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  1. The internal migration map is the most dire of news for red states. I live in Georgia, where the liberals are fleeing their Marxist Utopias in droves. Paradoxically, they bring the same mindsets that decimated their states to Georgia, voting for liberal Democrats who vow to destroy conservative principles and values – lower taxes, the 2nd Amendment, harsh penalties for violent criminals, low tolerance for illegal immigration, etc. – once elected. This guarantees that the solid red states will slowly shift to purple, then blue (joining the states these liberals abandoned that are already 100% locked as blue), eventually assuring that the country will once again be controlled by the very Democrats who stand ready to deprive us of our liberties. I see this happening in Georgia every day, as more and more liberals are elected and the so-called “conservative” politicians toss their principles overboard in a desperate attempt to appeal to the newcomers’ whims and retain their offices and power. This is a very ominous development, certainly not one to be celebrated.

    1. Same thing happens out west. Californians want out of California and then next thing you know they want liberal politicians and HOA/CCRs because that seems much less scary than liberty.

    2. Scott in Atlanta :
      And they do it by lying there collective carcasses off and promising everything under the sun will be FREE!
      NEWS FLASH PEOPLE, NOTHING IS FREE!!! Someone somewhere is paying for it, case in point, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!!!! Just ask any former active duty U.S. Military personnel, they will tell you same thing right your face big time. We The People need to be VIGILANT every single day so thing like what is starting to happen in Scott’s neck of the wood does not happen any where else.
      Scott, sir, do not dispair. Keep up the good fight so your state does not get worse. Get organized, get involved. get it done YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Hold your conservative republican politicians’ feet to the fire to do things right and to not give in on there principles OR THEIR MORALS!!!!
      God Bless You and your endeavors.

  2. Many Red states need to learn from states like ID and WY that have made super majorities to change Key statues. Washington state has learned the hard way that Californication will happen unless you act preemptively. In the 80s many folks passed up the opportunity to take precautionary measures because they thought it could not happen. Washington has long been a blue state but the blue collar influence has been eroded by the influx. Washington is likely a lost cause. Evidence abounds with the new crop of proposed gun regulation, and rumors that if they fail anti gun initiatives will follow.

    1. Anonymous :
      Look for, dig for it, dig for the evidence of outside agitators like Michael Bloomberg and his ilk!!!! He is the one that got his unholy crew to get the Oregon state legislature to, by way of ramming and lying down our throats, pass the unholy law that We The People can not loan or do private sale, give as gift a firearm without going to a STATE AND/OR FEDERAL REGISTERED firearms seller to do a so-called proper, Invasion of Privacy, background check. Quite possibly making anyone who even loans a friend, for the purpose of hunting or shooting at the local range, a felony criminal!
      Do Not let your ” employees ” ram this down your throats without one hell of a fight!!!! Keep up the good fight against TYRANNY!!!! Remember that’s how Hitler took over no just Germany but started WWII, he said in order to control the population you must take away there GUNS!!!! And that is exactly what he did, and by the time anyone figured it out it was to late.
      Ladies and Gentlemen this his a HISTORY LESSON which we can not repeat!!!!
      We The People should NEVER have to fear our government, but by god they should fear We The People, we are in charge not them!!!!

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