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This column is posted on Tuesdays. Here, we present news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies in the region of interest to preppers. Today’s highlight is a Hydrographix company that camouflage dips guns.


First, one of my consulting clients asked me to make a mention of Dawson Ridge Beetleworx and Hydrographix, in Moyie Springs, Idaho. They camouflage dipped several rifles for him. He was thrilled with both the quality of their work and their reasonable rates for camo dipping. (About 50% of what their competitors charge.) They have dozens of camouflage patterns available. He added one caveat:  “Just don’t  bring them any camo dipping work during deer and elk season, which keeps them very busy with their other ventures.”

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Man responsible for Table Rock fire given jail time, must pay $391,790 in restitution


Freedom-loving Montanans breathed a sigh of relief, with the election of Greg Gianforte to fill the state’s only seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. (His defeated main opponent is a liberal anti-gunner.)

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Next, we read: Storage company CEO files to run against Tester in 2018

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And here is a headline from The Ravalli Republic:  Man arrested in “Operation Mother’s Day” drug sweep sentenced to 20 years of prison

Eastern Oregon

Bright outlook: Snowiest winter in more than 20 years likely to delay start of wildfire season

Eastern Washington

And next, we read: No candidates step forward for five posts in Franklin County

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Legal cannabis comes with legal complexities


Wyoming lawmakers consider tax increases to meet deficits

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Horses named ‘Salt’ and ‘Boots’ found safe in Wyoming

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  1. I did not click on your link about Greg Gianforte since it goes to the #FakeNews ABC News (Always Broadcasting Communism)

    I do my best to NOT give click view business to the MSM commie propaganda machine and instead support Breitbart, InfoWars and other conservative news sources.

    Thanks for the Moyie Springs Dawson Ridge camo dip tip. I will get my Mossberg done.

  2. I have searched and searched for the answer, What were the percentages of the the mail in ballot vs the cast ballots for Greg Gianforte and his liberal opponent?

    I think that would tell the tail of how much the “body slam” incident hurt/helped his campaign.


  3. Please use Buyer Beware with rural land in Washington state . The recent Hirst decision by the Washington State Supreme Court means there can be no new wells for water in the entire state . You will need to get permission from senior water right holders first .
    The Washington State legislator is supposed to exempt single family wells , but that is doubtful.

  4. RE: Operation Mother’s Day

    During my Sheriff’s department days we called the first of the month Mother’s Day because that’s when the AFDC checks were dispensed. It was always a busy time what with the domestic violence and other substance abuse issues.

  5. State tax deficits, I cannot help but to wonder if these deficits are caused by liberal retirement benefits structured during the Clinton years?

    Cannabis, while I do not participate in its use, I do agree that it is a State’s right to govern. Again, I sure would like to see an article on Jury Nullification if for no other reason than to reign in usurped, unconstitutional power. (if it’s not in the Constitution……).

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