Memory Longer Than A Gold Fish, by NavyVet_77

While some people get frustrated over short-term memory issues of the aged, others wonder if young Americans have a more serious issue with their absent memory of history that seems to last no longer than that of a gold fish. Many of those we see participating in the Antifa/BLM movements are between the ages of 16 and 25. Other age groups are involved, but the clear majority of participants are from a younger demographic. So many people ask themselves, “What is going through the minds of these protesters?” and “Why?”.

Communism/Marxist Ideologies Seeping Into Children’s Lives

Communism (which is based upon Marxist ideologies) has been slowly seeping into every aspect of our children’s lives, spanning from at least the 1980’s. For instance, we now have a practice of removing the teacher as an authority figure in the classroom. And the classroom has become a platform for indoctrination into the Marxist ideology.

Children When Obama Elected Became Alinsky’s “Useful Idiots”

A person who is 20 years old today was 12 years old when Obama was first elected. The years of 12-20 are very influential years for a person coming of age up through high school and perhaps college, which are bombarded with Marxist Social Sciences. These individuals have been brought up and raised by the State of communist indoctrination. The destruction of the family and parents as authority figures are part of this indoctrination. It continues with training the children to look at the State as the authority figure in their lives, teaching these children they don’t need to trust or believe anything they are told other than the answers the State provides. Thereby, the States creates the quintessential “useful idiots” of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radical”.

On election night of 2016, when Donald Trump was determined to be the victor of the presidential race, we saw a response from the Democratic Left that I have never seen in my life, though I’m a 40 years old Navy Veteran. We saw Democratic supporters of Hillary Clinton weeping and crying aloud. They were visibly upset and in some cases violent with anger.

Why Younger Generation Emotionally Invested In Left

That isn’t to say they should not feel justified for being upset. My explanation is to address “why” this younger demographic was so emotionally invested and what happens when that emotional investment is lost.

In short, they suffered an emotional break in the programming of (at least) eight years of brainwashing. They’d been living in an echo chamber of the public education and politicized universities that had convinced them that the parental State was going to take care of them. The vision all fell apart on election night. This can also be seen as the very moment the Alt-Left radicalization was complete.

Russian Collusion and Other Drastic Explanations

The Russian collusion story was inevitable. The Democratic party would contest the outcome of the election anyway, because someone always does. That’s nothing new. What is new is the extent to which the election results were politicized and the news coverage/air time that was dedicated to it. The “useful idiots” suffered a mental break, and the State needed to respond or else risk losing much of its support base. This is to say nothing of the disenfranchised supporters of Bernie Sanders, whom also had ample reason to be upset at the Democratic party.

The “useful idiots” needed an emotional Band-Aid, so this is why the Russian Collusion story got so much airtime. It gave an explanation for losing the election (Band-Aid) that “Trump cheated”. So the echo chambers of the left continue spinning the story and lies in order to regroup the disenfranchised and shattered leftist Marxist movement with its figurehead, Hillary Clinton.

Anti-Trump Protests Coordinated By Fascist Leaders and Investors

All the while, Anti-Trump protests (primarily Antifa and Black Lives Matter) which are conducted and coordinated by private investors, continue to attempt to subvert American culture and purposely suppress the First Amendment Rights of anyone who does not agree with their (bought and paid for) Fascist-Marxist agenda. ANTIFA practicing and demonstrating the very ideology they think they are protesting against– Fascism.

Dem Party Puts Black Lives Matter in Backseat to Antifa

So while the Fascist-Marxists of the Democratic left keep pushing the Antifa movement, for some reason the Democrat party, which stands on its soap box claiming to represent the needs of the African-American, has given Black Lives Matter the backseat in regards to funding. Antifa is getting all the attention now. Apparently, it’s just coincidence too that much of the Antifa participants are white.

Increasing Violence With Law Enforcement Standing Down

As time progresses, each clash of ideas (left vs right) gets more and more violent with law enforcement being given the order to “stand down”. This stand down order coincidentally also occurs in cities that are majority Democrat (a Democrat-controlled environment). We see journalist being attacked, journalist whom in most cases actually support the ideologies of the Marxist Alt-Left.

