NRA and any other affiliation to step uip to the plate before this happens to you .cheers from Canada

  11. Robert in NC made a great point in saying “Teach them to shoot”. I have lived in NYC for the last 4 years, but don’t keep guns here due to restrictive laws. I regularly have invited friends, colleagues and employees to go shooting with me. Every one of them, bar none, had a good time. Probably half went on to become gun owners.

    Shooting is FUN, if done safely. We know why, but if we want to TRY to turn this around, we need to do our part. Every new shooter is an opportunity to get his/her friends into shooters. We know why it is fun. The media is better at telling why it’s dangerous. Who is going to tell the story. It is up to us.

    As for those who say the battle is lost, it might well be. I hedge my bets. When the NY SAFE Act became law, I moved my guns. If I don’t have anywhere to move them to, I’ll hide them. I’m going to do everything possible to keep them. Ultimately, I do think that the “ban” side will win, but I have a moral obligation to at least try peaceful means.

    As for those who claim they will fight, I believe 1 in 20. I’m not calling them liars, for I’m sure they are well-intentioned, but faced with overwhelming odds, 95% of them will fold. They will not want to face death or life on the run away from their wives and children. Rambo ain’t real folks.

    Be smart and try to win people over. Be wise an stash guns and ammo for a rainy day. If the day comes, we will see if I’m standing up and how many others will. Until then, let’s put aside the pronouncements of “fighting to the death” to save our rights. It just makes people think we are crazy. Some day, if we have to, we can show them, but let’s be smart.

  12. Regarding confiscation:
    Years ago I worked for a law enforcement agency led by a VERY conservative friend. On our own time we routinely discussed all the issues concerning people, freedom and government. During a gun control discussion I asked ‘what will you do if asked to confiscate firearms?’ He said ‘I have to do my job’. Yes, there will always be people ready to do what they are told right or wrong. Their paycheck depends on it.

    1. TominAlaska….Thank you for saying it. I’ve been banging that drum for a while. Cops are people and their primary concern is themselves, not YOUR rights. Remember, under gun control, cops are “special” and can keep their guns. It doesn’t make them bad, for that’s human nature. If everyone around you is starving, but you and your family are well-fed with food that only you and select others get, are you going to risk starvation to speak up for the others? Most people will not, and starving is a life or death situation, whereas gin ownership is not…at least in their eyes.

      Cops are people, and they want their pensions and life-long health insurance and all the other things that go with “government jobs”. (I know some areas don’t get these benefits, but almost every mid-large department does.) All of these benefits were supposed to offset the wage difference between public and private sector jobs, but the pendulum has swung the other way and government employees are on the gravy train compared with the majority of private sector employees. People always take care of their own.

      The same applies for most other immoral laws. If it doesn’t affect them, they WILL enforce them because there’s a reason to. Seat belt laws are a prime example. That is simply stealing for the government and anyone who tickets someone for not wearing a seat belt has a faulty moral compass. Oddly, I recall being in California in late-85 while serving in the military and there was a big debate about the soon-to-come law. We were guaranteed that they would NEVER be the pretext for a traffic stop and you had to have done something else. How’d that work out? The police state & government collection agency marches on.

  13. Thanks for writing this series. In WA we are struggling with socialist power consolidation now and taking guns is at the top of their list along with baby murders.

    I’m recruiting all the ladies in my extended family for the weekend of August 11-12 at Port Townsend. The Revolutionary War Veterans Appleseed Project is sponsoring a Ladyseed event.
    I plan to pay the fees for every lady in our family. It is women-only, geared towards those who start out timid/unfamiliar and progresses to proficient in 2 days. I hope some of you will consider sponsoring a couple scholarships for people at Appleseed events.

    Both my daughters started young and are 2A ladies now. I’m proud to say the one who did an Army tour outshot me when she scored a 40 out of 40 on the 9mm combat course. But then she insists on her .45 Kimber for EDC.

