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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods – a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Today’s focus is on the fall of America.

Fall of America

Kalifornia has often led the way in polices across America. Now, taxpayers in California will be forced to pay bullies on college campuses who will force their agenda on classmates guilty of “thought crimes”. Between 8 and 10 Social Justice Activists (SJAs) will walk around campus. They will indoctrinate whomever they come across of the perils of whiteness, patriarchy, and heteronormativity. You might think that paying students to incite racism, sexism, and heterophobia in the name of social justice is counterproductive and satire. But it’s apparently happening. Thanks to H.L. for the link.

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Rhode Island schools who participate in the “1-1” programs, where each student is issued a laptop, have a policy of encouraging the students to use the electronics for more than just schoolwork. Some even go so far as to encourage the parents of students to use the computers as well.  The schools insist that they have the right to monitor the computers. They routinely search the laptops for information. Some have been known to install certificates allowing man-in-the-middle interceptions of private sessions.

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Oregon has become the first state to allow nonbinary on drivers licenses. You now lo longer have to identify as a male or female on your legal identification. Apparently, there are 20,000 Oregonians who identify as transgender and have now won the right to identify legally as nonbinary. Not to be outdone, Kalifornia is also considering a bill that would allow this as well. Thanks to D.B. for the link.

Terrorism vs Loss of Freedom

Reader D.B. sent in this article showing that Germany is planning to give authorities the blanket authority to look at private messages on any smart phone and to fingerprint children as young as six years old. Claiming that encrypted messaging services allow militants and criminals to evade surveillance, they are planning to install software that will relay those messages to authorities before the encryption takes place. It’s worth noting that Austria is also considering the same legislation on smart phones.

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Japan has imposed a sweeping pre-crime surveillance law ahead of the 2020 Olympics. Despite opposition from the Japanese people, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe continues to enact American style controversial legislation that gives prosecutors the power to monitor and arrest people in the planning stages of crimes. Did you know that they consider copyright violations as such?

Second Amendment

Representative Massie has introduced a bill that would afford reciprocity of firearm carry permits to those of other states working in Washington D.C. While normally, I don’t think this would have any chance of gaining traction, the recent targeted shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and others may give the impetus to this bill that is needed. Or, the shooting could have the opposite effect, as the media continues to blame guns and Republicans for the deed.

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Showing why you never trust the mainstream media on information reports on weapons, The Free Market Shooter has this article showing how the media first claimed the D.C. shooter used an M4 assault rifle, then when it became apparent that it was actually an SKS claimed that it was an AK47. The full-auto M4 and AK47 rifles are heavily regulated by the BATF. The SKS was actually designed years before the AK47. It has always been semi-auto. CNN has still not corrected its reporting at this time.

Field Gear

Looking for a tough rifle scope? Leupold has published images of a Weatherby Mark V that was lost in the Idaho wilderness for 11 years. The rifle hasn’t fared well. However, once it had been cleaned up, the scope looked almost as good as new. It was still quite functional. Now that’s a real torture test.


    1. Nah… THAT would be a true what’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander situation. I dealt with the Mu’tawah “Religious Policemen” in Saudi Arabia…the sheer idea of a couple Mu’tawah coming up on a bunch of SJAs is a GREAT mental image. The Mu’tawah carry these rods with feather dusters at one end and they dip the duster in lime green chalk and “mark” anyone they catch violating Islamic Law… often multiple times depending upon the seriousness of the “offense.” They can and do flip the rod and use the “business” end as necessary too. Picture some SJA’s reaction as they’re surrounded by a cloud of green chalk dust and 2-3 shouting long bearded guys and growing crowd of on lookers… oh, and try and fight back and the crowd will “assist” in “apprehending” the person fighting back along with anyone with them that doesn’t look like they’re a follower of the book. Usually took two Fire Teams of Military Police, the Colonel and a rather uppity liaison officer to get’em back… REALLY hate to see that happen in a America… but boy would they get what they deserved…

  1. Regarding the use of “non-binary” as an identifier on drivers licenses:
    Calling all cars- Armed robbery just occurred at the 7-11 on Main Street. Be on the lookout for someone who identifies as non-binary and feels that they are 5’8″ tall weighing 150 pounds. They like green eyes and bunnies.

  2. I have a part time job selling firearms, and so I do a lot of background checks using form 4473. In January the FBI modified the form and the change I noticed was that the old form asked for your sex: male or female, the new form asked for gender: but still only male or female options to be checked.

    Without going down the rabbit hole too far, keep in mind “gender” is a social term NOT a biological one like “sex”. So my first thought was the ****** at the FBI had the nerve to stop asking for your biological sex and instead ask what sex you felt like today (gender), but didn’t have the ***** to give us a box that said “Other”.

    My second thought was, what my employers position is if a man checks “Female” on the form or vice-versa. Or what if a person objects to only having the 2 choices? So I ask and after very little discussion it was decided that the only acceptable response was what is printed on the photo ID you are using to purchase the gun. So if your ID says female, you have to check that box or its no sale.

    So if a person feels they need to have “other” as a gender on their drivers license, unless the 4473 changes you can’t legally purchase a firearm…. but I guess I’m ok with that.

    1. no one here cares. the point is you are biologically what you are, feelings will not change that. if you cant decide today if you are man or woman then you do not need a gun because you are crazy………

  3. Another thought on the non-binary markings on the licenses, what if a “sexually” female has “other” on the license and the cops pick the person up for a violent crime. Are the cops going to put the person in the female or male side of the jailhouse? And if something happens to that person or that person does something to one of the other people in the jailhouse what of that? Or are we now going to be Required to have a third or fourth area in all jailhouses? Just wonderin.

  4. On terrorism vs. loss of freedom, so it appears that now if I want to send/receive encrypted messages, all I have to do is use another platform to encrypt/decrypt, uploading/downloading the encrypted message to my smartphone before it gets sent. Seems a pretty easy way, albeit a bit more of a nuisance, to defeat the government’s little scheme.

  5. The Scalise shooting actually occurred in Alexandria, Virginia, across the Potomac river from DC. Virginia’s laws are pretty permissive regarding concealed carry. However, those who go back and forth into DC often cannot carry or even transport their firearm in their car without the risk of breaking the law.

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