Mainstream News Criticizing Antifa Suppression of Free Speech

As of August 28, 2017, mainstream news outlets have begun to change their tune by criticizing the actions of Antifa for being violent Fascists and suppressing the free speech rights of other counter-movements. Suppressing free speech, as we all know, is the hallmark of Fascism.

My reason for pointing out the shift in mainstream media coverage is not to be critical of MSM. My point is what impact this shift in narrative will have on the already emotionally broken “useful idiots”.

These “Antifa” protesters have, for the most part, been indoctrinated for all their high school and adult lives thus far. They’ve been indoctrinated by the school system and had the messages validated by the Ministry of Propaganda. The violence of the left has been completely vindicated and justified…. until now.

Brainwashed Antifa Feelings of Betrayal By News Report

A brainwashed, “mentally stunted” member of Antifa will be very put out by this news report. Antifa members will very likely feel “betrayed” by the same people/organizations that have been telling them “they are doing good and it’s okay to punch a Nazi.” Antifa/BLM have already been trained, coached, and radicalized and are now portrayed as betraying the beast they created.

Mental Break May Lead To Final Weaponizing of Alt-Left

I fear we will see these same groups suffer a collective “mental break” on the same magnitude of what we saw on election night. The betrayal could equate to finally weaponizing the radicals of the Alt-Left.

What Can We Do?

Some have asked me, “What can we do about it?” Others have asked, “What are Conservatives supposed to do?” The political system of the United States is quite overwhelming in both size and scope; however, this can also be used to your advantage. All the political mechanizations employed by the Marxist-Left are also available to the Conservative-Right. The legal and political system of the United States provides many avenues in order for We The People to Regress our Grievances against the Government. Moves and Counter-Moves all must be calculated by Patriots sitting in office who understand all the inner workings of the government and how to effectively levy the position of authority they hold.

Not Many Alternative Results To Infiltration

Yet, ultimately, history does not provide very many alternative results to such an infiltration. A good historical example of what we see in the streets of America today can be found when studying the Bolshevik Revolution. Another historical comparison is the “mission creep” of the Fascist ideologies of Antifa with the ever-expanding bubble of what they deem to be “offensive language”, as seen with the Nazi Brown shirts.

Patriots Must Exhaust Every Avenue to Address Grievances

As Patriots, it is our duty to exhaust every possible legal and political avenue addressing our grievances. It is important to get the conservative voice in any and all venues as possible. History is written by the victor, so in order to safeguard the history of the present day we live in, the conservative view must become ingrained in the public realm and not just in Right-Wing echo chambers. Make the conservative view so loud and overwhelming they can’t possibly delete your voice from history.

Head Off Inevitable Conflicts

In attempts to head off inevitable conflicts, you might start trying to identify the Modus Operandi (MO) of the opposition. It would help to read The Art of War by Sun Tzu in order to gain an understanding of the roll of psychology on the battlefield and better yet understand how to shape that battlefield before the battle is fought. It’s important to “know thy enemy”. For myself, I believe there to be certain trigger events that identify when the Marxists have gone live with their plans for violent seizure of power. We can go back to the conflict of Bosnia-Herzegovina, or even more recently with the civil war in Ukraine.

In both cases, we saw violent conflicts between the Left vs Right ideologies. In the case of Bosnia, this was a conflict between the European population and the (mission creep) of the Muslim population. The true triggering event in both conflicts was the shooting death of Right-Wing politicians and/or Protesters as seen in Ukraine. In Bosnia, the final straw was the shooting death of a low level (right wing) politician at his own wedding; the shooter was a Muslim. In the case of Ukraine, there were many protests in the streets, day and night. Then, protesters started getting shot by non-protesters. After the shootings of protesters, the situation shifted from being a coup d’etat into a full blown civil war.

Define What This Country Is and Stands For

Outside of legal and political methods of regress, the only other avenue available to “We, The People”, as history tells us, once all legal and political processes have been exhausted, is for us to define what this country is and what it stands for. We must define the soul of America for all posterity. This is America’s Coming of Age moment. This isn’t just a fight for right or wrong, left vs right, or up vs down. This is a fight for the very soul of our country and is a defining moment for your own eternal soul. The time may come soon to pick a side.