    1. I’m thrilled to see it has some folk’s blood running hot. We need to snap out of our complacency now and again and refresh our commitment to taking action now.


  14. America is the thorn in the flesh of the globalists…. whether or not you like Trump; he was selected to be president. Why? Because he will be left holding the bag when TSHTF. Right wingers and Christians will be blamed as well. (World wide, Americans in general will be blamed.) After a few months of chaos… neighbors shooting each other… sickness…. starvation; nearly the whole pop. will be ready to give up their weapons for good and safety. Heil the new Saviour!

    1. “After a few months of chaos… neighbors shooting each other… sickness…. starvation; nearly the whole pop. will be ready to give up their weapons for good and safety.”

      I believe just the opposite will be the case, everybody will wish they had more guns and ammo to keep the chaos at bay.

    2. Cops would be allowed to keep their guns only while they are in the service of the empire. They would not be permitted to possess guns outside the parameters of their ‘job’. ‘Their’ guns would be highly regulated. Tyrants can NEVER trust their underlings. A large percentage of .gov’s resources is already spent on internal conformity. That percentage would get exponentially larger.

      Wold police/military personnel fire upon American civilians? History says that 2 out of 3 would.

      I believe that once the chaos genie is fully out of the bottle, .gov will have their hands quite full just trying to hang on. .gov is not nearly as omnipotent as they try to convince us all that they are. If chaos is running rampant, would YOU surrender the only thing keeping the barbarians at bay? Suddenly, people who have hated guns their whole lives want one.

  15. Anyone remember the story the of the “Liberator pistol”? It was a cheap,stamped out,mass produced,single shot pistol dropped all over Europe during WW2. The idea was to shoot a nazi in the back,then take “His” weapon. The equivalent of a modern “zip gun”!

  16. 3 May keep a secret of 2 of them are dead. Nothing so diminishes a mans life expectancy as a running mouth. Not your business? Don’t ask. Not his business? Don’t tell. I started living by the mantra of “no new friends” about 10 years ago. Remember that every single person you let in your circle exposes you to thousands more they know and you don’t.

  17. Man what a horrible future the author is painting for America. This future government will confiscate your weapons, and cops will just do their jobs,( the just following orders mantra).

    What is a person to do? I mean you know if a government can take your property without due process than all your savings, pensions, homes etc are theirs too. If you cannot fight back, nothing you can do.

    Than I guess the selection for America’s going to re-education camps is the next logical step. Than selective extermination if history is going to repeat itself.

    However, will this future government also nationalize all business? I mean why not, they want 100% control.

    So, if this new future is going to happen than the average America should pull all money out of the markets, banks, pensions. Than buy that offgrid via a shell corporation. One will need an armored vehicle too but a stealthy unit, not flashy. One still will need supplies from time to time.

    Now is the above course of action a good strategy?
    Just wondering.

  18. If it is time to bury/hide your guns, you should be using them. Of course, caching extras is acceptable. But a man burying or hiding his stuff because some other man said he can’t have it is not telling the bossy pants no, he is being a coward. Either you have rights or you don’t. A right is anything you have or do that you are willing to fight and die for. Anything else is a privilege allowed you by others.

    1. Exactly right Brother If your hiding them, registering them, or giving them up you don’t deserve Liberty… Your not a husband,father, protector your just a coward living at someone else’s whim…Your telling the world that you don’t mind if your kids and wife get raped,brutalized, and murdered… Giving up your means of protection is saying you don’t care about life and those you love lives…You are not a Christian if you do either so don’t think God is going to save you if you do…Why can’t people see that…Sad That…

  19. Old Gray Wolf you are correct about caching your weapons and ammo, to cache a few is a good idea. But once we have to hide them, then we will have already lost our freedom. It’s like having to worry about what we say because Big Brother might be listening, and we’re already at that point. OPSEC is something we must have, but we must never come to a point where we are afraid to speak out about the abuses of the Government. I do agree with others that say most will never use them to protect our rights Trekker Out

    1. If they are coming for them it’s not about protecting your rights it’s about protecting your very existence and those that you care and love and that depend on you for their safety…Don’t ever think that by giving them up you are making anyone safer…

  20. A good 3D metal printer might come in very handy in the future. Also a collection of non-firearm weapons might be needed. If protection is taken from law abiding folks, then only the criminals will be armed. Spears, axes, pikes, blade weapons of many types, various bows, many common tools, etc. The next commie president may become a defacto dictator using executive orders to bypass Congress.

