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  1. “As Americans struggle to make ends meet, federal government employees are taking home a “minimum wage” of $100,000 and getting two months paid vacation after a mere three years of employment, according to government watchdog group Open the Books.”

    No one employed by the Federal government gets two months of paid vacation. After 15 years the vacation becomes a very generous 26 days. If you are in a position with responsibilities you often end up forfeiting vacation days because your schedule prohibits you being absent so much. The actual schedule for vacation of paid annual leave is 10 days for years 1 thru 3, 20 days for years 4 thru 15 and 26 day for years over 15 which I agree is more than generous.

  2. The article may be talking about those elected to congress. I can attest that pay can be higher in DC than other places. The numbers reported may also include health benefits. Which I paid into and was very grateful for.
    DOD General Schedule employees are salaried while Wage Grade employees are deck plate grunts who do the real work.

    I started my Federal career as a WG 3 making 6.00 an hour. I worked side by side with sailors to overhaul war ships. I am so proud of the worked we did start to finish in my 33 years. I had the opportunity to see other countries, I was able to put a turkey on the table every Thanksgiving.
    I thank God in Jesus name everyday for the chance to work with other craftsmen in keeping our great Nation ready. I believe I speak for nearly everyone I ever met in my career. I did not hang with Congressmen or senior managers. If someone is getting rich as a civil servant they are either born into wealth or crooked.
    PS the decision to retire at 33 years was not a coincidence 😉

  3. I would be in favor of setting limits on federal, state and local government payrolls. If the average wage in the country is $50,000 then the federal government “average” wage should be the same. Pay some employees more but pay some less such that the average is equal to the citizens/voters.

    One argument against doing something like this is that the government hires lawyers and doctors. True. Should they hire lawyers and doctors??? Why not contract lawyers and doctors? That’s is what the rest of the world does. Most businessmen need a lawyer and they pay for their services rather than put them on the payroll. Ditto for doctors. In fact IMHO the biggest problem with the VA is that their doctors and nurses are government employees who cannot be fired and when their performance is substandard it is literally impossible to get rid of them. We would all be better off if the government contracted out many of these functions.

  4. The average person living off of tax paid wages earns significantly more than the average tax payer. And there is nothing we can do about it other than complain and get upset.

    We can write about it all we want, but you have absolutely no choice other than keep paying taxes so that a tax-payer paid salary earner earns more than you will. There is no “check and balance” system for federal employees, and their ranks will only get bigger.

    I know, it sucks, but there is nothing we can do about. I know, I’ve tried.

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