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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods – a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”.

Digital Face Reconstruction

Remember the days when it was important to get the victim or witness of a crime to a sketch artist as quickly as possible so they could remember the facial features? The sketch artist of the future is here now and it’s a bit different. Researchers are now able to use brain scans and direct neuron recording to identify and recreate “faces” with uncanny accuracy. I guess I’m okay with the brain scans, but the “direct neuron recording” is a bit disturbing to me. Nobody is sticking needle probes into my brain. The technology is in its infancy so maybe they’ll fix that. Thanks to B.B. for the link.


Miami-Dade is considering a flying platform at 25,000 feet to use war-time technology to constantly monitor and photograph large areas of the city and then use that footage to track down suspects after a crime occurs. This means blanket surveillance for everyone outside and within the airborne camera’s 25-square-mile field of vision. But don’t worry, it’s just to catch the bad guys. This technology would never be used against you. Ahem.

Second Amendment

The NRA has missed the mark a bit in their latest offering. The NRA Carry Guard Training Classes will not allow revolvers or 1911s as your primary firearm in the class. What!?! The most commonly carried guns will not be allowed in the class? Reader J.N. sent this in along with the question: “If you use a 1911 or revolver in self defense, will Carry Guard still cover you since you haven’t been “trained” on it?”


Reader H.L. sent in this link to an article showing how High Schools are dropping the “Valedictorian” distinction because they fear lower ranked kids may feel triggered. Here are more participation awards to recognize mediocrity. The indoctrination and re-education of our children is nearly complete.

Middle East Crisis

The U.S. Navy has downed a Syrian SU-22 that allegedly dropped bombs near U.S. supported forces. Russia responded by stating that they would intercept any aircraft, including U.S. aircraft, in Syrian airspace. Now the Pentagon declares that U.S. pilots will defend themselves if Attacked by Russians. Is this posturing or escalation? Is Syria worth going to war over? Do we even have a viable stake in this fight? Or is this just more of the perpetual war foisted upon the taxpayer as part of the military-industrial complex? Given the financial condition of the world and the knowledge that war is often the path taken in history over such crises, I’m wondering if open war is the desired outcome of TPTB.


Germany is admitting that the Middle Eastern crime gangs have little to no respect for police. Judges are starting to give very lenient sentences to convicted criminals, and statements by some judges are leading others to suggest that the judges fear retribution from the gangs. The clans, some of which have operated since the 1970s, reject the authority of the German state and run their own parallel justice system involving other crime families. They also have a history of using large cash payments or violence to influence witnesses whenever German police or prosecutors get involved. Thanks to K.B. for the link.


Reader T.J. sent in this article on six men who are being charged for the theft of eight cattle. They apparently tried to auction one off for $4000 and a tip led authorities to one of the suspects. Cattle rustling is apparently alive and well, and if you run livestock it’s something to take seriously. I’m wondering if the old rules of hanging rustlers are still on the books?


  1. “Now the Pentagon declares that U.S. pilots will defend themselves if Attacked by Russians. Is this posturing or escalation?”

    It would simply seem to be a reiteration of our military policy. The Russians and the Chinese have a history of attacking planes (and in some cases ships) incapable of defending themselves. But if they attack a fighter jet or a warship of course we will defend ourselves.

    1. Not suggesting that we shouldn’t have that possibility, just wondering about the wisdom of broadcasting it. It’s like a verbal escalation.

    2. “Now the Pentagon declares that U.S. pilots will defend themselves if Attacked by Russians. Is this posturing or escalation?-

      Mind you if the US just didnt arm the wrong groups that would help as well …but no cannot do something sane like that can we ? [ sarcasm off ]

      also ..

      ???? Really ? the Russians can defend themselves ! at the same time the US should NOT be anywhere in the ME !!! how’s the “peace ” in Libya or Iraq etc etc going ? so much for the US not attacking countries it shouldnt huh ?. They are ALL being manipulated by TPTB . I for one am sick and tired of the deliberate sabre rattling and lies.