  21. If you’re planning on hiding your weapons then it’s time to use them. The ONLY way to win this is one new shooter at a time. How many have you gotten interested? How many have you paid for to shoot for the first time? How many have you paid for for basic handgun/rifle training? How many have you swayed to agree that firearms are for killing tyrants? How many have you gotten to write letters/phone calls/face to face with your reps?
    Are you putting your money and time where your mouth is? While this article is all well and good, this is how you win; one new shooter at a time.

    1. Fred:
      There are two rules to gun fight;
      1) Bring a gun, in fact bring two, one for each hand.
      2) Tell all your friends who have guns, have them bring two guns also one for each hand.

  22. Personally I think the aggressiveness of any confiscation will depend on where you live. Having lived in an urban large city and now in something much more rural, I can tell you that there is a significant difference in how law enforcement interacts with the public. Rural police are much more likely to pretend they didn’t see something, or down right refuse to act on it.

    Remember something, else too. If you think we are afraid of confiscation, law enforcement is down right terrified of it. Oh, in places like NYC it might be relatively easy to pull off, but then what? Ship those LEO’s to Bubba’s Appalachian back yard? Good luck. They would quit in droves. In the US there are only about 1.2 million LEO’s. Most are in urban areas. Once you get past the smog, the ratio of police to gun owners drastically changes. If even the smallest number of gun owners decide to shoot, they would be wiped out, and they know this.

    1. As badly as any of the “I’m a sheepdog” cops/soldiers may want to loot the country for weapons, even through administrative methods, they all know that if they push too hard, they are painting a target on their backs, and stand to pay a huge price on a personal level. One doesn’t terrorize one’s neighbors and just clock out and go home. People tend to want to exact retribution for perceived wrongs.
      We all know how .gov treats former minions it considers no longer useful. The VA system is a prime example.

      The thugs who carry out torture are always terrified at the thought of a role reversal.

  23. The most important gun safety action is to teach your children and grandchildren to respect guns, and to teach them just what a gun will do. When I went on the police department the rules were that you unload your gun, lock up the ammo, lock the unloaded gun in a separate room in a closet or such. Now once you start to really do police work, you have people that do not love you or your family. Those rules were a blueprint for disaster for your family. I took my then five year old son out in the desert, along with my duty weapon, got him close to a jackrabbit and guided him in aiming and blew the jack away. Cruel you say, maybe but effective. I then explained that was what guns did, what they were designed to do, and that they were to be treated with respect at all times. He grew up with loaded guns within reach, and raised his sons the same way. There has never been an accident, a close call, or any threat from any of them. They were also raised to respect their elders and the sanctity of life. Yes they hunt, but there is no way any of them would turn a gun on others humans but would not hesitate to use force, including a gun to protect their family or themselves.

  24. Don’t forget that Commiefornia is now tracking all ammunition purchases. it’s apparently illegal to bring it from out of state or buy from your friends. sad.

    1. Joe , Kalifornia-stan is surrounded by free america . Resist , defy , evade , smuggle .Gotta think in terms of the prohibition era & speak easy’s for the 2A , behind enemy lines . The ammo reg doesn’t go into effect until 1-1-19 .

      Currently , ftf or mail order that go’s to an FFL{ need a ammo vendor’s license , dept of injustice has been dragging their feet on that } or c&r license . Pfffft , roll your own & that keeps the man’s foot off the neck .Can’t happen in your state ? Think again , death by a thousand cuts .

