The Hidden Danger of Grain Storage, by Z.H.

Is there an unseen danger in food storage that could render you and your family with serious health conditions when the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) hits? I believe the answer to this important question is yes, and as I sincerely attempt to show you why, I ask that you read this article to its end and weigh it carefully.

Glyphosate– The Most Used Weed Killer in the World

Round Up, also known by its chemical name glyphosate, is the most used weed killer in the world. Its maker, Monsanto, claims that it is harmless. However, new research is coming out that it is far from harmless.

Before I start to explain the above statement, let me say that I am not a doctor or a professor or an authority on medicine. I have benefited from the work of Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT and Dr. Peter Osborne, expert in clinical nutrition, especially regarding gluten issues. They have researched for over a decade on the effects of glyphosate. I have been effected by gluten and glyphosate, and I know what it can and will do if you eat it. This article is written to inform and warn about the dangers of this poison.

Round Up Used on Almost Every Major Crop in U.S.

Most of you have seen Round Up sold as a weed killer for the yard at your local hardware store. This is far from its only application. Round Up, or glyphosate, is sprayed on almost every major crop in the U.S. and in most other countries, especially in Europe. This includes corn, wheat, soy, canola, sugar beets, alfalfa, tobacco, barley, and sorghum. This is why you can drive by field after field of pristine corn without one weed in the entire field. So far, this sounds all well and good, but the damage starts when you eat that food.

Monsanto created glyphosate to kill weeds. However, it kills every kind of plant including grains. This creates a problem because we know that glyphosate is sprayed on all major grains.

How did the Monsanto chemists fix this problem? They modified the grain’s genetic code so that glyphosate would not kill that particular strain of seed. In other words, they genetically modified the grain so that glyphosate would not kill the grain but everything else.

Glyphosate Used on a Lot of Grains to Increase Yield

The scientists could do this for a lot of grains, but they could not modify wheat. However, glyphosate is still sprayed on wheat but only at the end of the growing season. This is because all plants have a built in defense mechanism that makes the plant produce unusually large amounts of seed when its life is threatened. This defense mechanism is triggered when wheat is sprayed with glyphosate, causing the farmers to get more yield on their crop.

Crop Becomes a Genetically Modified Organism

The big problem is not that the crop, let us just say corn, is a genetically modified organism (GMO) but by being genetically modified, glyphosate is able to be sprayed on it without killing the corn. The corn still soaks up the glyphosate through the soil and on its leaves. Glyphosate is not expelled from the plant. So you end up with corn that has high concentrations of glyphosate in it. We then eat this corn in almost every food in one form or another. Just look at how many foods have high fructose corn syrup in them. Glyphosate is in every single grain, including wheat, and you eat it every day.

Effects on Digestive System

Now let us dive into your digestive system to see what is happening. After you have eaten food with glyphosate in it, nothing immediate happens. This is one of the reasons glyphosate was considered safe for so long. Its effects can only be seen after digesting it for long periods of time. After it enters your digestive tract, it binds with a certain organic molecule called gluten, which is found in all grains. This makes that part of the grain, gluten, indigestible, and can lead to diarrhea, nausea, and lightheadedness among a host of other possible symptoms.

Glyphosate– a Slow Poison

Glyphosate is a very, very slow acting poison. So, you may not be seeing any of the symptoms after you eat grains. It is affecting you but in very subtle ways. Farmers are now spraying more glyphosate on their crops than ever before, because weeds are beginning to become immune to it. This means that your body is dealing with more of this stuff (technical term) than previous years. This can cause the glyphosate to be “activated” in your body, but there are also “triggers” that can promote this “activation”, such as unusually prolonged amounts of stress, consistent lack of sleep, childbirth, surgery, changes in diet, and unusual amounts of exertion. These triggers push your body, which is already affected with increasing amounts of glyphosate, over the edge. It is a compounding effect, one thing on top of the other, until your body cannot take it anymore.