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  1. Good article, thank you.
    I have always wondered why the likes of Soros and the Clintons haven’t been prosecuted under the RICO Act.
    Financing accessories to violence still makes you also an accessory.
    I have concluded the justice system in this country is as politically corrupted as the other two branches of government.
    What we are seeing/have seen is a complete separation of political apparatchiks from the rest of society; they make their own rules, and everyone not in their club has to live in fear they have followed the rules properly.
    We are already living in a de facto communist society.

  2. Thank you for connecting the dots. The Left has always used the youth to achieve their goals. I might add that a great number of public education teachers could also be called ‘useful idiots.’ A vast majority of them are union members and do not vote for conservative candidates. The students in today’s public education system are not being taught how to think but what to think. Common Core, the lack of common sense, and political correctness are all prevalent. I left the teaching profession for this very reason. Not going along with their leftist agenda meant being ostracized and reprimanded by administration. It is not going away anytime soon. I would strongly urge parents to home school their children.

  3. “Useful Idiots”, is a term applied to citizens of the West who can be manipulated and used by socialists and communists to destroy their own civilizations through, among other techniques, knee-jerk guilt reflexes. It’s thought to have been coined by Lenin (polyezny idyoti) from the Austrian-American economist Ludwig von Mises’ “useful innocents.”

    The turmoil, subversion, propagandizing and founding of Communist Parties in the USA was supported and financed by Moscow as late as the fall of the USSR in 1991, using internal useful idiots in the media, education, business and government.

    Other elitist/globalist/socialist/liberal groups employ the same techniques to recruit and manipulate the ignorant and uninformed, usually young adults.

    Saul Alinsky was a useful idiot who’s book Rules For Radicals has been a guide for tactics, policy-making and strategies used by Marxist community organizers such as Barak Hussein Obama.

    Like any tool that has fulfilled its purpose, polyezny idyoti will be discarded when their usefulness is over.

  4. Ken Burns PBS series on the Viet Nam war is just another rewriting of history from my perspective. A better writing series is from a web site “peakingat70” that is broken into several segments. Our education and journalist sources, for the most part, have become communist re-education centers that are operating to assimilate Americans into the globalist political system.

  5. I have been “harping” about this for so long that many friends and relatives do not discuss politics around me. But awareness of this communist infestation is important and I feel we should continue to spread the word. Another thing the average citizen can do is to stay ready in case these “useful idiots” lose their patience and extend violent episodes to the countryside. Also, we must continue to vote. We can also support the correct advertisers; stop attending the lefty movie theaters and sporting events. Just hit them in the pocket book. (This won’t stop the Soros types but it will affect the fence sitters).Also, look within our country…. do not blame Putin… fact he may be less of a commie than the people within our borders. Lastly, push the Rush Limbaugh’s, Mark Levin’s (and others) to speak about this communist underbelly…… they seem to avoid stating the direct implication. In short, get the word out.

  6. Just as one would either stand WITH Jesus and his Gospel of Peace, or be against Him, which makes an automatic siding with the angel of darkness. One either chooses to stand for American values paid for with the blood of American Patriot’s, or one would stand against those values. There is no middle ground. Just as Jesus shed His righteous blood to make us free of sin and death, so shall the American Patriot shed their blood to keep the light of this God ordained nation burning free, so that this nation, shall not perish from the face of the earth. In Jesus name, Amen!

  7. Thank you all for the feedback. The topic is a lot for the average citizen to wrap their head around. This is why it is important to make the topic personal rather than all encompassing. Each individual needs to ask themselves, ‘what is important to me’. That kind of thought process, more often than not, is uncomfortable if not completely foreign to most people. And that is exactly what is needed. Get people out of their comfort zone in order to get them to ask serious questions; requiring very honest personal answers. And in the mean time, to steal a line from JWR – ‘Train Up, Stock Up and Team Up’ – Thank you all

  8. Raise your children to be independent and confident. Teach them to challenge what they think and are learning. Teach them to see the bias in lessons and news. Make sure you choose the university they go to. Explain don’t criticize. Even if they get stupid for a while, they will have a base to return to.

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