      How’s the war on drugs going ?

      Regards ,from beneath the iron fist of the cali-ban.Where it’s either illegal or mandatory !

      S . J .

  25. It is easier to just shut off the ammo spigot. This last .22 ammo drought showed me this. I read something about how only a small percentage of people really fought in our revolution.
    Tyrants love an unarmed populace.

  26. I think, given the current events of an out of control FBI and DOJ, the second amendment has been strengthend, not weakened.

    The treason and criminality of our government is on full display. The efforts to disarm are trasparent, and those who truly understand, truly understand. Three percent is nine million. That’s a lot of fire power. American’s know how to shoot, and many have serious skills that can be taught to others. If things go south, which they will, the wise prepared folks will be the power behind our nations defense….. be sure to read, “the good news of nuclear survival”. That info may be as valuable as one’s guns. I don’t like the negative focus in the article concerning the patriot response to confiscation, and I don’t believe the numbers are accurate.

    1. Actually I haven’t addressed a response to confiscation – just the steps taken beforehand so that you will have weapons when it’s time to respond. As to the numbers – I hope that in the future our country is a God fearing, constitutional republic that elevates individual liberty above the state. That being said the trends in this country are clearly moving left, collectivist, and away from God. I think any reading of the morning paper will confirm the direction our people are headed – no numbers needed.


      1. Rector:
        From the 2/3 articles of yours that I’ve had the pleasure of reading so far I would think that you know better than to use the line “I think any reading of the morning paper will confirm…”
        let alone actually read paper when most common conservative folk know that almost all papers are now off shoots of Pravda, or am I wrong, commrade?

      2. I suspect .gov is terrified of widespread chaos. Brutal thugs may well end up in total control, but quite possibly not the same brutal thugs who are in control now.

        I’m not sure why so many people think USA will always remain in its present configuration.

  27. The author is exactly right. The enemy gets to vote . Every time some loons do their “open carry “ demonstrations or walk into a restaurant with a pistol on their belt because it’s legal , it’s scares lots of people. Those people get to vote and there are lots of people that will endorse abolishing the second amendment .

    Consider the Bundy standoff . There were people behind the k rail aiming ARs at federal officers, all dressed in camo. The average person is horrified by these images.

    Or how about Levoy Finicum? Before the OSP let all the air out of him he was posing with a rifle and two handguns as the media rep .I know some people think he was murdered, but regardless he is another guy who horrified the average voter.

    I am well aware that many people think that federal overreach was the reason for the Bundy situation. That’s irrelevant , it’s all about public perception and not making gun owners enemies of voters.

    1. You sir don’t have a heart if you can joke about someone’s death who was murdered by state sanctioned thugs who pushed him into a kill zone…Then we wonder why our side is losing and has to write defeatist articles such as this beca

      1. Hit publish on accident… because our side is so willing to throw each other under the bus or stick another knife in beside the ones from the left…Makes me sick and saddened…

  28. Sadly I must agree with the author. While statistics may be argued, the sheer numbers are on the side of more gun restrictions.

    The majority of voters live in cities and few have strong ties to hunting or guns.

    It is easy to think everyone thinks like us, but it is just not true. America – land of same sex marriage, transgender soldiers, and sanctuary cities! Enough said! AT

  29. The bad thing about a weapons cache is that you do not have ready access to them in case of emergency- like a predator breaking into your abode- which is one reason you presumably have guns for protection to begin with. And if what the author says is true, and it is illegal to own guns in the near future, then busting them out would result in arrest and prison. ( prison: closest thing to hell on earth ).

    I do agree with the author that most gun owners, meaning the casual guy who has a couple guns and really is not passionate about shooting, will just turn them in if so commanded. But if even 5-10% resist forceably, that could cause the .gov types to back off an active gun grab. It is not so far fetched to imagine a new 21st century civil war over this issue and the overall increased level of .gov surveillance. God spare us from this if possible! Molon labe.

