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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on the new Survival Maps available at Northern Redoubt.  (See the Region-Wide Section, near the end of this column.)


First, I’d like to direct your attention to a short piece over at Redoubt NewsScotchman’s Peak: Who Really Is For Idaho?

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Here is some commonsense “anti-hype” post at Apocalyptic Earthquakes in Idaho?


I just heard from a reader that Faith Bible Church in Libby, Montana now has an open pulpit. If you know of a qualified pastor who is interested in relocating to the American Redoubt to pastor a conservative quasi-Reformed Bible-believing church, then this could be a great opportunity for him.

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Highway 200 Complex fires at 20,600 acres, public meeting set


Eastern Oregon

Trooper reportedly seizes blood for test without waiting for warrant

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Oregon mega-dairy owner nabbed in prostitution sting

Eastern Washington

Three save truck driver after crashing into irrigation canal

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Spokane family escapes Eagle Creek fire, ‘will never again be unprepared for a hike’


Windmill Fire Turns Into 700-Acre Blaze in Southwest Wyoming [VIDEO]

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Plan to chopper in bridge over Yellowstone River in Wyoming wilderness area is approved

Region-Wide (Northern Redoubt Survival Maps):

A fan of SuvivalBlog has created customized maps on the Northwest region. They are available at These maps depict survival resources, including deer populations / hunting, fisheries, and trade in lumber and energy. These maps are fascinatingly informative. Don’t miss visiting his web site!

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Speaking of maps, check out this narrated video: Maps That Explain The United States. (Be prepared to hit pause, often.)  And note the amazing demographic differences you see in the American Redoubt, in so many of these maps!

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The wildfire season in the American Redoubt has been severe and it is far from over. (See the current zoomable maps at ArcGIS.) Please pray for those still working on the fire lines, and for those who have property at risk. Some rain is expected in the northern Redoubt on Thursday. Please pray for heavy rain, without lightning. Montana has been particularly hard hit. (Video.)

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    1. Wilderness areas are an abomination! They are in violation of the American Disabilities Act. Not having access roads leads to out of control fires spewing untold amounts of green house gasses into the atmosphere. Millions of animals are burned alive, look up a few pictures of these, it will change your mind if you have any compassion at all in your selfish soul. These lands are not being preserved as was the original intent, the law of unintended consequences makes a farce of this type of feel good legislation. These lands belong to all of us, not to just a few backpackers.

      1. I disagree Joe. Wilderness areas are places people can go to escape the constructs of man. They are good for the very soul. Leave the roads to the many productive lands (such as where I live in timber country), but keep a portion for the lovers of solitude; the hearty hikers and packers of the world.

  1. It is interesting that these fires are still blazing. As with the fires last year in Oklahoma, they didn’t have to be. There are water bombers ready and waiting to fly to drop water on these fires when they first happen. I have also heard reports that the BLM sets fires. I don’t know if it’s true. But it is a fact that the Feds will wait hours and hours after the first report of a fire, before they clear the water bombers for take off, when they could easily be in the air in 5 minutes. They could clear all other air traffic in preference for the water bombers. But for some strange reason, the red tape gets in the way every time.

  2. I should like to point out to the purists out there, the ones who say “no bridges”, that the handicapped, crippled and others pay their taxes just like everyone else. It is not equitable that the disabled who help pay for such conveniences as national parks and other outdoor activities be unable to use them. I’ve been crippled for over three decades, and things have changed a lot, that have helped me. Sorry if your wilderness can’t be “pure”, but neither is the human race. Wilderness areas are not supposed to be “safe” areas? Who knew? But according to who? And what law are you citing when you say that? The law of the jungle? Inner cities are far more dangerous. Ask any cop if people in wheel chairs get robbed. It is difficult enough just getting around. Banning a few bridges will put a serious obstacle in the way of anyone just trying to see a little of the outdoors after a long hospital stay. That’s why the ADA came about. So disabled taxpayers could enjoy a little of what all taxpayers get to enjoy.

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