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By this time, most of us are familiar with the Manchester terrorist attack at a concert. But here is something: Manchester Attack: What They’re NOT Telling You. Excerpt: “Which do we value more? Protecting the feelings of Muslims or protecting our children from being blown up?”

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Apparently, Muslim atrocities against women are no big deal in Europe. Last week, two Turkish nationals barged into a 13-year-olds home and raped her. Even the victims seem to want to hide the ethnicity of their attackers for fear that it might trigger reprisals against the refugees.


Reader H.L sent in this link: Keeping Communications Private in the Age of Big Brother (a Practical HOWTO). This is definitely worth a read. ProtonMail and Silent Circle are introduced. ProtonMail is for encrypted email, and Silent Circle handles a variety of functions that specialize in secure telephony. The article features an interview with Phil Zimmerman, co-founder of Silent Circle and author of PGP encryption. If you’re concerned about secure communications, you need to see this article.

Two is One, One is None

The melting permafrost penetrated the access tunnel on a “doomsday” seed vault and causing fears of significant damage to the seeds. The vault will get renovated to fix the problem, but it is a concern. The vault was supposed to be self-regulating with no human intervention. That’s not working out so well. Thanks to K.B for the link.

Hot Spots

Venezuela is well on its way to becoming the next Syria. As the government gears up to use military snipers against the civilian population, it is expected that any resistance movement there would ask the US and/or Columbia for help and arms. Of course, Russia, Iran, and the Chinese have supplied the military with hardware. There are multiple internal factions and multiple extra-regional actors, and this will be different that anything else we’ve seen in Latin America.

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In the Philippines, Duterte declared martial law on Mindanao as ISIS partners continues the onslaught. The city is quickly succumbing to urban warfare.  The Islamic State is flying their flag over the medical center. Various other buildings are burning. Additionally, roads are blocked. The martial law is supposed to last for 60 days while the government locks the city down to get a handle on the situation.

Public Schools

Celebrating the mediocre movie “Thirteen Reasons Why”, reader B.B. sent in this article on Thirteen Reasons Why: America’s High Schools are Creating Another Lost Generation. As if you really needed another reason to get your kids out of the indoctrination camps educational facilities. Put them in private school, find a homeschool co-op, educate them yourself, or do whatever it takes to protect their young minds from the garbage.


Do you think you can’t afford to homeschool? Reader B.B. also sent in the link to this article on 10 Great Depression Era Strategies For Saving Money. We can learn some important lessons by learning how our parents survived the hard economic times.

Wild Animals

Showing once again that wild animals are just that, wild. A black bear charges and attacks a hunter who is wearing a camera. The man walked (or is that ran) away with only his elbow and his ego bruised. As he says: “Genuinely happy that this was a non fatal or tragic outcome”.


  1. May 23rd. Islamic groups bomb Christian city, 14 dead over 50 injured.
    Found this story on the Geller report……BUT NOWHERE ELSE!
    Why isn’t anyone else covering this carnage?

  2. For the Black bear charging video. I hunt Black bears not far from where this happened. 1. Be more concerned with the shot not your video. 2. Become a better archer. 3. Why screw around with a stick ( I am not that pro-bow) I have seen to many bad shots so see 2. 4. Bears have terrible eye sight so when they are that close do not spook them. Even if he got his shot off the bear will not die instantly and since it was a large Boar (Male) in early spring they have a bad temper so even if he shot at it that close it might still have attacked him. Sometimes common sense ain’t so common.

  3. Can someone tell me why Europe, America, and the other Western countries import Islam galore, while Christians are being tortured and massacred in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere?

    1. This is the plan of globalism. Destabilize the world and then step in to save it with their new world order. Christianity will not work with their new system. The Muslims will breed like crazy and change the demographic of the west.

    2. because that is the ultimate plan of the devil [NWO} TO STEAL KILL AND DESTROY. that is what he has always done and that is what he will always do. Bring chaos to destroy any godly structure so there will be no resistance to their evil deeds. These people in power are God haters, so they side with their father, the devil. Muslims, by their very nature, are being used to bring about this destruction. After they serve their purpose, then they will be destroyed.

  4. HJL, May 23 Islamic attack. What news media? Used to find these reports on Survival Blog. Used to stay informed using FOX News and Survival Blog links. What additional media outlets are you referring to? The above comment is the first I’ve heard about it. What Christian city?

    1. I’m making the assumption that we are referencing the Manchester Attacks since it occurred on the 23rd and has that many casualties. There are probably others in the middle east as well. Calling Manchester a “Christian” city is probably a stretch. Perhaps 50 or more years ago that would be true. But the Manchester bombing has been on all of the major news media outlets including Fox. What is striking is that the European media is downplaying it so as not to cause “reprisals” against Muslims. There is also apparently some contention between the UK and the U.S. about releasing information about it.

    1. Agreed that this was inappropriate. However, New Orleans is unlikely to devolve into a Syrian type conflict. Venezuela is on the cusp of that very thing.

  5. HJL, Thank you for the clarification regarding that you were referencing Manchester. I was assuming that NED2 was writing about some other city somewhere in the mid east. You are correct FOX NEWS and the radio channels we listen to were wall to wall about Manchester. Just goes to show you that I have to be more specific in posting so as not to be misinterpreted. Thanks for your very quick response. I was at first very resistant to having comments, but I am getting used to this new feature.

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