Encountering Triggers in Grid-Down Survival Scenario

You will more than likely encounter some of these triggers in a grid-down survival scenario. The reaction to glyphosate is different for everyone. Some people’s bodies can handle larger amounts of glyphosate than others.

So, let’s get back to your digestive system. In addition to making parts of grain indigestible, glyphosate also kills bacteria in your gut. These bacteria are good. They break down foods that you eat and make vitamins that your body needs. One of these bacterial strains is bifido bacteria. This bacteria breaks down substances, like gluten, but when this bacteria is killed by the glyphosate you no longer can digest gluten. These things may explain the sudden boom in new gluten and grain-free diets.

Deprived of Three Essential Amino Acides

Another effect of glyphosate is that it deprives you of three essential amino acids: tryptophan, tyrosine, and phenylalanine. You get these amino acids in two ways: through your food and through good bacteria in your gut, which makes them. When glyphosate is sprayed on crops, it disrupts a critical chemical pathway in plants that produces these amino acids; thus, you cannot get these nutrients through the food that has been sprayed by glyphosate. Glyphosate also kills the bacteria that makes these amino acids, so you are left with a deficiency in these three essential amino acids.

Deficiency in these amino acids causes big problems. Tryptophan is used by the body to make serotonin, which takes part in controlling our emotions and digestive system. When you do not have enough of it, it can lead to depression, violent behavior, and obesity to name a few. Tyrosine is used in the making of thyroid hormones. A lack of this nutrient can lead to hypothyroidism and even Hashimoto’s disease, which is inflammation of the thyroid gland. This may lead to depression, fatigue, constipation, joint stiffness, weakness, hair loss, slow heart rate, swelling, and weight gain.

Disrupting Enzymes in Liver

Another indirect effect that glyphosate has on your body is disrupting enzymes in your liver. One group in particular that is disrupted by glyphosate is cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes. These enzymes have several functions. They detoxify your body. In other words, they take substances that are harmful to your body out of it. Secondly, they activate vitamin D that is stored in the liver. Vitamin D is essential for bone strength, regulating blood pressure, and a strong immune system. Thirdly, CYP enzymes break down and activate extra vitamin A in the liver. This extra vitamin A is called retinoic acid.

When the CYP enzymes cannot break down retinoic acid because of glyphosate affecting the liver, you end up with large amounts of retinoic acid. This is called vitamin A toxicity, which can lead to nerve damage and increased pressure on your brain. Fourthly, these enzymes are responsible for producing bile acids, which are then sent to your gut to digest fats. When glyphosate is affecting this process, you can no longer digest fats, including all the fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin A, D, E, K, and omega-3 fatty acids. This means that you become deficient in these vitamins, which can lead to a host of health problems.

Deficiencies and Symptoms

Here is a quick list of the deficiencies, and the symptoms caused by these deficiencies :

  •  A deficiency – May cause dry eyes, dry skin, frequent infections, night blindness, or blindness.
  • D deficiency – May cause high blood pressure, weak and brittle bones, and weak immune system.
  • E deficiency – May cause nerve problems, neurological problems, and impairment of the immune response.
  • K deficiency – May cause easy bruising, excessive bleeding, stomach pains, and risk of massive uncontrolled bleeding.
  • Omega-3 deficiency – May cause learning disabilities, depression, arthritis, obesity, and heart disease.

Eating more foods with these vitamins in them will not fix the problem if you are still eating glyphosate, because glyphosate continues to wreak its havoc. You might find temporary relief this way but nothing lasting.

Mineral Intake

Glyphosate also affects your mineral intake, such as iron, zinc, and cobalt. When these minerals are in the presence of glyphosate, glyphosate forms a cage around them, thus making it impossible for bacteria in the gut to digest them into usable forms.

Here are some of the major mineral deficiencies and their effects:

  • Iron deficiency – Fatigue, dizziness, lightheadedness, hair loss, weakness, and impaired immune system.
  • Zinc deficiency – Dry skin, may effect the senses of smell and taste, impairment of the immune system, diarrhea, learning disabilities, and loss of appetite.
  • Cobalt deficiency – Fatigue, weakness, numbness, tingling in the arms and legs, nausea, weight loss, headaches and vitamin B12 deficiency.

