Letter: Help with Raising Children in a Christian Prepper Lifestyle


I am a Christian Prepper, and I am looking for practical assistance in raising a child, who is now 4 years old. What are some of the suggestions from the Readers? – M.S.


  1. Make the home a home of love. Teach the child what it means to be loved and how to love. Show him by example how you love each other, friends, strangers, and God. Make him understand that if he ever feels alone in the world, he is greatly loved by the Father and Jesus and is never really alone.

    1. Hi Rose, Yes to all. Id like to have a good reference in the future as well as now. Id like to hear ideas about every subject, even basic things like morning and nightime rituals, what we do in the day, what we eat. Anything and everything to improve me as a parent and make my child stronger in all ways.

      1. For nutrition, I love the Weston A. Price Foundation.

        For education, I of course recommend home schooling. It will take some doing to get going on it, I suppose, if you’re not comfortable with it. I have seen some families who it was not a good fit for, which is kinda mind blowing to me. Since I was homeschooled all through my childhood, it is so natural that I can’t imagine anyone doing anything else. Learning is just part of life. The goal of a parent is to teach the child how to teach themselves.

        For producing food and farming, I guess that it falls right in line with the above two. I think farming is quite educational, but you need to be smart to do it well. I think almost all parts of farming can be done w children in tow. It is showing the practical application of all the book learning.

        I think a love for life is caught, not taught. It’s kind of amazing to me when I consider all the people I have shown a love for farming, and they have caught it from me.

  2. Generally speaking, children learn what they see modeled & taught. Begin looking for simple chores that your 4-year-old can help with. For ex., carrying firewood into the house. Feeding small animals. Setting or clearing the table for meals.

  3. M.S.
    For starters–turn off and/or trash all your televisions.

    Watch stuff (supervised, of course), on your laptop.

    If your kids need electronics, get them simple TracFones with no, zero, nada functions except calling.

    As one Single Mother, who raised five children (M.D., lawyer, school teacher, engineer, Pastor) told me: “Why would you allow or hook up a sewer into your child’s mind each day? THAT is television.” She required each child from grade 6 to 12 to give her an oral “book report” each week! Our local library’s circulation number sky-rocketed (along with her children’ manners, IQ, and common sense.)

    1. Careful with the blanket restrictions and isolation.

      I grew up in a “works based” theological household and was kept quite isolated from technology and the “rest of the world”.

      Naive doesn’t even begin to describe my situation when I finally struck out in my own.

  4. I urge parents to give your children THREE GIFTS:
    1. Jesus Christ
    2. Schooling at home
    3. Lastly, a home location based on James Wesley Rawles’ advice and limiting your choices to only areas UPWIND of nuclear targets: https://survivalblog.com/retreatareas/. Too difficult you say? Google images victims Hiroshima and then tell your wife it is too difficult.

  5. I agree with Red J about the chores. Have your child do them with you.

    Big time plus one to what seasoned citizen said about electronics. If you control access it’d be much better.

    Same same the home schooling

    The only thing I can think to add is a study and emulation of the pioneer/rural life before rural electrification happened. One of my Aunts inherited her parents ranch house. It was built before everyone had electricity or indoor plumbing. It sorta grew in the telling. Her younger lifestyle made her a natural prepper. It might do the same for you.

  6. The Lord dictates your life (words, actions, thoughts). Let him see that through your actions (you are the spiritual head of household). A father and son should never be afraid to be physical with each other, kisses & hugs. But also teach him how to fish and gut a deer, shoot, and defend himself with his bare hands. Show him how to treat a lady by the way you treat them. Give him jobs to do to contribute to the family.
    This is tough business, I wish I had done it better, sooner. Pray for guidance, even pray for his future wife.

  7. Echo the part about getting rid of TV.
    There is almost nothing of value on cable or broadcast TV – and to go further – there is little that is not damaging…. both to youth and adults. Even those shows that are not terrible, are adulterated with terrible advertisements. The mass media, hollywood, has sunken to such perverse levels as to now be a leading cause of the destruction of our Great Nations moral fabric.

    I would start with the Constitution. Read each sentence, each paragraph, and then challenge yourself to translate it into prose your 4 year old can understand. Just a little bit at a time.

    Also – regarding a preparedness life in particular, challenge them with the question – to whom does the responsibility to take care of you belong?
    I would encourage direction towards, ones self, and ones parents. Disavow the nanny state – and again refer to the constitution for the proper involvement of the government in ones life.
    Pray on the manner. Everyday, every morning upon rising – pray for guidance.

