1. “Your failure to be informed does not make me a whacko.”
    Good quote.
    Paraphrased “Your failure to think for yourself makes me wonder …”.
    Explanation, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma with roads flooded, trees down, sinkholes opening, traffic lights not working … They’rrre back!
    The same mass “horde” migration that left the state together evading Hurricane Irma with a trail of empty gas stations, roads jammed, interstate and off, are returning emptying any gas stations that may have been resupplied and jamming up the south bound roads for relief efforts.
    Go ahead judge me, i.e.. “They’re anxious to see their homes.”, but it’s kinda like watching your dog get run over only to see the driver back up.
    So, I dedicate this rant and rave to Herd Instinct.
    Ps. Herd Instinct is a Force Multiplier in the hands of an invader or in this case any incompetent weather channel fermenting anxiety to boost their ratings, causing the “herd” to pay for overpriced gasoline …. and fruit cocktail.
    After the shelves were bare of water and toilet paper that was the item gone. I guess during storms kids prefer fruit? File that under ‘Bartering Notes’. I assumed metal was third on the list.

  2. Granted Anonymous’s question was addressed to Steve, above, my unasked for two-cents.
    Speaking for myself I related to John Loeffler’s quote as people who are “uniformed” as people not thinking for themselves. As I know of Mr. Loeffler only by this quote I assumed it referred to “group-think” while I referred to “group instinctual reaction”. To me both sides of the same coin. Both unprepared. Both dangerous to those around them, unintentionality or not.
    To me “Whacko” has no real definition as it is a term used by a group who define themselves in opposition to an imaginary outsider. The movie “The Village” by the director M. Night Shyamalan would be an example.

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