I have an immediate family member who suffers from iron deficiency as a result of Celiac Disease. I have firsthand experience observing the many effects of iron deficiency.

Baby Formula

An important source of food that needs serious contemplation is baby formula. It is made almost completely of corn or soy– two of the largest Round Up sprayed crops in the world. Babies are in danger of developing acid reflux along with the other health problems already discussed. There have been studies that may link glyphosate to autism as well.


Lastly, meat is also effected by glyphosate. When an animal eats food with glyphosate in it, the glyphosate bio-accumulates in the animal’s muscle tissue, then we kill the animal and eat the muscle with the glyphosate in it. Animals also eat more glyphosate than us, because the farmers are allowed to sell grain feed with higher tolerances of glyphosate in it. This translates to higher amounts of glyphosate in your meat than in a lot of other foods.

In a Grid-Down Survival Situation

In conclusion, you would not want these symptoms from glyphosate happening to you or your family in a grid-down survival situation. I believe the consequences would be astronomical. Think about it. If or when TEOTWAWKI hits, you may find yourself surviving mainly off stored food, which consists of mostly grain. You will not be getting sufficient sleep and your stress levels will be increased, as well as your workload. Add to that, the fact that you are eating more glyphosate than normal, and you have possible triggers for all that I have been sharing with you.

I want to reiterate that I am personally effected by glyphosate and have been so tired that I could not do anything but lie on the couch. I have had heart palpitations from glyphosate effecting my nervous system. There was tingling in the arms and legs. I have had dizziness from low blood pressure. Now, I and my family are completely grain free. I am writing this so that you can stop eating glyphosate before you too have to deal with bodily damage.

What To Store For Food

So, what do we store for food? I recommend your TEOTWAWKI food storage be organic grain, because organic grain is not sprayed with glyphosate. The largest organic farm in the U.S. is Azure Standard, which will deliver almost anywhere west of the Mississippi River, and they have started to expand their shipping area east of the Mississippi River. They have good prices, and you can buy organic grain in 25 pound sacks. They have hundreds of products, so I would suggest checking out their website. Whole Foods is a great place to buy organic food as well. I also recommend gardening, because you can control the entire food growing process.

Buy “Certified Organic”

When buying food, make sure to get, if possible, “certified organic”. Food with the word “organic” can have almost anything in it because it is not regulated. “Certified organic” means that the food has been independently tested and does not have any unnatural chemicals in it.

I sincerely hope this article has encouraged you to start researching and thinking about what you and your loved ones are eating. I leave you with this question only you can answer: What are you going to do with this information?


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Food Inc. – A documentary movie on the current food order.

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  1. I have been a farmer for 46 years and have never heard of spraying glyphosate on wheat to increase yeild. I have sprayed a lot of wheat to kill it with glyphosate. Also it would have to produce 10 bushels more to be cost effective. It may be something new but I have yet to see it.I really don’t see this as a common practice. At least not in the Texas Oklahoma phanhandle

    1. @Bill
      Let me first qualify that I am not a large scale farmer. My source of information though is a wheat farmer in the Texas panhandle area. The increase of yield, as he explained it to me, is not about weeds, but about harvest. Apparently, most farmers belong to a Co-op and the co-op owns the harvest equipment. When it is harvest time, you get a call that the equipment will be harvesting your field on a specific date at a specific time as they rotate through all of the members of the co-op. Ready or not, your crop will be harvested on that date/time or you won’t have access to the co-op equipment. It’s about scheduling equipment that most farmers can’t afford by themselves.
      Wheat yield can be maximized by not harvesting too early where much stays on the plant, or harvesting too late where much drops to the ground. Those farmers who know when their field will be harvested use the glyphosate to kill the wheat so that it will be ready to harvest exactly when the machines are scheduled to harvest. So it’s not about weed control, rather it’s about harvest timing.