  8. M.S.,
    The fact that you are asking for input shows your character. You obviously want to raise your child well and have an awareness of the challenges we are likely to face in the future as parents.

    Aside from a good friend telling me to burn a certain parenting self-help book, the best parenting advice I have ever received was in the silent prayers of those who love me. Certain people have prayed for me as a mother for many years and that comfort is still as palpable today as when my first child was born.

    I do not know you but I will pray for you today that you find the guidance and direction you are seeking. I tend to offer ideas about books that may be applicable to certain situations but this time I just want you to know that your request will not return empty if you are seeking truth. I do want to say one thing before closing, enjoy your child. The joy you seek may come much later but it will be pure and rightly earned.
    Peace to you!

  9. After reading your responses, which are much appreciated, I am going to do a TEOTWAWKI weekend with my child.
    Turning off all grid power. Cooking, heating food with fire or a Coleman, some homeschooling, a good hike, and inviting one or two of my childs friends over. Plus chores and morning and nightime prayers.
    No TV, No electronics.
    I feel this will be a great weekend!
    Thank you so much to all of you. I have read every response and will reread them.
    Ill send Hugh an update as well about how I incorporated your suggestions, and how the weekend went.
    Thank you again

  10. 1. Make sure Jesus Christ and the Bible are the foundation of his life
    2. Have a good marriage that is modeled before them
    3. Home School and teach them to think & observe so they know how to learn in everything they do, see and hear
    4. Spend time with them, lots of time. Talk about why you do things.
    5.Teach them work ethic
    6. Teach them grace and mercy
    7. Teach them how to handle money
    8. Laugh a lot
    9. Make sure Jesus Christ and the Bible are the foundation of his life

    It is essential that you teach TRUTHS and Christianity to the best of your ability knowledge and understanding. Also speak honestly about what is going on in the cities metro areas and schools and universities so the young are not easily deceived by the common TRAPS & SNARES of those who lie in wait for the innocent and just.

  12. Teach them to read (phonics), then they can read the bible and other books. Show them how to use a dictionary if they don’t understand a word. Then turn them loose at the library or used book store. Older (better) encyclopedias can often be found. I prefer physical, but even e-readers work. This unlocks the world of knowledge. Learning how to find something out is better than learning the series of facts.

    They can also learn something like Greek or Latin and have access to the classics, but that comes later.

    Also teach basic math and geometry – addition, multiplication tables, long division, triangles, etc. Somewhere in this is learing computers – the simplest programming which you can do on something like a Raspberry Pi. It can be exciting to write a bunch of commands up, right, down, left, and see a square appear, and this is interactive.

    I’d add some of the fine arts – drawing or painting, or music. Also start to do things with tools or such, lego, erector sets, and other things you build with.

    And simple writing – which is the compliment of reading, and you might want to add grammar.

    One other point is to teach them how to make a proper argument, what logic is. Not the fancy philosophical stuff, but how to evaluate things like “An expert said…” “here it says red, but on the next page blue”. I’m not sure of a good resource, only that you need to insure discussions come down first to reason and evidence, not feelings. The good part is most of the opposition – atheists hawking evolution, climate apocalyptics, etc. accuse and use bad arguments, and Christians – not all but most – argue with reason, logic, and evidence.

    You need to make it clear that you don’t want your child to agree with you, but instead be able to clearly justify their position with a correct argument.

    For some great canned stuff, see Thomas Jefferson Education:
    There’s also “The Ron Paul (homeschool) curriculum” and Freedom Project Academy by Duke Pesta

    Finally you need to be careful with discipline. It always has to be based in justice. Molyneux has something on “peaceful parenting”, and I generally agree only that corporal punishment simply makes the parent a bully – The child needs to know that it is reason and logic and not brute force like any tyrant. I differ in that children don’t have developed brains, and their higher brains that exercise control have no ammunition when some damaging thing like bullying is exciting and pleasurable and there is no pain (lecturing and bad feels aren’t that), but that must be used sparingly, for only the most serious matters when the child knows it is wrong but did it anyway.

    Beyond that, I don’t know how easy or hard, but it is better to live somewhere you can have a garden and chickens and where the outdoors and hunting is common. There are lessons only learned by getting closer to nature, both the raw untamed forest, but also gardening and livestock.

