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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods – a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Today’s focus is on politics.


In a continuation of the political prisoner drama in the American West, the judge in the Bundy Ranch case wants the defendants in chains for the trial. While I can’t condone the actions of the Bundys, it is clear that this judge is biased from the outset. At this point in the process, the only reason for this demand by the judge is to further humiliate the defendants.  He wants to “set an example” as a warning to others who challenge the Federal government.

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How does a British Primer Minister, who rode to power on the Brexit vote, so quickly lose the advantage? Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large, sent in this article demonstrating a strong link to Britains proposed “dementia tax”, which again takes from the middle class to fund yet another government health program. In just a few short weeks before the election, Theresa May lost a comfortable 20 point lead in the polls. She just barely survived the election, but now also lost her power base. As Mike states: “This is a good reason to have your property owned by a family trust.”


I love celery. It works as a quick crunchy snack and a flavoring in meat loaf. I can’t think of too many vegetables that I enjoy as much as this one. Reader DSV sent in this video on what you need to know in growing it. We discovered some of this wisdom quite by accident two years ago. Our garden is watered by a drip irrigation system and one of the drip pipes sprung a leak. The leak just happened to be in the shade of a nearby tree, and we had planted celery in this area. The celery loved this environment. With plenty of water and cool-ish temperatures in the heat of the summer for the first time, we had a bountiful harvest rather than struggling to nurse along miniature plants.


Big brother is watching. As more and more toys and gadgets in our lives join the “Internet of Things” (IoT) it becomes easier and easier for governments, corporations, hackers, and criminals to spy on you. Your front door, your television, your child’s doll, and many other everyday objects have gained the power to eavesdrop on you. In this Austrailian article, it is estimated that 40% of Australian homes now have at least one IoT device disguised as a normal appliance. Sometimes, homeowners are not even aware of the dangers this poses.

Firearms Safety

I certainly agree that reactive targets are fun to shoot, but perhaps this takes it a bit over the top. Or maybe they were trying to gain entry into the Darwin awards? Who knows? But I bet they think twice about doing this again: Tannerite Explosion Blows Fridge Door Right Off It’s Hinges and Almost Kills Shooter. The danger to me is in regards to my time. Watching one Tannerite explosion on YouTube leads to another and another, and before you know it you are watching Russian driving videos. Thanks to Reader R.L. for the link.


The Burning Platform has an excellent article on Queen and Country, God and Guns with a smattering of London’s Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan. Written from the perspective of a Brit, it extols the virtues of our Constitution and demonstrates the ugly consequences of 100 years of poison to their freedoms. Thanks to T.P. for the link.

Owning Your Own Health

Insurance companies will refuse payment for your medical treatment, but will pay to help you kill yourself? Reader H.L. sent in this article. The bottom line on insurance companies that operate in states where assisted suicide is legal. They often refuse life saving treatments on the grounds that it is too expensive, but they will offer to help pay for you to end your life. Is there any question that the number one concern of an insurance company is not your well being but the strength of their own wallets? Now we have abdicated that responsibility to government control through the Affordable Health Care Act. Need I remind anyone that while the government is second to none at destroying things, it is miserable at managing them.


For those following the recent EMP emphasis, the Wall Street Journal ran a piece on North Korea Dreaming of Turning Out the Lights. If you are a regular reader, it’s nothing you haven’t heard before. However, its coverage by mainstream media underscores that the danger is being recognized more readily. Maybe you can get your neighbors to take you seriously now. Thanks to R.W. for the link.


  1. Wouldn’t property ownership in an LLC serve the same purpose? *Ease of transfer to another family member (who is also an LLC owner/member).
    *Limited Liability to any potential lawsuit.

    1. Expensive($750 a year filing fee),lots of paperwork(annual reports,meeting minutes),public disclosure of officers,if you don’t abide the rules(however minute) it will be dissolved by the state and subject you to fines(Pierce the corporate veil)

  2. I have been a juror in a murder trial. The courts never want jurors to see the defendant in shackles. The Bundy Ranch will never get a fair trial if this is allowed.

  3. “…one Tannerite explosion on YouTube leads to another and another, and before you know it you are watching Russian driving videos.”

    Oh, my Lord, that is *too* funny! Glad to know it’s not just me who does that!

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