  2. I am a long time reader, first time poster here. I am also a full time commercial farmer and cattle rancher. I have commercially raised every crop you mentioned with the exceptions of tobacco and sugar beets. I think you need to educate yourself some more on this subject, because much of the information you wrote about the uses of glyphosate in farming is untrue. For starters, glyphosate would not be sprayed on wheat, barley, or sorghum. These are glyphosate susceptible grasses, and spraying them with glyphosate would kill the crop, not increase yields as you state. There are strict controls on glyphosate resistant GMOs of wheat, due to its primary use as human food. For anyone that is concerned about glyphosate in corn and soybeans, I would say time is on your side because more and more weeds every year develop glyphosate resistance on their own, which is causing it to be used less and less in my area. It’s just a matter of time (and probably sooner rather than later) before it becomes uneconomical for farmers and obsolete. This new mainstream anti-glyphosate trend reminds me a lot of the anti-gluten trend. (Everyone and their sister seemed to develop an allergy to gluten as they jumped on the bandwagon, even though they had eaten wheat for decades with no ill effects.) It’s sad as someone that makes their living as a farmer to see anti-farming information campaigns like these, but pro-farming lobbies don’t have the financial wherewithal to fight back with facts against the mainstream media outlets. Support your farmers, they feed you.

  3. Thank you for this article! Fortunately for me, I grew up in a time before the massive input of chemicals on food items, but in the last 30 years it has become so wide spread it is difficult to escape it.
    I knew about the chemicals and have been trying to grow natural foods in the garden for the family. Unfortunately, I have not been able to grow enough for both family and for animal feed. I do use non-GMO feed for the animals, but now I am not sure if that is clean enough. I had investigated Azure previously, but the high cost prevented me from purchasing except for occasionally. Your article has prompted me to grow more and rework my budget!

  4. Interesting claims. As with all such reports, there are studies that show none of these claims are correct, or at best are highly skewed.

    Not that I am any advocate of Monsanto or glyphosate, other than it helps keep the price of commodities affordable. Speaking from a personal perspective, as the author of this article has, I’ve had extensive exposure to glyphosate over my lifetime and cannot associate any adverse impacts. However, I can definitely attest to some adverse impacts as a result of pulling weeds out of gardens and flower beds for extended periods. I prefer the glyphosate.

    Certified organic isn’t any guarantee what you’re eating is any healthier, safer or grown/raised in a decent environment. It only means the owner processed the government paperwork and met the government criteria (paid the associated fees) to receive a stamp. Certification testing is far from thorough or complete to be able to ensure what you’re putting in your mouth is any healthier than foods that are not certified.

    We were told DDT was bad for us and the environment too. Studies showed how it was affecting birds, fish, etc. So they banned it’s use here in the states. Well guess what, they still use DDT in Central America. Why? Because it is by far the most effective way of controlling malaria and has been for the past 70+ years. Of course, since DDT is still banned stateside, that must mean the massive increase in migratory waterfowl since it was banned proves it was bad. Well, where do you think all those waterfowl go in the winter? If DDT was so bad for them, how is it they have prospered so well despite continuous exposure to it?

    Maybe the thing we think is making us sick isn’t the thing that actually is? Just saying. There are a few hundred million people in this world that will be happy to eat all the “contaminated” grain we would refuse, just so they can stay alive another day, week, month, etc.

    The reason chemicals continue to be used in agriculture has entirely to do with simple economics. It will remain that way until something better and cheaper comes along.

  5. This is something that needed to be addressed, along with the BPA in canned foods. I am not that old, but almost everyone I know has major health issues and cancer–this is not normal, folks. I am going to implement the suggestions given here, along with transitioning to glass instead of cans. If anyone has more ideas on how to prep with healthy foods, I’d love to hear them! After all, how can we call ourselves survivors if we are slowly poisoning ourselves with tainted food?

    1. And yet people are living longer and healthier lives. Hmmm! Do you suppose that we didn’t know as much years ago when people died younger and in greater numbers. It is simply untrue that people are less healthy today. What is true is more illnesses are treatable today and more information is available today and that can easily be confused to imply that more people are ill.