  13. 1. Make the (age appropriate) rules and enforce them consistently.
    2. Family first, work second.
    3. Few instant gratification toys and more imagination and physical play toys ( that means NO cellphone and TV babysitters).
    4. Sacrifice for a good education for your children, either homeschool or high quality private Christian school (which our family prefers)
    5. Siblings around the same age to play/fight/love ;>)

  14. 1) Be open and relaxed about prayer. Pray as a family.
    2) Big furry mutt dogs: at least two. Dogs and kids are like peanut butter and jelly! Dogs are amazing guardians and buddies for kids.
    3) NO TV, cell phone, smart phone, tablet, computer UNTIL AGE 12. None. Occasional movies are OK, but stick to books until age 12.

  15. Aesops fables are the greatest collection of wisdom to impart to children(2300+ years of proof),children as young as 2 have been taught to read and languages and music(perfect pitch can be taught-no higher skill in all music) taught before age 5(approximately) are carried for life as a native speaker(a child can be a polyglot(multiple languages)in months-get to it now!). Learn about the stages of brain development(demeilinations)that set brain patterns for life and guide a childs future.

  16. I normally don’t do a reply, but I can’t resist being a dad myself.
    Being a public education teacher teaching military kids overseas I see the following:
    1. Home school your kids.l teach some home schoolers then they leave school avoiding the secular socialist teachers.
    2. My experience with the home schoolers is that they can actually carry on a conversation, they are responsible, don’t cheat, and are respectful.
    3. Don’t let your child have a smart/dumb phone, play video games, nor watch Satan’s witchcraft 101 Harry Potter/ Lord of the Rings etc. it is either of light or darkness ….no in between.
    4. Having that experience of homeschooling your child would be everlasting or if you can’t put them in a private school. I was just walking to the bathroom in our school and a group of high school boys/Girls were talking about having sex with each other and bragging on it.
    5. I see some parents just at their wits end of what their kid has turned into. Disrespectful, lazy, lies, and wears demonic clothing that being their worst nightmare.
    6. I have a group of kids that eat lunch in my room as a reprieve from the stupidity for they themselves see the liberal socialist students and teachers. I call them my lunch buddies.
    Don’t lose your kids to society. I myself almost did with our son.
    7. I had a picture of Trump with “making America great again”. I had a lunch buddy tape it to the door. It lasted about three weeks before the union leader came to my room, pulled the sign down off the door, and told me that he could have me fired/investigated with the Hatch Act. Administration would back him too. I couldn’t even put up a picture of just our commander in chief with no wording. Nope, not unless I put up all of the presidents. I would be put on administrative leave and would be investigated for violation. Wow, the land of the free?
    # 10,000 reason not to have your kid in Public education.

  17. One more thing I didn’t see: be sure to raise your child in community. Extended family who are able to love unconditionally is best, but also close and trustworthy friends. Your child will experience an added level of love and responsibility that will stay throughout life. Also, those other adult voices are a tremendous support during the teen years when your child needs to begin to separate from you. They will help it be a healthy transition.

  18. Having raised 5 kids in the homesteading type of lifestyle I believe that living as well as teaching a ‘can do and “never say die”{don’t give up, see it through] attitude is essential. This will be caught more than taught. Encourage your son to work with you in your everyday doings. Explain in age appropriate words what you’re doing and why. We feed the chickens so they won’t be hungry and then they help us by laying eggs. We encouraged our children to be creative and make things themselves. Our boys made homemade spears. bow and arrows, sling shots, forts, campfires etc. Our girls often joined them. We did as much as we could ourselves. They were involved in caring for animals (teaches responsibility), helping in the garden, gathering food (picking berries, apples etc.) They also helped get, stack and carry in firewood. They had lots of opportunities to “make do ” and figure out how to think outside the box to make something or get something done a different way using what was available. We grew, harvested and put up the majority of our food. There is great satisfaction in accomplishing projects and making or growing it yourself. You want to teach your children how to care for themselves and help others too. We have a very self focused society and that isn’t good for anyone. It’s very important to watch your attitude. Sometimes preppers reflect worry and fear to their children. That isn’t healthy for anyone. Present confidence and a trust in God. With God, you can do it ! Children are natural learners so this isn’t a stressful thing. Just include them in your everyday life, giving them opportunities to learn as you do, showing them the satisfaction of making, creating, providing and overcoming. Lots of positive encouragement and not needing perfection when they’re small will go long way.

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