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  1. We live in a global economy, you either have some of your products made overseas – China, Taiwan, Japan, or other countries, or you can’t compete these days! Get over it!

  2. Sorry but I would have to agree with Norms sentiment. You can’t even list Japan with the other two by the way as far as quality steel(knives)goes. If knives made in China were of high standards wouldn’t they want people to know it instead of hiding the fact all the time.Sorry for the rant but no knife made in China is worth even close to $100.

  3. SORRY BUT I HAVE TO AGREE WITH NORM AND KLAUS. put just a little more money away or watch the sales and get a really good knife like a Benchmade or ZT-made in America of real quality steels.

  4. I hear what you guys are saying, but I’m with Pat. But this is America. Everybody is free to vote with their wallet. I have a tendency to go through knives and I just can’t afford to pay top dollar every time I replace one.

  5. i am with the Buy American crowd, they are more expensive but i take care of them and use them till they are spent.. we do this in our household also, yes it is a pain in the you know what but you have to practice what you preach and doing the right thing isn’t always easy!!

  6. Buy what you want, use it as you please. That is the essence of Free Market. I carry a Cold Steel Mini-Griptilian for EDC and use it for everything. You cannot wear this thing out! Best pretty folder I can imagine.

  7. $99.99 is pretty steep for an AUS8 folder IMO. It’s a good knife steel, I like it because it’s so easy to sharpen, but if you’re paying more than $40-50 for any AUS8 folder it’s just way too much.

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