  6. Glyphosate has also been identified as the most recent contaminant found in vaccines. The vaccines are “grown” in media of porcine origin. (Think Petrie dishes.) The pigs are primarily fed a diet of GMO soy or GMO corn. The glyphosate ends up in the pork and then in the vaccine medium.

    NOW, think back to when so many children had peanut allergies. This was kept very quiet, so many people are unaware that peanut oil was used in vaccines. When the vaccines were injected to stimulate the immune system, the immune system also identified peanuts as a problem / an invader. Thereafter that individual would likely have a reaction each time peanuts were encountered.

    SO! If glyphosate is now present to some degree in vaccines, what kind of reactions might we possibly see when individuals come into contact with glyphosate afterwards? Think about that. Glyphosate has been identified in all sorts of products nowadays. Everything from Oreos to corn chips. I concur with the author. Eat and store organic foods.

    Good luck.

  7. I was surprised by the title. Although I don’t want to consume this my first thought on the title was this is going to be about ergot poisoning. It’s a mold that can contaminate rye and barley which can lead to death. Either from the effects of the poisoning it causes or being burned at the stake as a witch! Folks should also be aware of this and I recommend reading up on it if you might be contemplating growing rye or barley.

  8. I’ve never seen Glyphosphate applied as a spray for corn crops. It is typically applied by a wick applicator that brushes the weeds and rubs a bit onto them when the corn is barely up, but the weeds are tall. DDT went by the wayside as a result of a book titled “Silent Spring” that caused a panic that resulted in the DDT ban. The book alleged that the thinning of bird egg shells was caused by DDT. Dupont tested DDT and found no link between thinning shells and DDT. The book read like an “Ancient Alien Theory” book. The reason for the thinning was never found, but suspected that low levels of calcium (available in food) in the area, and an explosion in the bird population may have caused birds to lay thin-shelled eggs. The chicken populations that were fed on DDT sprayed seed crops showed no thinning of eggshells, but they receive calcium supplementation. There was no good reason to ban BPA. It just caught fire with the public, first in Europe, and now here. As a result, canning lids are not to be trusted for sealing after one year. Good for Tattler, and their silicone rubber seals. France banned un-coated aluminum cookware, and now the EU has banned it. So far, no demonstrable connection to Alzheimer’s. Be careful what you wish for, and be extra diligent before you pick up a torch to march for a ban on anything.

    1. roundup is sprayed over the top (post emergence) on many corn types ( field corn, sweet corn etc.) hence the name roundup ready. we have had rr beans and corn since the early 1990s. most sweet corn now produced is not only rr but is also bt corn which I think is a big a problem as roundup. posted by a farmer with 52 years of practice

    2. I have to say any testing done by Dupont would be suspect. It seems their testing would lend itself towards a vast bias.

      As long as I can afford certified organic I will go that way. And I will continue to garden and grow heirloom as long as I can. No harm in that. But there “could” be harm in eating GM0 food or food sprayed with a lasting poison. The jury is still out on this one.

  9. My wife is the nutritionist in our family. We’ve gone mostly gluten and dairy free for a number of reasons.

    People joke, “Why have people been eating gluten for thousands of years and only recently does everyone have a problem with it?” There’s SOMETHING going on whether you believe it’s Roundup or something else. The laws are different in Europe; they don’t have the organic or gluten-free options because people don’t seem to have any issues with the “regular” food.

    Personal opinion supported by both clinical and anecdotal evidence: American food laws are far too lax in favor of the producers and to the nutritional and health detriment of the consumers. That’s the price we pay for cheap food.

  10. I don’t doubt the sincerity of the authors belief that a certain chemical has caused problems. I just can’t find any science based evidence in his reference list to support that.

    Dr. Stephanie Seneff is made mention of in 4 out of 9 references. She apparently is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory where she has authored 170 research papers in her field. This is commendable. But she has no credentials in any nutritional or related field and has become “interested” in nutrition in only the last 6 or 7 years.

