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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Hurricane Harvey continues to remind us of why we prep. We need to evaluate our preps in light of stories we hear.

Gas prices

The Colonial pipeline was shutdown due to issues caused by hurricane Harvey. The pipeline supplies nearly 40% of gasoline in the south with a capacity of 57.5 million gallons of gasoline per day. The company has stated that they expect the pipeline to be back up and running on Sunday. This is an example of how fragile our transportation system actually is. We all know how dependent we are on the trucking industry. If the trucks quit rolling, people starve. What happens when the pipeline is damaged and it takes months to repair? What if the backup/competing pipelines are damaged? Thanks to reader W.W. for the link.

Reality TV

Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large, sent in this article on the backstory of the failed “Eden” reality survivor show. The shows intention was to create a Utopian paradise isolated from the world. As it turns out, they failed on both accounts. Eden wasn’t so isolated with cast members sneaking out at night, quitting the show then returning and eventually even making demands for modern amenities. It wasn’t a paradise either as there was much strife between participants. (It is “reality” TV, you know. Where would that be if there wasn’t drama.) Half of the cast quit and some even came near starving to death. It certainly stands as an example of the clash between the romantic side of survival and the harsh reality of actually surviving.

Social Media

Yet another reason on why you really don’t want a social media presence (or at least want to be careful what you say.) The IRS is getting in on the data mining by trolling social media for reasons to audit you. That vacation you took to the Bahamas…You know, the one that you save up for 5 years to be able to take? The IRS doesn’t think you make enough money to go there so those pictures you just posted got you flagged for an audit. Some of the information is actually useful to the IRS, like the woman who bragged on Facebook that she was the queen of IRS tax fraud. However, the whole practice is questionable.

Hurricane Harvey

Reader DSV sent in this article on six critical items that you couldn’t find in the immediate aftermath of hurricane Harvey. Most of the items are things that you could easily think of, but one item struck me. Bleach. We normally think of this as critical to dealing with water purification, but disinfecting and mold/mildew reduction are critical roles. I would point out that we have reviewed MSR’s SE200 chlorine generator before and that Mrs Latimer regularly uses it to create chlorine on-demand while camping. If you have salt, you can have chlorine in a solution strong enough to disinfect.

o o o

Looters are obviously an issue in the damaged and/or vacated areas around Houston. John Cylc had a nice write-up on why we have firearms. We don’t keep them so we can overthrow the government, form militias, or go on shooting sprees. We keep them because they are a tool that helps us keep our families safe and defend what we have worked for.

o o o

The Washington Post has a write-up on the “Cajun Navy” that has been instrumental in the rescue efforts in Houston. For those unfamiliar with the term, it references the outdoorsmen who own boats. These men know their boats and their limitations and outnumber official rescuers by the hundreds. Officials estimate they were responsible for the rescue of over 10,000 people in Katrina and a similar response is expected in Harvey. Thanks to J.C. for the video.

Overzealous Police

Still think that the police are only here to protect you? Salt Lake Police have released body cam footage of the nurse getting “arrested” for refusing to illegally draw blood from an unconscious victim who was not under suspicion of a crime. Many things can be learned from the audio on this clip as well. The nurse had the documentation showing the law the police agreed to abide by and was on the speakerphone with multiple supervisors. The offending officer escalated the situation in an effort to intimidate the nurse. As I’ve said before, all the government has to do to violate your rights is to convince others that you are the problem. Since the incident, there has been no action taken against the officer other than to remove him from “blood draw duty”. No word yet on the other officers who also encouraged the incident.

News Tips:

Please send your news tips to HJL. (Either via e-mail of via our Contact form.) These are often especially relevant, because they come from folks who watch news that is important to them. Due to their diligence and focus, we benefit from fresh “on target” news. We often “get the scoop” on news that is most likely ignored (or reported late) by mainstream American news outlets. Thanks!


  1. A few comments. Harvey is all the more reason for doing your own research and trusting your own gut over the “officials.” Do the officials say it’s ok to build/live in a flood zone? Find out for yourself where the flood zone is, and don’t live there. There is a reason Jesus talks about the wise man building his house on a rock (hill).

    Our great grandparents survived because they used their heads to assess the situation for themselves and decide if they wanted to participate in whatever it was. They did this because they were not shielded from the natural consequences of their actions. I have mentioned to a couple friends this week about personal responsibility in relation to where we choose to live. They have criticized me for being callus. It’s a sad day in America.

    One of those friends proposed we pass laws demanding mandatory evacuations. I made it clear that mandatory evacuations are a violation of the fourth amendment. And just because someone else can’t handle the freedom, doesn’t mean everyone can’t handle it, and thus, my freedom shouldn’t be removed because someone else can’t keep themselves out of the water.

    It is said that great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. I have been trying to have a great mind in this case, and think of ideas. Ideas are good things, because it can make your more prosperous or have less work. A friend suggested that the drones that are usually used to drop bombs could be used to drop rafts.

    I am a huge fan of the Cajun navy. Those people are resourceful. Last year, there was a woman driving from California to Florida, who go caught in the flood waters in Louisiana. She had heard how racist southern people are. When she got caught, she feared what would happen to her. She said some white boys in a funny looking boat flew up there with this big black pot in the front of their boat. They had bowls and forks, and they scooped up this rice stuff and fed everyone, even the black folks. And they fed me too. I guess she’d never experienced southern hospitality. Haha.