  2. Looks to me that the Clinton plan of war with Russia will soon be implemented (am I the only one who understood her stance on Russia and her wanting a war?) I vote for a total withdrawal from the middle East. Let them fight their own wars. It is not in the interest of the United States to play policeman any longer.Time to do a strategic withdrawal and spend our money on our people.There is NO solution involving the Middle East that we will be a part of. Look at our recent history (1970-now) in the area. Peace plan after peace plan then a war to make them have peace. Does not make sense to me. Just like a bad investment, there comes a time to pull out and cut your losses. Now is the time to withdraw and let Russia have the headache.

  3. Re Carry Guard’s ban on revolvers and 1911 pistols, I suspect they have an implicit ban on flintlock dueling pistols as well — and for the same reason.

    The Obama Government put out contracts for tens of thousands of contract armed guards (while trying to disarm us.) The federal contracts specified semi-autos (Glock, Smiths, Sigs) in 9mm or 40 S&W –no 45 ACPs or revolvers. Look at the qualification tests in the multiple federal LEO and military units (available online) to see what a pistol needs to do.

  4. Having traveled in Syria prior to the problems starting, I am firmly convinced that we are on the wrong side. Under Assad, all religions are welcome and supported. Under Assad, it is the Syrian Arab Republic, there is no state religion. All the the groups we are supporting are, to varying degrees, islamist and wanting to impose some level of sharia law. When I was there, it was a safe, peaceful, and actually, in comparison to other countries in the area, very free.

  5. The only country in the Middle East we should stand behind is Israel, and frankly we would not have to do much of that as they are fully capable of defeating any Arab military. Don’t forget they are the only regional power with nuclear weapons, and if the SHTF for them they would not hesitate to deploy them if it meant their national survival. Jordan is maybe OK also, but I wouldn’t trust the Saudis as far as we could throw them.

  6. Regarding the NRA’s decision to dismiss entirely 2 of the most popular families of defensive handguns seems absurd!
    Their current philosophy is to expand their ranks by opening and inviting specific groups that perhaps felt ignored and unwelcome.
    This includes females, minorities, and the hunting community.
    And simultaneously disenfranchising such a huge portion of their core membership, the defensive handgun owner.

    That stated, I will say, I have taken many shooting classes, and by far the best, most customer oriented, and professional, IMHO, is Frontsight outside of Las Vegas!
    They have an incredible disciplined program.
    If you sign up for their emails, eventually you should get an offer for a lifetime membership for less than $400!
    If you know someone who has attended they should be able to get you a membership for even less.

  7. Middle East Crisis

    Excerpts from ‘Alas, Babylon’, written over 50 years ago:

    “Quite often the flood of history is undammed or diverted by the character and actions of one man.”

    “He checked his map. Far to the east he picked out Mount Carmel, and a river, and beyond were the hills of Megiddo, also called Armageddon. He continued to orbit.”

    “Far ahead Peewee saw the Syrian port of Latakia, reputedly built into an important Red Submarine base. Within a few seconds he would be within Syrian territorial waters, and a few more would carry him over the port itself.”

    “The Sidewinder darted downward, toward the dock area of Latakia. It seemed to be chasing a train. That crazy rocket, Peewee thought.”

    “There was an orange flash and an enormous ball of brown smoke and black bits of debris rushing up to meet him.”

    “He was asking for a vector back to his ship when another flash reflected on his instrument panel. He banked to look back, and saw a black cloud, red flames at its base, rising from Latakia.”

    Frank, P. (1959). ‘Alas, Babylon’ (pp. 68-72). New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers Inc.

  8. Cattle rustling is very alive and well and most have little to no plans in the event of a collapse to corral and protect them. Sheparding will come back in this event

  9. Eye-In-The-Sky. Not a new idea. There is currently one over Key West, FL to “keep and eye on Cuba”. My husband, who is a commercial airline pilot flies over the thing.

  10. Why oh why do we continue to clean up the messes that European countries have made with their failed foreign policies. The middle east is a French and British problem from World War I. Enough is enough, get the US out of the mid east, get the US out of NATO, and most importantly, get the US completely out of the UN. Do it yesterday.

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