    I am a layman who likes to read good nutrition books and articles but I make a general judgment on an opinion based upon credentials in the field discussed plus published peer-reviewed articles in top scientific journals. I know where to go to get them and have done so when I’ve been interested in a particular subject.

    Dr. Mercola,(not a research scientist), merely gives free reign to Stephanie’s broad based claims and a Dr. Peter Osborne has a gluten-free newsletter website and there was no way to check his credentials. He seems to be on the gluten free bandwagon.

    The only scientific article appears to be in the Interdisciplinary Toxicology published in the country of Slovakia.

    There may very well be problems of a particular chemical on our food crops and therefore upon us but it can’t be determined from the authors submitted article unfortunately.

  11. benjammin and RB,
    Rachael Carson was one of the first enviro whackos. She wrote “Silent Spring” about the “dangers” of DDT, with “research” and “feewings”. But all her research was lies, and her feewings were meant to tug on the hippie liberal heartstrings with no basis in fact at all.
    When DDT was first being researched, test subjects, including people, were doused in the powder, and even ATE it, all to no ill effects.
    Due to her lies, DDT was banned pretty much worldwide, including Africa, where with the start of the use of DDT, they were beginning to make headway against the malaria mosquito. That all ground to a halt, and millions of Africans have subsequently died because of her lies.
    May she burn in hell for eternity.

    1. A Villain We Need A Villain! Hurry everyone grab your pitchforks and form a lunch mob hurry!
      Deplorable B Woodman:
      As someone who unfortunately spent all his youth in kommunist kalifornia I remember the DDT scare brought on by Rachel Carson, invigorate freak of the first realm.
      RB: Your right about all ban’s on things in the EU, but, remember we’re dealing with socialist fascist central, were they insist on controlling everything we think.
      However this article should be taken with a grain of salt (no pun intended) we should apply some good old fashioned common sense on what might have to eat in the future. Outstanding debate ya’ll.

  12. As a retired Ag Inspetcor, corn, alfalfa and many other crops are sprayed with RoundUp while actively growing. What you are looking for are labeled RoundUp Ready. I also did Organic Certification. Please keep in mind that certification is a marketing ploy and does not assure you that the food is any healthier for you. Just that it meets certain agreeded on standards that can and do change. If you care to check, go to the USDA web page and look up the NOP standards. There is a great big list of chemicals that are allowed to be used in the production or growing of crops.

  13. I live in Iowa, the middle of corn and soybean country. Round up is sprayed on Roundup resistant corn and beans (GMO). This is all mainly about no till farming, my neighbor hasn’t turned over his soil in 15 years or more. Plant your GMO , spray with Round up and the weeds are gone, no cultivating required.
    Non GMO corn and beans are grown as well and bring a premium when sold. Pre emergence weed killers are used in this case and there still is no soil cultivation. All about time. Grain farmers in this area work two weeks in the spring and about three weeks in the fall.
    I’ve been sick since 2003, acid reflux, IBS, and chronic inflammation of my joints and connective tissue. Anxiety and panic attacks as well. I have to make a serious effort to go gluten free and see if I get better. I have suspected for the past year or so this is a Roundup/gluten issue. We’ll see…I sure do like bread and beer though! Going to be a tough diet change. I believe Roundup is actually unavoidable and has pretty well contaminated the entire food chain other than what I grow myself.
    I’d go on about no-till VS old style plowing but I’ve gone on far enough already. All I can say is my soil is far better than what it was due to folding under all the green matter and manure from the previous year.

    1. You might want to check out the Weston Price Foundation on-line. They talk about healthy diets and most importantly how to prepare your foods so they are maximally healthy. For instance, fermented foods will maintain a healthy digestive track. There are discussions on properly preparing grains such as sprouting them and/or true old fashioned slow process sourdough methods. These methods minimize the anti-nutrients found in grains.