  2. Seizing evidence from an unconscious man, without his consent or a warrant, who was the victim of the accident. That sounds like assault and official oppression. If the man was under the influence a first year law student could get that thrown out. Arresting a nurse, cuffing and stuffing her into a police car because she wouldn’t adh ear to your illegal orders, assault and battery, official oppression, and abuse of authority. Let’s add slavery too as he thinks this nurse is his slave to do with as he see fit. Oh, interfering with patients care and since he assumed the victim was under the influence without any evidence, add practicing medicine without a license. I pity the taxpayers for this town or city.

    1. You can hear this officer remarking that, in his side job on an ambulance, he would be sure less desirable patients would be preferentially delivered to this hospital, and nicer patients elsewhere. Sounds as if (a) he holds some level of state medic license, and (b) the state EMT licensing authority might want to contemplate this behavior by one of it’s licensees.

  3. Eden was ruined and therefore closed off a long time ago. Those who picture mankind being able to overcome sin nature and live in harmony are fools who must ignore blatant reality. The plans to colonize Mars is a prime example of such foolishness and I wager that it will take less than a year before they have their first homicide.

  4. Basically, the cop was ordering the nurse to commit a crime. If that isn’t illegal, it should be. The woman was physically and psychologically abused and deserves a million or more nice green apologies.

  5. If anyone needs more proof than this latest cop escapade, that we are living in a police state, they are blind AND stupid. I believe we could do without cops altogether, they are nothing now but extra-legal nazis roaming the streets, looking for soft citizens to roust and abuse. The cop that did this deserves to be horse whipped.

  6. Commenting on the oil pipeline article:
    I just have to say that Steve Quayle, who believes that the hurricane was “geoengineered”, believes that the pipeline and refinery were “targeted” because they supply fuel to the conservative south. He also said it would be months before it was repaired.
    Just an example of going overboard with the “alternative” mindset. Thank you for your articles which are based in reality, for those of us who do not subscribe to such nonsense.

  7. I hope no one equates the actions of the SLC police officer to all law-enforcement officers. Certainly there are bad police officers, but in what group are there no bad people?
    Law Enforcement is in place to help and protect American citizens. LEOs are the good guys.

    1. @Mr Gray

      I don’t think anyone equates the actions to every officer, but like the school system, there appears to be a greater proportion of bad officers than there were before. Perhaps they are just operating with more impunity. In any case, the number of abusive incidents is certainly on the rise. As another commenter noted, we are definitely moving in the direction of a “police state.”

    2. @ Mr Gray

      Yes, not every police officer is bad. But bad behavior is becoming more acceptable within law-enforcement. In this incident, it wasn’t just this one officer who acted poorly, every other officer that was there, did too. Not one of them spoke up and stopped what was happening. That’s just horrendous for an organization that is based off of knowing the laws of our country and for an organization that is supposed to “serve & protect.”

      1. Interesting. I noticed that our local police used to have the phrase “To serve & protect” prominently displayed on their cars. It’s been missing the last few years. They no longer advertise that.

  8. Just commenting on the blood draw fiasco….here in Montana if you have a Montana drivers license, you have given implied consent for either a breath test or blood test. If you are unconscious and suspected of impaired driving, law enforcement can lawfully seize blood. I realize this was not the case in this incident, but just wanted to put that information out there. That’s why they can suspend your drivers license if you refuse testing. Once again, not attempting to justify his actions on this in any way, just providing info

  9. By the way, I have a large decal on my patrol vehicle that says “In God we trust”. A lot of us still faithfully serve an ungrateful public everyday.

    1. Folks on the internet seem to have trouble finding the words some, many, etc on their keyboards these days. The SLPD incident sounds traffic enforcement related and in this retired LEO mind traffic enforcement has done more damage to our community relations than any other aspect of the job. Good time to be retired…keep the faith brother.

  10. One of the rights you give up to hold a commercial drivers license… they require a driver involved in an accident to be tested for drugs and alcohol, so the officer might have been in the right to want the sample,as he said “for his protection”! (I don’t know how long a sample can be taken and still be viable) the guy could be out of a job through no fault of his own!
    The fact that he was another law enforcement officer may have also played into it. (not sure of his towns policy)
    The officer could have phoned in for the warrant nurse wanted, or, as he was qualified as an emergency plebotomist… taken it himself.
    Instead, he responded to her ‘disrespect for his authority’ with anger and force!
    This attitude is too often seen among younger poorly trained police officers these days, and results in the current opinion of many that the police are the enemy!

    What happened to the term ‘peace officer’ all you hear anymore is LEO? (imho, this adds to the problem) the

  11. About 30 years ago, I was a deputy in Wisconsin and pulled many a drunk driver over. But with the way our laws were written, as a holder of a driver license it was law that a blood test was taken if non compliance with a breath-analyzer. And if non compliance with blood draw, then automatic DUI by a judge the following work day. (In our state we called in OWI-operating while intoxicated ). But it is not necessary to rough up a nurse, for obstruction in lack of doing her job. There are alternatives I am sure. (I am now a nurse myself now-better work environment, etc…). The officer handled the situation poorly.

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