    1. burying them is stupid!, if it comes to burying guns, the game is lost…….here in Australia, hundreds of thousands of cheap SKK’s got buried, one gun shop here sold over 100,000 of them, just one !!!!, during the gun buy back during 1996 less than 35,000 got handed in, guess where the others went ?, point remains though, no good buried in the ground is it ?, act of rebellion ? defiance ? good old Irish dander hating the English overlords ?, makes little differance, all those guns may as well be handed in, you see, very few gun owners actually understood the true issues and gradualism behind the left agendas.

  30. (quote)’Remember that just 3% of Americans own 50% of all firearms. It’s a big deal to you and me but not so much for the 70% of Americans who don’t own guns of any type.”(/quote)

    When responsibility is surrendered, freedom goes with it.

    The gradual shift in American culture is not limited to firearm ownership. Only a small percentage are self-sufficient, know how to grow their own food, fix their own broken whatevers, etc.

    Americas have grown incrementally less capable of taking care of themselves and more heavily dependent on “professionals” for everything. There’s nothing changing that curve. Per this discussion, that includes their self-defense. America continues to become a nation of livestock, shepherded by “professionals.”

  31. I ran through the comments, and am dismayed. What is the point of harping about statistics? The context of the article is THINK.
    If you own A gun, THINK.
    Give it up? or fight for it? etc,,,plain, simple straight forward logic.
    Logic offered to me years ago and I stand by it today.
    Have “doubles”. When they come, give one up.
    A gun can be replaced. A dead soldier can’t.
    THINK. Where can I get a double w/o paperwork?
    Survival is about thinking. Thinking ahead of time. Being able to think AT the time. Think in order to improvise if necessary.
    Arguing stats is for sports.
    For MANY of us, we have been on the “Road” long before it arrives. Ex: I am 62. Have been “aware” and preparing since the mid 1980’s.
    Have much longer do I have to wait? I am ready, and have been.
    At times, it weighs on you to stay vigilant. On point. Then comes 2001. And I’m ready!
    Well? What happened? A lot, but no soldiers on patrol. Then 2008. YEAH! And no. More serious changes occured, still no martial law.
    More time waiting and preparing. Some serious changes occured but no martial law.
    And yet,,,,,thousands have begun to live in anxiety of not knowing what to do.
    Arguing stats is for sports.
    Arguing this cal. vs that cal. is for sports.
    I know ‘preppers’ owning several guns of various calibers. Each one mocks the .22 as a pea shooter.
    I don’t waste time with them. Their mindset tells me they don’t possess a REAl answer on what to do when the time comes.
    Because they do not think.
    And this articles offers ideas to THINK about.
    Not to argue stats.

      1. Exactly if they are at your door wanting your weapons you have failed yourself,your tribe, and your Community…And the talk of giving anything up whatever it may be because some bureaucrats said that you had too is cowards talk and shouldn’t even be in a man’s vocabulary…WTH people do you not have any honor and courage left…Has comfort and ease drained all the manhood out of you and made you a sop…Are there no Spartans, no Knights, no Samurais, no Patriot’s left…

  32. Lineman:
    HERE SIR, I stand ready;
    I Fieldmarshelattilahun do here by solemnly swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and my fellow American Patriots against all enemies foreign and domestic, so help me God!
    Stay Frosty, Semper Fi!

  33. Am I he only one that’s noticed that while city, and states controlled by mega cities like NYC, are getting more restrictive with gun ownership, the exact opposite is happening in the rest of America?

    Heck in my state we even passed a law allowing for the state to prosecute sheriffs that take too long processing hand gun permits ($5 per handgun). No such permits needed for long guns.

    We had a sheriff in one of the larger cities that was sitting on them, now he can be fined or be locked up for it.

    I’ve even noticed open cary of handguns in the middle of my States lefty enclaves (I doubt those people were left leaning though).

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