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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods – a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Today’s focus is on Islam.


The Christian world received unwelcome but expected news this week. Pew Research Center released a study that projects the Muslim population in America will double by 2050 and is on track to become the world’s dominant religion by the end of the century. This news comes on the heels of two acts of mass murder perpetrated by Muslim extremists last week. It’s not good at all.

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Trump spent time last week hawking the idea of an “Arab NATO” to opppose the Sunni Islamist terrorists in the Islamic State and al-Qaeda as well as Shi’ite Islamist Iran. Apparently, the concept was well received with a diplomat stating that the plan is moving forward and being studied. It will be called the Middle East Treaty Organization (METO). Oh, how we have short memories in the political world. In 1955, Great Britain, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Turkey, backed by the U.S., founded the first METO dubbed the Baghdad Pact (to oppose Soviet influence in the region). The end result was the violent overthrow of the British-backed Iraqi monarchy by Arab nationalists only three years later.

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The Iranian presidential election has ended and surprise of all surprises, Hassan Rouhani has been selected to a second term. Vote rigging under Iran’s mullahs is a long-standing practice. The number of eligible voters in Iran is almost 56.5 million, yet over 200 million voting papers were printed. Thanks to reader H.L for the link.


CNN fired Kathy Griffin today due to the backlash from her grotesque photo-shoot. She has publicly apologized, but we know it’s only because of the negative publicity she received. Most people have that little thing called a conscience that says “maybe this isn’t such a good idea”. Kathy is obviously seared. You can also learn alot when you realize that no one around her suggested it wasn’t a good idea either.

Gun Control

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn made a statement that criminals have guns for self defense. Really? They can make that sort of excuse while attempting to curtail an honest man’s ability to the same?

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In gun-controlled Chicago, at least 55 were shot and six killed over the Memorial Day weekend. Believe it or not, this is an improvement over last year when 71 were shot and seven were killed. Thanks to D.B. for the link.

Digital Security

A Hollywood man is sentenced to 180 days in jail for refusing to give up his iPhone password to police. SurvivalBlog in no way endorses illegal behavior, but having such severe penalties meted out for a defendant’s use of the Fifth Amendment is appalling.

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Reader DSV sent in this article reporting that 7 of every 10 smartphone apps share your private data with third party services. Apparently, this is because the apps use existing libraries, which collect and report the data. The programmer may or may not be aware that the programming library he has based his app on is spying. The NSA doesn’t even have to try anymore. We hand that information out like candy.


  1. So, There’re 3.3 million Muslims currently in the U.S. and that will double by 2050 to 6.6 million. The total U.S. population is projected to be around 405 million in 2050, up from the current 320 million. I think we will still be better off than Europe, where Muslims will become the dominant population is some countries if not of all Europe. Two European countries already have majority Muslim populations!!!

  2. Dear Hugh,
    For anyone who would like to gain more insightful knowledge on Islam, you should check out Act17Apologist on YouTube. This man is very knowledgeable on the workings of islam. A forewarning, he can be a little sarcastic. I know that can be off putting to some christians. But he is also a Christian and wanting to help other fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to see the deception of Islam.
    Greg Street

  3. Hi Guys and Gals,

    Let me get this straight. The Wahhabiist/Salafist Sunni Saudi Arabia et al is going to fight the Wahhabiist/Salafist Sunni ISIS and the Wahhabiist/Salafist Sunni Al Nusra Front (Al Quaida in Syria). Really? Welcome to Fantasy Island.

    How about we stay out of a religious war within Islam between Shia and Sunni. Let them kill each other off. Then the Israelis can clean up the mess and claim the oil for themselves.

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