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  1. Behold Democratic hypocrisy and its news media allies –including the Silicon Valley Internet billionaires.

    Bill Clinton killed over 500,000 Iraqi children with sanctions. Triggering a cholera pandemic by Bombing water plants, blocking import of water purification materials and forcing people in a desert to drinking polluted river water.


    Anyone hear any loud outcry over that? Bin Laden gave it as one of the three reasons for declaring war on the US — a fact that our News Media buried deeply after the attack.


    Hillary and the Democratic controlled Senate of 2002 voted for an unnecessary war that killed 100,000 more Iraqi civilians Muslims.

    Hear any outcry in the news media against Hillery over that last year?

    And yet when Trump takes even the most modest measures to contain the hatred spawned by the Clintons actions, it is Trump who is attacked by the Democratic news media. Even though he held no political office until Jan 2017.

    It was the Clintons — and their political allies the Bushs — who stacked hundreds of thousand of innocent Muslims up like firewood. Because they share the same values — none. Prostitutes for rich men.

  2. Socialist Facist Hypocritical Suppressive Media strike again!
    This sort garbage PI&$ESS ME OFF. We The People cannot let this go any further!
    The Socialist Facist Democractic Party will continue to to usurp and infringe upon our Constitutional rights as time goes by until we finally stamp them out!
    To Mr. Matthew Bracken; Sir, if you read this Blog and hopefully my remarks, I respectfully request that you make your own remarks on this Blog.
    I also request any and all ideas on how to properly and legitimately combat this plague that festers among us.
    Thanx to all who post, work on, support, keep this Blog running.
    Semper Fi!
    god Bless.

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