Preparedness Notes for Monday – May 29, 2017

    1. Today, Memorial Day, is a day of solemn remembrance in the U.S. of the many who have given their all for our freedoms. We always thank those who are serving in our military and their families who have also made sacrifices, but today most of all we want to honor those who gave their lives.

Just a Common Soldier


  1. Needs to be shown every day. Not just on Memorial Day. We need to remember these sacrifices each and every day and stop giving attention to the complainers for their safe zones.

  2. Remember to raise your flag and then slowly lower it to half mast. At noon raised again.

    BTW a look in your neighborhood to see which houses are flying Old Glory today will give you some idea of who may be worth trusting or not.

  3. Thank you Hugh….thank you James…for not only posting this but also for helping to keep our lamp of liberty lit with this website. Let us never forget those Americans who gave their all for the Republic…. as Mr. Franklin once said,”….if you can keep it”.

    May God keep you close.

  4. Please do not wish a Veteran who has seen combat a “Happy” Memorial Day. There’s nothing happy about it, remembering those young faces I served with, who were as young as I was, who didn’t make it home. The whiners don’t understand this, and likely never will.

    But that’s ok. We didn’t purchase Freedom just for them. We bought it for everyone. Remember that, if you remember nothing else, neighbors.

    Go with God, and be well.


  5. Just a quick sanity check, but firecrackers are not normally for memorial day are they? Tonight is the first night I have ever heard them, and on my street no less. I am tempted to try and explain to them how the sounds of tiny explosives might not be the most thoughtful way to mark the passing of fallen loved ones who served, but it seems so obvious to me that I have to be missing something. Am I? Do folks really mark this hallowed day with fireworks wherever you are? To think, that there are widows and children left behind, listening to fireworks that are not so dissimilar to rockets and small arms fire. So help me out, is this normal?

    1. Lance, Sadly it has become normalized. And commercialized, more’s the pity. Wasn’t so when I was a youngster; It was still a day of solemn remembrance and a bit of quiet thanksgiving for that which cost so much. That said, you are correct. Such sounds are not at all a comforting thing for the families, and even less kindly received by we who made it home. For the exact reasons you have in mind. What’s even worse is that for this day and Independence Day both, there is also the habit of all manner of drunken idiots stepping on their porch and ripping off two or three magazines worth of live ammunition with zero care as to whom or what might be living next door or right the end of the block. Don’t know about my brethren, but this Marine does not at all react kindly to having that happen just feet from the bedroom window.

      No idea how to deal with it without trespassing on freedom of expression, though.

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