    2. Roundup disintegrates naturally after a couple of weeks. By products may exist but not Glyphosphate. It’s also not technically a poison as it doesn’t kill the plant but rather doesn’t allow the targeted plant to adsorb a certain enzyme.
      Recent conclusive research indicates there is no evidence of harm to farm workers much less the general public.
      Per Emergence Herbicide is nothing more than corn gluten meal.
      This article is an example of a little knowledge combined with a prejudice to give a misleading conclusion. In other words fake news.

  14. Many of our our politicians are corrupt and will tell the American people any lie if lobbyists give them money to be re-elected. I wouldn’t trust the government to tell me the truth about much of anything, but especially chemicals, drugs, or food when they can’t even be truthful to their own families. They exposed our soldiers in Vietnam to terrible chemicals and denied them medical care when they returned. I’d rather be error on the side of less chemicals and be safe rather than sorry.

    1. You are most likely referring to agent orange. Extensive scientific studies found no harmful effects from exposure to agent orange. But the government decided to treat any veteran with any health problems that they thought were the result of exposure to agent orange anyway.

      1. Not so; that is a government line. Not everyone was “treated”. I have family members who “seen” at WRAH and told they were fine. Two died within 5 years from agent orange and “other” chemicals I don’t know how to spell (medical death reports) and three more were 100% disabled and on oxygen until they died in their early 60s. Two of these men were SF and 2 were Rangers.

        1. I have 20 years in the military and I’m 74 now and a lot of my friends have died. I myself have cancer and on a first name basis with 4 different oncologists. But none of this proves that agent orange caused it. The scientists/doctors did indeed look for the evidence that would support this theory and it just isn’t there. People die. People die before their time. it is very difficult to grow old and see your friends and relatives die and experience illness your own self. But the evidence just doesn’t support the conclusion that agent orange is killing or causing illnesses. It is a mass hysteria thing that feeds on itself as everyone repeats the claims.

  15. Glyphosate has become the most heavily used agricultural chemical in the world with roughly 10 million tons sprayed onto fields around the world since it became available in 1974. As a result, glyphosate residues contaminates nearly everything. For example, recent testing found 1 ppm of glyphosate in quaker oats.

    (1 ppm is the same as 1000 ppb)

    EPA also raised permissible glyphosate contamination levels in some foods:

    “The new regulation raises glyphosate levels in oilseed crops, which include sesame, flax, and soybean, from 20 parts per million (ppm), to 40 ppm. It also raises the allowable glyphosate contamination level for sweet potatoes and carrots from 0.2 ppm to 3 ppm for sweet potatoes and 5ppm for carrots, that’s 15 and 25 times the previous levels.”

  16. Grain heavy diets are anti-starvation diets, not optimal health diets. Remember, that current food pyramid came into being during the great depression when refrigeration and fresh food transport food transport across long distances (especially produce) was uncommon, if not unheard of.
    For optimal health, Chris Kresser is one of the best experts on the subject.
    Importantly, most folks are mineral deficient and also lacking in certain vitamins. And if you’re not eating skin, cartilage, organs, and other low-end animal parts, you also need to be taking collagen.

  17. I believe in the old saying ” where there’s smoke there’s fire” . So consumers found health issues with something the food companies were doing and took fault with it . The companies did research ,found no evidence , but decided to remove that process anyways ?

    Bless their little hearts. ( insert sarcasm )

    C,mon ! Anyone who’s been part of the government or large corporation knows they are constantly cleaning up their mess. Wouldn’t trust their research on the food we eat by a long stretch.

    These are self-serving entities by nature and will do anything to protect themselves. And if that means lying to people and letting them die then so be it.

    The only difference between the 1970s ( DDT ) and present day with “Roundup” is better paid and more corrupt lobbyists and politicians.

    It is wise to always question our overlords. May we always have the right to do so.

    Prayers for the sick and suffering of these evil people.

    P.S. overpopulation and shipping food to large cities / third world countries only creates a artificial environment and expands the problem. It’s no wonder these large corporations would want to expand food production ( and their bottom line ), but that’s another story

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